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The City of Arts and Science

Here is one example of a project that had a great impact in the logical dynamic of a city. Valencia (Spain) itself is an amazing place, however the insertion of this project in its context turned the city into a much more interesting space, as well as renovated a degraded part of it. The City of Arts and Science designed by Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candelas was inaugurated in 1998 and finished in 2005, corresponds to a big complex formed by four main buildings - L' Hemisferic, EL Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe, L'Oceanografic and the Palau de las Arts Reina Sofia. In additional to the fabulousness of the buildings and its different shapes, the complex has an amazing landscape project that turns the master pieces even more extraordinary. The way Santiago Calatrava works with the shapes, curves and the structural elements is unique, it defines his personality as an architects and in all his projects it is possible to notice the interaction between the desired shape and the structural elements in an harmonically way. Although Santiago Calatrava is the architect that receives most credit for this project, the presence of Felix Candelas and his way of thinking can be noticed in the works of Calatrava, as well as his influence in his way of design.



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city of arts and science  
city of arts and science