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WRC News GREECE 2011


After a few rally-free weeks, Dennis Kuipers and Frederic Miclotte got back into the fray. They signed on in Greece for a mythical event: the Acropolis Rally. It’s a gruelling and uncompromising event. The FERM team was more than up to the challenge and scooped tenth place plus world championship points!

Dennis Kuipers studied lots of YouTube videos with on-board pictures and t alked to some old hands about what awaited him in Greece. ‘I thought I knew what I would encounter, but I’ve now experienced for myself why this rally ranks among the toughest in the world championship,’ he s aid after his debut in the legendary Greek classic. ‘The roads are really rough, the st ages long and the heat is exhausting.’ This Acropolis Rally forced the F E R M World

Rally Team to pull out all the stops. After the ceremonial st art at the Acropolis, a battle for survival got underway on the gravel paths. ‘On Friday we got into our rhythm fairly quickly, even though our last event was quite a while ago,’ s aid Dennis. On the long S aturday, Dennis and Frederic leapt forwards. After the second st age of the day the F E R M duo entered the top ten. In the evening, in the final st age of the day, they mounted a successful att ack and dislodged

Bernardo Sous a from ninth place. Dennis Kuipers: ‘We were in the car from 11 o’clock in the morning until 10 o’clock in the evening. It was incredibly hard. I was glad that I’d done a big extra recently on my physical condition. It really came in useful today.’ On the final day only Ford manufacturer ’s driver Jari-Matti Latvala got past them. The duo successfully defended their tenth position in the remaining five st ages. “Once again

we’ve picked up world championship points, it’s truly fant astic,’ s aid Dennis.’I really am very happy, because this is undoubtedly a gruelling rally. You don’t get anything free in the Acropolis.’ Navigator Frederic Miclotte was similarly delighted with the fine result. ‘Dennis and I have each got a point and for the team we’ve collected another four points. We soon got back into our stride and didn’t make any serious mist akes, even though they are very easy to make in this event.’



The nickname alone commands respect: the Rally of the Gods. The Acropolis Rally is one of the world’s oldest, an absolute classic, unique in its kind because of its capacity to wear out man and machine.

The stages are sometimes fast, sometimes technical, while the gravel roads are rough and littered with stones. Add to this outside temperatures of more than 30°C and you have all the ingredients for an event that has separated the boys from the men since the very first edition back in 1951. GOI NG TO TH E EXTR E M E WRC drivers enjoy

coming to Greece to duel for victory in the Acropolis Rally in the land of the gods. The Greek event is one that pushes teams and equipment to the extreme. A glance into the past reveals a list of winners reserved for big names. Walter Röhrl, Ari Vatanen, Marcus Grönholm, Carlos Sainz and Sebastien Loeb, but there’s

FERM Rallyfact The Acropolis Rally is renowned as a demolisher of even the most robust rally cars. To beat off attacks by large stones and fearsomely sharp gravel, M-Sport provided the FERM WRC with special armouring. These intelligent extras made the Ford Fiesta RS WRC virtually immune to the tortures of the rough Greek gravel tracks. The protective sheeting under the engine and the rear differential are two very important elements. A gauze cage protects the middle axle from the impact of stones, while the driving axles and the shock absorbers have extra armouring consisting of steel jackets. The armouring was all the more welcome in this edition of the ‘Acropolis’ because halfway through the first stage there was no full maintenance stop, just remote service with a short repair time.

also Michele Mouton, the Frenchwoman who finished second in the 1982 world championship. B IG H EART The absolute ruler of the Acropolis is Colin McRae. The Scottish wizard, who died too young, dominated the Rally of the Gods no fewer than five times. It underscores all the more the nature of the Greek WRC event: you

need a big heart if you want to win. OG I E R WI NS After an absence of one year, the WRC was back again. The battle for victory remained undecided until the final stage. It wasn’t Sebastien Loeb who chalked up his second Greek victory, but Citroen teammate Sebastien Ogier. Mikko Hirvonen finished third for Ford.


FERM world rally team GREECE 2011

WRC RALLY GREECE watch the movie!

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This Acropolis Rally forced the FERM World After A few rAlly-free weeks, Dennis kuipers AnD freDeric Miclotte got bAck into the frAy. they s...

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