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The first Enniskillen Arts Festival will be taking us on an alternative and freshly tuned creative journey of a high quality self- perpetuating and definitive kind. During the festival’s eclectic full-on mixed goodie bag and busy ten-day programme, Enniskillen will provide our ears and eyes with plenty of stimuli and push plenty of our winter blues buttons. Enniskillen Arts Festival will be one of those festivals you will never forget. It is a music festival infused with a strong Purist and Contemporary vision comprising of Music, Visual Arts, Film, Drama, Literature, Comedy, Carnival and Contemporary Dance. The main focus is music – there’s something for everyone in this bag. It’ll be honey to the ears and one of this festival’s greatest strengths will be the wide plethora of good grass roots and national talent, giving the ten days an interesting simmer and heart warming fill of good tuneful winter broth.
















Diane Henshaw Arts Officer

PHOTOGRAPHS: Natural Sculptures of Fermanagh by Michael Brown







Frid 24th : 8pm

Hidden Fermanagh

Traditional folk

Frid 24th : 8pm

The Ed Deane Band

Blues Band

Traditional and Folk session

Traditional and Folk




Frid 24th : 10.30pm Frid 24th : 11pm

Rock night

Rock ‘n Roll

Friday 17th November

Launch of Enniskillen Visual Arts Open

Visual Arts

Frid 24th : 11pm

Festival Club


Friday 17th

D. Delargy

Visual arts

Sat 25th : 10am

Children’s art workshops

Carnival arts

Sat 18th : 10 - 1pm

Hidden Fermanagh AOR Workshops

Traditional music workshops

Sat 25th : 1pm

Barry McGovern

Literature : Wilde, Beckett and lunch

Sat 18th : 8pm

Portora Players : youth theatre

Theatre : Waiting for Godot

Sat 25th Nov : 10 - 1pm

Hidden Fermanagh AOR Workshops

Traditional music workshops

Sat 18th : 8pm to late

Forfey Music Night

Young Belfast Rock Bands

Sat 25th Nov : 2pm

MUSAIQ performance

Round part singing

Sat 18th : 8pm

Fermanagh Choral Society


Sat 25th : 4pm

Community Carnival

Carnival Arts

Sun 19th : 10 - 1pm

Hidden Fermanagh AOR Workshops

Traditional music workshops

Sat 25th : 4.30pm

Switching on Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Sun 19th : from 2.30pm

Adrian Dunbar : opening speech


Sat 25th : 3.30pm

Mariead & Triona

Traditional and Folk

Sun 19th : 2pm

Blue Jar

Music : Classical and Grapelli

Sat 18th, 25th : 9:30pm



Sun 19th : 3pm

Dave Sheridan and Michael McCague


Sat 25th : 12 noon



Sun 19th : 4 - 6pm

Fermanagh Musicians

Traditional & Folk

Sat 25th : 8pm

Caoimhin O'Rialliagh and Mick O'Brien

Traditional and Folk

Sun 19th : 7pm

Siobhan Petit and 8

9 piece swing ‘n jazz

Sat 25th : 9pm


Traditional and Folk

Sun 19th : 8.30pm

Erne Rising

Traditional and Folk

Sat 25th : 10pm


Dance music

Sun 19th : 9pm

Adrian Dunbar and the Jonahs

Jazz, Blues and popular tunes

Sat 25th: 9pm

Bearcat Cajun Boys

Blue Grass / Cajun Band

Sun 19th : 9pm

Ramones Tribute Band

Punk band

Sat 25th : 11pm

Festival Club


Sun 19th : 10.30pm

The Sabrejets

Rockabilly band

Sun 26th Nov : 12 - 3pm

Hidden Fermanagh AOR Workshops

Traditional music workshops

Mon 20th : 8.00pm

Borders Young Fiddles

Scottish Traditional songs

Sun 26th : 1pm

The Deans

Rock ‘n Roll Band

Mon 20th : 9pm

Waterson and Carthy

English Folk

11am - 5pm

Antiques Fair


Mon 20th : 11pm

Fermanagh Musicians

Traditional and Folk

2 - 5pm

Jeanie Munroe


Tues 21st : 8pm

Quinn, Bleakney, McCanny

Literature Night

Sun 26th : 2pm

The Henry McCullough Band

Blues Band

Tues 21st : 9.30pm



Sun 26th : 3 - 6pm

Singers Club


Tues 21st : 8pm

Ben Lennon and The Natural Bridge Band 6 piece Traditional and Folk

Sun 26th : 4.30pm

The Experimental Shortcuts

Rock ‘n Roll Band

Wed 22nd : 7pm

Dennison String Quartet


Sun 26th : 6pm

Pocket Promise

Rock ‘n Roll Band

Wed 22nd : 8 - 9pm

Carlo Gebler


Sun 26th : 7.30pm


Classical : Traditional

Wed 22nd : 8pm

Kevin Macaleer


Sun 26th : 7.30pm

Indigo Fury

Rock ‘n Roll Band

Wed 22nd : 9.30pm



Sun 26th : 9.30pm

Pat McManus and band

Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

Wed 22nd : 10pm

Andy Irvine

Traditional and Folk

Sun 26th : 9pm

Boys of the Lough

Traditional and Folk

Thurs 23rd : 7pm

Dylan Quinn, Nicola Curry, Youth

Contemporary Dance

Thurs 23rd : 7:30pm

Film: Setting Up Shop


Thurs 23rd : 8pm

4 Men and a Dog

Contemporary Folk

Thurs 23rd : 9.30pm

Those Who Can't

Comedy theatre

Thurs 23rd : 10.30pm

Wild Night of NYAH

Traditional and Folk


Niall Walsh


Frid 24th : 5pm

Panama Jazz Band


19 - 26th Nov

William Scott


Frid 24th : 8pm

Fermanagh Concert Band


17 - 26th Nov

Floating World

Artist’s Books

Frid 24th : 10pm

Eddie Reader Unplugged

Scottish Folk

17 - 26th Nov

Noelle McAlinden






HIDDEN FERMANAGH Traditional Music Workshop (Art of Regeneration Programme)

DATE: Saturday November 18th and 25th Sunday November 19th and 26th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: Sat 10AM - 1PM, Sun 12 - 2PM PRICE: free

HIDDEN FERMANAGH Performance DATE: Friday Novermber 24th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 8PM PRICE: ÂŁ8 Cathal McConnell John McManus Valerie McManus Jim McGrath Brenda McCann Annette Owens Cyril Maguire Rosie Stewart Catherine (Nugent) McLaughlin and other Fermanagh musicians Bar Available



FORFEY MUSIC NIGHT DATE: Saturday November 18th VENUE: Willie Ramblers TIME: 8PM to late PRICE: ÂŁ8


MOJO FURY Mojo Fury are the newest and brightest contenders in the Northern Irish music scene. Comprised of singer/drummer Mike Mormecha (21), bassist Ciaran Mc Greevy (20) and Guitarist James Lyttle (20), they provide a fine blend of instant straight ahead driving rock. Although the band still have a relatively short existence, they have fast become one of Northern Irelands most hard working bands, captivating crowds and winning over fans.

"They're another pop phenomenon, serving up fuzzy, saccharine-loaded dishes, and oh God, is it ever sweet" Silent Uproar "Oppenheimer is breezy enough for a day at the beach but it's never lightweight, proving that good pop music doesn't necessarily have to be disposable" Amplifier Magazine "A sumptuous synth-pop experience" Rocksound


THE SMILES The story of The Smiles began in 2002 with a boy and a four-track recorder. The result was a demo of strange but beautiful songs that Paul (the 'arrogant igloo dweller') reluctantly played to his friends Niall, Phil and Dan, who joined together to bring to life the songs that now epitomise the sound of The Smiles. Three years on, three acclaimed EPs, and the addition of Mr Ian Gambier on bass, The Smiles have become one of the most exciting bands around.


FERMANAGH CHORAL SOCIETY DATE: Saturday November 18th VENUE: St Fancheas College TIME: 8PM PRICE: ÂŁ10 tickets at door only

BLUE JAR DATE: Sunday November 19th VENUE: Atrium Bar, Blakes of the Hollow TIME: 2PM PRICE: free Blue Jar is a Belfast based ensemble. Their music combines the panache of Grapelli with gypsy flamboyance, yet balances this passion with a dreamy, atmospheric classical sound. The group has been together for 2 years, and have played their unique interpretation of jazz standards throughout Ireland, Europe and Africa. They recently released their new album Ducks and Geese in July 2006.



DAVE SHERIDAN AND MICHAEL McCAGUE DATE: Sunday November 19th VENUE: Atrium Bar, Blakes of the Hollow TIME: 3PM PRICE: free “Listening to Sheridan’s Guesthouse you get the feeling that you have happened upon a session of Irish music-and a damn fine one it is too! Hot Press Magazine “The overall sound is excellent... It’s magic” The Living Tradition “This album is not to be missed... an unforgettable experience” Irish Music Magazine For the gig Dave Sheridan will be joined by Michael Mc Cague who has been described as one of the finest backing musicians in the country. Michael plays guitar and bouzouki and is an absolute pleasure to listen to.


SIOBHAN PETIT AND 8 DATE: Sunday November 19th VENUE: Atrium Bar, Blakes of the Hollow TIME: 7PM PRICE: £12 for the night London, Paris, New York and Dublin have all been home to Siobhán at various stages in her life, and each have had their own influence on her, both musically and personally. Originally from County Tipperary in southern Ireland, Siobhán began her career singing Irish folk music, was introduced to jazz when she was living in New York and studying with Mike Mitchell in Carnegie Hall, and now performs a variety of contemporary music. Since her return from the States in 1991, she has been working with her own jazz quintet, a 9-piece big band called Nightswing and the 15-piece Ulster Dance Orchestra, as well as doing regular TV and studio session work. Siobhán now lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland with her husband, bass player and musical director Rod Patterson. Long Ago Tomorrow, an album of Burt Bacharach songs, is Siobhán’s fourth recording. Her first, Don’t Try To Cushion The Blow, was a 4-track EP, her second was a live recording of a concert and her third, Verse & Chorus, was recorded in 1999. In 2004, Long Ago Tomorrow reached number 3 in the Philippine album charts and stayed in the top 20 albums for 12 weeks. Siobhán is now one of S.E. Asia’s best selling jazz artists with album sales in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, S. Korea and, of course, The Philippines.




DATE: Sunday November 19th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 8:30PM PRICE: £10 tickets at door only

DATE: Sunday November 19th VENUE: The Higher Bridges Galler y TIME: 9PM PRICE: £12

Erne Rising is a unique music and dance project devised and produced in Fermanagh by musicians Ian Smith and Gerry O Donnell.

Adrian Dunbar like many young men of his generation found an escape in the world of music.

The very best musicians and dancers from the region together with their invited guests have created what can only be described as a celebration of the richness and diversity of the tradition from the County. The twelve featured musicians, singers and dancers, all masters of their craft, bring their originality and energy to the stage with a blend of contemporary compositions and old tunes. Previous live performances at home and abroad have met with huge critical acclaim highlighting the vitality, integrity and creativity of the Erne Rising Project.

Bar Available


To start your own band and be on the road was sometimes the only way out of the politics and pain of his native Ulster. This is something he shares with Allan Cooke and Bernard Tohill of the “Jonahs”. Patrick Cereghetti is blissfully French and thankfully unaware of all this and we intend to keep it that way. Throughout the years we have keep in touch in London and elsewhere, held together by a love of music and in particular the type of songs that define a moment or period for us. This has led to a very eclectic repertoire and an extremely interesting journey for our audience. Our music is kind of the stories of our lives and we find it wonderful that we feel is our experience turns out to mean so much to the people show up to hear us.




DATE: Sunday November 19th VENUE: Bush Bar TIME: 9PM PRICE: £5 for the night

DATE: Sunday November 19th VENUE: Bush Bar TIME: 10:30PM PRICE: £5 for the night

PINHEAD has existed as a band for 5 years Our primary aim was to try and recreate the RAW POWER of a truly great RAMONES gig.

Belfast’s Greaser Kings, The Sabrejets’ unique brand of no-holds barred, two fisted rockabilly draws on influences as diverse as Link Wray, T.Rex, Bo Diddley, Johnny Thunders and Eddie Cochran.

I will start the Band Biog by stating that we as individuals believe the RAMONES where the greatest band from the 70,s arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time and still to this date totally underrated. We have strived to perfect the show we do by being as authentic as we can to the original Ramones. Our set is mainly taken from the first four Ramones albums. We believe this is the period that really defined the Ramones although we do dip into

The band have of late been blowing roofs off pubs, clubs and festivals from Kilkenny to Oslo and are currently at work on their third album which is scheduled for release later this year. This is rock ’n roll as it should be – raw, primal, loud, sweaty and out of control.

later albums Included in the show are The Good, the Bad and the Ugly intro. A Pinhead to bring the Gabba Hay sign on stage. The Presidential Seal clutching a baseball bat as a backdrop. Our belief in PINHEAD also comes from the total Ramones fanatics who have come to our gigs and come up after the show to tell us they where blown away and how they did not think it could be done. We have had support from some influential people like Cait O’riordan of the Pogues herself a life long Ramones fan who got up on stage to play a few numbers and has kept in touch with us and put a good word in with anyone who will listen.



WATERSON : CARTHY DATE: Monday November 20th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 9PM PRICE: £8 for the night ‘English Folk music is lucky to have such persuasive ambassadors’ The Sunday Times For more than 30 years Norma Waterson and Martin Carthy have been at the forefront of the English folk scene. Joined by their daughter, singer and fiddle player, Eliza Carthy as well as honorary family member, melodeon player, Tim Van Eyken – together they form one of Britain’s most successful and influential folk bands, Waterson:Carthy.

support band BORDERS YOUNG FIDDLES DATE: Monday November 20th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 8PM PRICE: £8 for the night

Bar Available


BEN LENNON AND THE NATURAL BRIDGE BAND DATE: Tuesday November 21st VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 8PM PRICE: £12 A legend within the Irish tradition, Ben Lennon was brought up in Kiltyclogher (Ireland) - a village in North Leitrim near the border with Co. Fermanagh. The eldest of 4 sons, in a very musical family, he started to play the fiddle at 10 years of age. His father, uncle and granduncle, all played fiddles and his mother played piano, although also adept at coaxing a tune out of fiddle, accordion, or banjo. Ben got his first lessons from a dancing master named Sean O'Donohue, who came from Ballyshannon to teach music and dancing, just prior to the outbreak of World War Two. A local man, Francis John McGovern, who played many instruments, had an early influence as did, of course, his mother and father. The house was always open to callers and many musicians were regular visitors. It was in 1988 when Ben retired that he first recorded an album on the Claddagh label entitled "Dog Big Dog Little" with Fermanagh musicians Seamus Quinn, Ciaran Curran and Gabriel McCardle. He was involved in a family album on the Gael Linn label in 1993 entitled "Dance of the Honey Bees" and on "The Natural Bridge". He now lives with his wife Patsy in Rossinver just 4 miles west of his native Kiltyclogher. Bar Available




DATE: Wednesday November 22nd VENUE: Higher Bridges Galler y TIME: 7PM PRICE: £8

DATE: Wednesday November 22nd VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 10PM PRICE: £15

The Dennison String quartet has been entertaining audiences throughout the UK and Ireland for almost 20 years. Committed to playing all types of music, and specializing in performing music not usually associated with chamber groups, the Quartet has a set list of over 3000 pieces. This music ranges from Bach, Beethoven and Borodin to Hendrix, Queen and the Beach Boys. The group also arranges their own music thus able to play special requests. The group can be electrified and also be augmented by Tommy Locke on electric/acoustic guitar to form a unique and interesting upbeat sound.

Andy Irvine has been hailed as "a tradition in himself." Musician, singer and songwriter, Andy has maintained both personal integrity and highly individual performing skills throughout his 40-year career. From Sweeney's Men in the mid sixties to the enormous success of Planxty in the 70s, to The Irish super group, Patrick Street, in the 80s, Andy has been a world music pioneer and icon for traditional music and musicians. Irvine occupies a unique place in the musical world, plying his trade as archetypal

The Quartet has toured with Live Music Now! And

troubadour, with a solo show and traveling lifestyle that reflects his lifelong influence, Woody Guthrie. Few others can equal his repertoire of Irish traditional songs and dexterous Balkan dance tunes.

Music Network and have performed to Prince Philip, other members of the Royal Family, John Major, Clinton and Tony Blair.


The Quartet has recorded the music for the award winning films “Fatal Extraction” and “Field of Bones” which have appeared in all the major film festivals. The quartet currently has a residency at the new Merchant Hotel in Belfast playing every Saturday afternoon.

(support band)

DATE: Wednesday November 22nd VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 9:30PM Contemporary traditional irish tunes native of the Monea and Boho areas of Fermanagh. All ireland Fleadh winners. Bar Available





DATE: Thursday November 23rd VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 8PM PRICE: £15

DATE: Thursday November 23rd VENUE: Atriun Bar, Blakes of the Hollow TIME: 10:30PM PRICE: £9

Cathal Hayden - fiddles, banjo Gerry O’Connor - fiddles, banjo, mandolin Gino Lupari - Bodhran, vocals Kevin Doherty - vocals & guitar Donal Murphy - Accordion

This is a show of all things Cavan.The Wild night of Nyah celebrates the traditional music, song, dance and culture of County Cavan, the Ulster tradition and the county’s very own musical style.

Showcasing the talents of four of Ireland’s foremost musicians at the pinnacle of their artistic energy and virtuosity, their current album, Maybe Tonight, to quote renowned Belfast Playwright Marie Jones, “has the power to literally transport you to the gig. So powerful, you feel the excitement, experience the adrenaline and witness the brilliance of their live performance.” Not bad for a band who’ve spent more time pursuing solo projects over the past few years than performing together. Officially “disbanded” some five years ago but occasionally allowing themselves to be “reunited” for a select few memorable concerts, Four Men did/do what few Irish bands have been able to accomplish since, blending serious musical expertise with a lyrical creativity which has long been central to their success, combining the irresistible synergy of Irish trad and bluegrass in concerts and recordings that ooze fun from every pore and groove.

Wild night of Nyah consists of people from the Music, Song and Dance tradition from all over Ireland. Nyah derives from that specific word we use to describe what makes traditional music so unique. Lift, Soul, Feeling — no other word quite captures the essence of great traditional playing or singing.

Bar Available





DATE: Friday November 24th VENUE: Francos TIME: 5PM PRICE: £5

DATE: Friday November 24th VENUE: Enniskillen Librar y TIME: 8PM PRICE: £10

The Panama Jazz Band – PJB, was founded eight years ago by David McVeigh, a local trumpet player and New Orleans Jazz enthusiast. The band has had a number of personnel changes over the years and today comprises a six-man outfit:

'Fermanagh Concert Band (who are members of Making Music) have teamed up with the Fermanagh branch of Marie Curie Cancer Care under the auspices of the Making Music Care scheme.

Davy McVeigh – Ray McKendry – Tommy Locke – Ivan Black – Billy Richardson – Harry “Trixie” Hamilton –

Leader, trumpet and vocals Deputy leader and drums Guitar Tenor, clarinet, soprano sax, piano and arranger Trombone, cornet and vocals Bass and vocals

The musical policy is largely around jazz of all types with the focus on delivering good quality, swinging musical entertainment for the enjoyment of the customers.

Fermanagh Concert Band's programme will feature a mixed selection from their current repertoire, with a section of seasonal and Christmas music included. There will probably be at least one item featuring a soloist. The music will include classical items (eg by Mozart, Vaughan Williams and Tchaikovsky), big band numbers (eg pieces by Gershwin and Glenn Miller), TV and film themes (eg James Bond, Mission Impossible, Magnificent Seven etc) and some numbers from shows (eg The Lord of the Dance and Chicago). The concert will be conducted by the band's musical director, David Baxter.'

The playlist is extensive and varied ranging from Louis Armstrong to Frank Sinatra and from Count Basie to Woody Herman.





DATE: Friday November 24th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 10PM PRICE: £15

DATE: Friday November 24th VENUE: Ardhowen Galler y Bar TIME: 8PM PRICE: £7

Eddi Reader’s rare blend of meltingly true vocals and towering romanticism combine with an astute and pragmatic nature to make her a unique and powerful figure in contemporary British music. She has effortlessly developed into one of popular music’s most thrilling and affecting performers. Whilst the perfection of her technique is widely acknowledged, what sets Reader apart is the depth and quality of the emotional performance; her ability not only to move the listener but to connect her experience to

With Ed Deane on guitar and vocals, James Delaney on keyboards, Tommy Moore on bass and Fran Byrne (from Ace) on drums.

that of her audience. Her passion and instinct move people in a way reminiscent of those who have influenced her work. Since the release of Eddi Reader Sings the Songs of Robert Burns Eddi was also chosen to sing at the opening of the Scottish Parliament 2004 where she performed Auld Lang Syne in front of MPs and Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip. Eddi visited Australia and New Zealand for the very first time in 2005. “[Eddi has proved the] Bard is safe in her hands, with her stunning revival of his songs. Now she shakes them up still further, stretches them, adds lyrics of her own and mixes them with other songs. She does it all with ease, in one of Scotland's most remarkable voices.” The Scotsman

Born in Dublin, Ed started playing acoustic blues and slide guitar while still at school. His repertoire at the time drew mainly from the Delta blues of Son House, Robert Johnson and Skip James. Ed worked, recorded and toured with Dave Kelly. While at the same time doing recordings and gigs with R&B artists such as Shuggy Otis, Sonny Rhode, Larry Johnson, Lowell Fulson, Richard Berry (writer and composer of ‘Louie Louie’, the most recorded R&B song ever) Big Jay McNeely and George ‘Wild Child’ Butler. He toured Germany with Paul Jones and the Blues Band, and then the UK, Europe and India with Dana Gillespie. He appeared with her at the prestigious Mustique Blues Festival in the Caribbean, as well as Bob Dylan’s opening act on the English leg of Dylan’s ’98 tour. He has recorded and played live gigs with Shane McGowan, and recorded with Chris and Mick Jagger on a tribute album to Cyril Davies. Early booking is advised.

Bar Available



MUSAIQ PERFORMANCE DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Higher Bridges galler y TIME: 2PM PRICE: free A local choir performance of World Folk music. Singing in the Northwest is a project organised by MUSAIQ and funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Big Lotteries Fund and supported by Fermanagh District Council. Tutors Karen McLaughlin and Valerie Whitworth have been working with singing groups in Omagh, Castlederg and Enniskillen for the twelve weeks on this exciting project singing songs from around the world.





DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 3:30PM PRICE: £5

DATE: Saturday November 18th and 25th VENUE: Cafe Merlot TIME: 9:30PM PRICE: free

Singing sisters Maighread and Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill were bron in Kells, Co. Meath Ireland. Their mother Bríd was from Gurteen in south Sligo (the home of the famed Irish fiddle player, Michael Coleman) while the father Aodh O Domhnaill was a native of Rann na Feirste in Irish speaking Donegal.

DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Diamond Band Stand TIME: 12 - 2PM PRICE: free

Tríona and brother Mícheál are former members of the hugely influential Irish group, The Bothy Band, which also featured some of the greats of recent Irish music including Matt Molloy, Tommy Peoples. Paddy Glackin, Kevin Burke, Donal Lunny and Paddy Keenan. Her unique style and repertoire of traditional singing comes down to her through generations of the 0 Dhomhnaill family. The name is one of the oldest and noblest of the Donegal clans and Maighread and Tríona’s repertoire of traditional songs in Gaelic and English is distinctly regional. Originally this kind of traditional singing described as ‘sean nós’, literally ‘old style’ was sung unaccompanied. Maighréad and Tríona rank among the finest of the younger generation of traditional singers who continue to sing in the old way.

Jazz has been enjoying something of a revival in recent years, typified by the success of Fermanagh’s own jazz band the Ernesiders which has built up a tremendous following. The band features Jim Magee on tenor saxophone, clarinet and vocals, Leo McGandy on trumpet, George Doonan on keyboards and vocals and the band has just added a fourth member Liam Queally on alto saxophone and clarinet. As well as playing Dixieland Jazz the band also features ballads and blues numbers going back to the 1930’s, Fourties and Fifties.

Bar Available




DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 8PM PRICE: £18 for the night This pair of musicians weave their music together as they reinvent traditional material, lulling the audience and themselves into a spellbinding sphere of sound. Sometimes soft and gentle, sometimes bursting with energy, Mick's soft sounding uilleann pipes and Caoimhin's buzzing fiddle create a unique energy. Since their debut album 'Kitty Lie Over' in 2003, Mick and Caoimhin have been lauded everywhere they've played: from Belfast to Bantry, from California to Canada, audiences have raved about their music. This is a performance not to be missed!

Bar Available

ALTAN DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 9PM PRICE: £18 for the night "Altan remain among the great bands of its kind" Washington Post "Altan remain majestic and this is the best album Altan have ever made" FRoots "Altan is still the ultimate example of what a great Irish band is capable of when putting the emphasis on the music first" Evening Herald "Altan's sound still has the wild grace of traditional Irish music at its fiery, sweetly melodic best" Boston Globe "Back again and sounding better than ever Altan goes from strength to strength on their own talents" Global Village

Bar Available





DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Ardhowen galler y Bar TIME: 9PM PRICE: £7

DATE: Sunday November 26th VENUE: Atrium Bar, Blakes of the Hollow TIME: 3 - 6PM PRICE: £5

An evening of Louisiana Swamp Music.

A singer Remembered : Frank Harte

The Bearcat Cajun Playboys were formed in the summer of 1991 by a group of musicians who between them had spent more time than anyone in the country immersing themselves in the music of Southwest Louisiana.

Traditional Singers Session featuring:

They have played with many other Louisiana musicians including Steve Riley, Eddie Le Jeune and John Delafose. Accordionist Chris Hall is one of the leading authorities on Cajun music in the UK. He also featured on Sir Paul McCartney's recording of 'Brown Eyed Handsome Man' and played with Sir Paul in The Cavern in the year 2000. On fiddle and vocals is Mitch Proctor who is a member of R Cajun & the Zydeco Brothers. Murray Brailsford is a new boy on guitar while drummer Sam

Rosie Stewart Chris Miles Len Graham Patricia Flynn Gerry O’Hanlon Mick Quinn Johnny Fyffe and other local singers Individuals all with an excellent and well respected repertoire within the Irish and Scottish Ballad singing tradition. This evening has been tributed to Franke Harte who died earlier this year and would have inspired many singers across the Island and beyond.

Murray completes the line-up. Come along and hear the most authentic Cajun sounds outside Louisiana itself!

PHOTOGRAPH: Copyright Joe Dowdall, courtesy of the Irish Traditional Music Archive





DATE: Sunday November 26th VENUE: St Michael’s Chapel, Hollow TIME: 7:30PM PRICE: £15

DATE: Sunday November 26th VENUE: Bush Bar TIME: 7:30PM PRICE: £10 for the entire day in Bush Bar

Anúna was founded by Dublin born composer Michael McGlynn in 1987. Anúna explore the unique, beautiful and sometimes forgotten music and texts from ancient Ireland through Michael’s original works and his powerful arrangements of medieval and traditional music. Anúna is directed by Michael and his twin brother John McGlynn. Anúna have performed all over the world, including the World Sacred Music Festival in Morocco, opening the prestigious Glasgow Celtic Connections Festival in

Take the rage of Nirvana, the pop sensibilities of the Kinks and the downright ballsiness of Bon Scott era AC/DC and you've still a way to go in describing the sound of Indigo Fury. With a knack for sounding like everybody yet nobody, the Belfast based band have returned after a two year sabbatical better than ever. The northerners' claimed the coveted title of 'Hotpress Band of the Year' in 2002. This was the culmination of a year which saw the band gig the length and breadth of Ireland, with regular

2000 and in 2004 they travelled with Irish President Mary McAleese on her state visits to Argentina and Chile. In 2005 the group toured Germany, the USA, the UK [20 dates], Portugal and Japan to coincide with the Japanese release of their album Winter Songs. Performance highlights have included the Meltdown Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall London with Elvis Costello and being the first Irish group to be invited to give the first ever “Irish Prom” at the Royal Albert Hall. The name Anúna derives from the ancient Irish name An Uaithne, which collectively describes the three ancient types of Celtic music, Suantraí (lullaby), Geantraí (happy song) and Goltraí (lament).

appearances in Eamon Dorans', Temple Bar Music Centre, Galways' Cuba, The Spirit Store in Dundalk, the Empire Music Hall and The Limelight.

(support artists)


In 2004 the band took a break to reform this year. With a wealth of new material, they are back on the road having recently played Belfasts' Auntie Annies and The Empire Music Hall, where they received a fantastic response. With their new, soon to be released, ep "Darker", the boys have perfected their tried and tested formula of great hooks over a driving, punchy rhythm delivered with excellent musicianship and great zeal. The band don't claim to cover any new ground but who cares when it sounds this good! Sometimes we all need a bit of good oldfashioned rock n' roll solace. With a renewed energy, determination and exciting sound, Indigo Fury have returned better than ever.




DATE: Sunday November 26th VENUE: Bush Bar TIME: See details below PRICE: £10 for the entire day in Bush Bar

TIME: 4:30PM



THE HENRY McCULLOUGH BAND TIME: 2PM The career of Henry McCullough cuts through just about every conceivable facet of rock music, and touches upon some of its most glorious moments. Growing up in the seaside resort of Portstewart, Henry's first musical venture was as guitarist with Irish showband The Skyrockets. He then drifted to London where he became steeped in the blues scene, rubbing shoulders with some of the greats of the genre who were just coming to the attention of the British revivalists. In the 90's Henry moved back to Portstewart and rehearsed a new line-up with Percy Robinson on pedal steel and Roe Butcher on bass and Liam Bradley on drums.However it wasn't until 2002 that Henry finally had the opportunity to record the album that he had been building up to for the last few years. Recorded in Percy Robinson's studio near Letterkenny, Unfinished Business was released in February 2003. The result isthe finest album that Henry has produced to date.


POCKET PROMISE TIME: 6PM Together since the summer of 2000, Pocket Promise are an Irish quartet from around Dungannon, County Tyrone, who play a unique form of sometimes gleeful, often chaotic, always rocking tunes. Having moved to London in October 2005the band has played a number of the city’s more renowned venue amassing a loyal fan base through regular, frantically-melodic gigs. They will be releasing thier debut single on koink records (uk) in October.


BOYS OF THE LOUGH DATE: Sunday November 26th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 9PM PRICE: £12 The first of the full-time professional Celtic bands to arise on the international scene, BOYS OF THE LOUGH now occupy a unique position of respect in the world of traditional music. They have completed sixty four tours of the USA and their performances and recordings are spread over five decades. The Boys have established a reputation for technical brilliance and integrity in their performance of Irish and Scottish music. A ready wit and sense of fun enliven their onstage performance while their original arrangements and dynamic interactions between the two major strands of the Celtic tradition keep the music always bright and fresh. A hallmark of the band’s approach has been their refusal to dilute their music with the addition of inappropriate vocalists or electric instruments or percussion. They prefer the natural tone colours of their acoustic instruments, traditionally played. Almost alone among Celtic groups they truly play “music that tastes of itself ”. Since the first tour in 1967 the Boys have travelled extensively in their mission to gain traditional music a wider audience and respect. Their warm and vital performances have won them friends from the villages of Scotland to international concert and festival stages, establishing a precedent that many others have followed. Bar Available



Other sessions during festival



DATE: Ever y night from Friday November 24th to Sunday 26th VENUE: Railway Hotel TIME: 11PM PRICE: free with concer t stub

DATE: Sunday November 19th VENUE: Atrium Bar, Blakes of the Hollow TIME: 4 - 6PM PRICE: free DATE: Monday November 20th VENUE: Corner Bar TIME: 11PM PRICE: free

By this stage of the evening you'll have had your fill of festival concerts, so come and share a drink and a tune with fellow festival goers, friends and visiting musicians. A lively session will be held each night hosted by local musicians. FREE admission for anyone with a concert ticket stub from the same night.

ROCK NIGHT CROSSFIRE BLUES BAND DATE: Tuesday November 21st VENUE: Magee’s Bar TIME: 9:30PM PRICE: free


DATE: Friday November 24th VENUE: Bush Bar TIME: 10PM to late PRICE: tickets at door



DATE: Ever y Friday VENUE: Blakes of the Hollow TIME: 10:30PM PRICE: free

DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Bush Bar TIME: 10PM to late PRICE: tickets at door



ADRIAN DUNBAR opening speech DATE: Sunday November 19th VENUE: Atrium Bar, Blakes of the Hollow TIME: 2:30PM PRICE: free

A welcoming day for all artists and festival goers, hard working festival folk and those who just love the music. here’s your chance to immerse yourself in a fabulous line up of great musicians. The festival will be officially launched by Ennsikillen-born actor and musician Adrian Dunbar.



FILM: SETTING UP SHOP DATE: Thursday Novermber 23rd VENUE: Clinton Centre TIME: 7:30PM PRICE: £1 at the door Setting Up Shop was commissioned by The Fermanagh Trust to give an insight into the lives of people have made Fermanagh their home. The film focuses on the lives of two eastern european families who have moved to Fermanagh - one from Poland and the other from Lithuania. The film was made by Michael Brown of Enniskillen’s Development Media Workshop, with the active participation of the two families involved. Following the story of two sisters setting up a Polish food shop in Enniskillen, the film follows them back to Poland as they buy stock and visit the flat where they grew up. The film also goes behind the scenes of Quinn’s Cement to talk to migrant employees. The film gives a rounded picture of the real people who are so often de-humanised behind the impersonal term ‘migrant worker’.

Introduced by Adrian Dunbar. Running Time 65 minutes.

JEAN BLEAKNEY, SEAMAS McCANNAIDH and KEVIN QUINN DATE: Tuesday November 21st VENUE: Higher bridges galler y TIME: 8PM PRICE: £6 Jean Bleakney was born in Newry in 1956 (to Fermanagh parents!). A former biochemist in medical research, she has published two collections of poetry with Lagan Press, The Ripple Tank Experiment (1999) and The Poet's Ivy (2003). Her work has appeared in several anthologies including The New Irish Poets, edited by Selina Guinness (Bloodaxe Books, 2004) and The Blackbird’s Nest, edited by Frank Ormsby (Blackstaff Press, 2006). Tonight, she will be reading from new and published work. Fermanagh’s own Seamas Mac Annaidh is the author of fifteen books, including five novels, two collections of short stories, various local history research and the best-selling Irish History Micropedia. Previously writer-in-residence at Queens and the University of Ulster he is now writer-in-residence with Fermanagh District Council’s Art of Regeneration Programme. A native of Fermanagh, Kevin Quinn is a Belfast based poet and critic. He has published poetry in a number of outlets, including Fortnight and Poetry Ireland. He is a freelance speaker on literature and poetry in particular. Earlier this year he gave a series of 6 talks in The Higher Bridges Gallery on, among others, Samuel Beckett, PatrickKavanagh and Robert Frost.

Funded by The Fermanagh Trust



A NIGHT WITH CARLO GEBLER DATE: Wednesday November 22nd VENUE: Higher Bridges Galler y TIME: 8 - 9PM PRICE: free Carlo Gebler was born in Dublin in 1954. He is a graduate of the University of York, where he studied English Literature, and of the National Film and Television School. Gebler is an acclaimed author and has had 21 titles published, most notable amongst these are "Caught on a Train", "Driving Through Cuba", "How To Murder a Man", published in 1998 which was on the long shortlist (20 titles) for the Booker Award and also "Father and I" (a memoir), published in 2000. He is is the novelist son of Irish writer Edna O'Brien and Czech writer Ernest Gebler and lives with his wife and 5 children just outside Enniskillen in County Fermanagh.


BARRY McGOVERN readings from Wilde and Beckett DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 1PM PRICE: £8 Barry McGovern (whose father was born in Enniskillen and whose great-grandfather, known as ‘The Count’ McGovern, had a draper’s shop in High Street) is regarded by many as one of the finest interpreters of Samuel Beckett’s work. He has just finished a seven week tour of the U.S. playing Vladimir in the Dublin Gate Theatre production of Waiting for Godot. He has also played in Endgame, Happy Days, Krapp’s Last Tape, the radio plays Embers and Rough for Radio II and directed All that Fall. His award winning one-man Beckett show I’ll Go On, produced by the Gate Theatre, has played worldwide. Other theatre work includes Baptista in The Taming of the Shrew, Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, Clement in The Home Place, Frank in Faith Healer, Uncle Peter in The Plough and the Stars, Sir John Pontefract in A Woman of No Importance, Tobias in A Delicate Balance, Frank in Educating Rita and Fr. Jack in the original Abbey production of Dancing at Lughnasa. TV and films include Dear Sarah, The Treaty, Joe Versus the Volcano, Far and Away, Braveheart and Waiting for Godot.



PORTORA PLAYERS youth theatre

DATE: Saturday November 18th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 8PM PRICE: £5 tickets direct from Por tora and can be booked on 028 66 322658 Waiting for Godot remains Samuel Beckett’s best known play. It is one of the most strikingly original works of the later half of the 20th Century. The narrative is thin: in the first act, two men are waiting by a tree for an unknown individual called Godot. Two other men come along attached by a rope. The four men talk. The second two exit. A young boy makes a brief appearance. Godot does not come. The second act is much the same. Despite the sparseness of the staging and the lack of narrative drive, the play has had immense impact, not only as a literary piece, but as a theatrical experience. To begin to explain what any of it means is to risk reducing a unique theatrical experience to the sort of baser common denominator that inadequately placed words can conjure. Samuel Beckett was a pupil at Portora Royal school. He is not feted on the notice boards of academic achievement. His name is associated more with the 1st XV and 1st XI and one anecdote relates how he reduced a boarding master to tears by his cold sarcasm and beady eye. It is only proper that – in this Beckett Centenary year – Waiting for Godot is performed by students from his old school in the Hall in which he would have listened to homilies and sung Abide With Me with no great commitment to the request.



KEVIN MACALEER DATE: Wednesday November 22nd VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 7:30PM PRICE: £12 Tyrone man Kevin McAleer travels deep into Fermanagh with the very latest version of his mindbending one man comedy show. Following a sell-out month long run at Edinburgh Fringe, word is out worldwide that this is McAleer’s most original and hilarious show ever. From Toronto to Trillick, from Sligo to Sydney, audiences have been barking like donkeys at the man who put the pan in deadpan and the nse in nonsense. Come and catch him now, before it all goes to his head.

‘He’s so funny it hurts’ Sunday Times ‘Dizzying rocket trips of the imagination’ Evening Herald

DYLAN QUINN, NICOLA CURRY YOUTH DATE: Thursday November 23rd VENUE: Mount Lourdes TIME: 7PM PRICE: £3 NIBBLES Local dance artists Dylan Quinn and Nicola Curry will premiere a newly devised dance performance. Taking the audience on a fairy tale journey through dynamic shape shifting movement and beautiful moments of stillness and anticipation, Dylan and Nicola help bring the space to life through dance and physical theatre. Art4change is a Fermanagh based dance development organisation. The performances are part of the art4change, dance4change project. CONNECT YOUTH DANCE COMPANY After the party has dried up, 9 teenagers decide to go on an adventure. Where better than the dark house at the top of the hill. Getting separated and being left alone is never a good thing. Daring and exciting movements fill the space, as the performers jump, dive and twist themselves around in an attempt to get back to their party. Come and see Fermanagh’s only youth dance company, Connect Youth Dance perform their first uniquely devised production. With students from 5 grammar schools and colleges in Fermanagh, Connect strives to present the best in youth dance performance. Funded by the Clare Duffield Foundation and Fermanagh District Council.



THOSE WHO CAN’T DATE: Thursday November 23rd VENUE: Top Bar, Blakes of the Hollow TIME: 9:30PM PRICE: £8 Belfast’s freshest comedy trio, Those Who Can’t present a great big helping of their uniquely skewed view of the universe. Join the intrepid trio as they prise off the greasy lid of life and have a good old hoke about inside. If, like them, you find the modern world a scary and unsavoury place to be, come along and help answer some important questions; ‘Why are we here?’ ‘Where are we going?’ And most importantly of all, ‘Did we remember to lock the front door?’




LAUNCH OF ENNISKILLEN VISUAL ARTS OPEN DATE: Friday November 17th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 8PM PRICE: free V E N U E S : A RT I ST S Gwen Stevenson : Video, Dolans Centra Damien Magee : Paintings, The Bush Bar Eilish McCann : Prints, The Corner Bar Maureen O’Conor : Paintings, Oscars Restaurant Tara Moran Woods : Installation, Portora Royal School Olive Ambrose : Paintings, Velocity Café Alex Lindsay : Multimedia, Café Merlot Leona Clinton : Installation, Portora Royal School Ian Wiezorick : Painting, Doherty’s Butchers Amanda May : Textiles, Portora Royal School Chris Finegan: Video, Blakes of the Hollow Floating World : Artists Books, Town Hall Foyer Kathy May : Portora Royal School Anne McNulty : Ceramics, McNulty & Sons Motor Bike Shop Michael Hannon :

Video, Portora Royal School

Until 26th November 2006





DATE: Friday November 17th - 26th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 8PM PRICE: free

DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Higher Bridges Galler y TIME: 10AM - 12PM PRICE: £4

Diarmuid Delargy was born in Belfast in 1958. He graduated in1981 from the University of Ulster and later completed his MA studies at the Slade School of Art, UCL in London. He has received numerous bursaries and spent time working with the Artists Union Workshop in Berlin. Delargy is a painter, sculptor and printmaker. He’s comfortable in most media and enjoys a tonal free-flowing style particularly in his prints, making artistic decisions on the etching surface with a fluid élan. His forte is Chiarascuro prints. According to Delargy, ‘The variety of techniques used in one medium helps inform and cross fertilise into the process of creativity in another. Working with bronze is an extension of the tactile, hands on, approach used in the other two media of painting and print-making and yet all three media have their own unique merits.’ He has exhibited widely nationally and internationally from Berlin, San Francisco , Las Vegas and Mexico to mention but a few. He has received many awards for his work including the Gold Medal at the European Large Format Print Exhibition, Dublin (1991). He was elected to Aosdana in 1999 and to The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, Bankside , London in 2005. Delargy recently collaborated with the poet Paul Muldoon in a limited edition publication in the United States.


Come along and get stuck in to a jam packed goodie bag of creative fun. Suitable for children aged 6 years and above with Art of Regeneration artists Genevieve Murphy.

COMMUNITY CARNIVAL DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Enniskillen Main Street TIME: 4PM PRICE: free The Art of Regeneration programme is producing the first of what will be Enniskillen’s annual street carnival, beneficially engaging the imagination and combined creative effort of a broad range of participants from all sections of County Fermanagh and the surrounding area. With the theme of Light, The Art of Regeneration programme will light up Fermanagh with a range of large scale, props, lanterns, costumes, street theatre, samba bands etc. The carnival will be in conjunction with the turning on of the Christmas tree lights in the town centre. Art of Regeneration Artist in residence Genevieve Murphy is currently working with a number of groups throughout Fermanagh in creating large show stopping props and floats!


NIALL WALSH DATE: November 1st - 30th VENUE: Higher Bridges Galler y TIME: 10 - 4PM PRICE: free

WILLIAM SCOTT DATE: November 19th - 26th VENUE: Enniskillen Museum TIME: Mon 2 - 5PM, Tues to Fri 10 - 5, Sat 2 - 5PM PRICE: free Copyright: 2006 William Scott Estate

FLOATING WORLD ARTIST’S BOOKS DATE: November 17 - 26th VENUE: Town Hall TIME: Mon to Fri 9AM - 5PM PRICE: free

NOELLE McALINDEN DATE: November 17th - 26th VENUE: Por tora Royal School TIME: 9AM - 5PM PRICE: free




BOOKING INFORMATION Tickets are available on the door at each event, and may be booked in advance at:


Tourist Information Centre Wellington Road, Enniskillen +028 66323110

DATE: Saturday November 25th VENUE: Enniskillen Main Street TIME: 4:30PM PRICE: free

For general information please contact:

ANTIQUES FAIR DATE: Sunday November 26th VENUE: Royal British Legion Hall TIME: 11AM - 5PM PRICE: ÂŁ1

The Arts Officer Fermanagh District Council +028 66325050 ext 245 For accommodation providers in Enniskillen visit the Tourist Information Centre, Enniskillen

afternoon jazz at antiques fair





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