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I want the world to see just what a fantastic place Northern Ireland is - a great place for business, a great place for investment, a place with an incredibly educated and trained workforce ready to work for international business. And, I also want to show the world, of course, what a



beautiful place Northern Ireland is and Lough Erne, where I was this morning, is one of the most beautiful places in the entire United Kingdom.


British Prime Minister David Cameron announces the 2013 G8 summit will be staged at Lough Erne Resort Co. Fermanagh

Northern Ireland is proud to host the 2013 G8 Summit


Invest NI sees benefits of hosting G8 Summit Lough Erne Manager of Lough Erne, Ferghal Purcell speaks


Arlene Foster MLA confident of Fermanagh’s ‘warm welcome’ PAGE 5

Pleased to meet you We look at the eight leaders PAGE 7 coming to Fermanagh

Brendan Hegarty Council chief executive on Fermanagh’s G8 role


Remembrance Day Reflecting on Fermanagh’s PAGE 11 darkest day

Roads Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy on infrastructure improvements PAGE 17 EDITORIAL TEAM: Ray Sanderson, Austin Lynch, Michael Breslin, Colm Bradley, Gareth McKeown, Gerry Knight, Ryan Smith

PHOTOGRAPHY: Gerry Knight, Stephen Hetherington and Fermanagh Tourism

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Alastair Hamilton, CEO of Invest Northern Ireland comments on the benefits to Fermanagh and Northern Ireland of hosting the G8 Summit he G8 Summit attracts world attention and so it offers an unprecedented opportunity for us to showcase Northern Ireland as a positive place to live, work, visit, study, invest and do business. Not only will the leaders of the world’s major economies gather here, but they will bring with them extensive support staff and influential journalists from all over the world. This gives us a chance to advertise globally everything that is world class about Northern Ireland. That begins with the outstanding natural beauty of Fermanagh itself as well as our other top quality visitor attractions that range from the Giant’s Causeway to Titanic Belfast. We want to reinforce the message built up over the last decade, and particularly last year, that Northern Ireland is a ‘must see’ tourism destination. Pictures of the Fermanagh Lakelands will be beamed around the world and will do much to promote the region and attract visitors. There is also the opportunity to showcase the quality of our local food produce through the meals served to the G8 heads of state. The message that our local produce is good enough for world leaders is a tremendous endorsement and gives our food sector businesses a great advantage when selling into ex-


port markets. Exporting is hugely important, not just for individual businesses, but also for the Northern Ireland economy. By raising the profile of Northern Ireland, the G8 Summit will help the future export efforts of our businesses. Invest NI’s support for exporting includes an extensive international programme with more than 80 trade activities in global markets planned this year, including trade missions to most of the G8 countries. Many Fermanagh companies have benefitted from our trade missions including IndiaBite Snack Foods and Crust & Crumb Bakery, and many more are exporting successfully having received advisory support from Invest NI. Successful exporting goes hand in hand with innovation, and Fermanagh companies are taking advantage of Invest NI’s Innovation Voucher programme, which is helping businesses to take the first steps into research and development. So far, 75 vouchers have been awarded to companies in the Fermanagh and South Tyrone region. The Summit also gives us a great opportunity to showcase Northern Ireland as an excellent location for investment. Over 700 foreign investors and a multitude of investors from the rest of the UK have already chosen to locate here. In-

Alastair Hamilton, CEO of Invest Northern Ireland Picture: Michael Cooper vestors are drawn by a highly educated, Englishspeaking workforce, an excellent infrastructure with advanced telecoms and transport networks, a competitive cost environment and excellent incentive packages. Whether businesses are indigenous or are inward investors, Invest NI can offer them a wide range of support. Among the local companies that have benefitted from this support are Kettyle Foods, Hybrid Mail Solutions, Webtech NI, Lady Muck, The Enniskillen Hotel, Belle Isle Estate, Greentown Environmental Ltd and Douglass Windows Ltd. Some of these have taken advantage of our Boosting Business initiative, which is helping firms cope with the impact of the economic downturn and gear up for future opportunities. Whilst helping existing businesses to grow and succeed is vital, so too is a steady stream of new businesses. Over the past five years, Invest NI has supported some 1,071 local business starts in the Fermanagh and South Tyrone region, which is over 50 per

cent above the Northern Ireland average, taking population sizes into account. Social economy businesses, such as Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre and MeUnlimited, are also playing their part by providing jobs and opportunities for the less advantaged, creating solutions to local problems and contributing not just to economic growth but also to social inclusion. But economic growth cannot be realised in isolation. We need a strong partnership approach and for this reason Fermanagh District Council has been working with Invest NI and with other councils under the LED Measure of the EU Sustainable Competiveness Programme to run a number of programmes for local businesses. The G8 Summit will last only two days but its positive legacy will be long term. Fermanagh will play a major role in ensuring that we make an excellent impression and I have no doubt that all involved will deliver a memorable experience for our international guests.

HEN David Cameron announced the Lough Erne Resort as the venue for the G8, on 20th November last year, its general manager, Ferghal Purcell, first heard it on the news, despite the fact that the Prime Minister had been in the hotel that morning! But, the impact was no less. “Truthfully, I could not believe it at first. The sense of reality was very hard to fathom. It would have been very easy to be overwhelmed by the prospect but, thankfully, the property is in great shape and required very little from the maintenance point of view.


“Let nobody kid you: it’s like having the motherin-law coming to visit” “We are very lucky in that we have a brand new, 5-star property. But, let nobody kid you: it is like having the mother-in-law coming to visit. “Obviously, we are sprucing up certain areas, and there are maintenance/training programmes in place where we’re trying to make sure that the landscape of the whole Resort is of a very high standard.” And, as leader of 180 staff, he said the message he wanted guests to leave with was of the friendliness and the hospitality of the people of the Lough Erne Resort. And, to that end, he organised ‘cultural awareness’ training. With 30 years’ experience in the hospitality trade, including 25 years in South Africa, he was well placed to compare the Lough Erne Resort. “I have had the privilege of running some of the most beautiful properties in the world, in South Africa, and this (the Resort) absolutely compares to the very best I have run.” He had no doubts in the slightest that the Lough Erne Resort would step up to the mark, G8 or no G8. He was confident that, numbers wise, the Ross Suite could easily accommodate needs in that it can cater for 300-400 people “A lot of people com-

Ferghal Percell, general manager, Lough Erne Resort

How Ferghal and his staff cope with the G8 Fermanagh has a future and a sustainability in that it will attract more business to the county mented about us taking on extra staff, but we are substantially busier now and the challenge of the G8 is not that very different, really, to the business we would do on an average June week-end. “OK, the profile of the client is different, but not the volume.” As for the knock-on impact, Fearghal said the G8 was ‘a wonderful opportunity’

where Fermanagh would have the world’s media on its doorstep and, then the ‘spend’ factor. “I saw an article this week it will attract £7.5m to the Enniskillen economy, which is just wonderful. Don’t forget: these media people are going to be in town, shopping, eating and drinking, so we all have a role to play. “Apart from that, every hotel in Fermanagh is full, and it’s the

same across the border.” That, and the multiplier impact of staff wages all point to a brighter future for Fermanagh, thanks to the G8. “It has a future and a sustainability in that it will attract more business to the county, and that’s a wonderful footnote to start looking ahead from,” he added.


Ferghal Purcell (50) is no stranger to the hospitality industry. He owned and ran the Aherlow House Hotel in his native Tipperary prior to securing his present post. Before that, he was managing director of the Adare Manor in Limerick and, before that again, he was 25 years in South Africa. In his new role, he and his ‘excellent’ operations manager, Adrian McNally have charge of 180 staff whose ‘spend’, Ferghal reckons, has a multiplier effect of between £2.5m-£2.8m on the local economy. He is married to Helen and is the father of Duncan, Daelyn and Nicky.




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WHAT’S ON OPERA ARIAS - FOR FREE On either side of Ruby Philogene’s afternoon recital in St Macartin’s Cathedral, Enniskillen on Saturday June 15, there is a concert opportunity to hear opera arias from Northern Ireland Opera's best young singer, both of which are free to attend. However, at different venues. In the morning, at Castle Coole at 11am there will be a one-hour recital in the grand marbled Entrance Hall. And, in the evening, in the Bush Bar, Enniskillen at 8pm, the Northern Ireland Opera young singers will do something different, a 50-minute sing of BARias. This event is for young audiences only and is an opportunity for young people who have or haven’t experienced opera before, to enjoy an operatic event in a venue usually more associated with music of a different kind For Castle Coole and the Bush Bar performances, both are free ticketed events. Tickets are available to be collected from the Bush Bar (max two per person). These two events are also organised by, Happy Days (Samuel Beckett) festival.


THINKING POSITIVE...Arlene Foster, tourism and enterprise minister for Northern Ireland

Optimistic Foster: County will take this opportunity BY RYAN SMITH OURISM AND enterprise minister for Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, has described the G8 summit as ‘a huge opportunity’ for County Fermanagh. Back in November when the announcement was made, Minister Foster noted how the question on the lips of people in Fermanagh was: ‘What does that mean for Fermanagh?’ “For me it’s a huge opportunity for the county,” she said. “It’s about taking that opportunity that has been given to us by the Prime Minister. It could have gone anywhere in the United Kingdom, it’s coming to Fermanagh. “And he’s bringing seven of his


‘I think it shows that you do need a catalyst to get that sort of investment into an area - and that catalyst has been the G8.’ - Arlene Foster closest friends with him,” she added. Minister Foster explained that she is expecting the county to be ‘inundated’ with delegation from the eight countries, and various media outlets, something that she sees as positive. “First of all, people across the world are saying ‘Where is this place that the G8 is taking place?’ - so there’s an acknowledgement and a knowledge about Fermanagh that wasn’t there before the announcement was made.” And, investment within the

county, with the G8 as a catalyst has offered a lift. “Obviously we’ve seen a lot of investment from a number of departments put into the county since the announcement was made - whether it’s roads, or whatever - from a tourism perspective, the place is looking fabulous now. “I suppose sceptics would say well why didn’t we get the investment before hand? But you always need a catalyst for these things and if you look at they way in which Portrush was invested in

the run up to the Irish Open, I think it shows that you do need a catalyst to get that sort of investment into an area - and that catalyst has been the G8.” And, what of a legacy? “People talk about legacies, and I think a lot of the time they talk about physical structures as being legacies. “And I know the council have specific ideas in relation to that. But I think a longer lasting legacy will be an internationalisation of this place, the fact that we will be able to welcome international visitors to this place.” She concluded: “I’m very optimistic that the Fermanagh friendliness will shine through during the G8 and the lead up to the G8 because we will have a tremendous amount of visitors here.”

In keeping with a promise, Fermanagh District Council has organised a series of ‘Family Days Out’ across the county, two of which are in Irvinestown (Saturday, June 15) and Lisnaskea (June 22). The council’s two leisure centres at each town will be at the heart of the action, namely the Bawnacre Centre, and the Castle Park Centre, Lisnaskea. The programme in each case is the same, children’s entertainment and a ‘Come and Try It’ activity session. It runs from 12 noon until 4pm.

DERRYGONNELLY FUN DAY The village everyone is getting to know better, if only because they have to divert through it on their way from Belleek to Enniskillen, Derrygonnelly has its own Fun Day on Saturday, June 22. It promises to be a festivaltype event, with ‘country ‘n western’ dancing, a soapbox race, a mummers’ display and a vintage car rally. The contacts are - Michael Skuce on 077 6463 8355 or visit

‘ENNISKILLEN 100’ REVIVAL St Angelo Airport is accessible once more to host the annual ‘Enniskillen 100’ (motor bike) Revival, on June 22, from 12 noon until 5pm.

he G8 is coming to town and with it a fantastic opportunity for Buisness inspiration exists according to Leo Murphy, Deputy Director for Strategy and International Development at South West College. "The G8 might not change the works but it could change this part of the world," mr Murphy declared. South West College in association with the Confederation of British Industry, Omagh Enterprise Centre and Invest NI hosted the South West region’s first International and Economic Development Conference recently. This conference aimed to promote and inspire in-depth engagement with key business and economic professionals and to create a space for discussion of crucial contemporary issues in International Development. The South West region has much to be proud of with the local economy continually evolving to adapt to business demands and increasingly this emphasis is turning to global markets. According to Mr Murphy there was three themes to the conference; innovation and economic development, entrepreneurship and international development and the development of skills. Various special guests from the business world were due to give talks on the those three aspects with Mark Ennis, CEO of Airtricity and Professor Sa'ad Medhat, CEO, New Engineering Foundation just some of the high flyers were taking up the mic to try and inspire the audience to business success.


The South West College in Enniskillen. gkfh1

A fantastic opportunity for Business inspiration Mr Murphy believes that some businesses in the region may be unsure about how, or indeed the need to expand their horizons but insisted that they can take inspiration from already successful businesses in the region. "We wanted to make this a regional event in terms of showing people that regional businesses can have an international dimension. People would not believe what is on our own doorstep in

terms of businesses who are doing work all over the world." He cited Silverhill Foods and Euro Auctions as two such local businesses which are proving that you can trade all over the world. With the G8 leaders coming to Fermanagh Mr Murphy felt it was the perfect opportunity to inspire businesses. "We wanted to raise the spirits locally and we felt there was a real opportunity to capture the mood

and get the message out to businesses that we should all try and maximise our opportunities." Touching on the role that young people will play in growing the economy locally Mr Murphy explained that they are much more likely to treat future business in a global way. "At the college we have students learning Arabic, Portuguese and other languages used in the emerging market countries and we have

a young population who know that you have to look outward in business and we really hope that the conference would inspire those young people." And with the leaders of the capitalist world making Fermanagh their home for some important discussions the time has never been more ripe for businesses and young people in the area to be inspired to make Fermanagh a hotbed of business excellence.

FRANCOIS HOLLANDE François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande, was born August 12 1954. The 24th and current President of France, he is leader of the Socialist party and only the second Socialist Party President of the Fifth French Republic, after François Mitterrand. He was in a relationship with fellow Socialist politician Ségolène Royal for 30 years, with whom he had four children; Thomas, Clémence, Julien, and Flora. However he has been in a relationship with French journalist Valérie Trierweiler since 2007.



David Cameron, British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative (Tory) Party, is host of this year’s summit. He’s 46 years old and married to Samantha (Sheffield) and the couple have two daughters Nancy Gwen and Florence Rose, and a son Arthur. The couple’s first child Ivan died in 2009 from a combination of cerebral palsy and a rare form of epilepsy.

Born on 21 December 1954 (making him 58) Shinzo Abe is the current prime minister of Japan. He is president of the country’s Liberal Democrat Party. Back in 2006 he became the 90th Japanese prime minister, and its youngest since WWII. However he only served for less than a year before resigning amid rumours of ill health and unpopularity over some policies. Now back in the top job, Abe is viewed as a right-wing nationalist.

Pleased to meet you... Eight countries, eight leaders, Ryan Smith, looks at just who will be visiting during the G8 summit VLADIMIR PUTIN Born October 7, 1952 Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the President of Russia. He previously served as President from 2000 to 2008 and before that as Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000, and again from 2008 to 2012. He was also was Chairman of United Russia. Mr Putin served as senior officer in the Russian intelligence service, the KGB, before retiring to enter politics. A native of St Petersburg he moved to Moscow in 1996 to be part of President Boris Yeltsin’s administration.

ENRICO LETTA Youngest of the G8 leaders, Enrico Letta, born August 20, 1966, is the 55th Prime Minister of Italy. He replaced outgoing Mario Monti. On 27 April, Letta formally accepted the task of leading a grand coalition, with support from his party, the right-wing People of Freedom, and the centrist Civic Choice.

STEPHEN HARPER Stephen Harper became Canada's 22nd Prime Minister on February 6, 2006. He was born on April 30, 1959, in Toronto. He moved to Alberta in 1978 to work in the petroleum industry and went on to obtain both a bachelor's and a master's degree in economics from the University of Calgary. He is married to Laureen and has two children, Benjamin and Rachel.

ANGELA MERKEL Angela Merkel, born in Hamburg, is the German Chancellor and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union party. 58 years old and has been married twice to Joachim Sauer (1998 present) and Ulrich Merkel (1977 - 1982, divorced). She has no children.

BARACK OBAMA Barack Hussein Obama is the president of the United States of America. He was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 to a Kenyan father and a mother from Kansas, and he and his wife Michelle have two daughters – Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11. He is the first black president of the United States and is in his second term.

Seeing the caves is seeing the ‘new’ Fermanagh N the 28 years since they were opened to the public, on 29th May, 1985, the Marble Arch Caves (now with ‘and Global Geopark’ added to its name), some one million visitors have passed through its turnstiles. The caves are visited annually by an estimated 60,000 punters, and the geopark, to which there is no admission, attracts an estimated 300,000 visitors. The Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark is jointly managed by both Fermanagh District Council and Cavan County Council. It’s the first cross-border geopark in the world. Robert Gibson is the director of leisure with Fermanagh Council, the body which converted what


was a cavers’ paradise into a facility for all to enjoy. “Before the infrastructure was put in, it wasn’t possible to visit it, unless you were a caver. In fact, in some parts of the caves, they had to make the openings wider to allow the public in.” Credit for the discovery of the caves rests with French speleologist, Édouard-Alfred Martel along with Dublin naturalist, Lyster Jameson in 1895. Using a canvas boat, and with candles and magnesium flares for light, they found 300 metres (1,000 ft) of passages. Today’s one hour and 15minute tours are by boat and on foot. So, what made the Council invest in the work?

“At the time, back when the work started in 1982, we recognised the potential of the caves and decided they would make a very good attraction. It is a wonderful wet weather facility, although it is affected by heavy rain and, sometimes, the caves are closed.” The caves are open to the public from mid-March to the end of September, and there are guided tours daily during July and August. The facility also features a shop, a restaurant and an AV theatre. The Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark can be contacted at - 028 66348855, E: mac@fermanagh,, W:

WHAT’S ON ULSTER PROJECT SHOW Young people from both sides of the community here who have shared a residential in the US as guests of host families, organised by the Ulster Project, will be putting on its annual concert in the Ardhowen Theatre this Friday, 21st June (at 8pm). The programme features music, song, sketches and dance. It was back in the early 1970s that the idea for this annual summer transatlantic outing was nurtured. It arose from a pastoral exchange in which Canon Kerry Waterstone, Church of Ireland, met with a fellow clergyman in Manchester, Connecticut. There followed a request from two congregations in that city asking Canon Waterstone to formulate a plan in an effort to help ease the tensions in Northern Ireland. Influenced by his own family’s positive experience in America, Canon Waterstone felt that the attitudes of NI teenagers could be changed, so as to influence the future here. He subsequently the cooperation of clergy willing to help in the implementation of his plan. Forming the original guidelines for the Project, he focused on the prejudices and stereotypes, which are the root cause of the bitter strife labelled Catholic/Protestant.

High Sheriff of Fermanagh HE ROLE OF High Sheriff, that is, Sovereign's judicial representative to the Queen, is a role of high esteem - and this year - Enniskillen native, Roisin McManus, has taken up the mantle. The first High Sheriff in Fermanagh was Shane McHugh back in 1605, but, taking the role during what could be the county’s brightest moment, is Roisin, who works with the Cavan County Enterprise Board, on a project called the West Cavan West Fermanagh regeneration project, which, she said, sees her ‘getting to travel across the region, uncovering hidden gems daily’. With regards to her role as High Sheriff, she noted: “Shane McHugh was the first High Sheriff for Fermanagh. I think in more recent years they’ve tried to put it out there, and you’ll see more females - but this, year I’m the only female.” The High Sheriff has a number of rights and duties. These include receiving any High Court judges, members of the Royal Family or heads of


state who visit Fermanagh. “It really was a great honour. I love Fermanagh so much, it was such an honour to accept the role. “Not only do I get to promote the county but also got to Buckingham Palace - it was amazing to be standing without 6ft of the Queen - a very humbling experience.” The position runs from January to December of a year. When asked what Fermanagh has to offer, Roisin, spoke of the landscape of the county. “When you bring people here you see the county through their eyes and you witness the welcome they receive and it gives you such a glow and such pride in where you live “And I hope not only leaders entourage experience that. She concluded: “We are getting to present ourselves on a world-wide platform. Why wouldn’t we say, ‘Look what we’ve got’ to the world?” High Sheriff, Roisin McManus

Brendan Hegarty, chief executive of Fermanagh District Council. GKFH20

Council chief ready to show Fermanagh off to the world Chief Executive hopes legacies will include better communications and that Fermanagh will advertise its ‘natural assets’ in the form of their beautiful landscape and wonderful people BY GARETH MCKEOWN BEFORE November, chief executive of Fermanagh District Council Brendan Hegarty had no clue the Lough Erne Resort was to host one of the biggest events in the world in seven months time. Since that initial announcement, though, he and his staff have been working diligently getting the county prepared for the International influx. “I suppose the initial thoughts were just trying to understand what it would actually mean for the county and what would be involved in preparing for it. We are the most peripheral council in Northern Ireland with a significant border in the Republic with neighbouring councils and on the periphery of Europe. To see such a significant event brought to Fermanagh is just

a fantastic boost for the area.” From an early stage Brendan and his team adopted a two pronged approach to the summit “The first was to harness any benefit that could be derived from it and obviously we recognised the ability to have our area promoted on an international media was a significant boost and then the second major objective was realising there would be some disruption locally, but to try and work with other agencies and plan as best we could to minimise that disruption for the benefit of our local population.” Through working with local agencies and both local and central government Brendan has been in charge of implementing a number of schemes that have helped transform the county of Fermanagh. The first was a dereliction im-

‘We want to be able to demonstrate we can hold one of the biggest if not the biggest event to come to Northern Ireland and not only host it, but we were able to host it well.’ provement scheme, which helped improve the image of areas that had fallen into a state of disrepair, while other work has also been carried out through a shop front scheme to revitalise Enniskillen town centre and a marketing cam-

paign which Brendan hopes will keep the area in the International spotlight after the summit has concluded. When asked about legacies Brendan hopes that better communications first and foremost will be in place, while he also hopes that Fermanagh will advertise their ‘natural assets’ in the form of their beautiful landscape and wonderful people. “I think the one thing that stands out about the area is just its natural beauty in terms of the assets that are there, that speaks for itself, it’s a wonderful place, to work, live, to invest. I have to say the feedback that were getting from those coming to the area is very positive in terms of their experience, there's a genuine feeling that they would like to come back and bring their families with them to

visit again.” An ‘iconic legacy’ project which would be either a wet-weather facility or G8 bridge is also in the pipeline, with the council having already prepared a lobby document and secured MLA support for the former. Ahead of the summit Brendan is excited about Fermanagh becoming the centre of the world for a couple of days and is eager to make a point. “I think what we would be aiming for as a council and as an area is to be able to demonstrate you don't have to be a city to host large events, predominantly rural area Fermanagh we want to be able to demonstrate we can hold one of the biggest if not the biggest event to come to Northern Ireland and not only host it, but we were able to host it well.”

Magho Viewpoint offers stunning views of Lower Lough Erne and its islands

Unique Global Geopark has plenty to offer all Marble Arch Caves Geopark only one to cross border Teas • Speciality Coffees • Home Made Treats • Afternoon Cream Teas • Lite Lunches •


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HE MARBLE Arch Caves, located close to Florencecourt (approximately 10 miles outside Enniskillen), are one of the finest show caves in Europe. The caves are in the middle of the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark, a truly international geopark as it straddles the Irish border encompassing county Fermanagh (in the North) and Cavan in the Irish Republic. Open from March to September each year the Marble Arch Caves are visited by approximately 60,000 people every year. It was back in 1985 that the Marble Arch Caves were opened as a tourist attraction by Fermanagh District


Council. Three years later, in 1998, the adjacent Cuilcagh Mountain Park was opened on the northern slopes of Cuilcagh. As well as providing a recreational resources, with safe access to the summit of Cuilcagh, the park also fulfilled a vital conservation responsibility for the endangered blanket bog. In 2001 the Marble Arch Caves and Cuilcagh Mountain Park were jointly recognised as the first European Geopark in the United Kingdom, and it still remains the only geopark in Northern Ireland. The Marble Arch geopark is the first - and only - geopark to cross an international border but is not the only on the island of Ireland. Other

Bundoran, Co. Donegal

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geoparks include the Copper Coast in Waterford and the Burren and Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. Six of the eight G8 nations have geoparks with only the United States and Russia not having the UNESCO endorsed parks. The geopark covers 22,000 hectares and extends from the Fermanagh border with Donegal in the north into North Cavan in the south and encompasses a wonderful range of landscape features - from gently rolling drumlins and winding rivers to spectacular cliffs, rugged rocky outcrops and upland blanket bog. There are 100 miles of walking trails and a number of key sites including Lough Navar Forest and Magho

Cliffs viewpoint, which provides spectacular views of Lower Lough Erne as (on a clear day) to the Blue Stack mountains to the north, and Slieve League, Donegal Bay and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Manager of the Marble Arch Caves is Richard Watson and he explains that included in the geopark are a number of sites of historical and archaeological significance. “We have Tully Castle and Monea Castle as well as the Cavan Burren with its limestone pavement and the Shannon Pot, the source of Ireland’s longest river, the River Shannon. “People may not always be aware of the diversity of sites that exist here on our doorstep many which contain some great family walks, and some more challenging walks - like the one up to the top of Cuilcagh,” continued Mr Watson. Mr Watson explains much of the geopark can be enjoyed ‘free of charge’ and he also explained that in addition to the tour of the caves, there is also an events programme run through the geopark which includes fossil days for children and a gourmet tour of the geopark which includes a stop in Neven Maguire’s MacNean Bistro in Blacklion for lunch. Richard Watson said his staff are already working with staff from geoparks in other countries across the world. “The Geoparks conference was in Japan last year. I didn’t attend but I am going out to Italy later this year to visit a geopark.

Reflecting on Enniskillen’s darkest day I N HIS ADDRESS upon the announcement that the G8 was to come to Fermanagh, Prime Minister, David Cameron, spoke of showing the world ‘what a fantastic place Northern Ireland is’. And, reflecting on Fermanagh’s darkest day, the Remembrance Day bombing in Enniskillen in 1987, the then chief executive, Gerry Burns, from Enniskillen, knows that the county has come a long way. “The difference between now and the 1980s is not just remarkable, it’s incredible,” he said. “The start of the 80s was the hunger strike, people were dying in Long Kesh, there was tension during the 80s,” he explained. And, his role, he described, was ensuring that in delivering a service, it would be delivered to everybody impartially. “I was also of the view that what whatever we could do to help the community we should be doing it. “There was unemployment, money was as difficult as it is to find today,” he added.

Gerry Burns, former chief executive, Fermanagh District Council

And what were his actions when it became tough? “One of the areas that I have to admit we exploited was the strong local identity in their own County by Fermanagh people. “People in Fermanagh can have differences regarding their claimed identity but I always found a strong willingness to support that which could rightly benefit all the people in the County.” At the Remembrance Day bombing in 1987, 11 were killed at Belmore Street in Enniskillen, something that the late Margaret Thatcher described as ‘utterly barbaric’. “That was a terrible day,” Gerry reflected. “As it so happened, I was slightly late. So therefore I didn’t park as normal in my usual parking place. I parked down past the ramp down the Queen Elizabeth Road - I was walking up and waved to Gordon and his daughter Marie as I was passing. “And I saw Sam Foster (UUP Councillor) and he passed remarks, he said something like ‘you’re looking fit today’ and just with that the bomb went

off.” He went on: “In terms of the state of the place afterwards it was absolutely chaotic. “It had been very quiet initially and then we started to hear the wails and cries of people who had been caught under the rubble.” Many see the Enniskillen bombing as the turning point in the troubles. The aftermath in Enniskillen itself was one of resilience and recovery. But, in 2013, the confidence given through Prime Minster David Cameron perhaps shows that he himself knows it is a changed society. “I reckon that the difference between then and now is incredible,” Gerry explained. “There is a certain joy I think in having been chosen as a G8 location. There isn’t any comparison in my view. “There is a great idea of change in that when you see the freedom in which people now come and go - it’s not necessarily that we’re particular brilliant, or that we haven’t more to do, but when I compare it back to how it was in the 1980s...Oh boy.”

Three museums for the price of one ALTHOUGH branded as the one facility, the Enniskillen Castle Museums is, in effect, a marriage of the county museum and the Inniskilling Museum. And, it’s not the only one in town. Just a stone’s throw away is the Headhunters Barber Shop which doubles as a salon and a museum that contains some remarkable memorabilia of the golden era of the railways. The two main museums are located side by side in the courtyard of Enniskillen Castle, once the home of the Maguires, the chiefs of Fermanagh. While the military muse-

um reflects the contribution of the two local regiments in wars abroad, the Fermanagh County Museum reflects Fermanagh’s history, culture and environment though lifesized models, editorial and touch button screens. Robert Gibson, the director of culture, arts and leisure, said it was only right that the museum kept abreast of current happenings by organising an exhibition of the recent excavations at Drumclay on the edge of Enniskillen. The exhibition itself is now open to the public, all are welcome.




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Who are you?

Who are you?

Who am I?

Vlad Govorov (43) has lived and worked in Bundoran for the past 18 years where he runs Steaks Restaurant. His wife, Siobhan is from Donegal and they have three children.

Wayne Hardman. I’m from Toronto, Canada.

I’m a French citizen Isabel Leonard who moved to Northern Ireland many years ago to teach French as a foreign language. I am a teacher, housewife, mother, business partner and a protector of the existing Fermanagh environment where I live.

What is your Fermanagh connection? I have Fermanagh connections through my sister-in-law, Jean McCaughey, Coa.

Do you think Fermanagh will make a good host for the G8? Yes, Fermanagh will make a very good host for the G8, gracious, efficient and entertaining. My restaurant is half an hour’s drive from Sligo where the Russian delegation is staying, so I hope they will drop in on me.

MARIO DOGARU Who are you? I am Marian (Mario) Dogaru. My mother is Italian and I grew up in both Italy and Romania.

What is your Fermanagh connection? | came to Ireland six years ago, and to Northern Ireland three years ago. I came to Ireland to work in the restaurant business and came to Enniskillen to manage Scoffs on Belmore Street (now Uno). I then thought it was time to open my own premises. I own and run my own Italian restaurant Marios on Belmore Street in Enniskillen.

What is your Fermanagh connection? I’ve been here for 14 years. My wife is a weaver. Where we lived before this in Sussex but there wasn’t much of a weaver ethos there. I will be working as a journalist during the G8 and my wife Louise will be putting on a weaving demonstration during the summit. I came to Europe to play ice hockey in Switzerland and Sweden and then became the sports media correspondent for the Belfast Giants working with

Do you think Fermanagh will make a good host for the G8? If the protesters leave them alone. Everything has been so well cleaned up. I feel it will be an excellent G8. Mr Hardman said the Lough Erne Resort is a great location as they are away from everyone and they can easily segment it off, as they are doing.


What is your connection to Fermanagh? I am a teacher, housewife, mother, business partner and a protector of the existing Fermanagh environment where I live. I moved to Northern-Ireland as a French Assistant to improve my English

Do you think Fermanagh will make a good host for the G8? I am not aware of much talk about Fermanagh in the French Media except in anti-fracking circles. As you know the French love Ireland because it has an ancient history, it has an unspoilt environment and a vibrant culture. These are the main reasons why French tourists will come to Ireland.


Who are you?

Who are you?

My name is Chihoko McElgunn. I am from Hiroshima, Japan

I’m Jennifer Kelly married, from Florida, living in Enniskillen and I have two kids.

What is your Fermanagh connection? I am connected to Fermanagh through my husband Cathal who is from Lisnaskea, although we visit regularly we now live in Cambridgeshire.

Do you think Fermanagh will make a good host for the G8?

Do you think Fermanagh will make a good host for the G8?

Yes I do. I hope to see a lot of extra customers coming into the town and into my restaurant. The extra business and extra people is one of the best parts of the summit coming here.

I think that Fermanagh will make a brilliant host for the G8 given the friendliness of the people and the beauty of the scenary.

What is your Fermanagh connection? I’ve lived here for 15 years. We moved because my husband is from here and we wanted to come back to start a family.

Do you think Fermanagh will make a good host for the G8? I guess in general Americans have a lot of Irish descent and I think that it’s good that they’ll get the opportunity to see Ireland on TV and will be able to see the beauty of Enniskillen.

OWEN WILSON Who are you? I am Owen Wilson , 63 years old and married to Ruth. I was born in Hertfordshire and lived in north Essex most of my life. My career was spent working with various Local Authorities in Essex and Hertfordshire, the last 25 as a Town Clerk and Financial Officer.

What is your Fermanagh connection? I have been living in Fermanagh since 2009. Ruth and I decided some years ago that we would move to Fermanagh when I retired; Ruth is from Fermanagh and I have known and appreciated - Fermanagh for many years.

Do you think Fermanagh will make a good host for the G8? The staging of such a high profile international event is a major challenge in many respects; this is a one-off opportunity with no second chances and no ready made solutions to the problems thrown up. It is a lot for a small rural County to cope with. My impression is that the District Council has risen to the occasion and worked well with the many agencies involved. I hope that there are longterm advantages for the local economy and these are fully exploited. There has been some grumbling about the inconveniences which have or will be caused - but at least these are for only a limited period. I hope any protests are peaceful - so that legitimate concerns are expressed but without the violence which will just perpetuate the negative image of Northern Ireland that disadvantages us all.

FRANK DOLL Who are you? Frank Doll, I’m from the Black Forest, Germany.

What is your Fermanagh connection? I have been here eight years, I initially came to learn English, or improve my English and my first port of call was Enniskillen restaurant Cafe Merlot for two years to work. I then went travelling around the world for 15 months and returned to Enniskillen where I had a brief stint working in G8 venue, the Lough Erne Resort. Five years ago with my wife Christa and Sarah and Georgios Maravelakis we started the award winning Greek restaurant Dollakis at Cross Street, Enniskillen.

Do you think Fermanagh will make a good host for the G8? Well definitely, it looks like they have put a lot of work into it. It is nice to see things have been painted and the town looks well. They have picked Fermanagh for a reason. I must say I hope Angela (Merkel) gets in touch with us when she is here in town.

STEPHANIE CONNOR Who are you? I am Stephanie Connor from Enniskillen and a graduate of the University of St Andrews where I majored in French and German, as well as taking modules in Russian and Japanese.

What are you doing in Japan and how long have you been there? I am currently employed by the Japanese government as part of the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme. I teach English at a Senior High School (ages 15-18) in Kyoto, Japan. (Stephanie has been living in Japan since 2011).

What are people saying about the summit in Japan? When I told my students and the teachers I work with that the G8 Summit 2013 was going to be held in my hometown, they were very interested. The Japanese are not really aware yet of the upcoming G8, but the students in my school are. Young people in Japan are very interested in British and Irish culture, especially pop music, including everything from U2 to One Direction.

JUDY BECK Who are you? Judy Beck, originally from Enniskillen living in British Columbia, Canada.

When did you move and why? I have strong family connections in Fermanagh, but have lived in Canada all my life.

What are people saying about the summit in Canada? In Canada there hasn’t been much talk of the G8, but from knowing the area it is beautiful spot and how the could the G8 not bring great things for the county. The people are lovely, there is beautiful scenery and the history of the buildings is wonderful. We expect Stephen Harper to be very respectful and professional at the summit.

CIARA TRACEY Who are you? Clara Tracey from the Sligo Road, Enniskillen.

When did you move and why? I moved to Paris in November 2009 to get experience working with a French law firm, and am currently working for Irish food companies exporting to France and Belgium.

What are people saying about the G8 summit in France? There has not been that much positive or indeed negative exposure of this G8 summit in the French media, with the Syrian and Turkish conflicts dominating the international news space. This is, I think, reflective of an underlying lassitude with regards to the G8’s ability to come to any concrete decisions. Should this prove not to be the case, Fermanagh could potentially be making the headlines in France after the event!

MICHAELA SMYTH Who are you? My name is Michaela Smyth, I am from Roslea and I study Law in Queens.

When did you move and why? I moved to Berea, Ohio in Aug 2012 and studied business under the British Council's Study USA Business Scholarship Programme until 2013.

What are people saying about the G8 summit in the USA? There has been not much talk amongst the students at my university about the G8 summit, however, I guess this is probably because the news was focusing more on the twister disaster in Oklahoma and with regards to local news in Cleveland there was a lot of coverage about the rescue of Amanda Berry by local Clevelander, Charles Ramsey

Unique island town has it all! Located on the shores of Lough Erne, which connects to the extensive ShannonErne waterway, the town is a popular stopping off point for tourings on water cruising holidays NNISKILLEN is not only the county town of Fermanagh but also seat of local government and one of the most unique towns in the country as it is built on an island in the middle of Lough Erne. Access to the island town is gained via seven road bridges and inhabitants of the town would say you are only truly from Enniskillen town if you were ‘born between the bridges’. The thriving market town enjoys a enviable position close to the border with the Irish Republic and the town, with its mixture of independent shops and large multiples enjoys a great deal of trade. The town’s oldest building is the iconic Maguire's stone castle, built by Hugh the Hospitable who died in 1428. The castle is a sight known throughout the country and is perched on the western edge of the town on the shore of Lough Erne. Enniskillen developed not only as a market town but also as a garrison, which became home to two regiments, one of which is the famous Inniskillings. The current site of Fermanagh College (now part of the South West College) was the former Enniskillen Gaol. Many people were tried and hanged here in the square during the times of public execution, and part of the old Gaol is still used by the college. Located on the shores of Lough Erne, which connects to the extensive Shannon-Erne waterway the town is a popular stopping off point for tourings on water cruising holidays. The town has a number of public jetties which during the summer months are packed with boats and cabin cruisers of all shapes and sizes and the town constantly buzzes to the sound of accents from all arts and parts including some, or most, of the G8 countries.


Unique island town, Enniskillen

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One of Fermanagh’s primary industries is tourism and a walk about the town will reveal a wide selection of pubs and restaurants, while the area is incredibly well serviced by top class, award winning accommodation. Enniskillen itself has a number of four star hotels and guest houses - and even a top class youth hostel in the Clinton Centre while outside the town are a number of high-end hotels and resorts including the Lough Erne Resort which is this week hosting the world leaders summit. Britain is the chair of the G8 countries this year and it was back in November, during a visit to Fermanagh, that British Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed Fermanagh, and the Lough Erne, as the venue for the G8. Speaking to the media David Cameron said, “I’ve decided the right place to hold it is right here in Northern Ireland and we'll be holding the G8 on the 17th and 18th of June at Lough Erne in County Fermanagh. “I think this will be a brilliant advertisement for Northern Ireland. “I want the world to see just what a fantastic place Northern Ireland is - a great place for business, a great place for investment, a place with an incredibly educated and trained workforce ready to work for international business. “And I also want to show the world, of course, what a beautiful place Northern Ireland is and Lough Erne, where I was this morning, is one of the most beautiful places in the entire United Kingdom.”

Cead Mile Failte from Fermanagh to all the visitors here for the summit, and may you like what you see, enjoy your time here, and return to see us again soon.

Benefits of the G8 coming to town THE WORLD is focussing this week on Fermanagh as the G8 summit of world leaders has come to town. For a rural place like County Fermanagh this is a huge coup for businesses and for the county in general, and it has given the entire area a boost. The county, and surrounding counties have seen thousands of extra visitors, and the whole area has been given a spruce up to look its best for our visitors. To gauge the impact of the G8 on the people of the county we asked a number of influential people from sectors including tourism, education and politics what they felt the G8 coming to town means for Fermanagh and its residents.

Thomas O’Reilly gkfh70

Joe Kelly gkfh70

Terry McCartney gkfh70

Chairman welcomes opportunity to put county on world stage

Businesses are excited about G8 visitors coming to town

Hospitality industry enjoying boost from summit

It will be a great summit - if the sun shines on us

CHAIRMAN of the Enniskillen Business Partnership Joe Kelly said a great welcome awaited those who are here in Fermanagh for the G8, and said the businesses in the town were excited about the summit coming to the county. “When people arrive they are going to enjoy it, and they are going to find a great offering in front of them,” said Mr Kelly who explained the traders and businesses had worked hard to get ready for the arrival of the summit visitors. The Enniskillen Business Partnership is an organisation representing traders and business people from the town of Enniskillen and beyond, and since it was announced that the G8 summit was coming here the group have been meeting among themselves, and with the Council to discuss preparations for the arrival of not only the G8 leaders but the thousands of delegates and media from all over the world converging on this county in mid June. “We hope those here for the G8 summit will find a Fermanagh has a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere about it.” Asked about what he hoped those visiting Enniskillen, and Fermanagh, during the summit would take away with them, or what they might remember about being here Mr Kelly said, “I hope they have an enjoyable time in a cool place, and that while they’re here they see what we already know - what a great place Fermanagh is.”

THE HOSPITALITY and tourist trade has been enjoying a boost in its business months before the G8 leaders touched down on Fermanagh soil. After what was described in the trade as a ‘long hard winter’ spring time brought quite a lot more visitors and guests to the county, with many of these here in connection with the G8 summit. Terry McCartney, owner of the Belmore Court and Motel in Enniskillen, said even weeks before the mid-June summit they experienced a ‘ramp up’ in business with quite a few rooms being occupied. “With a lot of buildings getting their painting refreshed there is definitely a buzz about the place,” said Mr McCartney. Mr McCartney, who was a former High Sheriff of Fermanagh said it’s great to see people coming and staying in Enniskillen, and spending some money in the county. Terry McCartney points out that the people who are coming here are world travellers, and he said that the people of Fermanagh need to make these people feel at home, and extend our best welcome to them. “Here in Fermanagh we have a top class product and both here and across Northern Ireland we are doing it as well as anyone else (in the tourism business). “And we are providing world class customer service,” he added.

FATHER Martin O’Reilly is the Roman Catholic parish priest of St Michael’s Parish in Enniskillen. He said that the G8 coming to Fermanagh can be a positive thing for the county, and its people, especially if the sun shines like it did a few weeks ago. “If the weather is good it will portray Fermanagh and Ireland in a really great light.” “The facelift that Enniskillen has got is also a major positive providing some much needed employment to the local tradesmen and builders.” Father O’Reilly said there were some fears and anxieties among people with regard to protesters coming to Enniskillen. However, he also noted that it could be a very positive thing for the people, its businesses, and the county as a whole. “Legitimately people have a right to protest but some are concerned about the potential of thousands of people descending on this small town. “The G8 summit can be a positive thing but it depends on what light Enniskillen and Fermanagh is shown in,” the parish priest continued. Although he quipped that the media often say there is no such thing as bad publicity.

THOMAS O’Reilly, the outgoing Chairman of Fermanagh District Council, has said he welcomes the G8 summit and views it as an opportunity to promote the County Fermanagh on the world stage. “Any opportunity to put Fermanagh on the world stage, and promote the county as a tourist destination must be welcomed and grabbed with both hands,” the Sinn Fein politician said. “We want to see decisions and outcomes made by the world leaders here that will live long in the memory so people can say that this was a worthwhile G8 summit that took place in Fermanagh. A summit that changes the lives of many people around the world. Mr O’Reilly said he also hoped that the people who come here to protest do so legitimately and that they show respect for the people who live in this area. “We realise there will be some disruption but want to see it kept to a minimum.” “As well as the spend we are seeing already (roads, spruce-up) we would like to see a substantial legacy project to mark the fact the summit came here in 2013,” continued Mr O’Reilly, who added there has to be financial support for such a project.” Mr O’Reilly said the G8 coming to Fermanagh gave the county a chance to say: ‘Yes, we can deliver’.

Fr Martin O’Reilly gkfh70

Elizabeth Armstrong gkfh70

G8 has raised young people’s awareness of important global issues DEPENDING on who you are, and what age you are, the G8 summit coming to Fermanagh will mean different things to you. For the children of Fermanagh it will be an event that will go down in history, and will raise awareness of issues which affect the world beyond the county boundaries. Principal of Collegiate Grammar School in Enniskillen Elizabeth Armstrong shares her views on the summit choosing Fermanagh to host the G8 world leaders. “The hosting of the G8 in County Fermanagh has stimulated several very successful events to raise young people’s awareness of their social responsibility at a global level. “Several of our senior girls who have had personal experience of volunteering aboard enjoyed the challenge of the G8 Youth Summit conference organised by Fermanagh Trust earlier in May. The group of Year 10 pupils who participated in the E8 Summit organised by Phil Beddard of Portora Royal School which culminated in the conference last week at the Lough Erne Golf Resort Hotel were equally enthusiastic about the chance to widen their perspectives: “Thanks to the hard work and commitment of many voluntary organisations in Fermanagh there are excellent opportunities for our young people.”

Fantastic famous Fermanagh folk ermanagh may be one of the smallest counties in Ireland with a not too hectic population and detractors can sometimes bemoan our beautiful lakelands by adding that what all this water really means is that it is raining 24/7 down by the banks of the Erne. But I put all that down to jealousy. You see despite our size we pack a punch and there are hidden gems in every nook and cranny of fair Fermanagh. I mean, did you know that we have had a Congressman. Yes, that's right Mr Obama. In the late 1770s the US continental congress was set alight with the dulcet delicious Brookeboro


John Armstrong was a member of the US Congress in the 1770s

Northern Ireland International and Fermanagh native Roy Carroll has played for some of the world’s biggest football clubs. brogue of John Armstrong. His mother was a Campbell and he emigrated to America where he became a decorated war general in both the 'seven year war' and the 'American Revolution'.


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In the former war he and George Washington, yes, that George Washington, served as general and colonel respectively in the same battle. So, a Fermanagh man right in the middle of what was one of the most critical periods in the history of the United States. Something to tell the girls when you get home Mr Obama. Now, John Armstrong may be an unknown son of Fermanagh but our county does have two adopted sons who are giants of the literary world. Portora Royal school contributed to the education of both Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett and the pairs influence can be still be seen throughout the county town of Enniskillen. It could be argued that Wilde was one of the most influential writers of the 19th century with Beckett attaining the same accolade for the 20th century. Wilde and Beckett will be forever associated with Portora, Enniskillen and Fermanagh. Moving from the realm of arts to sport did you know that Fermanagh had their very own Usain Bolt. In much the same way as John Armstrong left these shores to make fame and fortune in America Robert Kerr travelled in the same direction but slightly more north to settle in Canada. It was his strong Fermanagh genes though that saw Kerr

become a sprint darling of all of Canada. Returning east to compete in the 1908 London Olympics Kerr was a favourite of the home crowd as a Canadian and a member of the Commonwealth. He sprinted his way to gold in the 200m and a bronze in the 100m and became the toast of his adopted country although there was no doubt a few glasses raised to his exploits back in Fermanagh as well. Remaining on the sporting theme Fermanagh are well represented at present on the international soccer scene. Michael McGovern and Roy Carroll have both kept goal for Northern Ireland and will battle it out over the near future to secure their place in the squad while Andrew Little and Kyle Lafferty are two dangerous strikers who always prove a handful for opposition defences. From soccer to darts, Brendan Dolan, from Belcoo has been making waves while shooting up the world rankings and few could argue that he is the best Irish person to ever chuck tungsten at a board. And to think we have not even touched on the world of acting and the famous Fermanagh links. Adrian Dunbar and Ciaran McMenimen are two highly regarded local talents who have made it onto the small and silver screen. And then of course we have Charlie Lawson, AKA Jim McDonald of Coronation Street fame, who is one of the most recognisable faces in British soapland. So, please don't listen to the naysayers who say we are a small little outpost where nothing much happens except perpetual rain. In fact if someone does say that you can respond with a direct quote from big Jim Mac, 'catch yourself on son'. Belcoo man Brendan Dolan

Minister Danny Kennedy, conducting an interview after opening the new Enniskillen link road gkfh5

WHAT’S ON MEDIEVAL FOOD As part of its ‘Living History’ reenactment, staff of the Enniskillen Castle Museums will be donning period costumes and acting as guides for a medieval gaelic banquet this Saturday afternoon, from 2.303.30. The presentation will enable visitors appreciate the foodstuff, costumes and traditions at the time of the Maguire dynasty.

‘BORDER’ FESTIVAL The ‘twin’ towns of Tullyhommon (in the north) and Pettigo (south) celebrate their annual Pettigo/Tullyhommon Festival Week-end this Saturday and Sunday, June 15 and 16. On the first day, the programme is dedicated to traditional music and dance while Sunday offers a family sports day with live on-street music to follow. For further details contact ADOPT at 00353 71 9861546.

A TASTE OF FOOD If you fancy tasting what is locally made by way of food and drink, the aptly named Cornmarket, Lisnaskea is the place to be this Saturday, June 15, from 10am - 2pm. In addition to high-quality local food for tasting and purchase, entertainment will be provided by local musicians.

G8/Road improvements – Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy he announcement that the G8 summit will be held in Fermanagh this year was a major coup for this beautiful county. There will never be such a unique opportunity to showcase Enniskillen and indeed Northern Ireland to the world. As Roads Minister, I want to ensure we have sustainable transportation networks to enable the easy movement of people whether that is in a car, bus, bike or train. Of course, improving the roads network is not just essential for the travelling public but is also vital for the economy in terms of construction jobs and business transport links. In preparation for the G8, my department has taken forward a number of resurfacing schemes on the main routes to Enniskillen


There will never be such a unique opportunity to showcase Enniskillen and indeed NI to the world and the Lough Erne Resort involving three sections of the A46, two sections of the A4 and one on the A32 at a total cost of just over £1 million. Our efforts to improve the roads network have been complemented by further works to enhance the overall visual appear-

ance of the area. Trimming back trees on verges to improve sightlines, replacing traffic signs, renewing road markings in Enniskillen and its main approach roads and replacing worn high friction surfaces. All of these works will help to present the town at its best and

“For me personally, it has been very satisfying to see the excellent work that has been carried out in the area, and the long-term benefits it will bring for the local community.”

ensure that visitors have the very best impression of Fermanagh and its stunning scenery. Once the G8 has finished and the World’s leaders have departed, my Department will continue with its planned road improvement works across Fermanagh. Fermanagh-based contractors have been involved in the delivery of these road schemes and I am sure have taken great pride in their work. For me personally, it has been very satisfying to see the excellent work that has been carried out in the area, and the long-term benefits it will bring for the local community.

LAND AND WATER FESTIVAL A ‘come and enjoy’ land and water festival gets under way in Lisnaskea on Thursday, June 20 and runs until Sunday, June 23. Although known as the Lisnaskea Water Festival, the programme is evenly split between events and land and on water. Saturday, June 22 is ‘landlubbers’ day, with sporting activity, a ‘Happy Baby’ competition, history tours, a photographic competition as well as craft stalls in the Cornmarket. Then, on Sunday, the action switches to the Share Centre about three miles out the Derrylin road on the shores of the Upper Lake. At 1pm there are boat cruises and any amount of watersports, including kayaking and canoeing, with archery among the other challenges.

G8 SONGBIRDS International opera singer, and Ruby Philogene MBE, who now lives here, heads up a unique ‘Songs for Saturday’ celebration in St. Macartin's Cathedral, Enniskillen on Saturday June 15th, at 3pm, to mark the arrival of the G8 leaders. She has devised a special G8 Song Recital of eight songs, one song from each of the G8 member countries.The Ulster project

Fermanagh revitalised through G8 funding INCE the announcement was made in November that Fermanagh would play host to the 2103 G8 Summit the area has been undergoing a radical makeover with millions of pounds spent on improving the infrastructure of the rural county. Improvements, funded by the Department for Social Development, Department of the Environment, Department for Regional Development and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment have targeted the following areas:


ROADS Starting with the roads and ÂŁ11m has been spent of roads in Fermanagh in 2012/13. The programme of roadworks included resurfacing, fresh road markings and new road signs on sections of the A46, A4 and A32, main routes to Enniskillen and the Lough Erne Resort. Routine maintenance, including trimming back trees on verges to improve sightlines and the renewal of road markings in Enniskillen and on its main approach roads have also been carried out. Fermanagh based contractors were all involved in the delivery of these road schemes both as main contractor and sub-contractor. In the aftermath of the summit Roads Service will continue

TELECOMMUNICATIONS Seven temporary masts have been erected in Fermanagh to boost the mobile phone signal during the G8 summit. The planning applications for the masts were fast-tracked and approved by the Department in just a matter of weeks and according to Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster these could become a permanent fixture in the county. In addition to improvements for Vodafone and O2 customers EE introduced 4G services for the first time in the area. ÂŁ80,000 from the Department of Social Development will also go towards Free Wifi in the town for a year and the integration of QR codes.

with its planned programme of Trunk Road resurfacing including schemes at Irvinestown Road, Levaghy, the A4 Belfast Road at Skeoge.

DERELICT AREAS One of the first projects implemented on the back of the G8 coming to Fermanagh was the dereliction improvement scheme paid for with ÂŁ380,000 worth of funding from the Department of Environment. The scheme involved the spruce up of 140 sites across the county and took the form of painting, powerwashing and the erection of plastic boards covering up local eyesores and vacant sites. That work was not only completed in a short time frame, but also within schedule and budget. More recently a further ÂŁ233,000 for spruce up work was released from the Department of Social Development,which included a new water fountain, new signage, landscaping and a tidy up of streets around Enniskillen. This second stage of work was completed on June 8. WATER MAINTENANCE Back on April 15 water maintenance work began on the Lough Shore Road from Enniskillen out to the Lough Erne Resort. New watermains were laid as part of plans Northern Ireland Water de-

veloped for security of supply ahead of the summit. The work on the water supply had been due to take place over the next three to four years through an ongoing ÂŁ100 million project to replace watermains throughout Northern Ireland but, due to necessity, it was completed over a five week period, at a cost of ÂŁ160,000.

SHOP FRONTS Beginning in the month of May the Enniskillen Shop Front Scheme was implemented and de-

livered to the value of ÂŁ450,000. The money from the Department of Social Development and delivered through Fermanagh District Council allocated funding to businesses up to the value of ÂŁ10,000 and was initially oversubscribed. Not only has the scheme allowed for the businesses of the town to be revitalised through new painting and facade work, it has allowed for local painters and decorators to obtain work in a difficult financial climate. The work was completed on June 7.

TOURISM ÂŁ400,000 has been granted from the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment towards work centred around tourism within the county. ÂŁ150,000 of that came from the Northern Ireland Tourism Board and that will go towards Increasing the profile of Fermanagh as a world-class tourist destination . The additional ÂŁ250,000 has gone towards a G8 newspaper sent out to every residence in Fermanagh and an events and animation programme before, during and after the G8 Summit. These projects are aimed at community engagement.



When? Thursday, 3rd October 2013 Where? South West College, Enniskillen

*G ZPV IBWF BOZ RVFSJFT PS RVFTUJPOT PO UIF FWFOU QMFBTF DPOUBDU FJUIFS Claire Gordon, Business in the Community – . 07779 790 793 or Anne Mooney, North-West News Group o 5 (028) 8224 3444 . 079899 68562

If David Cameron wants to see how a 'big society' works come see the GAA in action W

hen in Rome people, when in Rome. It is a great pity that the G8 leaders could not have landed in fair old Fermanagh a day earlier and taken in the Fermanagh and Cavan Championship clash. There would surely have been something for everyone to enjoy. After all, the GAA is alive and well in all the G8 counties. You simple have to google the name of the country and put ‘GAA’ after it to see that those games indigenous to this island have travelled well beyond these shores. That is the thing about the Irish. We bring our home with us when we travel but are always willing to share. Mr Putin would no doubt have supported Cavan, drawn to a team who, like his country, was a superpower once upon a time. But not wanting any remnants of the KGB on my doorstep I will desist with the painful analogies and instead concentrate on Ireland’s very own beautiful game. OK, maybe not, because I'm no expert on hurling, but I will talk about Gaelic Football and how it has flourished all over the world. In England, it is a vibrant, busy and highly competitive sport and David Cameron should be invited to the Connacht semi-final to cheer on his home team against lovely Leitrim in a few weeks time. It would surely amaze an old Etonian that 30 guys bred from every corner of Ireland show more passion for the London jersey than the entire playing staff of QPR did for theirs during last season. But then that is the beauty of the GAA at its best: undiluted passion and a desire to give everything without asking for anything. Mr Cameron had a dream of inspiring a ‘Big Society’ a few years ago. His wanted to get communities to help themselves by individual members

rolling up their sleeves and getting things done. It never took off. He should study the GAA to see how it works. In America and Canada, Gaelic Football is a big deal. Home grown players with no Irish lineage can be seen playing the game in what is surely an example of a highly successful cultural exchange. The All-American championships mean everything to those involved. Mr Obama struggled to get cross party support during his first term. But if he wanted to know all about healthy rivalry with your neighbour, then a trip to Brewster Park would have demonstrated that. Swanlinbar men dancing in the aisles at the prospect of beating Fermanagh for the second year in a row. The Tea Party are pussycats in comparison. But it is not just in America and Canada that the GAA has successfully crossed the ocean. It is has also made its mark in the Orient. There is a vibrant GAA community in Japan with the Asian Games one of the key figures in the calendar with teams from home travelling over to play exhibition games. And speaking of exhibition games that is how the gospel of Gaelic Football has been spread. From the turn of the 20th century teams and GAA players have been travelling afar to entertain the exiled Irish. And in the process they have entertained the locals as well. In fact, the University of Ulster, Jordanstown, made a little bit of history when they took the game to Russia and allayed an exhibition game at the Lenin Olympic stadium on St Patrick’s Day nd being a grassroots organisation driven by its many many members o the ground we are sure that Lenin would have approved of the philosophy of this strange sport be played in the stadium bearing his name. David Cameron

Fermanagh star Conor Quigley burst from defence against London

Belleek is still our top tourist attraction ARDLY does a VIP come into the county, but they are steered in the direction of Belleek Pottery, whose Visitors Centre is Fermanagh’s largest visitor attraction. Last year, it attracted some 165,500 visitor’s, mostly coach touring parties and, ‘independent’ visitors on Bank Holidays. They had come to see the Pottery Museum which highlights some of the outstanding artefacts turned out by craftsmen from the year the pottery opened, 1857. The Visitors Centre also houses a showroom and a restaurant. For Patricia McCauley, the centre manager, last year’s footfall was very encouraging, given the austere time we live in. “Many years ago, we would have had more numbers, but it was a good turnaround in that we were slightly up on the previous year.” A guided tour lasts 30 minutes and, after that, the visitors can browse around the showroom before making their purchase or, in the case of US/Canadian visitors, and others, fill-


ing an order. “We do get a lot of American visitors, north and south, as well as from Australia, the UK and Ireland, north and south.” ‘Belleek’, of course, is synonymous with gift and presentations and, of course, it is a collectible, with its own fan club, the Belleek Collectors International Society. “It’s a thriving society,” Patricia explained, “and its members visit us independently.” This year they’re holding their annual convention in Las Vegas which

Patricia and Fergus Cleary, the Pottery’s head of design are due to attend. Among Belleek’s recent VIP visitors were Mary Peters, winner of the gold medal for Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the women's pentathlon at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, former Taoiseach, Micheal Martin, and the American Consul. Its close US links were reflected in a piece of Belleek presented to President Clinton at the official opening of the Clinton Centre in Enniskillen in 2002.

Tourism Minister spreads G8 news The North’s Tourism Minister, Arlene Foster, who is a native of Fermanagh, has explained the importance of tourism and the G8 summit to American and German students. She attended a conference on, ‘Marketing Tourism and Hospitality products to an International Market’ at Fermanagh College. The event, an annual programme of seminars hosted by the college, enables local and overseas students to take part in collaborative study. And, they also engage with local employers, and undertake study visits. The colleges involved in the conference were Madison College and Waukesha County Technical College, Wisconsin: Kaethe Kollwitz Schule,

Germany, and South West College, Enniskillen. On the issue of the G8, Mrs Foster stated: “We are setting out our stall to be one of the world’s very best destinations for visitors because we believe that this historic event will be a catalyst in the ongoing development of Fermanagh as an immensely attractive and high quality destination to visit in Northern Ireland.” She went on: “It will be marvellous to see political leaders from the US and Germany, as well as those from France, Italy, Russia, Canada, and Japan in Fermanagh for the G8. “To my mind, it’s the best and most beautiful part of the UK, and probably one of the world’s most attractive and hospitable places.”

‘G8’ book is a labour of love WHEN David Cameron announced that Fermanagh would host the G8 summit, Belleek historian, Johnny Cunningham had the idea to produce a booklet linking the country of the G8 members with the county, and giving visitors a taste of local culture. The Fermanagh Authors Association have produced is an easy to read miscellany, recalling Fermanagh’s links abroad, as far as Russia and Japan. One of them, Séamas Mac Annaigh recalls getting a letter in the 1980s, from Russia. “It contained a contract from a publishing house in Moscow who wished to publish 100,000 copies of my novel, ‘Cuaifeach Mo Londubh’ in Russian and offering to pay me £3,000.” There is no shortage of US and Maple Leaf links in the book and, likewise, the ‘French connection’ is well underscored, with links forged by the likes of St Patrick and Martel (1859-1938), the first to explore the Marble Arch Caves. Vicky Herbert chalks up the Italian connection through the Flight of the Earls, and Marion Maxwell the UK linkage through the Benaleck Band, in June, 1960. So, what of Japan? Surely, there is no link? Wrong! In the course of a 14-page treatise, Johnny Cunningham focuses on Dr William Willis (died 1894) who, as a physician, made a major contribution to Japanese medicine, and founded Tokyo University Hospital and Kagoshima University Hospital. His remains are at rest in the St John Church of Ireland cemetery in Florencecourt. The book, fittingly, is dedicated to Jim Treacy, ‘the man who had the vision to build a resort capable of hosting such a stellar event’.

The Ardhowen Theatre gkfh25

Ardhowen Theatre - a gem for 26 years OW living in contented retirement with his wife, Kate, at Bowara, Springfield, Eamonn Bradley finally had time to reflect on his 26-year involvement with the Ardhowen Theatre. He was appointed manager and artistic director when it opened in 1986 but, prior to that, he and others smoothed the path that enabled the then chief executive of Fermanagh Council, Gerry Burns, and councillors to apply for and secure the funding to build it. “We started drama festivals,


youth theatre, etc, and this was all to give credence to Gerry’s proposal.” “We ‘lost’ 100 seats in that it was planned to be a 400-seater theatre rather than 300, but it suffered from cut-backs in the arts budget.” This was a period of Thatcher austerity and, ironically, when Eamonn did get to meet her when she visited the Ardhowen in 1990, it was just a week before she was ousted. “It was a very wet morning and I was there to greet her. The door

opened and she came in. She had an umbrella with her. It was sluicing down. She shut the umbrella, shook my hand and handed me the umbrella.” But, she wasn’t the only VIP that went through those same doors. The list reads like a stage and screen Who’s Who, extending from Z-Cars, James Ellis, who officially opened the theatre to Prunella Scales (Sybil Fawlty/Queen Victoria) to Elmer Bernstein, composer of the soundtrack for, ‘The Magnificent Seven,

who simply dropped in for a coffee. Like countless others, he was drawn by the theatre’s idyllic lakeside location. “Yes, I have been to many places in Europe and of course down south and in the UK. I know there is one in Scotland that is similar, but I don’t think I have seen one that commands a view and the whole ambience that we have at a bend in the river, a mile from town.” And, Eamonn explained he did not experience any great difficulty

in getting people to ‘take ownership’ of the theatre. That made his and his team’s work much easier. “It was a great time. It was interesting, it was innovative. We had a very good staff and got good support from the council and, by that, I mean councillors from both sides.” By the time Eamonn headed for pastures new, the Ardhowen was operating 50 weeks in the year (there is a two-week maintenance period), three and four nights a week and attracting, on average, 50,000 patrons a year.

Eyes of the world on the Lough Erne Resort HE plush Lough Erne Resort, three miles outside Enniskillen will play host to the 2013 G8 Summit. The resort which includes two championship golf courses, including The Faldo Course, a Golf World and Golf Monthly Top 100 Course as well as an authentic Thai spa, is the ultimate expression in old world heritage and new world luxury. Set on its very own 600 acre peninsula, between Castle Hume Lough and Lower Lough Erne, just outside Enniskillen it offers stunning panoramic views from almost every vantage point. With 120 luxury rooms and suites the eight world leaders are sure to find their every last need catered for to the finest degree. A variety of innovative dining experiences with menus composed by award winning chef Noel McMeel ensure those who enjoy fine dining are at home, while those who simply enjoy a casual bite in relaxed surroundings will also find a place. The Catalina Restaurant promises the finest of fine dining, the Blaney Bar offers an exclusive selection of 101 Irish whiskies


and golfers can even unwind behind the ninth green on the Faldo course in the Halfway House. Whatever the need the Lough Erne Resort has you covered. The resort has received ringing endorsements since it was first opened in October 2007, but don’t take my word for it ask Nick Faldo who built the golf course here, his first in Ireland. The six time major winner promises ‘a course where you will remember, every hole, every shot’, with the added dimension of the waters of the Lough in play on 11 of the 18 holes adding to a truly exceptional inland course. If a former golfing great isn’t enough how about the current one? World number two was the course professional at Lough Erne and continually represented this small part of Fermanagh on the grandest stage. ‘A great place to play, a great place to stay’ was how Rory put it, but why not create your own memories by returning and visiting the exemplary host for the 2013 G8 Summit.

The door to tailored support Mary and her team ensure that businesses are aware of the range of support available ary Gormley is Manager of Invest Northern Ireland's Western Regional Office. She and her team work to ensure that businesses in the region are aware of the range of support available and that they get tailored and timely assistance. Fermanagh has many successful and growing businesses across all sectors from food to technology. Among them are two companies that have built up an international reputation, with support from Invest NI.



Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster with award winning Maurice Kettyle Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster officially opened new state of the art premises for Fermanagh company, Webtech (NI) Ltd. Webtech NI provides a wide range of packaging services to the food and drinks industry, including a number of high profile customers such as Coca-Cola, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Schweppes and Nestle. The company is located in Enniskillen and employs 120 people. Pictured with Arlene Foster is Pat Doran Jnr, Owner and Nigel McSorley, Managing Director.

The unique taste of Irish grass-fed, dry aged beef from Kettyle Irish Foods is enjoyed by diners across Europe. In fact it even provided the main course at the state banquet for Her Majesty the Queen in Dublin Castle in 2011 that was hosted by President Mary McAleese. Based at Manderwood Business Park in Lisnaskea, Kettyle Irish Foods specialises in dry-aging techniques and has been assisted to expand its European markets, grow its business and develop skills through a series of Invest NI programmes. The company has won a series of industry awards including, most recently, three gold stars in the UK Great Taste Awards. Last year it won a £1.2 million export deal for its unique seaweed-cured bacon with one of Europe’s top retailers, Albert Heijn’s. The prestigious Albert Heijn ‘Excellence’ food range focuses on products produced using sustainable farming and processing techniques. Kettyle’s Fermanagh bacon is the first from Northern Ireland to be included in this exacting portfolio of food products.

WEBTECH (NI) LTD Just a year ago Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster officially opened new state-of-

Mary Gormley the-art premises for Enniskillen company, Webtech (NI). It marked the culmination of a two-year Invest NI-backed £4.5 million investment programme by the company, which provides packaging services to the food and drinks industry. Established over 20 years ago, Webtech NI has steadily grown into a significant international player, now employing 120 staff. Its customer base includes a number of high profile customers such as Coca-Cola, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Schweppes and Nestle. Webtech NI exports around 95% per cent of its business and is anticipating that the investment in innovation will help it to further enhance its position in the European marketplace. The company has received a range of support from Invest NI over the years to help it with research and development, export growth and company development.

Local brewer says raise a glass of Inishmacsaint BY GARETH MCKEOWN ancy a cold one to relax during the G8? Not to worry Fermanagh has you covered. Brewer Gordon Fallis from Derrygonnelly has had an interest in the business since of brewing home kits at university. Gradually over time the business has developed and back 10 years ago he decided to use the family farm of 30 acres as a base. Gordon used his initiative buying up milking equipment from local farmers and re-engineering it for brewing. The business finally began to take shape when he attained a brewing licence in 2008 and produced his first beer which he piloted in Enniskillen. “It seemed to go down really well and I got great feedback.” The rest they say is history and from an 100 litre plant and through training at Loughry College to hone his skills, Gordon now produces ‘In-


ishmacsaint’ Fermanagh beer 700 litres in one batch. At present he is selling his product in off-licenses, hotels and restaurants not only in Fermanagh , but Belfast and now in the South of Ireland. He explained interest is even coming from even further afield. “We have had so many enquiries from America, Sweden, Italy, but I just don’t have the output ready because it is selling so well here, we will just have to see how things go.” As for the beer itself Gordon describes it as a lager with ale qualities He believes it offers beer drinkers something different. “It has a lot more flavour, a lot more body, a lot more character and is completely naturally brewed with no chemical additives and to add to that 99% of it comes from Lough Erne water.” He hopes that Cameron and Obama, both known beer drinkers, with the latter also a home brewer enjoy an Inischmacsaint in the resort.

Gordon Fallis, developing his handcrafted wheat beer. gkfh21

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