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I’m an architect, industrial and graphic designer that lives for design, and the impact it can have on people. I have spent my life reserching and applying, how theory applied to design can change people’s perceptions. My goal is to comunicate emotions, experiences and concepts throught spaces, shapes, forms and colors. I enjoy designing because its a way of comunicating ideas transforming materials that, in the end, have an impact on people’s life.

The Phone Booth The phone booth is a case boutique that sells phone accesories, I wanted the logo and identity to evoque the old fashined phones that used cord and had a very cubic font. And the name and inspiration came fromt he British phone booths.

SIBONEY The aim was to create a coffee shop for the Si- boney Coffee Co. I based the general design on a synthesized version of a coffe bean, that I turned up using in a lot of elements in the shop. The logo was inspired by it, the display, lamps, and of course we had to design coffee bean chairs as well. For the colors I wanted to create a contrast of the darkness and intesity of the reds and browns, projecting the different colors the beans go thought in their preparation before turning into delicious coffee.

Sack & Mack For this logo I wanted to create something that was very flexible and classic. This is the branding for a creative design company, I wanted the logo to be old fashioned but at the same time having a sense of movement , that made it seem as if the letters were having fun playing with each other. The colors are red, white and black because they represent the essence of the brand and help make it more recognizable. The icon was redesigned to be more bold and flexible but keeping it classy.

FM Productions I was looking for a lofo redisign that was very simple and had my initials. I came up with this section of DNA that has the F and the M in a very fashionable and futuristic way, that has symetry and balance, making it iconic and minimal. For the colors I used plain Black & white to have a strong contrast with any surface it was applied to.

Le Macau This is the logo and menu cover for a restaurant based on new cousine, with macanese dishes. The main inspiration is the art nouveau movement and its representations, I wanted the font to resemble the natural lines and I used the peacok color pallete for this project.

MYDA Myda is a perfume that needed logo, bottle design and branding. Since the essence of the perfume is very silky, soft and rich I came up with adapting it to the concept of the ancient mythology of king Midas, who had a gold hand and whatever he touched turned into gold, using it as a parallel of the perfume itself. The first design was the bottle, almost shaped as an egg but with an outer layer resembling hands holding is together. For the font I wanted to create something that evocated the shapes and forms of ancient Greek with softer accents. For the poster I used metallic colors being the main concept, that everything touched by the perfume transforms into gold.

Wizarm I invented this in a product innovation class and decided to brand it and make the advertisement showing off its capabilities. For the logo I wanted something that represented the magic help it brings to the user so I came up with the name and logo that represents an arm and a W, using very clean lines and colors. For this poject I also made posters adevrtisming the product, its functions and features.

MAKI Maki is a sushi place that was in need of an identity, packaging and menu. The inspiration for the design came from sushi rolls unfolding it selves. This in a way emulated a sunset landscape with the willow branches hanging as the sun sets using very contrasting colors. I used the spirals holding the item’s icon on each section that the menu contains. I wanted the logo to resemble brush stokes easily fusing into each other to make the name of the brand.

BERRITZZ Berritzz is a European influenced candy brand that sells all types of candy. For the logo I wanted something that reflected the quirkiness of the name and the brand, so I ended u creating this icon that resembles a medal with the font all curvy. For this brand I also created the packaging design for various candies, including chocolate bars, sour drops, bags of candy, and macaroons. Each packaging reflects the essence of the candy, so they are very customized.


congreso internacional

CINTEL is a yearly conference of leadership and Innovation. For this logo I wanted to create something that evocated transformation, progress and leadership. The concept was the Mobius cylinder which, synthesized, twists while maintaining only one face. I came up with lots of iterations before finding the one that expressed the purpose I wanted to communicate. I wanted the font to represent the same dynamism, continuity and direction while still maintaining its boldness so I semi integrated the letters together by small details on each letter.

PIKKA HUT Pikka Hut is a snack hut that sells smoothies, refreshments and other kinds of spicy snacks. The whole theme of the place was Polynesian and California beach style. The main icon represents a Polynesian mask that has tried a very spicy snack, so the hair is up and the mouth is open. The typography is as if it where stones thrown together and surrounded by bamboo sticks. The interior design of the place is also beach inspired, following the same color pallet of the logo, using, lime green, sea blue, red, and yellow. The designs on the walls are sunset landscapes of a sun setting beach.

SICASUS Sicasus is a company that makes sustainable heaters that run on recycled materials. For the icon I wanted to represent a never-ending cycle representing the energy around a flame, that represents the heat. The typology in this logo is very slim, exquisite, reflecting the simpleness and elegance of the product.

C’EST MON CREPE! C’est mon Crepe! is a cafe and creperie. I wanted to represent the essence of the fresh Parisian lifestyle with a whimsical touch. I ended up creating a simple icon of a stylized crepe and a coupe enjoying the city of Paris, I used very light colors constrasting the black on the font. For the typology I wanted something that had the feel of being put on with a frosting cone.

B SWEET EXTRAVAGANZA This logo was a new venue of Berritzz candy, with a more modern, minimalistic and simpler feel. I ended up keeping the signature B and simplified the rest in a dynamic shape based on the original logo. The interior design followed the same simpler feel, simplifying and minimizing the use of colors but accentuating the curves giving the place a flow in the walkthrough.

CUCARA MACARA Cucara Macara is a restaurant that features worldwide dishes, for the logo I was looking to reflect a global icon that could round up all the different cultures. The circle around represent Pangaea, the first continent before it divided into the now known continents. I chose an elephant as the main icon because it’s a sign of elegance, magnitude, fidelity sophistication and quality.

FM 2 This logo is a redesign of the old FM personal logo I had, I wanted this one to reflect more dynamism and movement. The font is made to look as if it were made of metal. The colors were chosen by earth tones and metal tones, being the two main ones gray and sandstone. I knew this logo had to be iconic, because I had to use it on my presentation cards, my webpage and my portfolios. 52 (811) 690 2113

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