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Zoo + Animal Care

About Our Firm For more than 39 years, Ferguson Pape Baldwin Architects has partnered with our clients to help realize their architectural, design and planning visions. Our firm has developed a distinct expertise and passion in planning, programming and designing for animals, zoo patrons and the dedicated staff that serves them. From masterplanning to exhibits, research facilities to retail and entertainment, we create engaging and sustainable environments that celebrate and support life.

Exhibit Design

The integration of 4 Asian elephants from the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park with the San Diego Zoo’s 3 African elephants provided a perfect opportunity to replace the outdated elephant habitat as well as over 9-acres of other aging exhibits in the center of the zoo. The resulting redevelopment was the Zoo’s largest single project in its history touching over 30 separate species in 21 individual structures. The redevelopment included updates and expansions to primary utilities, demolition of 9 aged exhibits, mass grading of the entire site (over 8 acres), construction of major roads and retaining walls and mitigation of hazardous materials prior to demolition.

Elephant Odyssey Exhibit at the San Diego Zoo


This range of exhibits and accommodations, delivered as a single design and construction project, represents many individual projects, each requiring individual programming and interface with separate Curators, Keepers and Stakeholders.

Elephant Habitat

Recognized for Excellence • Orchid in People’s Choice, SDAF, 2010 • AZA Excellence in Marketing Award, 2010 • AZA Exhibit Award for Significant Achievement, 2010 • Design Award of Merit by California Council Society of American Registered Architects (SARA), 2010 • Excellence in Construction Award from the Associated Builders & Contractors, San Diego Chapter, 2009 • Land Development Project Award of Excellence by ASCE San Diego Section, 2010

Size: 96,524 SF

Lion and Jaguar Habitat

Size: 5,257 SF


Panda Canyon

Leopard Exhibit


Mixed Species Habitat

Size: 6,298 SF

Secretary Bird Habitat

Size: 1,156 SF

Rattlesnake Habitat

Size: 190 SF

California Condor Habitat

Size: 7,415 SF


Hooved Species Habitat

Size: 12,866 SF

Insect Exhibit

Size: 303 SF

Streamside Habitat

Size: 1,401 SF


Plaza Entry at the San Diego Zoo

Size: 2.5

Neri Landscape Architecture

Elephant Odyssey at the San Diego Zoo


Size: 9


Studio Hansen Roberts

Studio Hansen Roberts

Kid’s Kingdom at the San Diego Zoo

Studio Hansen Roberts

Size: 1.8 acres

Desert Tortoise

Size: 40,000 SF

Support Facilities


Fossil Portal at the San Diego Zoo

Size: 1,889 SF

Signage + Wayfinding at the San Diego Zoo

Sabertooth Grille at the San Diego Zoo

Size: 3,459 SF

Tusker’s Trunk at the San Diego Zoo

Size: 929 SF

Life Support at the San Diego Zoo

Size: 2,000 SF

Research Facilities

FPBA designed the facility to house a research center which is home to the one-of-a-kind Frozen Zoo and contains more than 8,000 living tissue samples; a Wildlife Disease Laboratory working to prevent the spread of diseases in both zoo and wild animal populations; and The Reproductive Physiology Division which uses innovative technologies to assist in the reproduction of endangered species, including giant pandas, kiwis, and several aquatic species. More than 150 research professionals in nine different fields gather scientific knowledge and carry out research vital to the conservation of animals, plants, and habitats in over 35 countries worldwide.

Arnold & Mabel Beckman Research Center

Recognized for Efficiency • Excellence in Sustainability Awards by the National CMA, 2008 • Honor Award for Sustainable Design by the AIACC CMA California/Nevada, 2008 • USGBC LEED NC Silver Certification • Solar panels provide electricity for 10% of the building • $300,000 in combined SDG&E incentives and state rebates for incorporation of energy saving features and for use of solar panels • Exceeds State of California Energy requirements by 20% • Water reclamation systems (all waste water diverted to onsite treatment facility)


References Steve Fobes, AIA Project Manager Zoological Society of San Diego (619) 557-3940 Robin Badger Project Manager Zoological Society of San Diego (619) 557-3902

Ed Lewins Exhibits Project Coordinator Curators Zoological Society of San Diego (619) 557-3902 Kevin Haupt Associate Director of Facilities Zoological Society of San Diego (619) 231-1515 x4293 Terrance J. Bruggeman Executive Chairman BioTork, LLC (858) 356-9563

Don Kent President Hubbs - Sea World (619) 226-3870 Bob Lorenzini Logistics Manager Legoland California LLC (760) 918-5313

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