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The Alice Ferguson Foundation

2014 Annual Report

Board of Directors Dan Jackson, President

Bernard Wareham, Vice President Bill Couper, Secretary Fredric T. Walls, II, Treasurer Zanes Cypress Abe Haspel Michael Herman Kent L. Hibben Matt Hill Steve Kim Stevenson McIlvaine Frank Nicolai Sheryl Romeo David Sloan Liz Theobalds Monique Anderson Walker Mike Williams

Executive Director Lori Arguelles

Alice Ferguson Foundation 2001 Bryan Point Road Accokeek, Maryland 20607 Tel. 301.292.5665 Fax 301.292.1070

Our Mission To connect people to the natural world, sustainable agricultural practices, and the cultural heritage of their local watershed through education, stewardship, and advocacy.

Dear Friends, In October 2014, the Alice Ferguson Foundation began a year-long celebration of our 60th anniversary. I feel so privileged to be here at this time, one of great impact and change. My sincere belief is that Alice would be proud of what we have accomplished thus far. As we celebrate six decades of accomplishments, we also look ahead to what the coming years will yield. Throughout the following pages, you will see the words educate, innovate, transform, and inspire, all of which exemplify Alice Ferguson. She transformed Hard Bargain Farm into a remarkable place. Without her enormous contributions and incredible foresight, the Foundation would not be here today, serving the community as we do. Everywhere I go, someone has a connection to this very special place. In particular, one bittersweet example comes to mind. Last spring, a gentleman who visited the farm forty years ago as a fifth grader contacted me. His time here made such an impact on both him and his best boyhood friend that they never forgot it. Sadly, his friend is now very ill. On his bucket list: a return to Hard Bargain Farm. One sunny Saturday, they came back to the place they had so loved as children. Together, we shared their reminiscences. They recalled with crystal clear detail their bunkroom, collecting chicken eggs, and other special experiences. To me, these lifelong connections are further proof of the impact of our mission. And I wonder…how many of the kids who came here in 2014 will want to come back and visit in another 40 years? Those who do will recall the creation of one of the world’s first Living Building Challenge© certified educational campuses. Embracing this rigorous set of green building, energy efficiency requirements helps ensure the Alice Ferguson Foundation is poised to educate, innovate, transform, and inspire for many decades yet to come. Sincerely,

Lori Arguelles Executive Director


As we look back through our 60 years of education, inspiration, and innovation, our goal is to continue to foster the visionaries— the “Alices” of the world—to see the impact they can make.

Pioneering Building Practices Always forward-thinking, the Foundation has embraced the stringent requirements of the Living Building Challenge© as we create the Potomac Watershed Study Center (PWSC), which represents significant enhancements to our educational campus at Hard Bargain Farm. These buildings do more than just mitigate environmental impact; they are regenerative and designed to function as part of an overall ecosystem, making them truly sustainable. They are designed to be net-positive energy, net-positive water, and carbon neutral. The standards are set so high that only a handful of other structures in the world are certified at this level. By understanding its design, construction, and functions, visitors will connect to and compare their own living conditions, and take actions to modify their habits or environment relative to the PWSC demonstrations.

1922 Alice and Henry Ferguson Purchase Hard Bargain Farm

The education curriculum surrounding the PWSC will incorporate STEM-based lessons and activities. Fifth grade students will explore science concepts at the heart of the design and engineering of the buildings, apply their understanding to evaluate the systems and their efficiency and effectiveness, and compare their personal behaviors, consumption, and waste to that of the PWSC.

1954 The Alice Ferguson Foundation is Established

The Alice Ferguson Foundation’s interpretive boardwalk, made possible by Old Line Bank’s support, skirts a seasonally wet emergent wetland that showcases many ecological concepts as well as plants and animal species. The boardwalk is a key component of the Foundation’s Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center education program providing vital connections for students to their natural environment. The construction of the boardwalk is an important part of the Foundation’s larger PWSC, which embraces the principles of the Living Building Challenge©, making it among the most innovative and environmentally sustainable building projects in the world.

1963 Plans for Environmental Education Programs at Hard Bargain Farm were Developed

In 2014, tremendous progress was made on the construction of the PWSC. Solar panels were installed on the Grass Day-Use building, which will supply all of its own power, making the Foundation a partner in power production with Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO). Our supporters continued to back this exciting project throughout 2014. We received a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration for installation of a geothermal well field, and a grant from the Philip L. Graham Fund to support educational curriculum development and a dashboard system for monitoring energy and water use in the Center.


AFF Donated Land to the Department of Interior to Establish Piscataway Park



From stunning views to eye-opening educational experiences, everything we do relates to inspiration. We want visitors, students, and our community to envision the world in a different way, to think of the possibilities.

Bolstering Our Place in History In October 2014, Hard Bargain Farm was entered into the National Register of Historic Places, a division of the National Park Service, U.S. Department of Interior. With this privileged status, Hard Bargain Farm will attract academics, historians, and others to help preserve our cultural heritage. We are proud to be recognized by this national program that identifies, evaluates, and protects America’s historic and archaeological resources. We hosted several community events throughout the year, including Spring Farm Festival, Family Fun Day, Family Hayride and Campfire, and Fall Festival.

As a 5th grader, I participated in AFF’s overnight field trip to Hard Bargain Farm—I got to explore the watershed, the farm, and milk a cow. About 13 years later I got to return as an intern through UMBC’s Nonprofit Leadership Program. The farm is still just as beautiful, and AFF is still a strong force in the community. I am continually inspired by AFF’s mission, and I am happy I could spend ten weeks to help work toward that mission. – Geralyn Adams, AFF Intern

1976 New Educational Lodge is Dedicated

1989 First Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup is Held

The restoration of the “Blue Rhino” and two other sculptures—of Henry and Alice Ferguson, created by WPA artist and friend of the Fergusons, Lenore Thomas—was concluded in spring 2014. These preservation efforts were funded by the National Endowment of Humanities and Preservation Maryland. In addition, former AFF Board President Bud Biles made a significant contribution to the restoration of the Blue Rhino in memory of his wife, Evelyn, who taught students at Hard Bargain Farm for more than 20 years.

Motivating Millennials In 2014, the City of Takoma Park adopted the successful Litter Campaign. Arlington posted campaign ads on the sides of their new street sweepers. Yet, despite the success of the Alice Ferguson Foundation’s litter prevention campaign, we have found that the campaign is less effective towards individuals in the 10 to 30 year old range across the region. To determine causes and how to effectively address the problem of litter, we conducted locally-based cutting-edge research into what motivates millennials to stop littering. We are now using these findings to create a unique toolkit specifically targeting that demographic.

1998 Bridging the Watershed is Founded

The arts that Henry and Alice Ferguson so loved are continued today through the Concert in the Woods and Theater in the Woods series of events. In 2014, Blues Night at Hard Bargain was held with performances from notable musicians from the Washington, D.C. blues scene: Linwood Taylor, Clarence “The Blues Man” Turner, and Steve Wolf. Indie-folk-pop was performed by the highly acclaimed Lynn Hollyfield and Friends. Hard Bargain Players continued their Theater in the Woods series with several productions in 2014. In February, the Players hosted a Valentine’s Dinner Theatre at the Farmhouse, performing Love Letters by A.R. Gurney, which also served as a successful fundraiser for the Foundation. Other shows included Vital Signs by Jane Martin, Bug by Tracy Letts, and Rebel Yells by Steve Warren

2005 Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative is Created

Transform Reshaping Our Landscape Our Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative has been working to change behaviors related to littering and trash for nearly a decade. By seeking to change institutions, infrastructure, and policies needed to reduce litter, we encourage regional leaders to work collaboratively to seek cost-effective solutions that have a long-term impact and improve education and awareness to influence individual behaviors. The success of the initiative requires the involvement of everyone in the community. Our Trash Free Schools project works to educate and empower students, faculty, and staff to reduce their schools’ waste footprint by providing education and resources to aid in rethinking, reducing, reusing, and recycling. As part of the project, students and staff implement a strong waste reduction and litter prevention strategy.

2006 First Potomac Watershed Trash Summit is Held

Our initiatives, programs, and outreach are transforming our world by changing behaviors toward the environment.

In 2014, the Trash Free Schools Project brought in AFF’s first crossprogrammatic grant. These resources will help us expand the project to new schools in the District of Columbia, Prince George’s County, and Prince William Counties, and engage 5,000 students in direct action and education on how litter makes its way into the ocean. Fourteen Trash Free Schools participated in the project in 2014. AFF played an important role in Washington D.C. Council’s vote to ban polystyrene foam containers. The ban affects carry-out containers, such as those used by restaurants, carryout storefronts, and food trucks and becomes effective in January 2016.

2010 Construction of the Living Shoreline is Completed

The 9th Annual Potomac Watershed Trash Summit was held on November 7, 2014. The day-long event consisted of a conference and a lateafternoon field trip. Jim Dinegar, President and CEO of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, gave the keynote address, intended to engage the business community on the issue of litter.

As a Potomac River Cleanup Initiative site leader over a dozen years ago, I was so inspired by AFF’s mission, impacts, and outreach that I felt compelled to do more. Since then, I’ve given not only my time, but I also make AFF my top philanthropic priority. I know my personal investment in promoting AFF’s mission and those we serve will pay dividends as the next generation of leaders consider the potential economic, community, and environmental impacts of decisions in their daily lives. – Dan Jackson, AFF Board President


2013 AFF Receives Department of the Interior Partners in Conservation Award

AFF Breaks Ground on the Potomac Watershed Study Center


At Alice Ferguson Foundation, we strive to educate people through our many programs and resources. In 2014, we continued to reach a wide range of individuals—from children to adults and from park rangers to teachers.

Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center Our Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center hosts education programs for elementary and middle school students designed to promote understanding and stewardship of the natural resources in the Potomac River watershed and the legacy of farming in southern Maryland. Hard Bargain Farm, our 330-acre working farm, provides an excellent setting for “educating by doing.” Students learn firsthand about farming and animal husbandry, as well as sustainable growing practices. In our barnyard, visitors get to meet the animals. Students have the opportunity to milk the cows, slop the pigs, collect eggs from our free range chickens, gather vegetables, and harvest fruit, gaining a unique look at the sources of their food.

2014 AFF is Named Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce Green Business of the Year

In 2014, we were able to expand our three-day, two-night education program at the Farm for D.C. fifth-graders, thanks to support from the District Department of the Environment. This year, we also increased home schooling learning opportunities and expanded our capacity to educate the general public through more outdoor recreational activities.

2014 New Emergent Wetland Boardwalk is Opened

2014 Education Programs

Bridging the Watershed Our Bridging the Watershed program (BTW) provides hands-on, curriculum-based outdoor studies in national parks and public lands for secondary students. In 2014, we continued our work with the National Park Service and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to bring students to parks for hands-on environmental field studies. In addition to the students served, 55 teachers and five rangers participated in professional development.

I really had a lot of fun at the farm. I got to come closer to nature. Plus, I really wasn’t an animal person before, but when I got there, you changed my feelings. I also loved how I could explore nature because I don’t really go out. - Precious, 5th grade student Chillum Elementary School


October 2014

Hard Bargain Farm is Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

60th Anniversary of Alice Ferguson Foundation



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$ 2,451,736



Development General & Administrative

HBF Educational Programs


Bridging the Watershed

Farm & Facilities

Note - Financial statements include all financial activity, including both capital and operating activity. Pie charts show only operating activity.

ASSETS Cash $ 1,455,728 Investments 3,652,065 Receivables, Prepaid Expenses 371,577 Land, Buildings, Equipment, less depreciation 5,361,685 $10,841,055 $ 4,246,123 TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts Payable 90,261 Accrued Payroll, Accrued Vacation 130,827 Deferred Revenue 1,239,497 $ 393,510 310,160 TOTAL LIABILITIES 1,460,585 265,433 NET ASSETS 242,631 Unrestricted Net Assets 8,887,457 123,890 Temporarily Restricted Net Assets 493,013 1,335,624 TOTAL NET ASSETS 9,380,470 140,101 318,662 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $10,841,055 458,763 $ 1,794,387

Individuals Government Foundations Corporations Investment Income Program Income

Operating EXPENSES


Programs HBF Educational Programs Farm & Facilities Trash Free Potomac Bridging the Watershed Capital Projects Total Programs Support General & Administrative Development Total Support

$ 94,145 3,667,173 173,164 79,205 113,085 119,353

Join Our Community of Support By supporting the Alice Ferguson Foundation, you are making a significant contribution to the conservation of the Potomac River watershed’s natural heritage. Your gifts support our Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center and Bridging the Watershed environmental education programs, as well as our Trash Free Potomac Initiative and the cultural heritage and agricultural legacy of one of only three intact 20th century artists’ estates in Southern Maryland. Financial Donations

We accept cash, check, credit card, stock, and online donations.


The members of AFF provide vital and consistent support for our wideranging, life-changing, and innovative programs. We invite you to join our community of members and make a significant contribution to the conservation of the Potomac River watershed’s natural and cultural heritage. AFF offers a range of membership levels and associated benefits. If you are already a member, consider giving the gift of membership to introduce your friends, family, and coworkers to the Foundation.

Corporate Sponsorship

We annually seek corporate sponsorship for the Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative, including the Potomac River Watershed Cleanup and the Trash Summit; for other programs or activities (e.g., a class trip to Hard Bargain Farm, Bridging the Watershed Teacher Institutes); and for community events at Hard Bargain Farm. AFF offers a range of sponsorship recognition and benefits.

Barnyard Animal Adoption

By adopting an animal, you help provide the food, shelter, and care it takes to keep our furry and feathered friends happy at Hard Bargain Farm, while also supporting AFF’s education programs. These animals are essential to the experience our students have here; getting to know them helps to bridge our world to theirs. (This makes a great gift for kids!)

Workplace Giving

AFF belongs to the Mid-Atlantic chapter of EarthShare, a national non-profit federation that connects people and workplaces with ways to support environmental causes. AFF will receive all donations specifically designated for our organization and will receive an portion of donations made to EarthShare. AFF participates in the Combined Federal Campaign under EarthShare. Our organization’s CFC number is 62564.

Legacy Giving

Making a legacy gift, also called a “planned gift” or “deferred gift,” is a meaningful way to show your support and appreciation for AFF and its mission while accommodating your own personal, financial, estateplanning, and philanthropic goals. AFF has received several generous bequests in recent years that have propelled us into our 60th year with energy and promise.

In-kind Donations

Donations of time, talent, and materials are always welcome and help defray the cost of offering and managing our programs. Contact us to get our “wish list” and to arrange the donation of your non-monetary gift.

Support Our Working Farm

We offer grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and eggs at Hard Bargain Farm. The proceeds support farm upkeep and our educational programs. Contact 301.292.5665 for more information.

Find out about other ways you can support AFF at

or by calling 301.292.5665.

2001 Bryan Point Road Accokeek, MD 20607 Tel. 301.292.5665 • Fax: 301.292.1070

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