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Evaluation activity 3: what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

IPC media is the first publisher I would take my magazine to because there is a niche gap in the market for my style of magazine it may have a slight resemblance to NME but under the cover it is very different. IPC media produces over 60 magazine product example of some of these are: NME, Rugby World, Decanter, Chat and Woman. Two thirds of their consumers are female and 42% of them male. They reach up to a consumer base of 26 million UK adults and their websites reach up to a collective 20 million users a month. Their target audience consists of mass market male and female and the upper class female. This fits into my target audience with the ‘mass market males’ also my magazine would appeal to the youth which could potentially bring IPC media a new target audience range of the teenage era they could then publish my magazine to get a good core audience base and start publishing further magazine like it. I have already said my magazine my look similar to NME but it’s not mine offers a lot more in your read and also offers more advertising space which for IPC media means more money coming in off my product and going to them for publishing it. Advantages to going with IPC is that they have such a big audience base it would be hard for my magazine not to get sales and reach big levels, also it brings them an advantage of new customers. A disadvantage of joining any publishing company may be that they wish to make their own changes to my magazine and mess around with my product, and could in turn push me out of the editorial role of my own magazine.

Bauer could also be a good option for a chosen publisher because they have over 300 magazines and publish up to 15 countries they also have T.V and radio stations. Bauer Media reaches over nineteen million UK adults with different forms of media. They have more than 80 brands influencing society up to date. Some of these are heat, grazia magazine and many more also they have radio station. I think BAUER could benefit from my magazine as they don’t have any magazine like it, which then gives IPC media a good competition as the only magazine they have close to it is NME, which doesn’t match up to the quality of CUT. Also this has the same advantage it can bring BAUER more consumers and give my magazine a good consumer starting base. A disadvantage with using BAUER is their audience is more female and the modern day person so putting my magazine on the shelves wouldn’t attract their consumer base straight away. But it could slowly steal other customers who have the acquired taste for my magazine. Another advantage is that as they don’t have a product like this I would still be able to stay in control of my own magazine without threat of them wanting to change it like their other products as it’s completely different. My last option would be self-publishing but this is a lot harder because I’d have to fund it all myself keep up to date with release dates and be able to win over my competitors but as they have more money and products I think it would be very hard, that’s why joining a publisher would be the better idea because I would have someone with the same drive to get my magazine big and someone to fund it and also get more ideas and more skill put into my magazine to improve it. If it needed it.

Evaluation 3  

evaluation activity 3

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