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I really like the colors but I am scared

I love this car, I would have one in blue. I would like to travel my country

Mayan civilization of this city is fantastic to all my family we love to visit

I am a very dancer what I like most is salsa dancing, I like to dance as a couple alone not!

I had a dreadlock but my mom was mad at me and I remove it

I love every member of my family, it always support me and I will see my tournaments that will tell them unconditionally

when I was little my mom hid because lemons I came to eat a kilo and had stomachache

is my favorite food since I remember my sister and my mom prepare it without missing the April 25

be a playmate for me has become a dream. fascinate me to win a gold medal in my discipline

I do not like the color pink as well as the stereotypes also classify it as a girls color

when I liked soccer, I wanted all stadiums in the world and although I do not like so much want to continue learning

I learned many things that will serve me in competition and in life. friends becomes another family

is my favorite flower and if Orange are special quiet power inspire me

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