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Niya B image by Henrik Knudsen

A multi-artform festival responding to climate change and the challenges of the 21st century

29 – 31 March 2019 CCA, Glasgow

This is where we’re starting from: climate change, vanishing insects, runaway capitalism, refugees & austerity, benefit cuts & wars, compassion lack, myriad injustices and the wrong people in charge. This is also where we’re starting from: billions of humans doing their best with the knowledge they have, and the morality they inherited or managed to piece together. Cutting a flawed path through the chaos, sustained by hearts as large as they know how to grow right now. It isn’t enough, as the science and our everyday experience shows us. Or maybe it’s too much. Either way we’re in trouble. What to do? 


Hello and welcome to UNFIX.

We can begin by feeling it in the body. Where in ourselves should we act from? How can we stay open without being overwhelmed? What kind of people is this situation asking us to be? Pulling on the thread of climate change we find the fabric of everything spooling out in front of us: How we treat each other, who gets included, where the waste goes, how the money gets divided, what about the animals, what about the weather. Some of the themes tackled during this year’s festival: 

The physicality of the internet // Race, colonialism and historical debts // Magick and personal ritual // Mental health and marine life // Citizens’ Assemblies // Alt-right media // Transhumanism and ecosexuality // Regenerative healing through the (re)fusion of science and art. These are just some amongst many possible approaches to The Situation. In the end, absolutely everything is involved and connected. It’s complicated and frightening and worth it. What else are we going to do with (apparently) 12 years left? Paul Michael Henry, Curator, UNFIX

www.unfixfestival.com | www.cca-glasgow.com

FRIDAY 29 MARCH Festival Welcome/Launch CCA Cinema | 6.30pm | 5 mins

Plastic Man | Yulia Kovanova CCA Cinema | 6.35pm | 11mins | FILM Breaking from daily reality, a man transforms into Plastic Man - armed with chemicals, ready to set landscape on fire. Is he the destroyer of Nature, or the voice of its resilience? Plastic Man premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017 and was subsequently nominated for BAFTA Scotland and UK Best Short Film by the Open City Documentary Festival.

Seidrkona: Electro-Acoustic Shamanic Death Ritual | Verónica Mota (Urban Arts Berlin) CCA Creative Lab | 7pm + 8.10pm | 20 mins | PERFORMANCE Seidrkona is an electro-acoustic Shamanic Death Ritual which embraces the power of life and death from our mother nature. This experience is a human call for chance and evolution in a destructive and powerful moment in human history: post-capitalism, new technologies and mass surveillance.

PENUMBRA | Kerieva McCormick CCA Club Room | 7.10pm | 30 mins | FILM PENUMBRA is the first of a suite of four films directed/choreographed by Kerieva McCormick working with videographer Kim Beveridge. Focussing on catharsis and the return to the primordial, the film is a homage to the dancing body and will have its premiere showing at UNFIX. Following the screening there will be a short Q&A with Kerieva where she will expand on the themes and cinematic influences in her work.

Hell Is Empty | Ruaridh Law CCA Cinema | 7.30pm | 25 mins | PERFORMANCE Hell is Empty is a political audiovisual meditation on the rise of alt-right news in the Trump & Brexit era: a live feed of alt-right websites will be turned into sound, degraded and elevated into art in real time.

A Conversation at the End of the World The Dark Mountain Project CCA Club Room | 8pm | 45 mins | DISCUSSION The Dark Mountain Project invites you to participate in a candlelit conversation about what happens when we stop pretending everything is fine and start to question the stories we live by.

Sines of Life | VID art/science CCA Theatre | 9pm | 1hr | PERFORMANCE An immersive performance where sound, movement, installation and projection merge with cutting-edge research in the field of regenerative medicine to explore the healing properties of art and the self-regenerative capabilities of the human body.

image Newton Harrison

SATURDAY 30 MARCH How big is here? How long is now? The work of Newton Harrison | The Barn CCA Cinema | 12.45pm | 45mins | TALK Taking the recent Newton Harrison exhibition at The Barn, Aberdeenshire as a starting point, we examine how Scotland might become the first industrialised nation to give back more to the web of life than it takes. Beginning with Harrison and his wife Helen Mayer as pioneers of the arts and ecology movement and culminating in the artist's most recent, radical proposal for Scotland. With urgent action needed, we ask what can the arts do for Ecology?

FEEDING DEMONS Workshop | Verónica Mota CCA Creative Lab | 1pm | 2hrs | WORKSHOP From the perspective of Mexican Shamanism, Chi-Kung, and Kung-Fu, Verónica Mota guides us to work with our shadows. We will work with the energy flow through our systems and practice the Chöd Method by the female Tibetan Buddhist teacher Machig Laddrön. This is a syndicalisation simulation session touching upon dissent and acknowledging material embodiments of the urban everyday. Please note this workshop sits outside the festival pass and has a separate charge of £5/£3.

Green Tease | Creative Carbon Scotland

image Henrik Knudsen

CCA Club Room | 3pm | 2hrs | SYMPOSIUM This special UNFIX Green Tease presentation will be led by A+E Collective, exploring the emerging literary genre of Cli-Fi (Climate Fiction). Green Tease is an ongoing informal events programme connecting cultural practices and environmental sustainability across Scotland. Since 2013 it has offered a platform for those interested in building links between the arts and sustainability through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and practices. A+E present their latest edition of BIOSYSTEMS, a research platform for reading key ecological texts alongside a new moving image work exploring the burgeoning genre of cli-fi and its role in the environmental movement.

Collective Lover | Niya B CCA Club Room | 6pm + 7.15pm | 20mins | PERFORMANCE Niya invites the audience to explore intimacy, gender and desire in a post-porn era of environmental destruction, food crisis and species loneliness. Stemming from their previous work Trans:plant where the artist lived with a large gender-ambiguous family of Aloe Vera plants, they ask: How does it feel to see the earth as a lover and not as a mother?

BODYCRAFT: every.word.for.cold | NIGHTPARADE CCA Creative Lab | 6pm + 7.15pm | 14mins | PERFORMANCE A butoh-inspired performance piece exploring surveillance, stillness, and a future where manipulation of the face, body, and even DNA is a tool of resistance. Inspired by Ito’s Uzumaki, the story of the Yuki-Onna, and many hours reading sci-fi novels, the performance takes us to the uncanny valley and leaves us there shivering and alone.

SATURDAY 30 MARCH VIDIV CCA Theatre | 6.30pm | 23mins | PERFORMANCE VIDIV is a collaboration between p6 (Stretchheads / Desalvo / Security), Martin P Scott (Aereogramme / Lola Colt) & Johnny Doc (Take A Worm For A Walk Week / Twilight Sad) for performance based spoken word & ritual. Using electronic harsh noise, symbolic ceremony and cathartic interaction with viewers.

Latent Dreams | Katrine Turner CCA Cinema | 8pm | 45mins | PERFORMANCE

image Ulrich Heemann

Latent Dreams is about the Apocalypse. About the rising sea waters, and the invisible plagues. Using the frame of Hollywood films, the performance unravels the inherent capitalist ideologies embodied in popular concepts of the Apocalypse. Inspired by the quote “it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”, Latent Dreams is about the futures we allow ourselves to envision.

Human Form | Minako Seki CCA Theatre | 9pm | 1hr | PERFORMANCE Japanese butoh master Minako Seki blurs the boundaries between human and artificial bodies. Exploring the liminal space between physicality and artificiality, Minako draws inspiration from puppets and robots, borrowing elements from animation art, Japanese gardens and architecture.

image Ulrich Heemann

SUNDAY 31 MARCH Workshop | Minako Seki CCA Club Room | 12pm | 2hrs | WORKSHOP The Minako Seki Method departs from imagination and the endless possibilities of it. Through imagination, we can connect consciousness with unconsciousness, as well as micro-cosmos with macro-cosmos. Imagination is our creative impulse and our motor for artistic expression. During the workshop we use the power of imagination as main source, to evoke our senses and create natural quality in the physical principles of movement. Please note this workshop sits outside the festival pass and has a separate charge of £15/£10

Talk | Extinction Rebellion CCA Cinema | 1.30pm | 30mins | TALK Extinction Rebellion is an international movement in over 30 countries whose aim is to take urgent and creative action in the face of climate breakdown and ecological catastrophe, as part of the global climate justice movement. Find out more at www.rebellion.earth

SUNDAY 31 MARCH Becoming Animal | Emma Davie + Peter Mettler CCA Cinema | 2pm | 78mins | FILM Becoming Animal is an urgent and immersive audiovisual quest, forging a path into the places where humans and other animals meet, where we pry open our senses to witness the so-called natural world—which in turn witnesses us, prompting us to reflect on the very essence of what it means to inhabit our animal bodies.

The Dark Mountain Project Double Bil A Dance Called the Anthropocene (Dougie Strang) + The Red Thread (Charlotte Du Cann) CCA Creative Lab | 3.30pm | 1hr 30mins | PERFORMANCE A Dance Called the Anthropocene (Dougie Strang) A Dance Called the Anthropocene is an immersive theatre experience, exploring attitudes towards ecological crisis. Together we'll consider what it feels like to be in denial, to be angry, to wish for solutions or despair at the lack of them. Together we'll find a way to dance in the Anthropocene. The Red Thread (Charlotte Du Cann) The Red Thread follows the ancient Cretan story of Ariadne and the Labyrinth, piecing together the shards of a more potent myth. What lies underneath this prison? Who is the Minotaur? How can the embodiment of this mystery help us deconstruct the maze of our own civilisation and liberate our future selves? Part performance, part presentation, part interactive storytelling, this session explores how we might step into the labyrinth to discover a way out of our present predicament.

Points of Presence | Adam Fish CCA Cinema | 6pm + 8.20pm | 20mins | FILM Few users of social media and mobile devices recognise how their everyday swipes, likes, and retweets mobilises a global megastructure that spans the earth, impacts ecologies, and plunges under the sea. This experimental 20-minute video submerges the audience in the socio-ecological tangles of the materiality of the internet.

A Recipe for Planters Punch | Alberta Whittle CCA Club Room | 6pm | 25mins | PERFORMANCE A performative exploration of blackness, diaspora and surveillance. Using re-enactment from sources including satirical print, A West India Sportsman, choones by Rihanna and memories of the Middle Passage, this piece dives into histories of colonial debt, reparations and visualities of race.

SUNDAY 31 MARCH Scratch Night | The Work Room CCA Theatre | 6.40pm | 1hr 30mins | PERFORMANCE The Work Room is an artist-led organisation supporting independent movement artists in Scotland. UNFIX Festival has invited members of The Work Room to respond to the themes of UNFIX as dancers, movers and choreographers, with the proposition that dance is uniquely well placed to explore the ecological reality of our bodies. The event will feature the following extracts of new work from Work Room members: Radio Play is a performance in which Ian Spink, Skye Reynolds, Nichola Scrutton and Aya Kobayashi explore an intriguing process of transforming materials from one state into a different form. Kerieva McCormick is joined by videographer Kim Beveridge to share extracts from their 2nd film, influenced by Kerieva’s research in Granada and Six Nations Reservation, Canada. Interconnecting themes include the excavation / rape of Mother Earth with the ‘disposability’ of women’s and 2Spirit bodies.

image Jamie Wardrop

Sappho Blue is a new performance by Will Stringer. Coalescing video art, poetry and dance in a sensual unravelling. A tender exploration of people and the sea by a queer researcher.

Shrimp Dance | Paul Michael Henry CCA Theatre | 9pm | 50mins | PERFORMANCE A performance fusing Butoh dance, music and video to explore a deeply weird scientific experiment. Anti-depressants entering the sea through human waste cause shrimp to abandon their shadowy habitat and swim towards the light where they’re often eaten. THE HUMANS ARE SO SAD THAT THE SHRIMP ARE GOING CRAZY.

image Antti Ahonen

THROUGHOUT THE FESTIVAL Embedded Artist Christiana Bissett As an Embedded Artist supported by ecoartscotland, Christiana will participate in UNFIX festival and present a series of reflections and provocations on the political nature of measurement in a time of environmental crisis. Video works will be made available on the ecoartscotland blog throughout the festival. www.ecoartscotland.net


Tickets for UNFIX festival are on a sliding scale and you can choose what to pay based on your circumstances. An allocation of FREE tickets have also been reserved for those who face financial barriers to attendance. For more info on our programme and sliding scale ticketing policy visit www.unfixfestival.com/unfix-2019/or email unfixfestival@gmail.com Day Passes: £9/£7/£4 + £1 booking fee (Friday) £14/£11/£6 + £1 booking fee (Saturday/Sunday) 3 Day Festival Pass: £32/£25/£14 + £1 booking fee Feeding Demons Workshop with Verónica Mota: £5 (£3) + £1 booking fee Minako Seki Workshop: £15 (£10) + £1 booking fee Venue: Centre for Contemporary Arts, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

Box Office Opening: Mon – Sat: 10am – 6pm I Sun: 12 noon – 6pm Box Office Telephone: 0141 352 4900 Web: www.cca-glasgow.com For more information on CCA’s Access Information please see: www.cca-glasgow.com/about-cca/access-statement

www.unfixfestival.com | www.cca-glasgow.com

Design: Emma Quinn


Profile for Feral Arts

UNFIX Festival Brochure 2019  

“Overtly political, occasionally playful, full of provocation, and audacious in its scope and ambition.” (Exeunt Magazine on UNFIX Festival)...

UNFIX Festival Brochure 2019  

“Overtly political, occasionally playful, full of provocation, and audacious in its scope and ambition.” (Exeunt Magazine on UNFIX Festival)...

Profile for feralarts