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Ivory’s Secret Mischa Deighton

Chapter 1

I walked home from school down the same route and stopped at my “secret place” if I were to call it anything, I didn’t won’t to go home or stay at school so I stopped here because I didn’t want to hear my parents arguing or the boys making fun of kids because they dress different. They used to make fun of me until I scared them so much that they stopped, also my best friends brother Matthew had a major crush on me so he told them to stop and then asked me out. As I was pondering through my thoughts Sasha my best friend snuck up behind me and shouted ‘BOO!’ I got so frightened that I jumped into the tree on the other side of the river. When I got to the other side I saw the look of utter horror on Sasha’s face as she turned and ran off I looked down and saw my bows on the ground and realised Sasha knew the truth about me and that my parents weren’t going to be happy when they found out. Later I got a text from Matthew reading: Hey Ivory Sasha say she coming round 2 urs at 8pm p-rents out+ me busy can u

drop her home? LOL Mat. I replied: Sure ttyl. Great that meant I had 30 minutes to decide whether to tell my parents she knew or not. After I told them my parents sent me to the other side of town to get dinner and when I got home my parents sent me to my room. At 20-9 Sasha woke up in my parents cupboard and started screaming so I let her out. After she had calmed down I told her the truth and when I had finished my Dad was coming up the stairs so I grabbed Sasha and jumped out the window, before I had even hit the ground I was running. Sasha lived 200 kilometres south of town so it would take me a good hour to get her home. It was 9.45 and I still had 50 km left to run I was passing her neighbours house when I heard the click of a gun being loaded and then the bullet getting closer. Something wasn’t right though because it wasn’t the farmer shooting at us because I could hear him watching football in his living room.

Chapter 2

The car started and she heard running so I ran faster and reached the house early. As I put Sasha down I smelt blood and realised that she’d been hit by the bullet, she had her mouth open and managed to mumble ‘I’m… So… Sorry… Ivory…’ and those were her last words her apologising to me when it was my fault she died, if only I’d told her sooner. When I got home Sasha’s neighbour was there with 2 police officers so I climbed in through the back window and shouted down the stairs for my Mum. When she saw me stood there covered in Sasha’s blood she freaked out. So I got changed and told her what had happened. When we came down stairs Sasha’s neighbour was sat in the living room speaking to my father about their shared hunting business and as soon as he saw me he said ‘Well, well, well if it isn’t Miss Ivory how was your run with Sasha? Because I know that she didn’t survive it. Oh and the police are outside for you.’

As I was dragged to the police car I thought I saw Matthew but it couldn’t have been him because he was with his friends in a different town. When I was put in a cell with this girl Eva I was given food with a note reading: “Court at 16:25. See you tomorrow. The Fuanless Council.” When I woke up the next morning there was food and an orange jumpsuit with a white singlet and sneakers, all my belongings had been taken and my fingers had black ink on them, I’d figured they’d taken my prints over night. As I came out of the shower I noticed the phone in my cell was ringing and when i answered there was only the sound of static the a disguised voice said ‘Ivory of the Black Fang you will pay and execution is your price.’ As I walked in to court I saw people who I thought were my friends screaming words of hate at me. I was trying to work out who called me when the Judge called the beginning of the court.

Ivory's secret  
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