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It was a warm Sunday morning... ... when a group of us came together to learn about taking pictures that would showcase our amazing rescued animals. The beautiful Luis Mu帽oz Rivera Park in Old San Juan was the backdrop for the event. Sophie Gamand (The Sato Project), our photography instructor, gave us some tools, tricks and tips to capture photographs that speak to people, so that they could see all the special things we see in them and hopefully decide to adopt them. Pecky, Puchungo, Lola, Ory, Amy and Chiqui, all rescued dogs and currently waiting for forever homes, spent that morning as models for the sixteen amateur photographers. These are just a few of the many great pictures of our happy, well behaved models. We hope you enjoy them and share them with your family and friends. You never now who will see them and find their new best friend in the pages of this photo book. Federaci贸n Protectora de Animales de Puerto Rico, Inc.

All protographs in this book were taken by participants of the Photography that Saves Lives! Workshop! Cover: In our cover, Pecky photographed by Saraivy Col贸n In the picture: Members and friends of FEPA during the Photography that Saves Lives Workshop! Instructor: Sophie Gamand from The Sato Project.

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. -Gilda Radner


the picture: Amy goes for a walk with Gwendelyn. (Cristina Romero)

In the pictures: (Top Left) Pecky among cameras and squeaky toys; (Right) Pecky and Ilia Pacheco enjoying the workshop. (Bottom Left) Sophie Gamand and Chrissy Beckles from The Sato Project, co-sponsors of the event; and Puchungo and Karen Uphoff enjoying the park. (M. Cintr贸n)

The Money Shot

In the pictures: (From left) Saraivy Colón looking for the “money shot”!; Ilia really got down to business with Chiqui; Linda got creative with her poses while Puchungo patiently waited for her to get her shot; Jenny and Isabel working with Ory; Camile, Saraivy and Gwendalyn with model Amy. (M. Cintron)

J. Pierre Gonzรกlez.

In the picture: Puchungo strikes a pose while Cristina helps him stay in his mark, Karen calling his attention with a treat, while Sophie takes the picture. (J. Pierre Gonzรกlez)

In the picture: Brandy getting some love and attention from Chrissy while Camille captures the moment. (Cristina Romero)

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

-Roger Caras

In this page: Chiqui gets some TLC from Mary (Saraivy Col贸n) Opposite page: Pecky gets the royal treatment from Miguel. (M. Cintr贸n)


Models For more information on how to adopt please write to:

Pecky Pecky steals the show. She is outgoing and fun. She has a funny and peculiar way of running. This playful pup is 1 1/2 yearsold and loves playing. Pecky enjoyed the park and the other dogs very much. She was rescued from Bayam贸n.

In this page photos by: (Left) Valerie DĂ­az, (Top Right) Cristina Romero, (Bottom from left) Valerie DĂ­az and Cristina Romero. Opposite page: Cristina Romero

Ory Ory is a happy dog. Very well behaved during her photo shoot. She is three years old and loves to play. She enjoys her going out for walks. She weighs 47 pounds. Ory was rescued from the streets of Guaynabo.

In this page photos by: (Left) Isabel Calderon, (Top Right) Floribel Merced, (Bottom Right) Floribel Merced. Opposite page: Isabel Calder贸n

In this page photos by: (Top) Floribel Merced, (Bottom from Left) Jenny Reyes, M. Cintr贸n, Saraivy Col贸n Opposite page: Jenny Reyes

Chiqui Chiqui is a natural model, calm and poised. She is a 10 pound 2 year-old lap dop. She loves to cuddle and likes the attention. Chiqui was rescued from the streets of Bayam贸n.


At first Brandy was a bit shy, but a few minutes into the photo shoot you could see her coming out of her shell. She is an obedient dog, happy and lovable. She is a tiny 8 pound one year-old pup. Brandy was rescued from the streets of Bayam贸n.

In this page photos by: (Background) Saraivy Col贸n; (Left from Top) Floribel Merced, Valerie D铆az, Ilia Pacheco. Opposite page: Camille Negr贸n

In this page photos by: Saraivy Col贸n Photo Strip: Carlos Quiles, Karen Uphoff, Cristina Romero.


Puchungo behaved like a seasoned model. Loves the attention of the camera (and the people). He is an active, curious, intelligent, social, indoor/outdoor dog who loves to be with people, loves car rides, loves to be on your lap, fall at sleep at your feet and in your bed if you let him. He is less than one year old and weighs 72 pounds. Puchungo was rescued from the streets of San Juan.


Amy is a sweet, lovable dog who’s dream is to be part of a family. At 5 years old she is full of energy and enjoyed her day at the park. Amy weighs 77 pounds. Rescued from Barceloneta.

In this page photos by: (Left Top) Saraivy Colón (Left Bottom) Jenny Reyes Opposite page: M. Cintrón

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Henry Ford

About the Instructor

Sophie Gamand is a French photographer who decided to dedicate her art to animals and our relationship with them. She runs a photography business in New York and gives back to the community by working with The Sato Project ( where, among her many tasks, she photographs rescued dogs and documents the animals and the volunteers struggles during the rescue process. For more information about Sophie’s studio visit

About FEPA The “Federación Protectora de Animales de Puerto Rico, Inc.” is a non-profit organization that works for the animal welfare community by providing its members education programs, resources, networking and scholarships. Your donations keep programs like “Photography to Saves Lives!” available for the community at no or little cost. To learn more visit:

Photography That Saves Lives!  

This photobook features work from our workshop Photography that Saves Lives! with instructor Sophie Gammand from The Sato Project and her pe...

Photography That Saves Lives!  

This photobook features work from our workshop Photography that Saves Lives! with instructor Sophie Gammand from The Sato Project and her pe...