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WELCOME TO FEP As the Dean of the School of Economics and Management, University of Porto, I am delighted to recommend the PhD in Business and Management Studies. I congratulate you for deciding to apply for a place on the FEP, UPorto advanced education Programme. You are about to embark on a new cycle of study that is characterised by a series of major challenges and demands, at a School that is well-known for its rigour and scientific quality. During the next three years, you will have the opportunity to be a member of a high-class team, which includes the most highly qualified academic staff in Portugal and a carefully selected and well-grounded group of students. You will also be able to rely on the support of the various FEP services, which include the Career Services and the Skills Academy, in order to achieve your desired academic and professional success. FEP’s close relations with the business world will enable you to join the employment market swiftly and to forge a successful professional career, as so many other FEP graduates have done, both in Portugal and abroad. This School places a particular emphasis on extracurricular activities and you will have the opportunity to be actively involved in different groups and initiatives and to complement your personal skills. You can also decide to opt for an international experience and share the experiences of the more than 300 foreign students, who have chosen to continue their studies at FEP. FEP’s employability indicators are proof of the quality of the education we provide. 89% of the master students are placed in the labour market until 3 months after completion of the programme. FEP’s prestige is created by all members of the FEP team. So, if you join us at FEP, we will be very proud to receive you contribution too. Welcome to FEP! João F. Proença Dean and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the School of Economics and Management, University of Porto

ABOUT FEP PRESTIGE R FEP is part of the best portuguese University, according to all the international rankings

R FEP has the most qualified academic staff (90% with a PhD obtained at the best universities throughout the world)

R Access to higher education, in the areas of economics and management: FEP is among the top portuguese schools of management and economics in terms of the average marks required on entry

ALUMNI R Placed in the best companies and institutions of the country and abroad, in various business sectors: banking, industry, retail, distribution, health, audit and consulting firms and also in portuguese governments and european institutions

INTERNATIONALIZATION R Programmes taught in Portuguese and in English; 4 masters and

RESEARCH R 2 research centres classified with Very Good by FCT (The main portuguese Science Foundation): CEF.UP and LIAAD R 1 Research Unit in public finances and monetary policy: NIFIP R 1 Economy and Fraud Management Observatory: OBEGEF R A Studies and Surveys Unit: ESFEPP

2 PhDs lectured in English

R  Mobility programmes with 83 universities in 27 countries R  300 students from 55 countries of the 5 continents R  International seminars with renowned speakers R  Dual Diplomas and International QTEM Certificate

EMPLOYABILITY R 89% of the master students are placed in the labour market until 3 months after completion of the programme

CORPORATE PARTNERS R FEP Job Board has more than 2300 companies in permanent contact for recruitment purposes:


The School of Economics and Management, University of Porto, is a leading school in the fields of economics and management in Portugal with a long experience in teaching and research in these fields. By enrolling in the Doctoral Programme, students benefit from the expertise and experience of this most distinguished research community. The Doctoral Programme in Business and Management Studies started in 2006/2007. It is considered a success story, given the number of applicants, theses completed, and publications (journal papers and conference papers) based on research conducted during the programme. The Business and Management Studies Doctoral Programme includes a one-year course work with a concentration in one of the five fields of study: • Management Accounting and Control; • Finance; • Marketing and Strategy; • Operations and Logistics; and • Organisation and Human Resources. After completing the course work, students have to prepare and present to a panel review of experienced faculty in the field a thesis proposal that sets out the research they intend to undertake in subsequent years.


BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES Scientific board Carlos Cabral Cardoso, PhD (President) Dalila Fontes, PhD Elísio Brandão, PhD João F. Proença, PhD João Ribeiro, PhD

OBJECTIVES The main objectives of the Business and Management Studies Doctoral Programme are to: R Examine and integrate concepts and theoretical frameworks in management and related fields, and get a general view of the state-of the-art knowledge in their field of studies; R Develop research skills that enable students to carry out original and rigorous research, formulate significant research questions, design empirical research, and analyze and interpret data. R Encourage the participation of students in international research networks and the publication of their research in international academic journals.

TARGET GROUP The Programme aims to promote the training of researchers in the area of Business and Management Studies. Applicants who wish to enrol in this programme must be highly motivated: R To become a full member of the international research community of management scholars; R To participate in international conferences; R To submit the research for publication in international academic journals. Candidates are expected to have earned a master’s degree from an accredited institution in business and management studies or other closely related field. Candidates who have not previously completed a master’s degree in

economics, business or management may be required to attend specific training sessions prior to taking the remaining courses in their degree plan. Satisfying minimal standards does not guarantee admission. Admission decisions are based on a number of factors such as the academic degrees and records, the statement of purpose (motivation letter), and relevant research experience. In the statement of purpose, candidates should describe their research interests and aspirations, and motivation to pursue a doctorate degree. Entry into the highest academic degree is not an action to be taken lightly. The pursuit of the doctorate requires a considerable personal sacrifice and time available on the part of the aspirant.

THESES ‘Essays on the use of the real options approach in construction projects and build-own-transfer projects’ João Adelino Neves Pereira Ribeiro Supervisor: Paulo Jorge Marques de Oliveira Ribeiro Pereira ‘A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Structured Finance’ João Filipe Monteiro Pinto Supervisor: Manuel de Oliveira Marques ‘Measuring internet commerce experience and valuing networked customers: a structural modeling approach ‘ Ana Isabel Torres Supervisor: Francisco Vitorino da Silva Martins

‘Ant colony optimization algrithms to solve nonlinear network flow problems’ Marta Sofia Rodrigues Monteiro Supervisors: Fernando Arménio da Costa Castro e Fontes and Dalila Benedita Machado Martins Fontes ‘Contabilidade, Controlo de Gestão e Gestão nos Hospitais Portugueses: Dicotomia Público vs Privado’ Sandra Raquel Pinto Alves Supervisors: Rui José Oliveira Vieira and João Francisco Alves Ribeiro ‘A conformidade Book-Tax e o seu Impacto nos Lucros, nos Fluxos Financeiros e na Fiscalidade’ Manuel José Rodrigues da Cunha Pereira Supervisors: Elísio Fernando Moreira Brandão and Francisco Vitorino da Silva Martins

“The Business and Management Studies Doctoral Programme of the School of Economics and Management, University of Porto is a very stimulating and well organised study programme that has particular features that render it truly magnificent. The course work component is very useful and interesting and affords contact with leading Portuguese and foreign researchers.”

Marisa Roriz Ferreira

Lecturer at the School of Technology and Management of Felgueiras







Compulsory subjects for all areas

Management Thought / Carlos Cabral Cardoso Industrial and Organizational Economics / Hélder Ferreira Vasconcelos Research Methodologies / Carlos Cabral Cardoso Data Analysis / Maria Paula Brito

Research Methods (optional subjects in all areas – choose one)

Qualitative Research and Case Studies / Manuel Graça Econometric Methods / Francisco Vitorino Martins Data Mining / João Gama Advanced Quantitative Models / Francisco Vitorino Martins



r Operations Management r Decision Analysis r Warehouse and Inventory Management r Distribution Logistics r Optimization r Stochastic Processes

r Advanced Topics in Human Resources Management r Advanced Topics in Organisational Behaviour r Organization and Change r Leadership and Power r Management and Society r International and Intercultural Management


Optional specialization subjects (choose three)

r Accounting and Financial Reporting r Management Accounting and Control r Non-Financial Reporting

Compulsory courses

Research Seminars / Research Proposal

r Corporate Finance I r Corporate Finance II r Financial Markets I r Financial Markets II

r Advanced Topics in Strategic Management r Advanced Topics in B2B Marketing r Advanced Topics in Services Marketing r Advanced Topics in International Marketing r Advanced Topics in Relationship Marketing r Advanced Topics in Consumer Psychology r Topics in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

3rd SEMESTER TO 6th SEMESTER Compulsory research work


Faculty may change.

profile of students of phd IN business and management studies Students enrolled in the academic year 2012/2013






11,70% 14,35%












  > 45



  Economics and Management


  Accounting and Auditing


“As a doctoral student, the exposure I received from pursuing the marketing specialization offered by FEP has served to broaden my horizons. The courses were designed with a high degree of flexibility and catered to my specialized area of academic interest. The opportunity to work alongside firstrate professors is unparalleled and the respect shown by them served to empower and encourage my personal development. This experience has been filled with life changing and career building opportunities.” Meena Rambocas

Trinidad and Tobago | University of the West Indies

PROGRAMMES Pre-experience masters (MSc) Economics (track in english and track in portuguese) Finance (taught in english) Management (taught in english) The Pre-Experience Masters are intended mainly to newly graduates, in Economics and Management, with little or no work experience.

Specialized masters (MSc) Accounting and management control Data analyTICS (taught in english) Economics and management of innovation


Economics and management of organizations

The deadline for applications is april 11, 2014.

Environment economics and management Finance and taxation Healthcare economics and management Human resources management International business Marketing Sales management Services management The specialisation Masters (MSc) are targeted to graduate in Economics, Management and other fields, with or without professional experience, who wish to complete their training, or to update their competences in a specialized area.

PhDs Business and Management Studies (taught in english) Economics (taught in english)

General information about FEP’s degrees, admissions and events can be obtained online:

300 students from 55 countries of the 5 continents

Applications must be submitted online (, with the following documents: R Copy of ID Card or Passport; R Curriculum vitae; R A letter stating the applicant’s motivation for applying (compulsory); R Academic qualifications certificates (including subject certificates); R Two letters of recommendation (required to all candidates except to FEP graduates).

TUITION FEES Full time: 3000 euros/year (subject to the approval of the University of Porto). Part time: 75% of the programme fee, to be set by the University of Porto. A part time student can sign up for no more than 37,5 ECTS credits, each year.

CONTACTS School of Economics and Management, University of Porto Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200-464 Porto Phone + 351 225 571 100 Fax + 351 225 505 050

opportunities FEP INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS 83 universities in 27 countries

INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY R Doctoral students can do a mobility period abroad in partners school

R Funding: ERASMUS + funds each student a mobility period at each study level (bachelor, master, doctoral)



QTEM, Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management, is a network Master programme which brings together outstanding students, Academic Partners and International Corporations.

R FEP promotes national or international curricular and extracurricular internships , with the primary goal of providing real experience in the labour market. R FEP also supports ERASMUS + internships under the ERASMUS programme.

Two Semesters Abroad During the two years of FEP´s Master Programme the student will spend two semesters abroad, in two different countries, in one of the following tracks: (A)  1 semester of studies in one QTEM academic partner + 1 international curricular-internship (4 months) (B) 2 semesters of studies abroad in two different QTEM academic partners + 1 internship (national or international/2 months) During your exchange semesters you will attend relevant QTEM courses while simultaneously satisfying your FEP degree requirements.

Double Degrees R Master in Management (MiM) with Kedge Business School in Marseille, French grand école with a triple crown accreditation. R PhD in Economics with the Lombardy Advanced School of Economic Research (LASER).

The QTEM certificate The QTEM certificate is an addition to FEP´s Master degree Diploma.

The Value of QTEM The QTEM programme is conceived to educate, train and provide future decision makers. International experience, academic excellence, business and policy relevance are the key elements. Through this master programme you will become: R  Highly skilled in analytical and quantitative techniques R  Experienced through concrete business and policy challenges R  Comfortable in international settings. Through the QTEM programme you will become a highly qualified candidate for the job market with a unique set of skills. QTEM students will get exclusive access to the Corporate Partners through partner meetings, the QTEM CV database and other QTEM facilities.

QTEM Corporate Partners

Double Degree with schools of excellence

Accenture, Aker Solutions, BMW, ENI, FIRM Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation, McKinsey, PWC, Real Impact Analytics, The Boston Consulting Group - this network is growing.

QTEM Admissions GMAT (600 minimum); be admitted to a FEP’s Master Programme.

Additional Information To receive information on Admissions and Recruitment Process please email to

GMAT R GMAT exam (International English test to evaluate language skills and reasoning capabilities) is taken into consideration in the admission to FEP Masters and PhD Programmes. GMAT is compulsory to access QTEM master certificate. R FEP will organize a GMAT preparation Course. R Students with GMAT ranking of 600, or more, will have the preparation course fee deducted from the tuition fee of the PhD programme in which they will be enrolled.

English Proficiency (compulsory for the PhD in Business and Management Studies) TOEFL (80 or more); IELTS (6,5 or more); FCE or CAE; TOEIC (605 or more).

UP UNIVERSITY CAMPUS University of Porto has more than 31,000 students, 2,300 professors and researchers and 1,600 employees at 15 schools and 60 research units, distributed between three university campus in Porto, in: _ The city center _ Asprela _ Campo Alegre

ServiCES The following services are available near FEP:

R Hospital de S. João (with a 24-hour pharmacy) R The S. João Campus shopping centre, which includes a supermarket and other shops

University of Porto Student Ombudsman The Student Ombudsman defends and promotes the rights and legitimate interests of UPorto student, in Porto University related matters. E-mail: Phone: +351 220 408 025/6

R Cafes R Restaurants R Banks

students guide

How to get to FEP FEP is located in Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, at the Asprela campus, in Porto. The best way to get to FEP is by Metro. The nearest Metro station is Pólo Universitário. Alternatively, you can take buses 204, 301 and 803 on the bus network. More information in the Students Guide.

FEP R  Located on the largest UP campus R  Modern building classified as of Public Interest R  Modern and efficient public transport R  School with international environment R  More than 15 student clubs


R  Winner of international competitions R Strong relationship with Alumni and entrepreneurs

R  English language friendly environment


(Curricular and summer traineeships and international traineeships, provision of support for dissertations, recruitment and other work)

COST OF LIVING Accommodation R Bedroom or shared apartment: 120 € to 200 € /month;

MEALS R  150 € to 200 € /month; R  1 meal: 2.35 € (in the canteen);

Transport R Approximately 30 € for a pass (Andante Z2 monthly)

R Bus/metro: 1.20 € (1 ticket Z2); 1.45 € (1 ticket Z3);

CINEMA R  5 € (student ticket)

Reasons to study at UPORTO R  Porto: 240 thousand inhabitants R  U. Porto: the largest producer of science in Portugal R  U. Porto: 31 thousand students R  3,700 foreign students R  From 146 different countries R  Vibrant student environment R  Movida (night life) R  City of tourism and culture R  One of the best tourist destinations since 2011 R  Value for money: moderate cost of living R  Mild climate and good hospitality R  City of river and sea R  Green spaces R  Sport and leisure R Festivals: Optimus Primavera Sound in May and Marés Vivas in July

R  Unforgettable traditional food R  Affordable and safe city R Historic City: combines the old with the contemporary

INFORMATIONS AND CONTACTS School of Economics and Management, University of Porto Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200-464 Porto Phone + 351 225 571 100 Fax + 351 225 505 050

PhD in Business and Management Studies  

Academic Year

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