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Book: “Naturally Tan: A Memoir” by Tan France

Hollywood Insider: Chloe Sevigny joins Luca Guadagnino HBO series



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Deep Inside Hollywood: Chloe Sevigny joins Luca Guadagnino HBO series


“Naturally Tan: A Memoir” by Tan France





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Chloe Sevigny joins Luca Guadagnino HBO series by Romeo San Vicente

Deep Inside Hollywood Luca Guadagnino, the gay Italian filmmaker who caused a splash with Call Me By Your Name and then the Suspiria remake, is developing a new series for HBO/Sky called We Are Who We Are, to star Chloe Sevigny. It’s a coming-of-age story about two American teenagers living on a military base in Italy. They experience all the typical teenage firsts there, as outsiders in their own little cultural pocket of another country. Sevigny – who we assume plays one of the parents – will be joined by Alice Braga (City of God) and a host of young newcomers like Ben Taylor and Francesca Scorsese (daughter of Martin), as well as pop star Jordan Kristin Seamon and rapper Kid Cudi. It shoots later this month in Italy and we’ll probably get to see it pop up on HBO sometime in early 2020. It’ll be a nice way to enjoy this director’s work while we wait patiently for the Call Me By Your Name sequel. Because we are waiting. And waiting. Tessa Thompson will find her queen in Thor: Love and Thunder This entire bit of news is a spoiler, we guess. But it’s the good kind. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will finally get an LGBTQ superhero. Valkyrie, played by out star Tessa Thompson, a character we’ve all been hoping would be fleshed out as fully queer, will be getting herself a queen in one of the story lines of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. We’ve been waiting for this to happen and, while we appreciated the blip of queerness that took place in the grief support group scene of Avengers: Endgame, we’re glad nobody stole Valkyrie’s spotlight until now. The best part of this is that the big news for this film was supposed to be that Natalie Portman will return as a female version of Thor, but the moment we heard about bi-Val, we forgot everything else. Anyway, Thor: Love and Thunder, directed by Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi – whose injection of absurdist comedy into the MCU has been a breath of fresh air – will hit theaters in November 2021. This means you have a minute to get your cosplay together. Angelica Ross: From Pose to American Horror Story As Pose devotees, we have always been about Candy Abundance Ferocity, played by the dangerously cool Angelica Ross. While everyone else was hugging each other and being supportive and building house families, Candy was scratching and clawing to keep herself in business, demanding to be treated with respect and getting very little of it in return. Then Candy died, and we cried and sang along to the lip-sync number she performed at her own funeral (it’s complicated, you just have to watch the show). But Ross built Candy on a Ryan Murphy show, and now that she’s a free agent, her next step is – that’s right – to another Ryan Murphy show. Ross will co-star on the upcoming American Horror Story: 1984, about which little is known outside of a teaser trailer that resembles an ’80s slasher film. But we do know it also features Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy, that it premieres on FX September 18, and that wherever Ross leads, we will

8: AUGUST 09, 2019

follow. And we hope she gets to play the murderer because those are the best parts. Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts is moving closer to you It’s a safe bet that you like Trixie Mattel. If you don’t, then it’s almost certainly because you haven’t yet been properly introduced. She’s charming, talented, funny, musically gifted, and has taken her RuPaul’s Drag Race momentum and started a marathon career. From web series UNHhhh to The Trixie and Katya Show on Viceland to releasing albums and selling out venues across the country that are much larger than gay bars, she’s on a roll. And now there’s a documentary about the rising star called Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts. The feature-length exploration of exactly how much work goes into a career in giant wigs, directed by Nicholas Zeig-Owens, also boasts a cast of Drag Race alums like Katya, Willem, Peppermint, Bob The Drag Queen, and Ru himself, veterans of the grind who know that stardom isn’t guaranteed. Currently the documentary is hitting queer film fests, but it’s likely you’ll be seeing this one get a theatrical release, and it’s a lock that you’ll be able to stream it sooner rather than later. Romeo San Vicente works overtime in heels but can’t get a Drag Race audition..

BOOK REVIEW Casual button-down, or elegant suit? Jeans or khakis? Shoes or sandals? Whatever the event, your closet’s got you covered, packed with every outfit you’ll ever need. But what’s your style, what makes you confident? How do you know what to wear for the occasion? Read “Naturally Tan” by Tan France and see what fits. As a young boy growing up in South Yorkshire, England, Tan France was no shrinking violet: he was “weirdly worldly wise” and “definitely the cockiest one of the family.” He also knew what he wanted and didn’t rest until he got it and even then, he knew that he liked boys better than girls.

> CREDIT | “Naturally Tan: A Memoir” by Tan France

c.2019, St. Martin’s Press

That determination didn’t make his childhood breezy, though; France was Pakistani in a predominantlywhite area and he grew up with the hum of racism in the background. He was bullied but still, he says, he “managed to make things work…” It helped that his grandfather owned a denim factory and taught France to sew. It was there that he learned the importance of fashion, but that wasn’t yet a career; from age sixteen to twenty-seven, France held more than thirty jobs, most of which he abandoned with little-to-no notice. He came to realize that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, and everything coalesced after a vacation in Salt Lake City, and after falling in love with a cowboy. By then, France had spotted an opportunity, specifically, with modest swimwear, and his brand firecrackered to success literally overnight. Unprepared, France and his new man worked around the clock to accommodate customers, and to try to grow the business. Eventually, the stress became too much and France stepped back.

He was not really looking for anything new when, on vacation, he received a call from someone who told him about an opportunity with Netflix and Queer Eye, a job he never dreamed of and was convinced that he’d never land. He wanted it, and he didn’t. He needed prodding, until he “begrudgingly” auditioned... At its outset, “Naturally Tan” feels like just another gay memoir: stating that he always knew he was gay, author Tan France seems a bit stiff, as though his story needs to stretch and twist before it starts to stride. Once it takes that next step, though, it’s got you. Like virtually all other gay memoirs, France goes on to tell a story of a childhood of dawning, of bullying, and of learning more about himself, but the uniqueness lies in the cultural differences in which he was raised: he writes of being a Muslim Pakistani in a white world, and how this fit with his gayness and his passion for fashion. Between this, and advice he doles out with impunity, France does snark well, which he freely admits. That’s entertaining, especially since he appears to be rather nice about it. In the end, this is a fun book from a star’s-eye view, and with useful tips for any reader, gay or not. Pick up a copy of “Naturally Tan” and see if it doesn’t suit you.

By: Always Overbooked... Terri Schlichenmeyer The Bookworm Sez, LLC bookwormsez@gmail. com



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Hotness by Richie Arpino

Jewelry by: BoyJewels

Jewelry by: BoyJewels

Creep of the WEEK Ryan Fournier

by DíAnne Witkowski


s if I needed anothe r reason to love Elizabeth Warren, complicated. And no she’s gone and done something other people who ref t for them, but for the U.S. due in yet again that ha large part to transph use to recognize or upset right-wing Re s respect any ge obia, which is its nd publicans. Granted she pretty much do , strictly male or er identities that aren’t the powers elf due in large part to female and based es this every day by of ign orance and hatre on the combined. advocating for thing gender assigned at d birth. like access to healt s Republicans hate h care for everybody and a living minim Ryan Fournier, Chair um wage. man of Students for I did a Google news search Trump, is one such for “transgender” pe the But what I’m talkin headline Tweeted, “Game ov rson. On July 19 he “29-year-old tra and g ab er ns ou gender woman fou folks - Elizabeth t is literally Warr pretty small, but fig nd shot dead en added he uratively huge: sh added her prono e a screenshot of r pronouns,” along with unknown” on side of road, motive uns to her Twitt wa W arr s th en e ’s firs Twitter bio. er bio. Now, in addit up. The ABC News t thing that came ion to saying, “U story reports that .S. Now, by “gam Senator, former tea De nali Berri cher, and candida e te mean “mic drop over” Fournier didn’t South Ca es Stuckey was murdered in for president. Wife rolina. , mom, grandmoth er, clearly thinks ” or anything positive. He and Okie” it also sa that listing her pro ys, “She/her.” nouns It is, sadly is a negative thing , not an . So Is she the only, at. Much like the tra mething to laugh “Stuckey’s de uncommon occurrence. or even the firs ath is nsgender woman he presidential cand t, mocked last year case of deadly vio the 12th known idate to include by Tw lence against the ee tin g, “[T he pronouns on Tw itter? I don’t kn r is what happens when you ‘misg his] transgender community in ow someone” alo ender’ of the vic (though all of them 20 ngside tims were Black tra 19. All should). nsgender emojis and a video two crying laughing women,” acco rding to the Human of a woman getting What I do know is Rights very angry at a Campaign. th not happy. And thos at some people are she is called sir Game Stop store after . e anti-LGBTQ, with a people are largely gets very agita In the video the woman From HRC’s ted an heavy emphasis on Violence anti-trans. Against with the sales clerk, d then aggressive the Transgender challenges the clerk Community to “take it outside in 20 19 report: “It is cle ,” sw ar that fatal I, too, list my prono boxes over. It’s easy ears and knocks violence dis un s, pro to watch this video which are the an portionately affec same as Warren’s, d see someone ts in freaking out over transgender women of color, other places like my my Twitter bio and nothing, espe and th at th e cia lly int res ers if um yo ec e and email neve u yourself have tions of racism sign off. And it’s no sexism, ho r faced discri , t be people won’t know cause I’m worried the constant th mination, ridicule and transphob mophobia, biphobia and ia rea if co t I’m ns of pir vio a e “sh len to e” or a of your ge ce because emplo de “he.” I legit do not nder identity. yment, housing, he prive them of ca alth ca “sir” multiple times re. I’ve been called ot he r ne ce in ssities, barriers th re and when I was going my life, especially What I see wh at make th em vulnerable.” en I through chemo for breast cancer an someone who is in watch the video is d was totally ba a lot of pain ha ld. Once all of my hair grew back I stopped a very hard time. I’m not excusin ving With so much stacked again shaving my legs g her transgend be ha vior, but I be er people, especia st them, that patriarchal sh cause to hell with human being, also see her first as a transgend lly black it. I still wear shorts er women, need to which is not some ha in Fournier sees the summer, thou th ve allies ing wh o are visible. And gh at all. legs than many du , and I have hairier a position of influe if those allies are in des. Again, I don’t nc care what people But Warren do a U.S. Senator runn e and power, like th ing for president, all still a cisgender fem ink of me, but I’m people as hu es see transgender the better. man, ale. pronouns in her bio and including her is a way of saying, That said, listing “I see you and I my pronouns isn for me. It’s to sh ’t fighting for you.” respect you and I am D’Anne Witkowski is a poet, writer and ow solidarity with transgender and comedian living in Michigan with her wife genderqueer peop le This is a big for whom prono and son. She has been writing about LGBT deal. Transgender uns can be ve pe ry are at a much politics for over a decade. Follow her on higher risk of violen ople ce in Twitter @MamaDWitkowski

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Profile for Fenuxe Magazine Management

Fenuxe Magazine Issue v10-i16 | Hotness by Richie Arpino  

Fenuxe Magazine Issue v10-i16 | Hotness by Richie Arpino

Fenuxe Magazine Issue v10-i16 | Hotness by Richie Arpino  

Fenuxe Magazine Issue v10-i16 | Hotness by Richie Arpino

Profile for fenuxe