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“Under My Skin” draws inspiration from Ol’ Blue Eyes’ “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.  Kendra Erika wrote the track with Damon Sharpe,  a Grammy Award winning producer who has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Kylie Minogue, among others.  Sharpe also produced “Under My Skin,” along with Eric Sanicola and Jason Dauman,  the influential founder of dance music label, Dauman Music. “It was Damon’s idea to reinterpret one of Sinatra’s standards for the dance floor,” says Kendra Erika from her South Florida home.  “He suggested ‘Summer Wind’ but I thought ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ would work better because of the whole ‘let’s see if we get caught’ theme.   “It got me thinking how the youth of today are not much different from those of 75 years ago, when the Cole Porter original was written,” she continues. “We still feel invincible when it comes to love and life and if you think about it, why shouldn’t we?  We’re still discovering who we are and where we stand.  Everyone’s young and stupid at some point in their lives,” she laughs.   Kendra Erika’s “Under My Skin” is a Big Room track.  Its playful and alluring with sweeping build-ups and hard drops. “I have big hopes for the song.  I hope it impacts club fans and gets under their skin! Whether they’re dancing out at the club, or in workout beast mode at the gym, or even if they’re simply cruising along in their car, I want the song to lift their minds to new heights.”  To make sure “Under My Skin” gets its due in clubs, Dauman Music enlisted the powerhouse production team of Marc Stout a/k/a Mixin Marc, best known for their work with The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Rihanna, Diplo, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry, for the song’s remixes. “Under My Skin” is the follow-up to Kendra Erika’s “Oasis,” her first collaboration with Damon Sharpe.  It was heralded for it’s striking cinematic glamour, reminiscent of tracks by Lana Del Rey.   It reached #9 on the Billboard Dance Charts in November. “Kendra and I went into the studio hoping to re-create the magic of ‘Oasis,’” recalls Sharpe.  “I think we succeeded.  Kendra and I have a

chemistry that shines.” Kendra agrees, but shies away from comparing “Under My Skin” with “Oasis”.  “I strive to live in the present and always keep my focus on the future. The songs I did in the past were the best for where I was at that particular time in my life and career.  What I love about ‘Under My Skin’ is it is more involved and complex than anything I’ve done previously.  It shows growth in its artistry.”  Kendra Erika is trained in classical and jazz, her Deep House/Pop recording style developed from going out to Miami clubs and experiencing the impact the city’s DJs had on the dance floor.  She said she was particularly drawn to how the music provided an escape for club fans.

“House music offers a full experience for all the senses to enjoy,” she reflects. “I aim to take people on an elevating, emotional journey with my songs.  It can be happy or sad, as long as its positive and affirming.  I steer clear from anything that is hyper sexualized or selfdegrading. I’m not interested in providing a distraction that is disguised as an escape.” Kendra Erika’s “Under My Skin”  is being released globally through Dauman Music and Sony Red and is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and all other major retailers. It is also available for streaming through Pandora and Spotify. Its lyric video is available on YouTube.  To learn more about Kendra Erika, visit  Daumanmusic. com and  

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Fenuxe Magazine Issue V8-11  

Fenuxe Magazine Issue V8-11