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Like Water Always Be Looking at the Trees

Entering Where Most Exit


This book is a story of who I am and how I got here.

In the pages to follow, I will share events and lessons from my past. They involve family, neighborhoods I grew up in, people I've met along the way, and places I've travelled along this journey.

In the end, this book is as much a purging and attempt at self-discovery as it is a bold attempt to impact the life of you, the reader.


Chapter One:

South Side. 39th lake park.

Gangs. Gun shots. Rats in hall. L Rukin, the lakefront, drive in, the music.


Chapter 2:

why should white guys have all the fun. Reference the book... My Envy, competition, having less than others...stolen bike from Goldblatts, the shoes, walking to school, no hat,


Chapter 3.

Thin Line between Love and Hate. The best and worse experience of my life. Military.

Figured out the road to success was education! (Tell story of GI Bill) Learned tolerance. (White racist roommate. Boars from Nebraska. Lumpkin from the south.)


Chapter 4.

Less is More. Or, there's no place like home . Or, scared straight!

Crack cocaine CSU. 3 jobs


Chapter 5.

What Harvard taught me? Duality. Souls of Black Folk. Malcolm X. White people work hard...Asians work harder! Lol.

They told us we were the best of the best, it was my burden to believe them.

OJ Simpson trial, CNN. Nairobi Internship Learning a new language and way of thinking Struggle to maintain my identity (developed identity early on) and purpose Walking past the library on Saturday --Asians studying


Chapter 6.

Make the wine, pour the wine , drink the wine; Entrepreneurship or, I expect to eat, only that which I kill.


Chapter 7. At some point were going to run out of time! Carpe Diem

Mike Fedele , his father Geno. My father passing at 54. What do I have to lose? What's the worse thing that can happen? Best inventions in the world at at the graveyard. Why live and be irrelevant! Rev Sharpton.


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