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SELINI IVY COLLECTION Delicate handcrafted vine inspired design, with rich enamel and exceptional diamonds in yellow and white gold.


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LONDON By appointment in London. 33 St. James’s Sq London SW1Y 4JS

C60 Trident Pro 600 Chronograph



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ast month I was invited to Iceland by my friends at JS Watch Co. I had been planning to go for two years, so I figured it was an overdue trip and I had heard so many great things about the country, so I finally flew over. I am so glad I did, as not only is Iceland, and her people so wonderful, but I also got to stay right in the heart of the capital, Reykjavik, which is such an easy City to get around. It was -12 and snowing, but I still managed to walk around and see most of the sights this fantastic City has to offer. I will definitely return to tour more of the country, (but maybe in warmer weather). I was soon walking up the main high street towards JS Watch Co. and finally meeting the guys, who together make such amazing watches, from their tiny atelier in the heart of Reykjavik. More on Iceland, the hotel I stayed at, and of course JS Watch Co. on several pages you will find within this issue. Last month I took delivery of a very new Bentley Flying Spur W12. Only for a week, but what a great week, with my sincere thanks to Bentley Press Office for the opportunity. I managed to drive and photograph it on the only day of the week I had it,

which wasn’t pouring with rain and high winds, and so thank you also to Lady luck for helping! I drove to Castle Combe Circuit, which is only a quick spurt from the office, and where I took a few photos of the Bentley before setting the sat-nav for Broadway. Visiting Lucy Cartwright and Daniel Bremner at DL Dressage at their amazing training livery just outside Broadway, I managed to capture the front cover photograph for this issue. Both loved the Bentley, but when asked if they would swap for one of their horses, Lucy was a definite, ‘no way’, but I reckon Daniel might have been tempted…just for a moment. So the theme of the cover shoot was to introduce horsepower to horsepower, so look out for the accompanying editorial and photos within this issue. I do hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together ■

Derek Gregory Derek Gregory Publisher




Welcome to the world of Rebus signet rings.


ave you always worked with jewellery?

Yes, I have been working within the jewellery trade since 1986. My first foray into the trade was at the Sir John Cass School of Art in Whitechapel, where I spent a year


studying jewellery design and making, stone setting, silversmithing and hand engraving. I immediately fell in love with hand engraving. I then went on to start a 5 year apprenticeship with a company in Hatton Garden called R.H. Wilkins. Little did I know that I would go on to buy that company 15 years later.

How long have you been with the Rebus brand, how did it come about? I started the Rebus brand about 10 years ago, mainly due to the frustration of being sent poor quality signet rings to work on. I just thought I could do this better.


products, well made. Once the artwork is produced and we begin engraving it feels so personal, invariably they are made to mark a special moment in time. They are pieces of jewellery that are often worn every day, slowly becoming part of the fabric of the wearer, this is the magic. We are not witness to this subtly evolving relationship between wearer and object. But the knowledge this will surely take place is exciting, serving the customer is like sharing this secret, our customer becomes our confidant. Creating these rings for people, showing them how we make them, letting them into our workshop/our world feels intimate; a private experience shared between us. Does your family have a crest? No we don’t, although I do wear a signet ring. My family is Irish so I have a seal engraved Claddagh symbol in mine. What does a signet ring mean for you? What would you say it stands for? 

What does Rebus mean?

I find them so evocative. They are rich in detail; strange designs and symbols. Often signet rings are handed down through the family. They become a link to a bygone age.

How long does it take to create a Rebus signet ring, from idea to design to completion? We quote a lead time of 4 -6 weeks. You are the official engraver of the Wimbledon trophy, which just shows your skill level. If you were to teach someone that skill, how long would it take for them to be up to scratch?  To begin with the apprentice must have a natural artistic ability, a good eye and the temperament to be able to sit and focus on a single item for many hours/days. If this is the case, it takes about 5 years, even after 5 years I was still developing my own style. I strongly believe in passing on the skills we have developed here & will have two apprentices at any time. I really enjoy working in a nurturing environment. If you were to receive a Rebus ring for Valentines, which one would you choose?   My favourite is the 18ct Rose Gold Oxford Oval, the extra heavy weight. They just get better looking with age. I like to treat them as a blank canvas, so as long as the design idea for the engraving came from the one I loved, I wouldn’t care what it was ■

A ‘Rebus’ is a device (in our case the wax impression taken from the engraved ring) that uses pictures and symbols to represent a word or phrase. Rebus imagery also serves as a sort of code, it is used a lot in heraldry. During the Victorian era Rebus puzzles where also very popular. What makes Rebus different from other jewellery brands?  Predominately the core of our craftsmen are hand engravers, unfortunately this appears to be a dying artform; Rebus has the country’s largest in-house team of skill hand engravers. The jewellery we offer is not lead by fashion or trends. They are good quality, simple






| USA +1 954 767 1035








| USA +1 954 767 1035


INTRODUCING HORSEPOWER TO HORSEPOWER With the Bentley Flying Spur W12 and DL Dressage. Words and photographs: Derek Gregory



s I took delivery of the Bentley Flying Spur W12 at my office in rural Wiltshire, there was a rumble from the dark sky above, which was to prove somewhat ominous as I got into the car and closed the drivers door firmly behind me. Somehow I just knew that the first control I would need to familiarise myself with was going to be the wipers, and as I did, so the heavens opened. I live in England, so of course I’m used to a bit of rain, but this was looking like something a bit more sinister. It was daytime and yet was looking more like night as I drove out of the gates and


headed for Castle Combe Circuit, where I had called ahead to ask if I could drop in and take a few photos of the Bentley. The car was everything I had expected and then more. Subtle, refined, fast and yet for a car of it’s obvious size, never felt too big or in anyway excessive. I had driven the previous Flying Spur and was not bowled over by it, If I’m honest, but that was a good few years ago and things have very much changed. This W12, the top of the range all new Flying Spur, was a different car completely, and as I overtook a tractor in the lanes heading to Castle Combe, I realised although this car is big, it tries very hard to make you believe it isn’t.

The car I had been given to drive for a week, was in a very fetching Rubino red, with a duo-colour full hide interior and came with a plethora of extras, including a ‘Mulliner specification with alternative wheel’, at £12,190, and a ‘Naim for Bentley audio system, coupled with a multimedia presentation’, at £11,300. In all, the extras alone in my car amounted to £45,000, making the grand total purchase price of this car - £190,555. One might feel this is a lot of money for a Bentley, but if you’re in the market for a car of this calibre, you’re probably looking also at the Rolls Royce Ghost, which would top out at around £300,000, if similarly spec’d - so the Bentley becomes a potential bargain! ▶



I have to say overtaking the tractor was done with ease and precision, once the road ahead was clear to do so, even in torrential rain, and with 616bhp available from the 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12, it was effortless. With a 0-60 of just 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 199mph, this is a car to cruise long distances in. As I arrived at Castle Combe, the clouds faded away and blue sky appeared, allowing me an hour of photography at the end of my first day. You can’t be discreet in a car like this, as if the front grill and badge aren’t enough to get you noticed, then the size and colour certainly will, and so as I drove along the road from the office on day two of my time with the Bentley Flying Spur, and pulled up at a set of traffic lights, I noticed a young lad trying to catch my attention. I lowered the electric window and he simply said, “Nice car mate”, and that was interesting, as in some cars considered to perhaps be in the supercar league, that compliment may not have been offered…(and that’s putting it politely). So, the Bentley had also been “approved”, by a representative of the youth of Wiltshire. Day two and the rain was relentless, and to the point I very nearly cancelled my photo shoot, but I had the car anyway, so a road trip was a plan and I could test the sat-nav.

My destination was Broadway, deep in the heart of the Cotswolds, and as I set the satnav, I was about to be very glad that I did, as several of the major roads I needed to be on, were closed due to the huge flooding from the night before’s rain. Finally however, and an hour later than scheduled, I pulled into the gates of the stunning property, where Daniel Bremner & Lucy Cartwright run their Dressage training yard. Both as partners in business and partners in life, and together with their two lively Norfolk terriers, ‘Spud & Sprout’. Fast luxury cars and the world of Dressage, may seem a million miles removed, but in reality they are quite similar. Both offer a certain presence and grace, along with finely tuned precision handling, refinement and power. Admittedly The Bentley has slightly more horsepower, compared to a powerful Dressage horse, but the similarities are in the power, beauty and grace of each beast. It seemed therefore an opportunity to present an article based on introducing horsepower to horsepower. Originally meeting whilst both working for Olympic gold medalist, Carl Hester, both Lucy and Daniel believe it has been this singular, quite amazing working experience, which included Lucy winning the Badminton Young Horse finals in 2006. Winning on the now very famous Valegro, helped Lucy enormously and gave them both the much needed experience and determination to later strike out on their own at such an early age. Both are still under thirty and yet are running their own highly respected professional dressage training yard, under their own business of ‘D L Dressage’, at a beautiful property owned by their friend, Carole Felton just outside the Cotswold town of Broadway. The couple, along with their loyal Norfolk terriers, Spud & Sprout work long hours in all weathers, to look after and train over twenty dressage horses, alongside their capable staff, with days that start at 7am, and finish often late at night. This is not a career you choose yourself, it really chooses you,



as most owners, riders and trainers at this level have been around horses all of their lives. It’s not so much a job but a way of life. Arriving at the yard I parked well away from the stables and walked across towards the indoor arena, where I held back from saying hello, as Lucy was right in the middle of one of her many daily training sessions on one of their horses, and so I stood and watched as she trotted around the arena. All in a regular day’s work when training these magnificently powerful horses, which Lucy and Daniel do with amazing dedication and good humour. I should say at this stage, I know both Lucy and Daniel very well, and have done for over seven years, as Lucy’s Mum Caroline is my partner, and so to me I think of both of them as my family.

As I drove the Bentley around to the front of the stables and positioned it for the best photos, It was Daniel who I think would have been the one to swap one of their horses for the Bentley (maybe), with Lucy agreeing the car was pretty amazing and very beautiful, but in her world, not as amazing or beautiful as her horses - so no sale there then. Both did agree however, that when it comes to introducing horsepower to horsepower, the Bentley really does fit the bill ■ My thanks go to Bentley Press office for the loan of the all new Bentley Flying Spur W12, and to Lucy Cartwright and Daniel Bremner for the invitation to visit their Dressage yard for the photo shoot.





The 2nd Car Produced - Fully Restored - Alpine Blue.


he Aston Martin DB2 was a highly successful post-war production car that was first introduced to the public at the 1950 New York Motor Show. The release of this model followed David Brown’s acquisition of Aston Martin and Lagonda in 1947. During the three years in which the car was produced (Until 1953), they were sold as fast as they could be produced. In total, 339 coupes and 102 dropheads were completed with the distinctive 2-seater tourer body designed by Frank Freeley giving the car an elegant look. Fitted to the chassis was the Lagonda 2.3 litre engine and four-wheel coil-spring suspension. Finished in its original Alpine Blue livery, this particular DB2 is one of the very rare and highly desirable ‘First Sanction’ cars, which features a three-piece radiator grille, side extractor grilles, all-round chrome plated bumper strips, twin fuel fillers and flush-fitting front and rear screens with plated surrounds. This car is, astonishingly, regarded as just the second production example, as the first 10 numbers were given to press, works

or development cars. It is believed that this very car was the first production DB2 to be sold by Aston Martin. The car has been to the California Mille and the California Mille Autunno rallies as well as the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2007, when Aston Martin was one of the featured marques. In Europe, the car could be eligible for the fabled Mille Miglia. This very rare, incredibly early and ground breaking ‘First Sanction’ example presents, arguably, a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a very special car that has been restored to, in our opinion, an exceptional standard. The car has covered less than 15,000 miles since restoration, is UK road registered and is currently available and ready to be enjoyed immediately by its new owner. Available immediately: £284,995.00 Please contact Derek Gregory at ■


ALWAYS EXTRAORDINARY Holidays are opportunities to share extraordinary moments. Opportunities to create magical memories. We have been creating tailor-made holidays for over 20 years. We know how to get the most out of every destination and how to surpass every expectation. | 020 7384 2332




FATHERS SONS AND FERRARIS 8-11 JULY 2016 Otherwise known as ‘The Padre Figlio’.


he Raduno Padre-FiglioTM (father and son), is a unique weekend event in which fathers and sons can take part in a regularity race open to Ferraris of all periods.

For this first edition, the race is scheduled for 8-10 July 2016. As with each event, the HappyFewRacingTM event programme is designed to give time to meet other teams, share very human moments, enjoy the ride of your car on selected routes and fine cuisine. The Raduno Padre-FiglioTM brings together different generations of gentlemen and different generations of cars. Beyond the attention to detail brought to the organisation of this event, the generational diversity is what will give this classic event such a singular appeal.

This exclusive rally will take place in Tuscany, starting from Firenze, on the weekend of the 8-10 July 2016. A regularity race will pep up things a little on Saturday, while Sunday will be a relaxed tourist circuit without any timekeeping. The rally is only open to Ferraris of all ages, to uphold the concept of different generations and exclusiveness. Using the road-book provided at the start, drivers will cover a certain distance over which an average speed will be calculated by the organisation. To win the race, the subsequent average speed over the various timed portions must be as close as possible to the initial average speed. It is quite straightforward; only the location of each stage’s finishing line is kept secret! ■




But there’s so much more you can achieve with this company.


hornley Kelham offers full and partial restorations, classic motor sport preparation and event support, classic and vintage car maintenance and servicing, storage, and selective vehicle sourcing and sales. They cover a wide range of high end marques, and are acquiring a reputation for concours level quality standards. In the past two years they have won awards including two at the 2015


Salon Prive’ Concours d’Elegance, one being the top restoration prize; the 2015 Bentley Drivers’ Club annual concours ‘Best in Show’ award, best restoration of an Amilcar, and various prizes for a restored truck! With a special passion for Lancias, they also restored possibly the most famous of all, the ex-Bracco Mille Miglia/Le Mans Series 1 Aurelia B20GT which was subsequently invited to Pebble Beach.

Thornley Kelham is a company run by enthusiasts. The business started because of a single car – an Aston Martin DB4. Wayne Kelham suggested that Simon Thornley buy it –at first he refused, having had a particularly bad experience at the hands of a restoration company with a previous DB4. However, the lessons learnt were a major influence on how they eventually set up and ran their own classic car company, and the doors to ‘Thornley


Sharing a fierce work ethic, and a belief that quality, transparency and integrity should be the cornerstones of their approach, they have built a company that today comprises a team of over 30 skilled and dedicated individuals offering the full range of classic and vintage car-related services. There are many reasons to restore a car. You may have purchased a dust-covered barn find to be restored to its former glory (probably better); you may simply have worn out your favourite classic after years of hard use. Perhaps you want to compete – historic racing is a fabulous scene - there are endurance rallies spanning continents; or you may want to grace the concours’ lawns of Pebble Beach or Villa d’Este.

Kelham’ opened in January 2009 – with just 4 people and 3 cars. Wayne has spent his entire working life in the restoration world, preparing and painting cars such as Bugatti Royale, Type 57 and 57S, Rolls Royce Phantom II, various Astons, Alfas and Ferraris … sometimes also doing the wiring, rebuilding gearboxes and putting the complete car together. Many of these cars competed at the very top end of the collector car world – including Pebble Beach.

Restoring the car of your dreams for road use puts the emphasis on durability – underbody protection for example – and usability – you may want a bespoke air conditioning system or upgraded sound (music or exhaust!). ‘Build me a fast road car’ is a common request, leading to faster cams, porting of heads, special pistons. We still look after the DB4 mentioned earlier (it was sold to fund the business) and it is an incredibly quick machine. Historic Motorsport is exciting, sometimes glamorous, but can be very hard on cars. One of the ultimate tests is the Mille Miglia, the famed Italian road race covering 1000 miles from Brescia, down to Rome and looping back to the starting

point. Run over four days, for those who take it seriously it is a long, hard, fast event, with one day of over 12 hours’ driving at maximum speeds on public roads. It is exclusive (only cars that participated in the original event which ran between 1927 and 1957 are eligible), with several thousand applications for approximately 400 hundred places. Thornley Kelham has successfully supported clients in Lancia Aurelia B20GTs that they have restored and prepared on the MM, and they are heading back there this year with a Ferrari. In 2015 they had almost finished the restoration of an early Aurelia, when the client learnt that his entry application had been successful - just 8 weeks before the event! They then had to install timing and navigation equipment, upgrade all the exterior lights, put together an extensive kit of spares and run the car in – pretty hard – for 800 miles. The engine was also run on the dyno and put out 20hp more than in period. Long evenings were spent double checking every wiring connection, every nut and bolt, every component. The preparation paid off. Nothing major failed – a relief as Parc Ferme check ups took place after midnight – and ‘their’ car finished 120 places higher than its starting number. The owner’s post-event SMS made it all worthwhile: “I have become a true Lancista…car ran great and support was perfect” ■

Simon had a career building businesses and managing teams around the world, buying his first classic (an Austin Healey 3000) whilst living in Chicago in the early nineties. He then found an early Austin Healey 100 in need of a full restoration - and caught the restoration bug. 25 years later his collection includes a Bentley Continental R-Type, a Porsche 911 2.7 RS, six Lancias including a B24 Spider, and that ‘Healey 100.





Whether you want to buy, sell or lease your aircraft you can trust like-minded people within our international network to understand your local needs and provide Swiss Quality Services



ICELAND IN WINTER seeking out hotels, watches and great coffee... Words and photographs: Derek Gregory




celand has been on my travel radar for several years, and had I known exactly how amazing it really is, I might have gone sooner.

Only a few years ago if you’d said you were off to Iceland, many people would have looked at you as if you had said you were off to the moon! Why would you want to go to Iceland? Not so today, as Iceland is a thriving country with record tourism levels and a once again thriving economy. It has also become a stop-over for North American visitors, on route in and out of

Europe, as well as having been opened up by low cost airlines, such as Easyjet and WOW! as well as competitive prices from it’s National carrier, Icelandair. All of this and a buzzing bar, night club and coffee scene, and Iceland - with Reykjavik at the centre, is the ‘in’ place to visit.

disrupted the ‘scene’, and they opened up their own little coffee shops. Some arty, some quirky, some small with just three tables, but all with a common theme. To provide the very best coffee, because if you are going to do something, you may as well do it well, and as is the Icelandic way.

You might wonder what a ‘thriving coffee scene’ is, well to start with, there are zero coffee chain companies in Iceland, the likes of Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero etc, none can be found, so Iceland has done what every other place I’m sure would do - and did do successfully until the chains

Flying into Keflavik on a cold, snowy, windy February day, may not seem appealing, and as I left the warm terminal to step outside, the coldness of -12 hit me to the point I immediately questioned what I was doing there. 45 minutes later I was in my hotel in the centre of Reykjavik, ▶



on the fifth floor admiring the snowy vista from my art deco bedroom, within the Hotel Borg. Complete with ice sculptures either side of the entrance, (and clearly cold enough to still be there unmelted the following morning). The hotel Borg is a real find. Set exactly where you want to be in the heart of the City and overlooking the historic Asuturvollur Square. This luxe hotel in a landmark building is only 7-minutes’ walk from Harpa concert hall and 1 km from Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik’s soaring, modern cathedral, where for a small fee, you can climb to the top and get great views of the downtown area. Back at Hotel Borg, Art deco rooms feature comfortable beds from Hästens and fittings from Philippe Starck, with custommade furniture, free Wi-Fi, Bang & Olufsen TVs, minibars and tea and coffeemakers. Suites add lounges, as mine had and there’s even a multi-level suite with panoramic city views. Amenities include a bar, and a fine dining restaurant serving Icelandic

cuisine. There’s also a spa, a hot tub and a sauna, as well as a fitness room. Reykjavik is a compact city to walk around, and if on a freezing cold day, you wrap up well in appropriate clothing, it’s a great city to walk around and enjoy. Plenty of coffee shops to dive into, to warm up and I thoroughly recommend time to walk around the concert hall - both outside and definitely on the warmer inside, as the architecture of this landmark building is quite spectacular. There’s also a coffee shop/restaurant inside and a very good gift shop. I waited until sunset before leaving to walk back to the Hotel Borg, and was treated to a spectacular sunset across the water to the mountains beyond, and later at 2am, from my hotel window, the most amazing display of aurora borealis I have ever seen! My main reason however for my trip to Reykjavik, was to finally meet the guys at JS Watch Co.

As mentioned earlier, Reykjavik is an easy city to walk around and so I set off from the warmth of the hotel to find the small workshop and shop for which JS Watch Co has become so famous around the world. The first thing you’ll notice when entering the shop at the top of the main high street, is that it is quite small. Boutique like, and quaint. Almost old fashioned, rather than a large glitzy showroom of watches - and that is a lot of the companies appeal to collectors - many of whom, like myself, travel from all around the world to meet the watch makers themselves. There aren’t too many watch companies in the world where you can arrive and have a chat with the person who has made your watch! I was met by Sigurdor, who wasn’t expecting me until the next day, but as I explained I just couldn’t wait to meet them. He laughed and went to get his Father Gilbert, who was in the workshop at the back of the shop, which is a small space behind a curtain. As Sigurdor attended to the constant flow of customers, Gilbert made me so welcome and opened up display case after display case and presented watch after watch, and told me story after story. A really passionate watchmaker and storyteller, he delighted in telling me stories of global celebrity who seek him out personally. And we’re not talking about minor celebs here. Tom Cruise is a fan, as is American actor Dennis Quaid, to name just a couple. It is however without doubt, the musician Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull fame, that sends Gilbert into rapture, as he recounts the time his most favourite musician walked into his shop. The two have since become good friends and exchanged the most wonderful gifts to each other. Such great stories, and such a nice man. In the evening, Sigurdor and Grimkell picked me up from the Hotel Borg and we walked to a restaurant and they very kindly treated me to a fabulous Icelandic



dinner. Their hospitality was incredible and I look forward to the time one or all of them can get over to the UK, so I can return the compliment. If you are a watch collector, or simply want to wear something original and very different on your wrist. My recommendation is to take a short break in Iceland and I guarantee you will not be disappointed â– The founders of the company: Gilbert O. Gudjonsson Master Watchmaker, his son Sigurdur Gilbertsson Technical Director, and Grimkell Sigurthorsson Design and Marketing Director can be found at their owner operated workshop, JS Watch Co. store and design studio at Laugavegur 62, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland.



C60 CHRONOGRAPH Introducing the new Trident C60 Chronograph.


his watch is a milestone in the Christopher Ward story, and one that points to a future at the vanguard of UK watchmaking. The editor of QP Magazine, Timothy Barber, tells the story of a very special timepiece. There are three initial surprises that greet you when you first handle the new chronograph for Christopher Ward’s C60 diving watch range. The first is the bold colouring: vivid yellow sub- dials set against a blue-grey background that makes one think of the North Sea at its most mysterious. The second is the sheer build quality – both sturdy and sleek, with chamfered case edges and suave new rubber strap. It’s startlingly different to the simple C60 Trident watches of yesteryear (I can say this with authority, as the owner of a very early example of the latter). Lastly, the watch appears to be ‘breathing’. At 9 o’clock, where you’d expect to find the small seconds sub-dial, instead find a circle outlined by white, oval segments that appear to grow and contract constantly. A nice design flourish you might think, but there’s more to it than that. While a running seconds display is essential for showing that a dive watch is functioning, a tiny seconds hand counting its way around a sub-dial is unclear at depth and unnecessary – the ‘breathing’ display is a much more effective and stylish solution.



itself. The wave pattern stamped into the dial, the elegantly old-fashioned hands, the ‘trident’ counterweight to the running seconds hand, along with a robust build and 300m water resistance, made for a considerable package in return for an investment in the low hundreds. As a company, however, Christopher Ward was moving on apace, acquiring the Swiss manufacturer of its watches and developing a remarkable new movement thanks young watchmaker Johannes Jahnke. From a company that began life selling entrylevel watches in mail-order catalogues, Christopher Ward had become an official player in the Swiss watch industry. Thus, a year ago, new-look C60 Trident watches appeared. Most noticeably, out went the Submariner- referencing circular hour markers, replaced with baton indexes – despite their sleeker style, according to the brand these are even more visible at depth thanks to top-of-the-range Superluminova.

At the heart of the Christopher Ward brand is Adrian Buchmann, a softly-spoken designer who, just 27, already has serious form. Brought up in the watchmaking heartland of the Swiss Jura, he spent several years at one of the industry’s top independent design agencies, and for three years co-ran his own start-up developing new mechanical watch concepts. It’s a measure of Christopher Ward’s increasing standing as a watch business that it could convince a whizz of Buchmann’s calibre to uproot himself from Switzerland’s horological hothouse and settle in Henley-on-Thames. “In Switzerland you’d be working all day for one brand or another, but wherever you go you’d run into colleagues from other brands and watch businesses – everyone there is in the industry,” Buchmann says in faltering English. “Life is a little different now.”

Evidently, Buchmann already has the art of British understatement down pat. Meanwhile, Christopher Ward co-founder Mike France has been steeping him in the traditions of classic English design (it helps when you have an Aston Martin DB9 in the garage). But Buchmann’s brief is a serious one: in France’s words, it is to develop “a recognisable Christopher Ward signature that’s present across everything we do”. The original Christopher Ward diving watch, the C60 Trident MK 1 launched in 2008. With its fulsome rotating bezel and black dial with large, circular white hour markers, it wore its influences obviously. “We’ve never made any secret of the fact that the inspiration is traceable back to the Rolex Submariner – many brands more famous than us share that,” says France. This being said, the Trident had enough character and style of its own to establish

It’s a more understated look that reflects the sense of Britishness that the brand is keen to instil. The new collections feature scratch-proof ceramic bezels, something commonly found in watches of a much higher price point. The C60 Chronograph moves the story on further still – including all the true signifiers of a high-spec dive watch, such as 600m water resistance, robust screw- down pushers and a helium escape valve (a device for withstanding changes in pressure). But it’s in the details that the influence of Buchmann’s hand is really evident. The case has been transformed with a far more ergonomic and elegant design, the edges now chamfered and softened – a detail that extends even to the tops of the screw-down pushers. And then there’s the dial, which Buchmann describes as one of the most complex he’s ever conceived. In this light, the C60 Chronograph is a tantalising pointer to the future of the Christopher Ward marque ■



PATEK PHILIPPE WATCH FOR SALE Grand Complications - 5971P.


his magnificent timepiece from perhaps the most prestigious brand in Switzerland shows off the full extent of the extraordinary craftsmanship that makes Patek Philippe so special. First of all, the watch boasts the terrific CH 27-70 Q grand complication movement, most notably featuring a perpetual calendar, the king of complications and famously Patek’s forte. The gorgeous calibre is visible in its full glory through the back, cased in breathtaking, ultra-elegant platinum set with 36 baguette-cut diamonds and featuring a refined dial design with further gems for the hour indexes. Uniting the very finest jewellery artistry, Swiss design heritage and the peerless mechanical prowess of Patek’s legendary grand complications, this watch brings to bear all of the brand’s greatest skills.

This Patek Philippe has undergone a thorough inspection of accuracy, functionality and condition to determine the level of reconditioning required to meet our strict standards. It has also been referenced against technical documents and manufacturer records where available to ensure authenticity and a clean history. This is a pre-owned Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5971P. It has a 40mm Platinum set with Diamonds case, a Black Baton dial, a Alligator - Black bracelet, and is powered by a Manual movement. The case has a 3049xxx serial and paperwork is dated 12 December 2008, making it 8 years old, and comes complete with box. Available immediately: £175,000.00 Please contact Derek Gregory at ■



21st May 2016, The Wing, Silverstone Circuit

2010 Porsche 911 GT2 RS (997) Sold for (£): 281,250

1989 Ferrari Testarossa Sold for (£): 130,500

1970 Jaguar E-Type Series II Fixedhead Coupe Sold for (£): 51,188




Available exclusively from our partner aviation company. ombardier is a Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company, founded in 1942 in Quebec. Bombardier also manufactures the CL-415 amphibious water-bomber, the Global Express and the Challenger business jet. Learjet continues to operate as a subsidiary of Bombardier, manufacturing jets under the Learjet marque.


The interior arrangement provides accommodation for two pilots in the cockpit and 9 passengers in the cabin. The cabin is divided into forward, mid and aft compartments and at the rear of the aircraft is a vanity room / lavatory which also provides cabin access to the baggage compartment.

This particular Bombardier is a Challenger 300 first manufactured in 2006 and with 5438 airframe total hours. Within the roomy cabin, it is configured with 9 seats, and it is worth mentioning that this aircraft has been extremely well maintained and is therefore in pristine condition, and with no damage history, and with one owner since delivery. The aircraft is currently enrolled in the Bombardier MAX program.

The cabin area is made up of Classic cow Townsend leather seating with a Forward 4-place club, aft LS 3-place divan, Aft 2-place club, and with Beige wool carpeting. Entertainment equipment consists of, but is not limited to; Airshow 4000 Next-Generation w/multi-media in flight mapping plus Dual 15-inch at-screen monitor, DVD/CD/MP3 multiregion, and Dual 18-inch at LCD displays.

With a maximum speed of 470kts, this aircraft can cruise at a maximum height of 45,000ft and consumes 295 gallons of fuel per hour.

Available immediately: $7,950,000.00 Please contact Derek Gregory at â–


Original, limited-edition Art Deco posters by leading artists

Limited to editions of 280, our newly-commissioned Art Deco posters feature glamorous holiday destinations around the world, ski resorts in the Austrian, French and Swiss Alps, and the world’s greatest historic automobiles. Over 100 designs to choose from, all printed on 100% cotton fine art paper, measuring 97 x 65 cms.

Priced at £395 each. Private commissions are also welcome.

Pullman Editions Ltd 94 Pimlico Road Chelsea London SW1W 8PL Tel: +44 (0)20 7730 0547 Email:

Our central London gallery

All images and text copyright © Pullman Editions Ltd. 2016

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Available exclusively from our partner aviation company.


he Dassault Falcon is a family of business jets, worldwide well known, manufactured by Dassault Aviation. Nearly 2,400 Falcon jets have been delivered since 1963 and the First Falcon 20. The family includes the twinjets Falcon 2000 and newest Falcon 5X, the trijets Falcon 900, Falcon 7X and before long the Falcon 8X.

therefore with steeper approaches, such as into London City for example.

This particular Falcon is a 900 EX first manufactured in 1997 and with 8670 airframe total hours. Within the roomy cabin, It is configured with 14 seats, and it is worth mentioning that this aircraft has been extremely well maintained and is therefore in pristine condition, and with no damage history. It is also benefited by its engines, APU and avionics being under program.

The cabin is divided into forward, mid and aft compartments and at the rear of the aircraft is a vanity room / lavatory which also provides cabin access to the baggage compartment.

With a maximum speed of 420kts, this aircraft can cruise at a maximum height of 51,000ft and consumes 314 gallons of fuel per hour. Perhaps importantly for some owners, this aircraft is able to land on short runways,

The interior arrangement provides accommodation for two pilots in the cockpit and 12-14 passengers in the cabin. The interior was refurbished in 2005 by Burnet Interiors.

The cabin area is made up of a forward 4-place creamy beige leather club (NB: Berthable into two sleeping positions. A mid-cabin creamy beige leather conference group and dual aft brown checked patterned plush fabric berthable divans. Available immediately: $9,395,000.00 Please contact Derek Gregory at â–


The organizers of the famous Rallye Père-Fils™* give you another appointment in 2016 with the 1000kmGT™. This new edition will take place over four days, from Thursday 23-26 June 2016. The competition will be based on five stages, one of which will take place at night. This event does not overlook such all-important aspects as art de vivre, conviviality and the chance to meet others, and offers all the surprises and delights that make HappyFewRacing™ events so special and appreciated. Be part of the legend and join this great adventure!


MONTE-CARLO . 23-26 JUNE 2016


R A C I N G F E W H A P P Y Organised by








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