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Get the Look for Under £30 Discover the hidden delights of Cardiff boutiques By Shirin Mann Lady Gaga always knows how to look cool


s your dinner ball around the corner? Or just another special night out? Cardiff city offers the best that fits your £30 dress budget. High quality fashion at low ‘affordable’ prices, is the need of the hour and the choices are not the mainstream, high-end brands at the city centre, but the beautiful, young, unexplored boutiques that could just make your day. The nervousness of being spotted at a party with someone wearing the same dress as yours, can be quite nerve wracking, especially when you are buying your dress as the retail store that has a hundred more pieces of it. The game of hide and seek or sticking to the other corner of the room, can be now avoided with the new found boutiques, that display the beautiful, limited ‘made only for you’ clothing, that is created and sold in a few pieces, that makes it much exclusive. Floyd Clothing at High Street, Cardiff, is one such place that offers women’s apparel to suit your style. From the very vibrant, trendy, sexy dresses to comfortable but classy, elegant and formal, all made for those special occasions reveal themselves on its wooden racks. Open six days a week, Floyd Clothing along with its affordable prices is offering season sale for a whole month that can help you look gorgeous not only with your dress but also with the perfect hand bag fitting your budget. Catherine James, 24, working at the boutique says, “We have a wide range of cloth-


ing, from formal shirts to sexy short dresses. Most popular are our three-way dresses that get sold out very soon. You can wear them in three different styles making them into a one shoulder, a strapless and a backless dress. So no one will ever know that you are wearing the same dress on three separate occasions. Our clientele is of all ages, but it’s more popular with the younger crowd.” Another one that you must check out is Lunacy, also situated at the High Street Arcade, Cardiff that is the favourite of many students. Lunacy exhibits a line of very vibrant, bold, ‘eye popping’ designs that are unique and gorgeous, unlike most stores that have the repetitive style of clothing everywhere. The store displays an attractive interior, in hues of pink, turquoise, deep purple and red calling out to all the window shoppers that eventually find their way in. Operating seven days a week, Lunacy also has its own website, for all the busy bees or the lazy ones, which along with its clothing also features women’s jewellery and other cute gift items. A regular Lunacy customer, Verity Cann, 22 explains, “It is one of the best stores in Cardiff. I love the bold designs and the colours. It’s very individual. My dresses from here are always appreciated by people, and I am constantly asked about them. The best part about Lunacy beside the style, comfort and designs are its prices. It’s easy on the pocket which makes you want to come here again and again. I always leave here happy.”

Very unlikely that you still haven’t found what you’ve been looking for but very likely that you may want to buy another one, your place is the Seren Boutique. The Europeanstyle boutique at Morgan Arcade, Cardiff is the hub for the chic and cool. Shining with fancy chandeliers and ornamented beautiful mirrors makes it a shopper’s paradise. Along with its high-end pieces, its showcases individual clothes made by upcoming designers at an affordable price and others at much discounted price for the next few weeks. The tempting boutique also proposes a collection

Seren shop in Cardiff High Street

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ABOVE: A classic Valentino evening dress in emerald green silk BELOW: Lady Gaga rocks the swimsuit with hat and sunglasses look

Grammy Award-winning country singer Taylor Swift’s choice of black evening dress conveys elegance and glamour of soft leather hand bags and the French, Brazilian and Italian taste of shoes. A student and dedicated shopper of Seren clothing caught in action at the store says, “A friend told me about this store a month ago, and since then I find myself here every time I need a new dress or new shoes. It’s comfortable and wearable. Not tacky or showy just perfect for every occasion. I always pass on the word.” Along with several other such boutiques in the Queen’s Arcade, Morgan Arcade, High Street and around Cardiff Bay, there may be many of us that would prefer online shopping, for the simple reason of having busy schedules or being in the ‘no mood’ zone. For you these boutiques also have their own websites where you may place your order and have them home delivered. They may

also give online discounts or deals that you must look out for. Along with the newly discovered boutiques and stores, the good old stores like Peacock, New Look, H&M and Miss Selfridges, along with their new party line have heavy sales at their stores that could be worth looking at when you take a stroll down the city. Whether you’re going out for a special dinner or another regular night-out, there should be no compromise on looking fabulous. It’s the start of a new month, enough reason to maximise your wardrobe while paying less. Be ready to look a million bucks dressed in £30.


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Feature By Shirin Mann 6 Lady Gaga always knows how to look cool Seren shop in Cardiff High Street ABOVE: A classic Valentino evening dress...

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