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Project 1 (Fidia)

I got my design idea from Alexander McQueen’s Design. Radial is the key word of this design.

Because all the feathers are generated from the same points. It also creates the sense of direction. I have tried to transfer this idea into the wearable art, and then translate it into my final design. Concept Board

Alexander McQueen’s Design Wearable Art

This is a 6 month pop-up store for ADM students to showcase and sell the art piece, the design principal is Radial.

The building is designed into the shape of a fish, the whole building is generated from one point which is the entrance of the shop. Hence, the sense of direction would lead the customers to walk into the shop.

Warm Color

Cold Color

This shows the perspectives of the popup store, and I also shined different lights on the model to create different moods. From these pictures, people can know how is the feeling when they stand inside the store.