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laTIN amErIca First Time Bringing Feng Shui To latin america!


Going Southwest, Going Spanish... Wowee! LILLIAn TOO is taking feng shui and her team of experts to the world’s most exotic, romantic & mysterious continent where she will present her “SuPER FENG SHuI SPECTaCuLaR” to SOuTH amERICa.

1st STOP CaRaCaS, VENEZuELa Date : 30 July, 2012 Venue : Eurobuilding Hotel Calle La Guairita, Hotel Eurobuilding Mezzanina, Nivel -1, Chuao. Caracas- Venezuela. Caracas is the political and financial capital of Venezuela. There is a cable car ride which offers incredible views of the city! The Angel Falls, the highest waterfalls in the world, can be found deep in Venezuela’s Canaima National Park.

2nd STOP BOGOTa, COLOmBIa Date : 1 August, 2012 Venue : Corferias Bogotá Carrera 37 No 24 - 67 Bogotá - Colombia. Colombia is famous for its coffee and its emeralds, but it is probably even more famous for its entertainers! Shakira who shot to international fame in 2001 with her suggestive belly-dancing music video “Whenever, Wherever” is from Colombia!

3rd STOP


Date : 3 August, 2012 Venue : Espacio Riesco, Convention Centre ( Chile runs down the West side of South America. It is one of the most prosperous on the continent today. It is famous for its wines and its great fjords and also the Andes, the world’s longest continental mountain range. 2

F E N G SHUIWORLD | may / juNE 2012

FENG SHUI SPEcTacUlar THEN TO mEXICO CITy, mEXICO Date : 6 August, 2012 Venue : Expo Bancomer Santa Fe. Av. Santa Fe No. 270. Colonia Santa Fe. Delegación Álvaro Obregón, C.P. 01210 México, D.F. Mexico goes way back to the Aztecs and the Mayans, and is rich with history and culture. It has also produced one of the world’s hottest leading ladies, Salma Hayek! The famous “Mexican wave” in soccer and other sporting events originated here!

5th STOP GuaTEmaLa CITy, GuaTEmaLa Date : 8 August, 2012 Venue : Intercontinental Hotels & Resort Guatemala 14 Calle 2-51, Zona 10 • Guatemala City, 01010 • Guatemala They say the best coffee comes from Guatemala, and the people there emanate care, love and great warmth...

6th STOP LIma, PERu Date : 11 August, 2012 Venue : Delfines Hotel & Casino Los Eucaliptos 555 San Isidro. Lima 27, Perú Home to the famous city on a mountain top, Machu Picchu, one of the seven modern wonders, Peru is also where Paddington Bear is from! Those visiting Peru should also not miss Cuzco.

THEN DOWN TO BuENOS aIRES, aRGENTINa Date : 13 August, 2012 Venue : To be announced The Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is lined with lavender trees and looks like something out of a European picture book. It has numerous museums, theatres, an internationally rated opera house and hundreds of bookstores, with some dubbing it “the city of books”.


16 August, 2012 (Rio De Janerio) 18 August, 2012 (Sao Paulo) Venue : To be announced Brazil is famous for its samba dancing and its bossa-nova music, with its beautiful sunkissed beaches and its lively atmosphere.

To purchase tickets & for further details, please visit:

may / juNE 2012 | F E N G SHuIWORLD



MAY & JUNE 2012


12 Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Your Wonder & Charm Enthrals Us All

The true magic behind the enchanted mirror is revealed in two yin and yang fairytale re-tellings this summer

24 Corporate Disharmony and Sibling Rivalry Erupt into Scandal

Lillian recalls her Hong Kong days and brings exclusive insight into the corporate saga and scandals of the Kwok Family.

28 The Clash of the World’s Political Titans

As the #7 Flying star flies to the Northwest, chaos, murder and arrests descend on Bo XiLai, the Kwok Brothers and the US Republican party.

34 Women in Power: the Rise of the Soong Sisters

12 the retelling

Three powerful sisters of China who married influential political men, shaping and making their mark in Chinese history.



16 The Avengers heats up the screens with Super Hero Power

Marvel Studios gathers six super heros together to fight evil from a supernatural realm.

20 Armie Hammer: Handsome, Witty and Highly Likable

California’s fallen billion-dollar heir surprises everyone as Hollywood’s new Prince Charming, starring in several new blockbuster hits.

38 Inviting an Auspicious Sailing Ship for Prosperity & Big Wealth

We show you how to create truly auspicious sailing ships that will bring the luck of income and wealth..

40 Connecting with that Higher Feeling


Lillian shares latest photos and blissful moments of times spent with her Gurus in Kathmandu and Sydney.

F E N G S H U I W O R L D | m a y / j u ne 2 0 1 2

of snow white 46 Rejuvenating my House

Lillian shows us her huge new arowana pond and renovations that make way for auspicious chi to settle.

55 Skulls: Are they Good or Bad Feng Shui? We study the symbolic meanings of skulls and tell you why they’re suddenly so popular, and oh so powerful!

58 The Feng Shui of Polo: The Metropolitan Polo Club

Peter Abishegenadan shares feng shui features built into Tianjin’s Metropolitan Polo Club, and the superb hospitality it offers.

64 Recommendations for a Wine and Bar Lounge

Peter Lung takes on the feng shui challenge of creating good feng shui for a wine and bar restaurant.


37 Activating Scholastic Luck with Feng Shui

Powerful enhancers that will awaken wisdom and promote academic concentration for your children.

50 50 Shades of Grey

Lillian gives her review on the bestseller book that has taken over the bedroom fantasies of millions of women worldwide.

62 Dealing with Politicking, Back-Stabbing and Unreasonable Bosses

Quenie Fong shares her tips on using feng shui to turn the head on office politics and unreasonable bosses!

THE Dharmachakra Wheel Is the wheel of fortune and wisdom. Turning it brings supreme clarity and wise counsel, and leads one to ultimate happiness and success. This watch simulates the chanting of powerful mantras that turn the Dharmachakra Wheel. It is the perfect watch for all great leaders whose daily work touch the lives of many.

exclusively available at HOUSE OF TOO on the Mezzanine Floor of World Of Feng Shui superstore at Midvalley Megamall

m a y / j u ne 2 0 1 2 | F E N G S H U I W O R L D



MAY & JUNE 2012



are they good or bad feng shui? 66 Creating Building Forms that Generate Good Chi Flows

Chris Yeo discusses the finer architectural points that generate good feng shui.

70 Pinboard

Our all-new pinboard gives you feng shui tips, quotes and gossip in little bite sizes to help you hook luck into your home.

74 Mom I Love You

Four types of jewellery for four types of moms!

in every issue

53 Cheat Sheet: 8 Ways to Improve Your Chances for Success 54 Cheat Sheet: Boost Powerful Mentor Luck To Attract Helpful People 69 Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair 76 Feng Shui Planner: May & June

Day-to-day organizer to fine-tune your feng shui practice! Plus special offers from WOFS and!

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78 Flying Star Updates for May & June

Don’t forget to check your Flying Stars each month!

80 Feng Shui Astrology

What do the astrological forces hold in store for you in May & June? Check our horoscope pages to find out.

85 Ask Aunt Agga

Aunt Agga answers questions about airport officials, unlucky days, mantra tattoos, and enemy bosses.

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The Jewel-Studded 8 Auspicious Objects feature powerful symbols that bring eight types of auspiciousness: the Conch, Victory Banner, Parasol, Mystic Knot, Wheel, Lotus, Vase and the Double Fish. Place it in your home to attract eightfold blessings.

letter from the editor scandal involving murder, torture and extortion are whirling around him; is he the victim or aggressor whose time ran out? Obviously he has been directly afflicted by the number 7 star! In Hong Kong, the wealthy Kwok brothers of powerful Sun Hung Kai property group (Raymond, also an Earth Ox, was classmates with Lillian Too at Harvard Business School) have been arrested on charges of corruption; again, is political payback the reason? Lillian recalls her working days in the colony when fraternizing with the Kwoks was part and parcel of corporate Hong Kong… making recent events all the more personally shocking. Both Bo XiLai and Raymond Kwok are Earth Ox; were they hit by the number 7 in the Ox sector this past March? Read Honey’s analysis!

With Charok Lama on our recent trip to Katmandu, Nepal.


e’re re a c h i n g the midpoint of the year and it is a good time to look back at the first quarter of the year and also look ahead to the coming summer. The Dragon Year is certainly bringing love and marriage to those born in Rabbit years – the most famous celebrity lovers being Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and both are Rabbits, and the latest is that they just got engaged and will marry later this year; all you Rabbits reading this looking for love, this could be your year! But there are darker stars that concern us too in the Dragon Year and already so much drama is playing out at 8

F E N G S H U I W O R L D | m a y / j u ne 2 0 1 2

country leadership level on the world stage even as we go to print. Survival at the top and retention of power and position depends on how one rides the Dragon and whether the feng shui winds favour you. The ghastly 7 which brings betrayal, bloodshed and violent loss of name and position is in the NORTHWEST, and here it afflicts the luck of leaders. In our feature Clash of the Political Titans, we see the number 7 “fighting” star playing havoc at the top echelons of power. Honey Lim brings us a savvy account of the sensational saga unfolding in China, where Earth Ox Bo XiLai, the Chongqing Communist Party Chief, seems to be losing out in a fierce political battle. He has been arrested, and reports of a huge

It really is so important to protect oneself with the correct cures and remedies – especially if you have something to lose! Knowing your luck map beforehand enables you do something to shelter against feng shui afflictions – to be safeguarded from sudden reversals of fortune; how do you do this? The easiest way is to read your animal sign in our Feng Shui and Fortune astrology books; these are small, handy, affordable, and a totally invaluable guide on how to stay lucky and protected through the whole Dragon Year! But sometimes simple remedies are simply not enough, and this is why Lillian keeps stressing the importance of the Third Dimension in Feng Shui practice. This is the spiritual dimension. When the odds are against us, it is always so important to have the cosmic forces on our side. This is easily invoked if you know how. Truly, some of the secrets and rituals are so effective and quick-to-work they are just mind-blowing. Lillian will share more of these secrets with you at her event in Singapore in July of this year. Book your tickets online at www.wofs. com. Meanwhile on the entertainment

Lucky Charms for Wealth, Health & Happiness

Pick your own lucky dzi beads and string luck your way.

w w w .exclusively f s w m a g . c o mavailable

/ j u ne 2 0 1 2Megamall | F E N G SHUIWORLD 9 at HOUSE OF TOO on the Mezzanine Floor of World Of Feng Shui superstore mata yMidvalley

letter from the editor came back enthralled not just at the level of polo played but also by the depth and breadth of Feng Shui that went into the planning of this brand new development. The ambitious project, which includes luxury homes, apartments, high-rise buildings, a polo club, and an entire new township, has been designed to form what their official Feng Shui Engineer Li Kui-ming terms a “Treasure Basin”. This Polo Club is most definitely on my list of next feng shui destinations to visit! Speaking of travel, Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Spectacular around Latin America is seriously taking shape,

Julia Roberts in the whimsical, comedic approach of the classic fairy tale, Mirror Mirror.

scene, we are simply awed by two back-to-back movies re-telling an age-old classic fairytale with two glaringly different takes. Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts takes a whimsical, comedic approach, while Snow White and the Hunstman brings us our broody vampire girl Kristen Stewart fighting the evil forces of wicked witch Charlize Theron in a much darker drama. Both tales centre on the magic mirror, a tool not unfamiliar to feng shui practitioners. We are already aware of the great power of the mirror, and in this issue, we remind readers of its incredible potency to protect and also to enhance and manifest wishes like magic.

Lima, Peru, one of the cities which will be part of the Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Spectacular in Latin America.

than merely a symbol of pirates or rebellious teen rockers…

Fashion is taking a walk on the wild side with a profusion When it comes to prestige, highof skulls appearing on end property development celebrities, designer projects in China are t e e s , j e we l l e r y a n d courting the Sport of accessories. Is the skull a Kings. The Metropolitan symbol of death or does it Goldin in Tianjin recently hold much more meaning? won the bid from the world A matter of debate and a governing body of polo good dinner-table discussion (FIP) to host the world’s t o p i c … b u t y o u’d b e first Snow Polo World Cup. surprised to learn the feng Peter Abishegenadan who Skull is in. Good or shui take, which presents travelled there to officiate bad feng shui? the skull as much more as Tournament Director 10

F E N G S H U I W O R L D | m a y / j u ne 2 0 1 2

with most of the host venues for the 9 cities now confirmed. She is eagerly waiting to connect again many of her students there, so those of you wanting to meet up with her, do get your your tickets soon. The halls are filling up fast, so do visit www. Have a great summer, a great read and hope to see you at one of our events! May the Dragon Year continue to be great for you!

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Feng Shui World is the world’s leading magazine on feng shui which brings you feature articles and commentary on lifestyle, property, fashio...

Feng Shui World May/June 2012 Preview  

Feng Shui World is the world’s leading magazine on feng shui which brings you feature articles and commentary on lifestyle, property, fashio...