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little dust has a

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Lisk Feng

A Little Dust Has A Whole World In It first year journey at MICA 2012 fall-2013spring

Lisk Feng





Patterns Independent Work Market Place


Something About

Lisk Feng Lisk Feng ‘14 is a Chinese illustrator who

graduated from the China Academy of Art in 2012. She is now pursuing her MFA in Illustration Practice degree at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has several published books in China, and now is working on illustration, screen-printing, children`s books, book design and animation. Growth, gender, change and life are some of her core concepts that she creates using simple compositions and rough brush. She believes that fierce contrasts in thought best embody new and vigorous ideas. A strong contrast between the main character and the environment are important visual and story elements in her art.

Sketch Sketch is my first step to finish one project. In this section I will introduce Image Harvest Project, and Sketchbook Project.

For me, sketchbook is a soul of an illustrator, all the daily inspiritions and thinking are come from sketchbooks. I already finish several sketch books in my life, and I will keep doing it, till the end of my whole process of being a good illustrator.

Image Harvest Project Sketchbook Project

Image Harvest Project

Image Harvest Project is a project which requires us to find

interesting elements from our old works. Inspirition is like a little seed, tiny but someday it can be expanded as a very big idea. So I started to find the little seed though my works.

This project happened at the very first beginning of the first semester, so which for me is perfect to start. I found a little boy; He is always appeared in my sketchbook. I wrote a storybook about him, and at the same time invented a whole world based on this boy. Actually from this project, I start to have the Home Sweet Home idea and at last finished the whole book.

Sketchbook Project Sketchbook Project is a very fun project to do.

We used the whole semester to switch and do handdrawing on each sketchbook. My theme is Travelogue, and I drew other theme each week. After that we had a hallway exhibition, the real sketchbooks will travel around the world.

Workshop W

orkshop is the most important part of the whole program. Through all the workshops, we learn skills, we pick what is useful for ourselves, we taste everything we do not know, and we do whatever we want. Because we have so many different workshops in one year, so I will pick some of the workshop that I enjoy the most and at the same time introduce my reaction pieces of the workshops. Workshop is a fantastic way to shape our program, and shape us, too. As an illustrator, how to live in such a competitive world is always useful for us to think about. For me, if I can know more things, jump out of my comfort zone through the workshop, I will do my job better in the future.

3 Workshops Reaction Project Sewing Workshop Bookbinding Workshop Paper Engineering Workshop

Handlettering project Words on Wheels Tomi Vollauschek/Made & Sold Melinda Beck/Stop Motion

3 Workshops Reaction Project Sailing Sewing Workshop Bookbinding Workshop Paper Engineering Workshop


his project is called Sailing. The core of this book is trying to bring sewing, book biding and paper engineering into one project and treat it as a brand new creative project. The story is mainly about a ship sailing on the ocean and a lot of things happened in the middle of the trip.


he title Sailing is sewing by hand. It is a new exploration for me to make a children`s book. Hand lettering the type first and sewing on top of the cover makes the flat paper media vivid and touchable.

Screen printing skill and logic is

always a very good practice for me to simplify my color range and facilitate the positive and negative shape of images. These characteristics make an image more graphic design style and signifying. I use Photoshop to create new brushes and try to imitate the texture and effect.


nside the book I use paper cutting, collage, hand lettering and fabric to construct a solid style which go though the whole book. Easy recognized shape and less color illustration bring fun to read and a new vision for me to make. From one aspect, this book assembles a lot of deferent techniques which I learnt from workshops, on the other hand this “easy� book took me much more explorations and texts to figure it out. From style that I used to draw to this brand new logic, I received a precious experience.


Handlettering project


Words on Wheels

A Joint Project of: A Joint Project of: Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School KIPP: Uiima Village Academy KIPP: Uiima VillageCollege Academy Maryland Institute of Art Maryland Institute College of Art Midtown Academy Midtown Academy The Mount Washington School The Mount Washington School


A Joint Project of: A Joint Project of: Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School KIPP: Uiima Village Academy KIPP: Uiima Village Academy Maryland Institute College of Art Maryland Institute College of Art Midtown Academy Midtown Academy The Mount Washington School The Mount Washington School


hanx for your poems, kids.. Your worlds are amazing.

Tomi Vollauschek/Made & Sold Lisk Feng Tomi Vollauschek

3D letter for Tomi


Melinda Beck/Stop Motion ‘My Favorite Thing’

This stop motion animation is mainly about someone`s favorite thing is gone. The whole animation has three episode, each of them is about 10 second long. The form that I want to use is paper doll. I made the whole animation in four days and I sang the title song.


Home Sweet Home bird book

‘Home Sweet Home’ H

ome Sweet Home is a continuous book series. The core of this project is to find out the dichotomy of gender between boys and girls, and through the process, show audience personality and wonderful but simple world outlook. For young generation, desire, curiosity, dread, risk and many other emotions push their mental growth. The homecoming therapy emphasizes that the self-care is the important system of mental development and rehabilitation for children. In this project, two main characters will lead young readers to follow their steps to discover the basic dialectical process. The boy will explore his love through one old little house, which he hated the most but end up with learning to love it. The girl`s story will discuss the issue of her little haughty attitude towards her dirty cousin and in the end start to become good friends. Each of Home Sweet Home book will be forty-page and the range of age is three to nine. Every thing has its two sides, and kids precisely need this kind of education to learn how to become a better person and always feel for others. They need to learn how to think themselves into other people`s minds, imagine themselves into other people`s places.

‘bird book’

Patterns I

never thought I will able to do patterns. And I fell in love with it , try my best to do as much as I can. I have two serious here, one is nerdy scientific logical thing, the other one is classcal story. I would like to produce some products and design inner paper for books. This is an awesome class.

Independent Work T

hese are some of the works that really important to myself during this year. I choose them based on logic changing and the content I presented in those illustrations, and I want to show people my destination of drawing in the future.

Market Place

Fall show Art market MOCCA

Home Sweet Home Bird Book

Lisk Feng

Books of mine works

Fall show 2012 This is the first exhibition I had at MICA. The preparation of this exhibition is tough and tired because it is around final. But the process of design a space and put my works in to the empty space is satisfying. The theme of this show is lost and found, and I put some older works before I came to US, and some new works to see the difference between them.


Art market

Art market A

rt Market project needs some projects that can catch purchaser`s eyeball immediately. Yet how to make this goal become less exaggerate but more fun, require instant effect through the elements you produce and how to sell them as a series or even a brand. Home Sweet Home project is a going on project during the whole semester. Based on the main characters I have created (one boy and one girl), derivative instruments are incubated. The whole world of Home Sweet Home is a fantasy secret garden where lives a group of creatures. Interactive paper frame card is a concept which children can switch all the characters into deferent round-cut paper frames. Each pack is one frame with watercolor patterns (five types) on it and nine character cards. Rainbow colors ribbon will be bow tied on each frame and nice clear plastic boxes will become the container of it. Every single pack will include a paper easel to make the frame stand. Square shape of the cards can be easily carried and makes the packs more special from the surface. The budget of the whole product will be cost about sixty dollars .At the same time more prints and postcards will be produced before art market. This project delivers to consumer fun. People will love to choose gifts before Christmas and these little paper products will be the perfect gift for children and even adults who want to keep their innocence into their pocket.


Because I am in the MOCCA team, so I drew the black little guy for our selling team and screenprint it with Kevin on our T-shirt. We went to NYC and busy helping and meeting people, and we give all our business cards to other artists. We were very tired, but we did a great job.

Zine book image for Opposite Attract

A dust has a whole world in it  


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