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Wecon HMI Customize CAN Bus design instruction

WECON CAN bus protocol can be customized to satisfy different customers’ different needs. It’s the data transfer rules package of CAN chip. 1. Data send When HMI prepare to send data , the ID number and DATA must be filled. According to CAN protocol, the limit of ID length is 4 bytes while DATA is 8 bytes. Customer can modify these contents through HMI’s script. Instruction list of special register in HMI:

2. Data receive The picture below is the data receive flow chart of HMI CAN bus.

The example of using script to receive CAN BUS data:

Wecon hmi customize can bus design instruction  

As the spread of automation in industries,human machine interface(hmi) plays more and more important part. CAN BUS protocol is a good tool t...

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