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INVENTIONS Federico MuĂąoz C.

Guillermo Mata and Gildardo Cortes

In the present year, multiple technological inventions have been made, which in turn are divided into different categories, such as leisure, or home, among others. Next, I will compare the invention that in my opinion is the most useful, and the least useful. Although The Volterman wallet is a relatively simple invention, for me it is located in the first place regarding its usefulness. This catalog by its manufacturers and inventors as "the most powerful wallet in the world", contains 4 main functions, which are: Distance Alarm, Global GPS Tracking, Worldwide WiFi Hotspot and Thief Detection Camera. On the other hand, it is the one that is, for me, the least useful invention of all in this year. The Iphone x, a cell phone with large touch screen, a high definition and facial identification, among its features. I consider that the invention is less useful, since it is merely leisure, so it does not contribute to an improvement for humanity, however I emphasize its innovation, and the fact that it is, possibly, the best cell phone currently.

Glossary: Global: Relating to the whole world (Cambridge) Merely: Only (Cambridge) Facial: On or of the face (Cambridge)