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Hereford and District Newsletter Autumn Issue

Make marzipan fruits with marzipan, food colouring and few cloves for the stalks. Roll the oranges on the side of a grater to get the texture!

If it snows, amaze a small person by rolling a little surprise present inside a snowball and freezing it hard.

Introduce yourselves to any neighbours with children of a similar age, so you can have impromptu play dates instead of being stuck inside on your own.

Letter from the Committee Following our AGM in November, we have a couple of new faces helping run the committee. We are always keen for new ideas and with all positions being taken now there is no obligation to take on a role and you do not have to be a member, just enjoy the social side of it! We ran another hugely successful sale at Hereford leisure centre back in October, so lovely to see lots of friends and also so many new faces. Make sure you have the next sale in your diary (16th Feb 2013). Before then though we have Christmas, a time for eating too much and seeing too much of your families. If you fancy escaping for a morning, we have a Christmas party at tiny toes on December 18th, this is a lovely group, run by mums. You do not have to be a member to come and enjoy the craft, snack, music and games from 10-12 on a Tuesday at Stretton Sugwas village hall. Hopefully we’ll see lots of you at the Christmas meal on the 6th Dec (email for details)

Happy Christmas!

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS Harriet & Ben—Joshua Allen— 16th September 2012 Cressida & Alex—Sophia Grace— 18th September 2012 Lauren & Wayne—Huw Richard— 19th September 2012 PJ & Paul—Max— 28th September 2012 Amy & Danny—Reuben— 13th October 2012

Our breastfeeding experience We’d already decided that breastfeeding was our chosen method before the birth, but once he was here it was so hard! We stayed in hospital for 3 days getting excellent help, but soon I developed mastitis and was struggling. He was tongue tied so physically struggled to latch on, plus he was very lazy! Being stubborn I didn’t want to give up, so I googled, got his tongue fixed, rang the NCT support line and bought myself an electronic pump. When he was 5 weeks old I realised I needed more support so found a baby group to go to (Tiny Toes on a Tuesday at Stretton Sugwas village hall 10-12)as well as the NCT bumps and babes group. I made a circle of friends who helped us but most importantly I felt they didn’t judge me. I did try to go back to breastfeeding during the day, but as he got older and nosier it became even more impossible. I expressed for 7 months and continued feeding him at night until he was 9 months (it was a lot more comfortable lying down!) I am pleased with my decision and my only recommendation would be to seek help and advice before you get to the point of exhaustion and exasperation! To hire Ameda or Medela pumps, via a local NCT volunteer agent, please call NCT Enquiries on 0300 330 077 Breastfeeding Support Group on Wednesday 10-12 at Fred Bulmer Centre Tiny Toes—Tuesday 10-12—Stretton Sugwas Village Hall—lots of mums with plenty of experience and support!

Nct sale advert HEREFORD NCT NEARLY NEW SALE Contact de16thtails February and2013 1.30

TINY TOES Christmas Party Tuesday 18th Dec 10—1 Stretton Sugwas village hall Fun, games & craft

(1pm for members with valid membership card) Hereford Leisure Centre

Thurs 6th December - Christmas Meal - 7.30 @ Ask Tues 18th Dec - Tiny Toes Christmas Party - 10-1 @ Stretton Sugwas Tues 8th Jan - Committee Meeting - 7.30 @ Stretton Sugwas Village Hall Tues 15th Jan - Health Visitor at Tiny Toes @ Stretton Sugwas Village Hall Sat 16th Feb - Nearly New Sale - 1.30 @ Hereford Leisure Centre

If you would like to volunteer, find out more or get directions then please e-mail us at

NCT december newsletter  

NCT december newsletter

NCT december newsletter  

NCT december newsletter