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Gretsch | Clothing & Collectibles That Great Gretsch Sound!™ T-Shirt The classic and quintessential Gretsch® T-shirt, emblazoned with the orange Gretsch logo and “That Great Gretsch Sound!™ Model Description

099-1983-406 099-1983-506 099-1983-606 099-1983-806

Black, M Black, L Black, XL Black, XXL

Gretsch® Resonator T-Shirt Your wardrobe will resonate with utter coolness when you show up wearing our stylish Gretsch Resonator tee. Model Description

099-1984-444 099-1984-544 099-1984-644 099-1984-844

Brown, M Brown, L Brown, XL Brown, XXL

Gretsch® Player’s Club Work Shirt There are players, and then there are Gretsch players. There are work shirts, and then there are Gretsch work shirts. Model Description

099-1987-469 099-1987-569 099-1987-669 099-1987-869

Charcoal, M Charcoal, L Charcoal, XL Charcoal, XXL

Gretsch® Since 1883 Photo T-Shirt Think about this while you’re sporting this cool tee—Grover Cleveland was president when “That Great Gretsch Sound” first echoed far and wide. Frickin’ Grover Cleveland. Model Description

099-1985-487 099-1985-587 099-1985-687 099-1985-887

Blue, M Blue, L Blue, XL Blue, XXL

Gretsch® Duo Jet™ T-Shirt There’s no jet-set like the Duo Jet-set. Say so with this smartly stylish Gretsch tee. Model Description

099-1986-405 099-1986-505 099-1986-605 099-1986-805

White, M White, L White, XL White, XXL

Gretsch® Ladies Black Falcon™ T-Shirt It takes a certain kind of lady to love a Black Falcon. You’re her when you wear this stylish Gretsch tee. Model Description

099-1988-306 099-1988-406 099-1988-506 099-1988-606

Black, S Black, M Black, L Black, XL

Gretsch® 1883 Barstools Listen here, pard, there is no more stylish way to belly up to the bar than to perch your bad self atop one of these fine Gretsch “1883” barstools. And once you’ve downed a few at your leisure, there is no finer barstool to fall off of. Model Description

912-4756-020 912-4756-010

24” High 30” High

Gretsch® Logo Hat This stylishly simple black cap bears an embroidered orange Gretschw logo on the front with a “western brand” stylized Gretsch “G” embroidered on the back. Model Description

099-9071-000 099-9071-010

Black, S/M Black, L/XL


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