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The new age 5.1 speaker system from Fenda

5.1 is the speaker system which is commonly used to refer to the six channel surround sound and multichannel system. 5.1 surround sound speaker system is one that has left channel, right channel, and subwoofer but also a center speaker and two surround speakers. Any 5.1 speaker system uses five full bandwidth channel and one low frequency channel. Surround sound is the technique of reproducing enriched sound quality from an audio source with additional audio channels from speakers that surround the listener.

The usage of 5.1 speaker system dates back to 1976 when Dolby Labs changed the track usage of the six analogue magnetic soundtracks on Todd-AO 70 mm film prints. Instead of the original five screen channels and one surround channel of the Todd-AO format, Dolby stereo 70mm six track provided three channels, two surround channels and one low-frequency enhancement channel. 5.1 surround sounds provides a better movie watching experience for all real home theater applications. All modern movies and most DVD’s have 5.1 surround tracks on them. In a 5.1 speaker system all the sound goes to the center speaker or surround speakers is played only by the front speakers in a 2.1 speaker system. All standard television content is broadcast in stereo, so there is no benefit for 5.1. But for home theater applications and commercial cinemas, 5.1 systems is the way to go.

The first use of 5.1 layouts for digital sound for 35mm print was used in 1992 for the movie Batman Returns. The ability to use 5.1 in 35mm print releases has significantly reduced cost from using it on 70mm print release. Digital 5.1 was later used in 1995 on Laser Disc and DVD starting with Laser Disc version of Clear and Present Danger. Both Blu-Ray and Digital Cinema have eight channel capabilities that can be used to provide 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

The 5.1 home theater system from Fenda India can be a style statement for the living room. A good definition system has the following features, Plug and Play with USB drive and SD card

High on user friendly with full function control buttons on front panel, fluorescent remote control with full functions, connects freely to TV, PC or DVD The power of sound of 4000W PMPO, 3 inch full range driver for satellites, 4 inch bass driver for subwoofer

“The superior square satellite design and heavy duty metal grill complement well each other, the speaker system is low in distortion high on clarity. The wooden cabinets are smart to place the system, besides the ergonomics helps save energy.�

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The new age 5.1 speaker system from Fendaenda  

5.1 is the speaker system which is commonly used to refer to the six channel surround sound and multichannel system. 5.1 surround sound spea...