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Types of fencing - fencing company surrey

The types of garden fencing available for purchase includes the popular lap panels & closeboard panels with timber or concrete posts, plus post and rail fencing, trellis and chainlink fencing, plus many more.

Lap fence panels A popular garden fencing product, the lap panel is now available in a fully treated version which gives superior rot protection. All of our lap panels are made to be durable and are fully framed

Closeboard fence panels Closeboard fence panels are a heavy duty and strong fence panel. Great for more exposed locations and ideal with concrete fence posts. Closeboard panels are available in either a dipped or pressure treated finish.

Closeboard Fencing Closeboard fencing is the most popular type of garden fencing. closeboard fencing is easy to erect and built on site in kit form. Closeboard fencing is a long lasting, sturdy fence and is constructed using a range of products. The core items include featheredge boards, arris rails, gravel boards, fence posts and postfix.

Picket Fencing Picket fencing is ideal for homes with pets or children. A picket fence is great for dividing areas of your garden and is suitable for protecting children and pets from swimming pools and garden ponds.

Grange Elite Fencing Grange Elite panels are a very popular range of decorative panel, which have been fully treated for a longer life expectancy. The most popular Grange Elite panel that AVS sell is the St Meloir panel, but a wide range of alternatives are available.

Metal Fence Panels Our metal fence panels are galvanised and powder coated for excellent protection against corrosion.

Metal Railing Panels Our new metal railings are galvanised and powder coated, which means they have excellent protection against corrosion, whilst at the same time giving a professional finish.

Hazel Hurdles and Willow Hurdles Ideal for rural locations or to create that cottage garden feel. Traditional and attractive, hurdles can be used to act as a screen from unsightly areas of a garden such as a compost bin. Hurdles are easy to erect as the posts are driven in without concrete and the panels are wired to the posts.

Trellis Fencing This may be erected to form a fence in its own right, but more commonly it is used for growing climbing plants or as a simple screen. It is also added to fence panels as an attractive topping for your fence.

Post & Rail Chestnut Fencing Chestnut post and rail is a firm favourite, the original and traditional post & rail which may be used for demarcation, and if it is used with chainlink fixed to one side it is also suitable for containing pets. Chestnut post and rail has rustic charm.

When choosing your fencing you should consider the height you require, as 2m is the highest that can be achieved for your garden without applying for planning permission. A solid fence such as a fence panel or close boarded fence offers a higher level of privacy than an open style of fencing such as palisade or chain link mesh.

fencing services surrey  

Our fence services surrey provide and erect the fencing materials for you. We keep to a tight time regime and always finish on the deadline...

fencing services surrey  

Our fence services surrey provide and erect the fencing materials for you. We keep to a tight time regime and always finish on the deadline...