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Is Lack of Sleep Making You Overweight? Is the lack of sleep making you overweight, or at least, diverting your efforts toward losing weight? You know how I’m one of the first to tell you not to believe everything you hear or read? Well, the article below is one of those where you really have to dig in to get to the truth. How to Stop Letting Exhaustion Derail Your Diet MyHealthNewsDaily

“When we’re tired, our bodies are programed to crave calorie-dense foods. Here’s are some tips for avoiding this trap.”

Sounds pretty convincing on the surface…unless you check on the study that was referred to. A study presented in June at a sleep research Boston showed that the reward centers of the brain were activated when sleep-deprived participants looked at pictures of junk foods. According to these results, we’re naturally programmed to eat junk food when we’re tired.

The most amazing thing about this study, is that their were only 12 “healthy” men and women that participated. Not a very large sample, and certainly not large enough to make any assumptions. What the findings suggested, was that people might be less able to stop themselves from eating more than they should when they are tired. Not that we are programmed to eat junk food. Most of us know that the more tired we are, the more we are apt to either make poor choices or poor decisions. And, eating when you are tired can sometimes become a “mindless” activity and you do eat more than you probably should. If you happen to be one of the unfortunate people who has occassional difficulty sleeping, try the tips Ms Enos listed. If you are habitually tire, you should see your doctor and get to the root of the problem. Carrying, or having snacks around is a good way to curb your hunger too. I have to admit I would modify Ms Enos’s ideas a bit. For instance, I’m a lover of peanut butter, so if I used it on my celery, I’m sure I’d overdo the “dip.” Instead, I’d opt for plain lowfat white yogurt. Trail mix is good, but get the kind without added sugar or salt. Sugar and salt are not healthy choices. And, here are some other healthy ideas for you:


a fresh piece of fruit a handful of raisins a handful of nuts drink a big glass of water – known to make you feel fuller On days when you do get off track, don’t beat yourself up over it. Learn from your failure and remember the successes you have had.

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Is Lack of Sleep Making You Overweight?  

“When we’re tired, our bodies are programed to crave calorie-dense foods. Here’s are some tips for avoiding this trap.” http://www.myhealthn...

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