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Got Faith? Try This To Lose Weight

Sometimes we look in all the wrong places for help when we are wanting to lose weight, when the assistance for success may be as close as your neighborhood church. If you’ve “got faith,” try this to lose weight; try it, even if you aren’t religious. A lot of ministries will allow you to enroll in their weight loss programs even if you aren’t a member of their church; but you will have to listen to inspirational and parable explanations of verses and whatnot, so be prepared for that.

Learning to lose weight by the Good Book Washington Post

“He’d heard God grant them dominion over every living thing and set out to find a way to destroy a race that he thought had been given too much power. He used Eve’s desires to tempt her with food, and because it worked, ever since then, He has been …” 06/gJQAT17vSW_story.html

If you’re thinking, “no way” this is for me, you could be the kind of individual who doesn’t seek real-time social support for your efforts. The bad news is, is that you can continue jumping from one weight loss program to another and never figure out how to shake the bad habits you have that keep you from losing the weight. There’s a lot of evidence that church related weight loss programs enjoy a higher rate of success than other kinds of “groups,” in keeping the weight off for the long term. (You can google to find examples.) It isn’t just because they share a common faith. If you think about it, people usually attend a church that sociologically meets their needs. In other words, they already share common cultural ideas and ways of living. Joining an online group such as Weight Watchers isn’t the same. Sure, if you’re lucky, you might find one or two people who live in the same state as you. But, you can turn these buddies on and off at will. You don’t have to answer to them for your behavior either. You really don’t


know them, nor they, you. Even if you are fortunate enough to live in an area that offers weekly meetings, you can find yourself rushing to make the meeting, listen to the rah-rah, and off you go until the following week. What distinguishes these church groups from other paid programs? Well, I actually already pointed one out, but these are the main ones: Culture Fellowship (friendship) Accountability If you think about it, culture surrounds you everyday. People you associate with, the kind of values you hold, your beliefs…they all relate to culture. How well do you think you would communicate with someone living a lifestyle in an upper income bracket, when your life revolves around middle-class ideologies? It is rare to develop a close friendship when cultural disparities exists. You may have friends who “walk a different walk” in life, but would you be willing to bare all to them? To let them know openly that you have weaknesses? If you belong to a church group focused on learning to eat more healthily and losing weight, you are more apt to share your successes along with your failures because you share similar cultural values. Friendships are more easily formed. These are people you may see more frequently than just at “the” meeting. They are part of your neighborhood. The fellowship you form in the neighborhood will hold you accountable. For example, suppose you go to the local mall and decide that one ice cream cone isn’t going to hurt that much and you are devouring that cone with relish. Up walks one of the members from the group. The conversation may go something like, “Hi Mary. Gee that cone looks yummy. Is that part of your indulgence for the week? I’d be interested in your meal plan, could you share it with me? You’d be hard-pressed not to confess your failing, wouldn’t you?


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Got Faith? Try This To Lose Weight  

It isn’t just because they share a common faith. If you think about it, people usually attend a church that sociologically meets their needs...

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