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5 Ways To Eat Less Without Feeling Deprived Losing weight invariably means eating less food, or at least less of the food you enjoy. This can lead to you feeling deprived and unsatisfied, and you may lose the motivation to carry on with your diet plan. Here are five proven ways to eat less without feeling deprived: 1. Use a smaller plate Serving your meals on a smaller plate can make you feel as though you are eating more and will make you more aware of portion sizes. Pour your drinks into a smaller glass. Your stomach and your eyes will be fooled into thinking you are eating or drinking more than you actually are. 2. Fill Up On Healthy Foods If you still feel hungry after eating, try bulking out your meals with plenty of vegetables, or serving meals with a side salad. If you fancy a snack, make up a fresh fruit salad- as fruit and vegetables are low in calories, you will fill yourself up without breaking your diet. 3. Keep Food Out Of Sight Sometimes the sight of food can make us feel hungry even if we do not physically need to eat. If you have a clear cookie jar or candy dish in view then you will be tempted to grab a snack every time you walk by. If you must have them in the house, either place them out of sight in a cupboard or decant them into an opaque bowl and cover them with a lid. If you canít see them you will forget about them. 4. Don’t Snack From Large Containers Studies have proven that people who snack from a large container, such as a giant box of popcorn or jumbo size pack of chips, tend to consume a lot more. Chances are you will go on eating until the packet is empty, especially if you are watching a movie and eating mindlessly. Many snacks are sold in individual ëtreatí sizes; these tend to be targeted at children but are also ideal for those wanting to limit the amount of snacks they eat. If you must buy jumbo size packs, divide them up into smaller servings and you will automatically eat less. 5. Cut Your Food Intake Gradually Cutting portion sizes gradually can make the transition easier. Try reducing the amount of food you put on your plate a little at a time, or get into the habit of leaving food when you feel you have had enough. Eating slowly instead of gobbling your food allows time for your brain to signal to your stomach that you have had enough. Your body and stomach will soon adapt to eating less and you will start to feel full quicker.

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5 Ways To Eat Less Without Feeling Deprived