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FENCERS CLUB est. 1883



Dear Fencers Club Members, Families and Friends,

128 years of distinction and counting.

Here’s to continuing our traditions of excellence.

– Fencers Club



Young & “Young at Heart” at the Fencers Club



The Fencers Club places significant emphasis on its younger members and this is as it should be since they represent the future


Mission & Goals

of the sport. There are a variety of programs at the Club whose goals


From the Chairman of the Board and the

are to strengthen the athletic, academic, and personal development of

Executive Director

youngsters. All of our younger fencers, boys and girls, go on to higher


Board of Directors

education, quite a few to prestigious institutions, and many continue


Presenting the Graduating Class of 2012


Fencers Club Alumni

to fence through college. Some of these individuals achieve high fencing honors by participating in world or Olympic events thus bestow-


Foundations for Excellence

ing on the club international recognition. There were three medalists


Community Olympic Development Program

at the Beijing Olympiad and, this year, three club members have been


Fencers Club Schools Partnership Program

chosen to represent the US at the London Olympiad.


The Peter Westbrook Foundation


Fencers Club Camps

ers Club is also home to a large number of adult fencers, men and


Dedication to our Youth Fencers

women. Many are in their senior years, some in their very senior


Symposium on College Fencing

years! Most of these adult fencers have been fencing almost uninter-


Fencing Achievements

ruptedly for sometime having begun as youngsters. A few of them


Fencers Club Awards

reached national or international ranking whether in the US or their


Our Coaches

country of origin. Some of these adult fencers are relatively new to the


The FC Team

sport having been motivated to try because a son or daughter became



a fencer or just because it was an activity that always beckoned. Not a


Around the Club

few have returned to the sport or the Fencers Club after a long hiatus


Club Financials

during which they built careers and families.


Your Pages


Fencers Club Olympians


London 2012 Olympians

But in addition to these talented young members, the Fenc-

One trait they all share is an interest in the challenges that fencing presents after a certain age. Some of these challenges are physical while some are mental. Both require the adult fencer to adjust to a game that requires athletic agility and intellectual perspective. While the first is sometimes eluding, the second occurs in abundance and it is this second aspect of fencing that makes it such a rewarding activity as the fencer gets older: the brain makes up for the body. Moreover, at the Fencers Club we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated and talented fencing coaches who work willingly and enthusiastically with this group of fencers whose needs are vastly different from the younger fencers. Among the Club’s adult fencers, there are a number who compete regularly in the USFA’s Veterans Division. Over the years, a few have represented the US at the Veterans’ World Championships. Whether ardent participants in competition or just Club fencers, each and every one of these adult fencers derives much satisfaction from an activity that keeps them, as the 1953 Richards and Leigh song says “young at heart”, and which offers plenty of opportunities for friendship and socializing at the Fencers Club and beyond it.

“First Trip to the Salle” Jean-Marc R. Oppenheim, PhD


Olympian and FC member Robert “Bob” Dow (1972 Munich Games) and late mother Helena Mroczkowska Dow, also an Olympian (1948 London Games). The dows are a multi-generational family of Olympic fencers as later father Warren also competed in the 1936 Berlin Games.

Mission &

Goals Fencers Club is dedicated to promoting excellence in fencing, learning, and character development. We actively support a culture of sharing by performing community services that extend beyond fencing. The mission of the Fencers Club is to:

Provide the highest level of instruction and state of the art facilities for the sport of fencing

Promote the social and athletic interactions of our members through the sport of fencing

Inspire and assist our scholar-athletes to achieve at the highest levels in fencing and academics

Produce fencers of Olympic caliber through the active sponsorship of world-class training programs, competitions and teams

Encourage participation in fencing by all athletes regardless of gender, disability, age and ability level, and ethnic, cultural and socio-economic background

Promote a culture of sharing and community outreach through fencing and academic activity

Broaden the base of support for fencing in the United States, and especially in New York City, by actively developing and offering fencing-related community

“Life at Sword’s Point”

outreach, scholarship and educational programs

Investment banker James Melcher has his sights set on a national title in the épée. 1987-1988


Chairman’s Message

From the Executive Director

Dear FC Members and Friends,

Dear Members and Friends,

2012 has been a year of huge progress. The FC has made ongoing strides in fencing leadership through best in class athletic achievements, stayed true to our base as a non-profit organization by expanding our outreach, and continues our excellence in training and sportsmanship. Accordingly, the FC was recognized and included in the USOC Community Olympic Development Program (only nine organizations in the United States have attained this distinction), our FC Schools Partnership Program currently has over 800+ students across 25 NYC area programs (70% on financial aid), and our members continue to succeed globally with three Londonbound Olympians (Miles Chamley-Watson, Nicole Ross, and Nzingha Prescod) and countless National and World Champions this past year. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Board to thank our incredible Executive Director, Liz Cross for her full commitment and leadership. To our members, thank you for your ongoing support.

Thank you for being part of the Fencers Club community. We are deeply grateful to you and our donors for your generosity; without your support, we would not be able to continue to grow as a nonprofit organization dedicated to pursuing excellence in fencing, learning, character development, and community service. Fencers Club has a long tradition of producing outstanding scholar-athletes and life-long learners. Our youngest member is about to turn 5 and our most senior member has been fencing for more than 60 years. Three of our fencers have qualified for the 2012 London Olympic Games. During the 20112012 fencing season, our members brought home medals from World Championships, World Cups, NACs, NCAA, regionals and local competitions. Our graduating members have earned prestigious scholarships and will be attending some of the finest colleges and professional schools in the country. With your support, we have accomplished much this year:



Rex R. K. Chung Chairman Fencers Club

Liz Cross Executive Director Fencers Club


• •

• • •

In September 2011, we successfully launched the Fencers Club Schools Partnership program. We are currently working with about 800 students at 25 schools and community centers. This spring we also started Saturday Evening Fencing Enrichment sessions to supplement the schools program. The USOC has designated Fencers Club as a Community Olympic Development Program (CODP). Fencers Club is only the ninth organization across all sports to receive this recognition and partnership from the USOC. Fencers Club shares the Olympic ideals of excellence, respect, and friendship, and our common vision is to build a better world through sport. Using fencing as a vehicle, we educate and develop children to become life-long learners, to be open-minded and courageous, and to understand the importance of community service. The Tournament Manager Program is off to a great start. Our competitive fencers receive support and guidance prior to and during the tournaments from our Tournament Manager, Donovan Holtz. We will be launching a new website in June. We have closed our annual $400,000 deficit through generous donations from our members and friends, and from our innovative programs.

I would like to thank the Fencers Club Board of Directors and the Executive Committee members for supporting the Club’s efforts to fulfill its mission. I would also like to thank our dedicated and hardworking staff members: Adam Schafer, FC Manager; Donovan Holtz, Head Mentor, Pro Shop Manager, Tournament Manager; Jonas Stankovich, Programs Assistant. Again, many thanks for your trust in the work we do and for being part of the wonderful, inclusive community we have created together.

Fencers Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives for excellence in fencing, learning, character development and community service.

Some of the colleges our students attend, 2007-2012:

BOARD MEMBERS Executive Commitee

Barnard College, Boston College, Brandeis University, Brown University, Carnegie-Mellon University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Drew University, Duke University, Emerson College, Harvard University, Haverford College, New

Rex Chung, Chairman Julio Mazzoli President Erinn Smart,Vice President Anne Mathews, Vice President

York University, Northwestern University, Oxford University, Penn State University, Princeton University, Stanford University, St. John’s University, Temple University, Tufts University, Tulane University, University of Chicago, University of Edinburgh, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University

Michael Nissan Secretary Eric Pho, Treasurer

Cliff Bayer Peter Ganzenmuller Simon Gershon, Coach Representative Alan Getz Liz Luckett Jean-Marc Oppenheim Kathleen Reckling Peter Westbrook Julia Whitehead

Our Silver Medalists in the 2008 Beijing Games Erinn Smart

Finance and Audit Committee

BA from Barnard College, MBA candidate at the

Fundraising Committee

Emily Cross

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania BA from Harvard University, Class of 2016 University

Scholarship Committee

of Pennsylvania Medical School

Financial Aid Committee

BA from St. John’s University, MBA from Columbia

Keeth Smart University, Vice President - Global Wealth & Retirement Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch 05

Fencers Club Class of 2012 Jacqueline Barnes Carnegie-Mellon University Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi

Angelica Gangemi Cornell University Coach Buckie Leach President’s Education Award, Academic Excellence, High Honor Roll Thank you to the Fencers Club community for helping me to develop as a fencer and a student. Thank you Buckie for being so generous with your time, your knowledge,

Kyjah Coryat Ohio State University

and your support.

Coach Buckie Leach

Jessica Hall

Northwestern University

Cum laude Honor Roll

Temple University

Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi

Kyjah has been a volunteer fencing coach

Coach Seoung-Woo Lee

President of Dwight School’s National Honor

with the Peter Westbrook Foundation since


2007. In 2010, she was also featured as a

Juliana has been fencing for seven years with

fencer on ESPN’s “Breaking Barriers” com-

Raymond Holloway

Coach Kornel and is South African National

mercial. She graduates this June from the

University of Pennsylvania

Champion. She would also like to thank

NYC iSchool with cum laude honors.

Juliana Barrett

Fencers Club for all its help.

Shozen Chen University of Chicago

Charles Efthimion New York University Coach Akhi Spencer-El

Coach Ed Elterman

Emilia Nicole Dwyer Brandeis University Coach Ed Elterman

Grace Finkel

Jason Hoffmeier Binghamton University

Columbia University

Coach Boris Vaksman

Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi

Like a drill sergeant, Boris pushes you to the point of fear, but with a big heart! Thank you!


David Howes

Somer Omar

University of Michigan

Columbia University

Coach Seoung-Woo Lee

Coach Seoung-Woo Lee

Ayyub Ibrahim

Annalisa Ranaboldo

University of Pennsylvania

Tulane University

Coach Seoung-Woo Lee

Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi

Niki McKee University of Notre Dame Coach Buckie Leach President of National Honor Society I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Fencers Club, my coach, Buckie

Jin Ishizuka Yale University Coaches Simon & Irene Gershon

Leach and my parents for providing me with the tools, resources and support which have helped me become the kind of person and fencer I am today!

Thank you Simon, Irene, and the rest of the

Charlotte Sands

club for your support through all these years.

Northwestern University Coaches Simon & Irene Gershon

Andrew Kelly

Thank you to all the fencers, coaches, and ev-

New York University

eryone associated with the Fencers Club. For

Coach Akhi Spencer-El

seven years the club has been a second home for me. Thank you especially to my coaches Simon and Irene. You have been such an

Olivia Lim

important part of my life and I would not be who I am today without you. Thank you

Northwestern University Coach Seoung-Woo Lee

Julia Malleck Tufts University Kornel Udvarhelyi

Katherine Miller Yale University

especially for believing in me when even I did not. I am going to miss you all!

Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi National Merit Scholar I’ve had an absolutely fantastic eight years at the FC. When I first started, I had absolutely no idea how important the Fencers Club—the people, the coaches, the sport itself—would become to me. I’m immensely grateful for the opportunities fencing has given me. 07

Fencers Club Alumni

PWF/FC Olympian Keeth Smart the 2008 Beijing Games.



Donovan Holtz

Rutgers University

2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003

Michael Aboodi Dmitri Apostal Ben Bratton Sam Cross Maria Fendorak Jessica Florendo Sloane Grogan Jason Kim Ian Lindblom Sarah Loh Cassidy Luitjen Alisa Mendelsohn Tierney Model Ibtihaj Muhammad Arielle Nagler Tamara Najm Jarrod Perry Kathleen Reckling Rachel Rowe Anna Schon Katelyn Sherry Andrew Sofer Maxine Stachel Emi Suzuki Mai Vu Christine Zuzek

Yale University New York University St. John’s University Harvard University St. John’s University Northwestern University University of Edinburgh Boston College Harvard University Columbia University Columbia University Yale University Emerson College Duke University Harvard University Penn State University Columbia University Columbia University Columbia University Columbia University University of Pennsylvania Brandeis University Columbia University Stanford University Northwestern University Harvard University

2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004

Meredith Bratton Emily Cross Alexander Diacou Jessica Dobbins Victoria Gora Alex Kao Steven Kovacs Eugenia Lee Jeffrey Lee Ben Lombardo Magda Losonczy Morgan Midgeley Samantha Parker Teddy Sherrill Eugene Vortsman Jonathan Wai Erica Waichman Chenzi Zhang Matt Zich

Temple University Harvard University Columbia University Yale University Brown University New York University New York University New York University New York University New York University Columbia University Columbia University Harvard University Harvard University Brandeis University Brandeis University Cornell University St. John’s University Penn State University

2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005

Alex Bachman Sean Bani Nicholas Bender Stephanie Butnick Claudine Castano Lowden Charles Tobias Cohen Noel Cropper Scott Di Guilio

Johns Hopkins University Duke University Brown University Duke University Allegheny College Stevens Institute of Technology Brown University Binghamton University Harvard University

2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005

David Ferguson Kelsey Finkel Grace Fried Nina Gernes Samantha Giordano Jesse Hancock Ben Hochberg Rachel Kantor Daniel Lanzara Hannah Pavlovich Dwight Smith Lisa Vastola Sam Wright

Johns Hopkins University Columbia University Johns Hopkins University Temple University Barnard College Duke University Stevens Institute of Technology Columbia University Brandeis University Princeton University Columbia University Harvard University Boston University

2006 2006 2006 2006 2006

Jarred Hammond Sam Roukas Dan Bak Alexandra Huber Bagley Wright

New York University New York University Penn State University Columbia University Drew University

2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007

Raymond Blankenhorn Abby Caparros-Jantos Allison Putterman Adrienne Katz Carrington Harris Nathaniel Botwinick Ariel Pensler Tess Finkel Zoe Baumgardner Oung Jo Yuh Nicole Ross Nate Sulat

Oxford University Barnard College Duke University Brandeis University New York University Yale University Harvard University Columbia University New York University New York University Columbia University Princeton University

2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008

Olivia Benedek Jillian Bratton Alanna Dunn Carl Goldfarb Rebecca Hirschfeld William Moore Andrew Pintea Katharine Pitt Abigail Denburg Samir Short Christopher Byrne Margaret Clinton Torre DiCiccio Lindsay Dos Alfred Rizzo Salim Short Sarah Siu

Penn State University Temple University St. John’s University Brandeis University Cornell University Georgetown University Brown University Yale University University of Pennsylvania Rutgers University Stevens Institute of Technology Stevens Institute of Technology Oxford University Yale University New York University Rutgers University Penn State University

2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009

Adrian Bak Essane Diedro Loweye Diedro D’Meca Homer Steven Jow Jake Kuhn Brianna Martin Andy Moore Fruzsina Palinkas Masha Stoyanovsky Alexander Vastola

Penn State University Columbia University Columbia University Barnard College University of Pennsylvania Duke University Princeton University Haverford University St. John’s University St. John’s University Vassar College

2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010

Epiphany Georges Erica McKee Kylei McGill Nzingha Prescod Pearson Miller Jennifer Lee Kelsey Jonat

Temple University Penn State University Penn State University Columbia / maybe Barnard College Yale University Cornell University University of Vermont

2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010

Harrison Fox Elizabeth Rosen Ashley Lerman Sienna Batzli Gaby Stern Max Blitzer Matthew Budofsky Julia Chen Meaghan Conway Bolivar Charles Kendall Harmeyer Gianni Di Cioccio Jessica Kang Eve Levin Granit Mavraj Christine McIntosh Faizah Muhammad Michael Mills Alex Pensler Kathleen Rand Kay Schaffer Julian Taffel Elliot Tusk Hyun-Kyung Yuh James Y. Young Christian Vastola

New York University Massachusetts Institute of Technology New York University Stevens Institute of Technology Dartmouth College St. John’s University Duke University Columbia University Stanford University Columbia University Boston College Penn State University Duke University Princeton University Emory College Cornell University New Jersey Institute of Technology University of Pennsylvania Columbia University Johns Hopkins University Bard College University of the Arts-London University of Pennsylvania Princeton University Stony Brook University New York University

2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011

MIT New York University City College of New York Cornell University Saint John’s University Brown University University of California-Berkeley Stanford University Berklee College of Music

2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011

Sarah Alkilany Andrew Ark Nazahah Booth Khelsi Clarke Brandon Hubbard Hailey Huddleston Christine Jiang Jonathan Lee Ariana LewkowitzShpuntoff Ben Loft Quinn McCann Chelsea Martinez Idris Mitchell Adam Omar Andrei Tapai Isis Washington Khristopher White Isobel Williams

2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012

Jacqueline Barnes Juliana Barrett Shozen Chen Kyjah Coryat Charles Efthimion Emilia Nicole Dwyer Grace Finkel Angelica Gangemi Jessica Hall Raymond Holloway Jason Hoffmeier David Howes Ayyub Ibrahim Jin Ishizuka Andrew Kelly Olivia Lim Julia Malleck Niki McKee Katherine Miller Somer Omar Annalisa Ranaboldo Charlotte Sands

Sacred Heart University Ohio State University Ohio State University Rutgers University Dartmouth College Columbia University Saint John’s University Sacred Heart University Brandeis University/Durham University Carnegie-Mellon University Northwestern University University of Chicago Ohio State University New York University Brandeis University Columbia University Cornell University Temple University University of Pennsylvania Binghamton University University of Michigan University of Pennsylvania Yale University New York University Northwestern University Tufts University University of Notre Dame Yale University Columbia University Tulane University Northwestern University


Fencers Club Foundations for Excellence

Competitive Athlete Development

FC Schools Partnership

Fencers Club Competitive Athletes have the op-

The Fencers Club Schools Partnership pro-

portunity to share their passion for fencing and

gram teaches fencing to students in their own

learning through coaching fencing and mentor-

schools, while imparting the foundational char-

ing. They work and volunteer in FC Partner

acter building values and skills that are integral

Schools and at the Fencers Club to inspire and

to fencing, learning and life.

teach younger students. We provide our athletes with opportunities to build their leadership,

Saturday Enrichment Program

teaching and teamwork skills while earning

The goal of the Fencers Club Enrichment Pro-

income to support their goals of making the US

gram is to provide opportunities to our Partner

Olympic Team and achieving the highest level of

Schools’ students to fence and participate in our

competitive success.

mentoring program, beyond what is available during the regular school program.

FC Scholars This program is established to maximize the

Training Camps

number of fencers who benefit from Fencers

The underpinning goal of all our training

Club’s support and development but who lack

camps is to provide the highest level of fencing

the financial means to do so. FC Scholars are

instruction while promoting a welcoming atmo-

designated mentors who are responsible for

sphere and a diverse culture of sharing.

motivating and mentoring other members to broaden their horizons and expose them to chal-

Summer Academy

lenges beyond the scope of their daily activities.

The goal of this five-week comprehensive program is to foster creativity, excellence and sports-

FC Pro Shop All proceeds from the Pro Shop are placed in

Students participate in mornings of academic

the FC Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship

enrichment activities and afternoons are dedi-

Fund is available to provide financial support

cated to fencing.

for FC Scholars and to support the FC Competitive Athlete Development Program. 10

manship in a safe, supportive environment.

Fencers Club Receives USOC Recognition as Community Olympic Development Program Fencers Club has been designated as a USOC

As a USOC Community Olympic Development

Community Olympic Development Program. This

Program (CODP) designee, we will continue to

recognition is for community youth development

work to build an inclusive and diverse community

programs that embody the Olympic ideals. Fenc-

of people who are dedicated to excellence in fencing,

ers Club is one of only nine organizations across all

promoting lifelong learning, celebrating our diver-

sports nationwide that is recognized by the USOC for

sity and sharing resources.

our high-quality programs that have been success-

The CODP designation will enhance the

fully implemented with the ultimate goal of working

scholar-athlete development programs that are

together to build a better world through sport.

already in place at Fencers Club. Our Schools Part-

We have been developing generations of highly

nership Fencing and Mentoring Program reaches

accomplished scholar-athletes, many of whom have

out to more than 800 students in the Metropolitan

been recognized as leaders in academics, business,

NYC area, with approximately 70% of these students

public service and the arts. Along the way, our schol-

being members of underserved youth populations.

ar-athletes have won many fencing accolades: World

The Competitive Athlete Development Program and

Championships, NCAAs and Olympic Medals. Most

FC Scholars Program are in place with more than

of our high school athletes graduate to attend some

40 participants receiving various levels of support

of the top universities. Many of our scholar-athletes

and training.

will pursue a broad range of professions and continue to fence and mentor.

Thank you for your being a valuable member of our community.


Fencers Club Schools Partnership TEACH





Photos by Paul Oratofsky

Our vision is to offer fencing, with all

scholar-athlete coaches will encourage the stu-

discipline, to a wide range of students across

dents to work through difficulties to achieve

racial, socio-economic and cultural divides. We

their goals and develop perseverance that can

are committed to building strong partnerships

enhance the students’ ability to perform in

with schools that share our vision and to imple-

non-fencing pursuits.

menting sustainable fencing and mentoring programs in schools with limited resources. The Fencers Club’s Schools Partnership

Every child deserves a high-quality, broadbased education, which should encompass a thorough grounding in academic subjects,

program embodies all aspects of the Fencers

an introduction to the arts, the fostering of

Club’s mission and goals. It is a comprehen-

personal growth and rigorous and interesting

sive program that teaches fencing to students

physical education.

in their own schools while imparting the


challenging, our highly trained and motivated

its easily transferable skills for learning and

Through Fencers Club Schools Part-

character building values, discipline and stra-

nership, we seek to partner with schools to

tegic thinking that are integral to the sport. By

facilitate students’ physical, intellectual and

working closely with students in a sport that

emotional growth, especially during highly

is physically, intellectually and emotionally

formative years.

The Children’s Storefront School

The United States Army Fort Hamilton Youth Services


Lower Manhattan Community School Grace Church School

Fencers Club 2011 FENCERSPartner CLUB 2011 PARTNER INVITATIONAL SchoolsSCHOOLS Invitational

Photos by Paul Oratofsky


Photos by Paul Oratofsky

December 4, 2011 December 4th, 2011

Fencers Club Schools Partnership

Academy of Saint Joseph 111 Washington Place New York, NY 10014-6820

Friends Seminary School 222 East 16th Street New York, NY 10003

Anderson School 100 West 77th Street, New York, NY 10024

George Jackson Academy 104 Saint Marks Pl New York, NY 10009

Bi-Cultural Day School 2186 High Ridge Rd Stamford, CT 06903

Girls Prep Middle School 420 East 12th Street New York, NY 10009

Bronx Collegiate 240 East 172nd St. Bronx, NY 10457

Grace Church School 86 4th Avenue New York, NY 10003

Caedmon School 416 East 80th Street New York, NY 10075

Horace Mann School 231 West 246th Street Bronx, NY 10471

The Chapin School 100 East End Ave New York, NY 10028

The International Preschools 120 West 76th Street & 330 East 45th Street New York, NY

The Children’s Storefront School 70 East 129th St. New York, NY 10035

The Kew-Forest School 119-17 Union Turnpike Forest Hills, NY 11375

Korean American Family Service Center Youth Programs Flushing, NY 11354 The Lowell School 203-05 32nd Avenue Bayside, New York 11361 Lower Manhattan Community Middle School 26 Broadway, 6th Floor New York, NY, 10004 Mott Hall II Middle School 234 West 109th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10025 Speyer Legacy School 15 West 86th Street New York, NY 10024 Village Community School 272 West 10th Street New York, NY 10014

United States Army Fort Hamilton Child and Youth Services 404 Sterling Drive Brooklyn, NY 11252 Quest to Learn 351 W. 18th St. New York, NY 10011

Beginning Summer 2012: The Brearley School 610 East 83rd Street New York, NY 10028 Harlem Children’s Zone 35 E. 125th Street New York, NY 10035 Ronald Edmonds Learning Center 300 Adelphi Street Brooklyn, NY 11205


Peter Westbrook Foundation The Peter Westbrook Foundation was born out of Fencers Club Saturday Fencing Program. This year, the PWF celebrates its 20th anniversary. We applaud our partner organization’s tremendous success.

Nzingha Prescod

Ibtihaj Muhammad

Dear Members and Friends,

my club in competition, a duty I approached

It is hard for me to believe that this fall it

with the utmost intensity. I take a tremendous

will be 17 years since I embarked on the incred-

amount of pride in contributing to the success

ible journey that fencing has lead me on.

of both the FC and PWF, but no medal will

I walked into the doors of the New York

ever compare to the relationships founded

Fencer’s Club for the first time when I was ten

over the past 17 years. This is what I fell in

years old for the Saturday fencing program with

love with all that time ago, and what continues

the Peter Westbrook Foundation. The Saturday

to push me beyond the limits of what I even

program and the club were much different back

believe possible. Because the FC and PWF

then. Not nearly as many students, and the club

members are a collective family pushing each

was barely a quarter the size of our current club,

other to achieve a common goal, sharing in

made up of only 3 strips. I was blessed with the

each other’s successes.

opportunity to be mentored by World Class fenc-

I am so grateful for the opportunity to

ers and coaches; I met and learned from people

grow up with the Fencer’s Club and PWF. I

successful in all realms of life and traveled to

could never have never achieved any of my suc-

places I never heard of.

My world has truly

cess—on and off the strip—without the help

been expanded every day since I walked through

and support of both organizations and all of the

those doors. I have gotten to see the Fencer’s

members, and I look forward to seeing what

Club and PWF grow by leaps and bounds, tak-

more there is in store.

ing them from our 72nd street location to our 25th street location and then finally our new fa-

Ben Bratton

cility; it has felt like our success has grown in

Member of 2012 US Men’s Epee

tandem with each new step forward.

World Championship Team

It has always been an honor to represent


Ben Bratton

Summer Camps 2012 E X C LU S I V E LY F R O M FENCERS CLUB

Competitive Fencers Grant Photo by Serge Timacheff

Summer Training in the Berkshires

SUMMER ACADEMY DAY CAMP Summer Day Camp at theWeekly Club from July 2 - Aug 3 Ages 7 to 15

BERKSHIRES TRAINING CAMP Aug 10 - Aug 19 Ages 12 to Adult Drills, tactical exercises, training & conditioning, supervised bouting, competition COACHES:

Photo by Paul Oratofsky

Epee: Seoung-Woo Lee

Kornel Udvarhelyi Boris Vaksman Foil: Simon Gershon Irene Gershon Buckie Leach Mikhail Petin Sabre: Akhnaten Spencer-El (Olympians & elite fencers will also participate)

REGISTER ONLINE: 229 W 28 St 2 flr NYC 10001 229212.807.6947 West 28 St.• 2 flr, NYC 10001 212.807.6947 •


FENCERS CLUB est. 1883

A non-profit organization dedicated to excellence in fencing, learning and community service.

est. 1883


2011 Fencers Club Summer Academy

The Fencers Club Summer Academy is a weekly summer program that combines mornings of academic enrichment activities and afternoons of fencing practice led by our elite athletes and Olympians. Student can choose from a variety of academic enrichment activities designed to stimulate creativity and inspire critical thinking. Then, after lunch, they can choose their weapon and face their opponent in a classic duel! Students are also provided breakfast and lunch each day that are both nutritional and delicious—and the need to make healthy food choices to support academic and fencing success is continually emphasized. 18

2011 Berkshires Summer Training Camp From August 11-20th, 2011, one hundred fencers made the trip north to the scenic Berkshires in southwestern Massachusetts for our annual training camp. Our world-class coaching staff conducted three fencing practices each day that included drills, tactical exercises, training and conditioning and supervised bouting. Participants also had the chance to visit local nature preserve of Bash Bish Falls, Six Flags Water Park or hiking in the mountains with Coach Kornel. Another great year of camp was capped by an exciting tournament.


Dedication to our Youth Fencers “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” - Muhammad



Symposium on College Fencing September 24th, 2011 On Saturday, September 24, more than 40 college-minded fencers and their families gathered at Fencers Club to listen to the head coaches from Columbia, Harvard, NYU, Penn State, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania. The coaches covered the ins and outs of college fencing, including:

College Admissions: Does Fencing Matter? What is the “Coaches’ List” and How Does it Work? Life of a Student-Athlete: Team Spirit and Riding the Bus Athletic Scholarships: Where and How Balancing Academics and International Fencing

Coaches in Attendance: Michael Aufrichtig, Columbia University Peter Brand, Harvard University Zoltan Dudas, Princeton University Emmanuil Kaidanov, Penn State Andy Ma, University of Pennsylvania Steve Mormando, New York University 21

Fencing Achievements 2008 Olympic Games Beijing, China

2009 Junior & Cadet World Championships

2010 World Championships Paris, France

Belfast, Ireland Team Women’s Foil Team Silver Medal Emily Cross, Coach Mikhail Petin Erinn Smart, Coach Buckie Leach Team Men’s Saber Silver Medal Keeth Smart, Coach Yuri Gelman James Williams, Coach Yuri Gelman Tim Morehouse, Coach Yuri Gelman

2009 Pan American Championships

Cadet Women’s Foil Gold Medal Nzingha Prescod, Coach Buckie Leach Junior Team Men’s Foil Silver Medal Miles Chamley-Watson, Coach Simon Gershon Junior Team Women’s Foil Gold Medal Nicole Ross, Nzingha Prescod, Epiphany Georges, Coaches: Simon Gershon, Buckie Leach

2011 Division I National Championships Portland, OR

Men’s Epee Team Silver Medal Ben Bratton, Coach Seung-Woo Lee

2011 NCAA Championships Men’s Foil Silver Medal Miles Chamley-Watson, Coach Simon Gershon

Team Women’s Saber (FC/PWF) Gold Medal Essane Diedro, Loweye Diedro, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Kamali Thompson, Coach Akhi Spencer-El

2011 Pan-American Championships Women’s Foil Bronze Medal Nzingha Prescod, Coach Buckie Leach

2011 Junior World Championships

San Salvador, El Salvador Women’s Foil Gold Medal Nzingha Prescod, Coach Buckie Leach Bronze Medal Nicole Ross, Coach Simon Gershon Men’s Foil Bronze Medal Miles Chamley-Watson, Coach Simon Gershon

2010 Grand Prix Foil St. Petersburg, Russia Men’s Foil Bronze Medal Miles Chamley-Watson, Coach Simon Gershon

2010 Veteran World Championships Porec, Croatia Veteran Men’s Foil Silver Medal Marcel Miernik


Women’s Foil Gold Medal Nzingha Prescod, Coach Buckie Leach Women’s Foil Team Silver Medal Nzingha Prescod, Coach Buckie Leach

2011 World Rankings Men’s Foil 2nd Ranked Miles Chamley-Watson, Coach Simon Gershon

2012 Olympic Candidates

2012 Division I National Championships

2012 Junior and Cadet World Championships

Men’s Foil Miles Chamley-Watson, Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

Virginia Beach, VA

Moscow, Russia

Senior Men’s Foil Bronze Medal Robert Nunziato, Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

Cadet Women’s Foil Silver Medal Sara Taffel, Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

Women’s Foil Nicole Ross,Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon Nzingha Prescod, Coach Buckie Leach

2012 World Championships Kiev, Ukraine

Senior Women’s Epee Bronze Medal Lauren Willock, Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi

Women’s Team Sabre Bronze Medal Ibtihaj Muhammad, Coach Akhi Spencer-El

Senior Women’s Sabre Bronze Medal Faizah Muhammad (PWF/FC), Coach Akhi Spencer-El

Div 1 Men’s Epee Silver Medal Yeisser Ramirez

Tauberbischofsheim, Germany

2012 International Cadet Foil Cup Pisa, Italy Cadet Men’s Foil Silver Medal James Sands, Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

Cincinnati, OH

2012 NCAA Championships

World Team Members Women’s Foil Gold Medal Evgeniya Kirpicheva, Saint John’s

Cadet Women’s Foil Gold Medal Sara Taffel, Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

2012 Junior Olympics Cadet Women’s Foil Bronze Medal Sara Taffel, Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

2012 North American Cup

Junior Women’s Foil Team Nzingha Prescod, Coach Buckie Leach

Portland, OR

2012 International Cadet Foil Cup Senior Women’s Foil Bronze Medal Kaila Budofsky, Coach Mikhail Petin Bronze Medal Nicole Ross, Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

Men’s Team Epee Gold Medal Benjamin Bratton, Coach Seoung-Woo Lee

2012 Junior and Cadet

2012 North American Cup

Veteran Women’s Foil Gold Medal Diane Reckling

Salt Lake City, UT Junior Women’s Foil Gold Medal Niki McKee, Coach Buckie Leach Cadet Women’s Foil Gold Medal Kaila Budofsky, Coach Mikhail Petin Junior Men’s Foil Gold Medal Robert Nunziato, Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

Cadet Women’s Foil Team Sara Taffel, Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon


Fencers Club Awards

Rex and Jeena Chung Award for Outstanding Fencing Achievement

Fencers Club Community Service Award This award honors two members each year who

This award is presented to the member who has

make “significant and sustained volunteer contribu-

exhibited fencing excellence and superiority in their

tions” to benefit the club and its members.

performance on the strip. A panel of coaches and fencers has selected the following fencers for this prestigious award:

Spencer Malmad For his generous commitment of time, support and expertise. In addition to being a proud fencing

Benjamin Bratton Achievements: Gold Medal Team Men’s Epee. 2011-

parent, Spencer ensures that the technology behind Fencers Club operates both efficiently and smoothly.

2012 Senior World Championships, Kiev, Ukraine. Coach: Seoung-Woo Lee

Sophia Holmqvist For her continued dedication and commitment to

Sara Taffel Achievements: Silver Medal – Cadet Women’s Foil at

teerism at Fencers Club.

the 2012 Junior and Cadet World Championships,

Coaches: Simon and Irene Gershon

Moscow, Russia. Bronze Medal – Cadet Women’s Foil in International Cadet Foil Cup, Pisa, Italy. Gold Medal – Cadet Women’s Foil in International Cadet Foil Cup, Tauberbischofsheim, Germany Coaches: Simon and Irene Gershon 24

Fencers Club. Sophia is a shining example of volun-

Fencers Club Pro Shop Award for Most Improved Fencer

Gould-Hirschfeld Sportsmanship Award This award is presented to the fencer who has ex-

This award is presented to the fencer who has

hibited a strong understanding and commitment to

made dramatic strides in fencing by having a keen

fair play, ethical behavior, and above all, uncompro-

understanding of the game and effectively utilizing

mising integrity both on and off the strip.

the practice time.

Nicole “Niki” McKee

Michael Nissan For exhibiting the Fencers Club values of caring, fair-

For her outstanding gold medal finish in Junior

ness, civility, honesty and integrity on and off the strip.

Women’s Foil at the 2012 Junior Olympics, consis-

Coach: Boris Vaksman

tently strong results in major competitions, and her

Nicole Ross

dedication to the sport. Coach: Buckie Leach

For her dedication to the Fencers Club ideals of responsibility, mentoring developing fencers, and

Robert Nunziato

civility. Nicole has consistently shared her passion

For his outstanding gold medal finish in Junior

for fencing and fencing expertise with others to help

Men’s Foil at the 2012 Junior Olympics and other

them achieve their potential.

major fencing events, and his commitment to im-

Coaches: Simon and Irene Gershon

proving in all aspects of the game. Coaches: Simon and Irene Gershon

Outstanding Partner School Coach Award

2012 Fencers Club MVP Award The Most Valuable Player Award is presented to a member who is valuable to the club as an athlete,

This award is presented to one of our team of

donor or organizer, and someone who has become

School Coaches for his/her outstanding service to

an indispensable contributor to the Fencers Club

Fencers Club, the Schools Partnership Program


and his/her students.

Donovan Holtz

James Melcher Jamie has been an important contributor to the

For all his hard work, dedication and drive to make

Fencers Club community in many ways. He shares

a difference in students’ lives. Donovan is an exem-

his deep understanding of the sport with younger

plary scholar-athlete.

fencers, and he has been generous with his time

Coach: Seoung-Woo Lee

and resources. Jamie’s dedication to the club sets a very high standard for all of us. Coach: Boris Vaksman


Fencers Club Coaches


Eduard Elterman

Irene Gershon

Simon Gershon

Buckie Leach

Seoung-Woo Lee

Mikhail Petin

Akhnaten Spencer-El

Kornel Udvarhelyi

Boris Vaksman

The Fencers Club Team

Jonas Stankovich, Programs Assistant

Donovan Holtz Pro Shop Manager, Head Mentor, Epee

Adam Schafer FC Manager, Foil



Donors 2011 - 2012 1883 SOCIETY $50,000 AND UP Anonymous Dow Family Charitable Fund

BENEFECTORS $25,000 AND UP Jeena and Rex Chung

GOLD MEMBERS $5,000 TO $9,999 Hoffen Family Foundation Anne Mathews and Robert Nunziato Michael Nissan Dr. Elizabeth Poynor

SILVER MEMBERS $2,500 TO $4,999 Absolute Fencing Gear Page & Otto Marx Foundation Ms. Barabara Gould and Dr. Alan Hirschfeld Dr. and Mrs. Malcom S. Moore Barbara Osborne and Alan Getz Lisa and Sean Wallace

BRONZE MEMBERS $1,000 TO $2,499 Frederick and Elizabeth Cross Miyoung Lee and Neil Simpkins Photo by Paul Oratofsky

Steven Lim Michael Rust Annik and Michael Wolf Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Sands


Donors 2011 - 2012 Friends Mr. and Mrs. Banin Cliff Bayer Ms. Bennoun and Mr. Broszkowski Mr. and Mrs. Bivins Ms. Anna Bogdanow and Mr. Eugene Vastola Alice Chin Joe Chin Mr. and Mrs. Cho Mr. Abraham Cohen Charles Coutinho Heidi Cunnick and Kevin Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Devore Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Ms. Farr and Dr. Field Lori and Eric Friedman Mr. John Gilbridge-Wonderlin Mr. John Hood Mr. and Mrs. Huddleston Hudson Valley Bank Molly Jong Ken Katz Kumsuk Kim Boah and Gene Ko Mr. Alan Kupferberg Susan Kutzner and Dr. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Soyoung Lee and Keeyeol Nam Michael Lee Mr. and Mrs. Mannan Julio Mazzoli Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh Mr. and Mrs. McKie Meridian Group Marcel Miernik Ms. Moore Mr. Kamhi Maurice Bill Murphy, Leon Paul USA Mr. and Mrs. Noh Ciaran and Lisa O’Kelly Jean-Marc Oppenheim Michelle Ores and Charles Schorin Dr. and Mrs. Pak Mr. and Mrs. Young Pak Ms. Catherine A. Pane Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Plenty Mr. and Mrs. Potamianos Linda and Jeffrey Reals Kathleen Reckling Ms. Tahiti Roy and Mr. Anindya Chatterjee Monica Sam Mr. and Mrs. Seger Sochungshinn Shinn and Tony Lee Erinn Smart Mr. Sobel Stephen Lise Stone Deborah and Kevin Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Teng Mei Mei and Andrew Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Viqueira Vivia Chen and Eric Gilioli Peter Westbrook Julia Whitehead and Peter Miller Mr. Noah Zucker


FC Member Jon Tiomkin at the 2004 Athens Olympics.


Around the Club







Club Finances

Sep’11-Aug12** Sep’10-Aug11*

$ Change

% Change

REVENUE SOURCES Club Income 960,000 750,000 210,000 28% Store Income 30,000 35,000 (5,000) -14% Total Income 990,000 785,000 205,000 26%

EXPENSES Rent and Utilities 645,000 605,000 40,000 7%

Partner school coaching fees & Expences



Salaries, Benefits, Consultants





Scholarships & Outreach 45,000 35,000 10,000 29%

Club Expenses & member services 375,000




Total Expenses 1,390,000 1,150,000 240,000 21% Net Before Donations

(400,000) (365,000) (35,000) 10%

Total Donations 490,000 422,000 68,000 16% Net After Donations 90,000 57,000 33,000 58% * unadjusted numbers 38

** projected numbers

In the area of academic accomplishments, Christine McIntosh earned the N CAA Elite 89 Award for Fencing this year. She also received Academic All-Ivy League honors as a sophomore attending Cornell University.

Congratulations Christine!


Congratulations on your fencing progress this year! Keep up the good work!  

All our love, Mom, Dad, Morgan & Arden 40

Congratulations, Emily!

Of the many paths you can take, you chose medicine. You will be a smart, determined, and compassionate doctor who will make a difference in many people’s lives. We are so proud of you.

With all our love, Francine and Malcolm Moore


Thank you Buckie and all the FC Coaches for your amazing guidance. Thank you fellow fencers—we learn from you every day. Thank you Liz and all the wonderful people who support FC and make it the special place that it is. Jihae Simpkins and Family


Akhi & all the Sabre cadet, junior, & senior Fencers: Thank YOU for the support this past year. Go get them at the Summer Championships! Have a great summer... “Cutting Edge” By Nicco Chin Inside my saber

and all the tears and shouts that are kept inside

Is a fire that can’t be put out

Inside my saber is a fire that will never be put out.

Inside my saber is the desire of winning

Inside my saber that fire can burn a skyscraper

The adrenaline rush

It can know no bounds and will never be extinguished

The speed

It is the golden core of my wins, loss’, points, and ambitions to go as

The intensity

high as the skyscrapers it can burn down Inside my saber is an inferno that can do anything.

Inside my saber lays the championships I can hear its triumphant scream with each point

My saber will be my forever companion

Inside my saber is a man filing away each touch

It will never fail me

he holds the aggression to each point

I will never fail it

locks it away in a vault that nobody can open

And it will stay in my mind until the end of time The fire in that saber can outshine the sun

Inside my saber is every loss I suffer

Burn down skyscrapers

every win ritualize

And glow until the end of time. 43

Signe Ferguson at NAC A Thank you Dwight Smith for strip coaching.

Best Wishes Fencers Club Lisa and Sean Wallace 44

Congratulations to Charlotte and the Fencers Club Graduates

Best of luck, Betsy & Andy Sands 45

Erinn Smart, PWF/FC

Hanna Thompson

Emily Cross, FC

We have been producing generations of Olympians and World & National Champions for over 125 years Keeth Smart, PWF/FC


James Williams

Tim Morehouse

Jason Rogers

Congratulations and good luck to our 2012 London Olympic Games qualifiers!

Miles Chamley-Watson

Nzingha Prescod

Nicole Ross

Men’s Foil

Women’s Foil

Women’s Foil

Coach Buckie Leach

Coaches Simon & Irene Gershon

Coaches Simon & Irene Gershon

Photo by: Stefano Giovannini

FENCERS CLUB 229 W. 28th Street, 2nd Floor • NYC 10001 212.807.6947 Fencers Club is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Contributions to Fencers Club are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Fencers Club 2012 Viewbook  
Fencers Club 2012 Viewbook  

Fencers Club 2012 Viewbook