Personal is Political, Vol. 2 (2013)

Page 7

• The journal promotes democratic values. Its presence in post-Soviet media space contributes to gradual changes in the perception and acceptance of human rights; • The journal makes a case for a feminist agenda in politics, creates a space for discussion on democracy and a friendly environment for women to express their political and social agenda; • We hope to contribute to enhancing the social solidarity in general and women’s solidarity in particular; • The materials published in our journal will facilitate changes in the university and secondary/high school teaching curricula as well as in the general public attitude towards gender issues; • Our readers will be enabled to reflect on their own political agency and communicate their knowledge about gender equality and equal opportunity to their activist peers, co-workers and family members. The journal offers a series of thematically organized issues in order to be more accessible to the general public and be potentially used for university courses, activist training programs and self-education initiatives. Currently we are working on the following themed issues: the politics of knowledge and public education, transformations of academia, social equality, gender in media policies, activism and international networking, capitalism, body image, and women in disaster studies. The almanac “Women in Politics” emerged as part of a project on the inclusion of women in politics. The project is supported by the International Centre for Gender Initiatives “Adliga: Women for Full Citizenship”. “Adliga” is a women’s non-profit organization which struggles for gender equality and equity, and fights against social deprivation and other kinds of injustice. The second issue of the almanac revisits the theme of “Personal as Political.” It is important to revisit this topic in the context of the current political and social transformations in Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other post-Soviet states. Therefore we open this almanac issue with a translation of the famous essay by Carol Hanisch “The Personal Is Political” which was originally published in 1969 and is still relevant in many ways. When we called for submissions we aimed to define and investigate the issues that charge private matters with political meanings. We intended to find out what private “problems”, intentionally or not, get public and political attention. Interestingly, the received submissions clearly divided into three subjects: emancipation and women’s political participation, reproductive freedom, and the politics of sexuality.