Personal is Political, Vol. 2 (2013)

Page 152

Catherine Owen is a doctoral candidate in Russian Politics at the University of Exeter, UK. Her doctoral research focuses on collaboration between the government and non-governmental organisations on matters relating to human rights. Owen’s wider research interests include the effects of neoliberal economic policies on the Russian NGO sector, neoliberal modes of governance in contemporary Russia, and grass-roots social movements in Russia. She blogs regularly in Russian and English for “ThinkIR”, “” and “Foreign Policy Centre”. Ranting about the injustices of patriarchy is a private, but deeply fulfilling, hobby. Website:


Alexander Pershái, Ph.D. (Cultural Studies, Trent University), is a development and communications adviser, lecturer and a board member of the Centre for Gender Studies of the European Humanities University. He is the head editor of a Belarusian- and Russian-speaking educational feminist almanac “Women in Politics” (“Zhenschiny v politike: novye podkhody k politicheskomu”). He studies nationalism in Belarus and Eastern Europe with emphasis on the issues of identity, language and nation-building. His research interests include nationalism theory, Belarus, Eastern European nationalism, transformations of academia, technologies of archiving and organizing knowledge, interrelations of gender, language and power and transgender. Pershái edited “Negotiating Space for Gender Studies: Frameworks and Applications” (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2005). His works are published in “Nationalities Papers”, “East European Politics and Societies”, “EuropeAsia Studies”, “Slavia Orientalis”, “Neprikosnovennyi Zapas”, “Forum Noveishey vostochnoevropeiskoy istorii i kultury”, “Gendernyie Issledovania”, “Ab Imperio” and other peer-reviewed journals. Website: Olga Petrukovich is an independent researcher and social activist. She holds a Master of Arts in Sociology and Gender Studies. She contributes to an educational paralegal project for the Belarusian House of Human Rights in Vilnius and the Centre for Gender Studies at the European Humanities University. Her research interests include gender-related politics, social regulations of reproduction, gender and media, and civic society. Klaus Richter completed his Doctoral Degree in History at the Centre for Research on Anti-Semitism in Berlin. Currently, he is a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Birmingham. He is an editor for the online journal “Neues Osteuropa”