Personal is Political, Vol. 2 (2013)

Page 150

NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS Don Collymore landed in Toronto 12 years ago with no plan and very little money but he had a goal of exploring his queer identity. Through his various adventures and misadventures he came to a point of selfacceptance and “diva-ine” strength. He became a grass-roots organizer and social activist in Toronto. He fights against racism and promotes acceptance in Queer Communities and beyond. He works with different social activist groups within bear communities.


Elena Gapova is the Founding Director of the Centre for Gender Studies at the European Humanities University. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology at Western Michigan University. She also is the head editor of the online newsletter of the International Association for the Humanities “The Bridge/МОСТ” ( Elena Gapova’s research interests include gender, nation and class in post-communist societies; gender politics in the early USSR; post-Soviet intellectuals and the transformation of academia. She has edited four collections of essays “Over the Wall/After the Fall: Post-Communist Cultures through an East West Gaze” (Indiana University Press, 2004), “Women on the Edge of Europe (Zhenschiny na kraju Evropy)” (Minsk, 2003), “Women Histories in Eastern Europe (Zhenskie istorii vostochnoi Evropy)” (Minsk, 2002) and “Anthology of Gender Theory (Antologia gendernoy teorii)” (Minsk, 2000). She is a creator and editor of a series of wall calendars entitled “Women of Belarus: A Social History” (Minsk, 2000-2006). She has published in “Nationalities Papers”, “Studies in East European Thought”, “Gendernye Issledovania”, “ARCHE”, “Neprikosnovenniy Zapas” and other academic journals. Website: Carol Hanisch is an American feminist, activist, organizer, author, editor, and graphic artist. She studied journalism at Drake University and worked briefly as a reporter before she volunteered in the Mississippi Civil Rights in the 1960s. She was a founding member of New York Radical Women (NYRW) in 1967, had the original idea for the Miss America Protest (1968), wrote the groundbreaking paper “The Personal is Political” (1969), and was an editor of Redstocking’s book “Feminist Revolution” (1973), and founding editor of the journal “Meeting Ground” (1978 – 1992). She has participated in local environmental struggles and in movements against racism, U.S. imperialism, and South African apartheid. More information about Carol Hanisch’s achievements and writings is available on her website: