FEM Newsmagazine: Intersect

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FEM: GM Foods + Inequality a different organism.” The meaning of and lighter complexions, In their article, feminism and what to those that affect Twenty Questions on it means to be a people as determined Genetically Modified feminist has changed by the intersections of Foods, the WHO states tremendously the different statuses that GM foods were over time. Many of they occupy. Genetically initially produced due the initial attributes of modified (GM) foods, to a series of perceived feminism are a thing of then, affect certain advantages or benefits, the past or have been classes, races, genders, including, but not limited further complicated to be etc. in multiple ways. to, the potential to solve more applicable to the These GM foods have widespread hunger everyday lives of more been at the forefront of throughout and more the world. groups of It is with that in mind that we shift from This, howpeople. seeing ‘feminist issues’ as that which ever ideal, There is affects those of a higher class and is not an continuous movement lighter complexion to how different accurate portrayal of from various issues affect different people as groups of determined by the intersections to the the situation. While the people to different statuses they occupy. intentions steer the of scientists new face of feminism away from discussion in communities may have been good, its overarching white, all around the world for at genetically modified foods have not solved heteronormative, middle least a decade now. The to upper class origins, and World Health Organization world hunger or even towards a more inclusive (WHO) defines genetically put a dent in the realities movement which pushes modified foods as “foods of hunger produced by immense poverty in the the boundaries of derived from organisms places where hopes for what constitutes whose genetic material a ‘feminist issue.’ (DNA) has been modified relief were high. The aforementioned ‘solving It is with that in mind in a way that does not world hunger’ ideology that we shift from seeing occur naturally, e.g. is based on the fact that ‘feminist issues’ as those through the introduction GM foods are cheaper to which affect higher classes of a gene from 57