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Volume XXX No. 7, March 2013

Grand Master’s Message: Discussing this ‘n’ that The Masonic Funeral


nippets: My concept and goal of the Regional “Occasional Grand Lodge” (OGL) was a two-way communication between Constituent Lodges and the Grand Lodge, as well as a practice session for the Grand Lodge Officers for the Annual M.W.B. Hunt M. Compton, Grand Master Communication in June. The five Regional OGL’s are now behind us for this year and I am pleased with the end product. Part of each OGL included a session on issues that have arisen during this year that should be noteworthy and passed along to the membership. These are small snippets — but significant issues — dealt with mostly behind the scene

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Grand Master’s Message The Masonic Funeral Jennings Journal article Grand Master’s Calendar Blue Lodge Training Contributions MMSAP February seminar Spring For Kids Volunteer Opportunities

and occur in the everyday life of the Grand Master. Here are some of those snippets, important to us all: 1) In the November OMN Article I said “The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar is a national organization overseeing the York Rite.” I received two corrections to that statement indicating the Grand Encampment does NOT oversee the York Rite; it is a separate entity within the York Rite. A more proper statement would have been “The Grand Encampment is a national organization from which some Charters to the State organizations originate.” I apologize for that misstatement and confusion. 2) In August at their 37th Triennial, the Grand Encampment adopted the Grand Priory of the Reformed and Rectified Rite as an appendant body. The Grand Priory being irregular and clandestine in this Jurisdiction has run a Red Flag up the Masonic Flag Pole for the Grand Encampment in this Jurisdiction. On January 21, 2013, the Grand Encampment “surrenders and returns the letters of authority issued by the Grand Priory of Occitania.” I am in the process of finding out what that means. 3) There have been at least three Lodges broken into in the last couple of months, with paraphernalia stolen. Just a courtesy word of caution to make sure your buildings are secure. 4) I have had discussions about the Holy Bible on the Altar when Continued on page 2

by Arthur L. Borland W. Senior Grand Deacon


he Masons lined up in their familiar white aprons with a sprig of Acacia tucked into their jacket pockets. They were silent and marched into the Lodge room side by side, led by the presiding officers. In unison, as if practiced a thousand times, they sat down in an area prepared for them. A look of sadness was on the face of many Brothers and a tear could be seen shining in the corner of more than a few eyes. They had come to offer up before the world the last tribute of their affection to a departed Brother, who the Great Architect of the Universe had called for in the early hours of a rainy Tuesday morning. As the Lodge Master approached the microphone to address family and friends, thoughts ran through my mind as to who this Brother was and what he meant to me. He was kind and always seemed friendly. I would shake his hand and say hello when we met before a Lodge meeting or a dinner. I knew he lived alone, was a private person and always drove himself to Lodge. Then he stopped coming and I didn’t know why. You see, although we greeted each other when we met at Lodge, and I called him “Brother,” I didn’t really know him. The Master’s message crept into my conscious mind. I heard words like “trust,” “honor” and “valor” and listened intently to my Brother’s story. I understood the words, but had never associated them with this quiet, unassuming Brother. I listened even Continued on page 3

The Jennings Journal• Grand Master’s Message, continued from page 1 This article was excerpted from the February issue of Jennings Journal, a newsletter published for the Jennings McCall community. Memory Care Construction


n January the MESH Trustees voted unanimously to approve the construction of Jennings McCall Memory Care. In addition, the north wing will be renovated to retain Progressive Care services. Both areas will have their own dining, activity and common living spaces for residents to enjoy. There is much work to be done in preparation for the construction and eventual grand opening. Construction is scheduled to begin on March 25, Monday through Friday during normal business hours. This should not interfere with resident routines or accessibility throughout the building. The tentative completion date is June 15. “Concept boards” will be on display at Jennings McCall and they will give everyone a great sense of the look and feel of the newly created environments for both Memory Care and Progressive Care. e are planning a resident/family presentation in mid-March. This will be an opportunity for the project manager and me to answer any questions and address any concerns. There will be weekly progress reports shared with our residents.


— Channon Larson, Aidan Health Services

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the Candidate is other than Christian. Candidates may take their obligation on the Sacred Book held holy by them, but the Holy Bible shall remain open as the Lodge is in Session. It’s in the book! 5) The History Edict paperwork was due by February 28, 2013. Is your Lodge compliant? 6) The Grand Master has had no less than three requests to “Make a Mason at Sight,” as authorized in Landmark No. 8 and Section 20, Powers of the Grand Master No. 3. Unfortunately, all candidates for this were Entered Apprentice Masons. They were already “Masons”! The job had already been accomplished by the Lodge conferring the Degree. I was unable to comply with the request. I think the thought was to make the individual a “Master Mason at Sight.” However, that is neither within the Landmarks nor the Code. 7) There have been over 30 Lodge Consolidations over the past 12 years. Section 264, Consolidation of Lodges, gives an overview of the sequence of events in the consolidation process. In a specific case, a new Charter was issued prior to the preparation of new By-Laws which were submitted seven years after the consolidation. For any new consolidations, I have directed the

Grand Lodge to ensure the By-Laws are up to date prior to issuing a new charter. 8) Recently, it was learned that a Lodge elected one of the top three officers of their Lodge from a pool of Master Masons from the Jurisdiction of Washington, and this man was neither a member of the Oregon Lodge nor a member in this Jurisdiction. Names have been withheld to protect the guilty. 9) “Educational Assistance” is the pride and joy of this Jurisdiction. The cash flow is a monthly check during the school year from the Grand Lodge to the Host Recipient Lodge. The Host Lodge then creates their own Lodge check to be delivered in person or by mail to the recipient. If there is a new Master, new Secretary and new Treasurer in the Lodge at the beginning of the new year, it is imperative that the Educational Assistant Lodge Check maintain continuity to the recipient in the same timely manner as before. To quote the late Walter Cronkite, these are the “... events that alter and illuminate our times ... .” Respectfully and fraternally, Hunt M. Compton, Grand Master 2012-2013

Grand Master Hunt Compton, back row center, at Jefferson Lodge No. 33’s 150th anniversary in September.


March 2013

2 — DeMolay, Job’s Daughters, Rainbow; Salem Youth Groups - U, L 5 — Union No. 3, McMinnville, Corned Beef & Cabbage; dinner, 6 p.m.; Lodge, 7:30 p.m. - U 6 — Rickreall No. 110 Past Masters, Official Visit; 7:30 p.m. - Bib Overalls, L 7-8 — Amaranth Grand Court, Canyonville - opening, March 7, 7 p.m. - T, L 8 — Leadership Meeting, 2 p.m., Forest Grove - SU 9 — MESH, Forest Grove 13 — Eugene No. 11, Official Visit; dinner, 5:30 p.m.; Lodge, 7:30 p.m. - U, L 14 — Lents Lodge No. 156, Portland, Official Visit; 7:30 p.m. - U, L 16 — Champoeg Lodge No. 27, Canby, 100th Anniversary Cornerstone Dedication, 5:30 p.m. U 17 — Nydia Temple No. 4, Daughters of the Nile, Gerry Brown installation; 2:00 p.m. - T, U, L 20 — Jennings No. 9, Dallas, Official Visit; 7:30 p.m. - U, L 23 — Zuleima Temple No. 13, Daughters of the Nile, Margaret Bentley installation - U, T, L 28 — Masonic Family Night, Salem Scottish Rite - U, L

April 2012

2 — Evergreen No. 137, Seaside, Official Visit; 7:30 p.m. - U 3 — Fairview No. 92, Troutdal, Official Visit; dinner, 6:30 p.m.; Lodge, 7:30 p.m. - U, L 4-6 — Grand York Rite of Oregon 8 — Marys River No. 221, Corvallis, Official Visit; 7:30 p.m. - U 9 — Wildhorse No. 65, Athena, Official Visit; 8 p.m. - U 10 — Hiram No. 67, Elgin, Official Visit; dinner, 6 p.m.; Lodge, 7:30 p.m. - U, L 13 — MESH, Forest Grove, Teleconference 18 — Grand Lodge of Hawaii - U, T, L 20 — Potentate Ball - Al Kader and AGM/AGP Reception, Pendleton 27 — Blue Lodge Training, six locations for Masonic Education - U

U = Uniform; L = Ladies; T = Tuxedo; S = Summer Uniform


regon DeMolay will host a Crab Feed at the Al Kader Shrine Center in Wilsonville on Saturday, March 30, from 5-11 p.m. The Al Kader Shrine Oriental Band has a longstanding tradition of hosting a crab feed fundraiser each year, which is a huge, fun event. From 5-6 p.m. there are fun gambling games and 50/50 raffles. More prize raffles follow, along with $4 adult beverages, possible oyster shooters (if the timing is right), great food and lots of prizes. Tickets for the event are $25 and each year they sell out. A chicken dinner is available for those who can’t, or don’t, eat crab. Because of the nature of the fundraiser it will be strictly adult only. Childcare will be provided in an upstairs room with games, movies and all sorts of fun for the kiddos. The Al Kader Shrine Center is at 25100 SW Parkway Ave., Wilsonville. Contact James Conner, 971-388-6759, or Bill Doherty, 503-585-8678.

The Masonic Funeral, continued from page one harder. He never spoke of his own past, but I guess most of us don’t. Maybe it was painful for him. He led a complex life beset with personal trials and disappointments. He served in France after D-Day and learned that life wasn’t always fair. Many of his friends didn’t come home with him after the war and their memories haunted him. He married and raised a family, but his only son never returned from one of the silly wars lost on the front page of local newspapers. He was a teacher, which was not really a surprise, but I’d never

thought about his career. I only knew him as a Mason. It seems his existence, although strained by life’s disappointments, was aimed at helping others — the Masonic way. After the service I offered my condolences to the family. Though I had never met his daughter she thanked me for the kindnesses I’d given her father after her mother passed away. Maybe that loss was why he stopped coming to Lodge. I didn’t know. How many can relate to this? Do we shake our Brother’s hand in Lodge, call them Brother, but not

really know who they are? Do we speak well of them not knowing what makes them happy or sad? Do we pass them in a hallway without a fraternal glance or know when they are suffering from the loss of a loved one? Are we fulfilling our Masonic obligation? No one but you can answer these questions. Don’t wait until it’s too late to know your Brothers. They may have more to offer than you can imagine. Befriend them, give them a ride to Lodge, offer to help them, and be a Brother to them. Don’t wait until it’s too late. — Arthur L. Borland, S.G.D. Page 3

Blue Lodge Training planned for April 27

— by R.W.B. Don Stapleton, Junior Grand Warden


lue Lodge Training for 2013 will be held at six locations throughout the state: in Portland at Washington Lodge No. 46; in Salem at the Salem Scottish Rite; in Grants Pass at Grants Pass Lodge No. 84; in Coos Bay at Blanco Lodge No. 48; in Redmond at Redmond Lodge No. 154; and in La Grande at La Grande

Lodge No. 41. After morning introductions we will discuss “How the Lodge Should Communciate With You.” That means Transparency, Money, Budget, & Records. What can you say to non-Masons about joining the Fraternity? We will talk about Website Develop-


BLUE LODGE TRAINING REGISTRATION For April 27, 2013 (Deadline April 1, 2013)

We are from Lodge Name & No. __________________________________ We wish to attend: Portland ___ Salem Scottish Rite ___ Grants Pass ___ Coos Bay ___ Redmond ___ La Grande ___ NAME OFFICE _____________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________ Cost is $15.00 per person ($20 per person for late registration). Please enclose a check payable to: The Grand Lodge of AF & AM of Oregon. Mail to Masonic Grand Lodge of Oregon, 2150 Masonic Way, Forest Grove, OR 97116. To pay by credit card, call the Grand Lodge at 503/357-3158 or 1-800-970-9920. Questions? Contact Don Stapleton, 503/669-0866 or


n February 22 the raised planter boxes at Jennings McCall Center were officially unveiled by M.W.B. Hunt M. Compton and Grand Lady Patti Compton. Other Grand Lodge officers and friends participated. It was a happy day for the Grand Lady and the residents of Jennings McCall to have these in place.

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Better Health Channel states that gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits for seniors: •It’s an enjoyable form of exercise. •Increases levels of physical activity and maintains mobility and flexibility. •Encourages use of all motor skills – walking, reaching and bending •Improves endurance and strength.

ment; Funeral Guidelines and Brother to Brother. Just before lunch we want to hear from you as to Lodge success stories. What programs are working for you and how can they be shared with others? After lunch we all will head to the Lodge room for an afternoon of Etiquette and Protocol; Escorting, Conducting, receiving the Grand Master or the District Deputy; Signs (how given and when); and Balloting and Voting. These are just some of the topics we plan on discussing, so please send in your reservation before April 1st. The cost this year is $15, which takes care of lunch and some printed materials. Have your Lodge make a group reservation and don’t forget that after April 1st the cost jumps to $20. Use the reservation form at the left or call the Grand Lodge Office if you would like to pay with a credit card. Any updated information will be available on the Grand Lodge website at Fraternally, Don Stapleton, Junior Grand Warden and Chairman, Information & Education Committee


•Helps prevent diseases like osteoporosis. •Reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation. •Provides stimulation and interest in nature and the outdoors. •Improves wellbeing as a result of social interaction.

January 10, 2013 — February 6, 2013 Masonic & Eastern Star Home Foundation Society Grace E. Rollo Trust

Masters Club

John Moffitt Foundation

Fellowcraft Club

MWB Hunt Compton and Patti – for planter box project

Masons deliver dictionaries to Florence-area schools


ixth-grade students at Florence Middle School, Mapleton Middle School and Triangle Lake Middle School received new Webster’s dictionaries from the Florence Masons.

Apprentice Club

Jan Goyt – in honor of Harold & Lavelle Babcock Palestine Masonic Lodge No. 141 Trust

Petitioner Club

Mike Stanton (7) MWB Ed Bousquet, PGM (139) Judy Bousquet Raean Johnston – in memory of Helen Worral & Mike Carmickle Walt Stensland (174) Lyle Perkins (181) Ken Hansen (170) Blanco Lodge No. 48 North Bend Lodge No. 140 Tillamook Lodge No. 57 – in memory of Richard Littke McKenzie River Lodge No. 195 – in memory of LeRoy E. Vaughn, Harold K. Jack, Benjamin H. Smith, Wallace B. Sears, Philip G. Dylina, Frankin E. Soasey, Carl J. McKee, Albert J. Trojan, Nathaniel G. Jones, Elgean L. Johnson, Milbert Delker and Charles F. Coe George Kirkham (57) – in memory of his father Art Kirkham (42) Merrill Ludlam (30) Mary L. Alberts – for planter box project Evergreen Lodge No. 137 – for planter box project

OutReach Services Petitioner Club

Paul Temple (55) Jennifer Brundidge - in honor of Tom Burke (78) and in memory of Forrest A. Steen

Masonic Charitable Foundation - MMSAP Petitioner Club

Thomas T. Lanman (17)

Apprentice Club

Eugene Lodge No. 11 — for MMSAP Your donation, no matter what size, helps Oregon Masonry achieve its goals and fulfill its mission.

Oregon Masonic News

The Oregon Masonic News is published monthly (except July and August) by authority of the Trustees of The Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Oregon. Editors are the Trustees of the Grand Lodge. Deadline for copy is the fifth of the month preceding the publication date. Example: March 5 for April issue. High resolution photos, along with story submissions, may be sent electronically to the Grand Secretary. Photos should not be reduced in size. Printed photos are also acceptable. If you scan your own photos, they should be at least 300 dpi. Photocopies are NOT acceptable. — The Oregon Masonic News is a publication of the Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Oregon and unauthorized duplication is strictly forbidden ©. Proprietary rights to all articles published in the Oregon Masonic News are the sole property of the author and cannot be reproduced without express permission of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Oregon. — “News of Lodges” is solicited. Rights are reserved to edit all submitted material, and views expressed in articles may not necessarily be the official position of the Grand Lodge nor an endorsement thereof. Non-members’ domestic-subscription rate is $5 per year. PLEASE NOTE: The mailing address is Oregon Masonic News, 2150 Masonic Way, Forest Grove, OR 97116. Phone: 503-357-3158; outside the Portland-area, 800-970-9920. Fax: 503-357-1815. Website: Email:

Shown above, left to right, are Triangle Lake teacher Cara Bechtel and Masons Larry Stonelake and David Kingsbury. Before handing out the books, Florence teacher Shirley Raia asked the Masons why they give away dictionaries. Their spokesman told them the Fraternity, for many centuries, has accepted such precepts as equal rights for all, freedom of religious thought and freedom of political thought. These principles, and many more, have found their way into the U.S. Constitution. He also said Masons learned to be secretive, especially in the Dark Ages, because it could cost your life to espouse such liberal ideas. During World War II, Hitler banned Masonry and sent many Masons to the gas chambers. Even today Masonry is illegal in China and Saudi Arabia. In modern times Masons have determined that education is the best way to spread these ideals. Masons support education in many ways, handing out dictionaries is just one. In Mapleton, teacher Regina Ross asked the students to line up, write their names in the front of the book and take it to their desk. Then she Continued on page 7 Page 5

MMSAP benefits from Friends & Family Night, MASONIC INFORMATION CENTER educators thrilled with seminar fabulous hospitality by the “What Masons. The financial support made this possible for our poor school.” — Katy N., Englewood School

Above, two substitute teachers work together on student referral forms to better learn the process. At right are Larry Newman and Joe Brancoccio, both trainers from the National Masonic Foundation for Children. Larry, left in the photo, has been leading MMSAP trainings in Oregon since 1997.

Teachers from Chief Joseph Elementary in Portland were grateful they could learn how to help their students during the MMSAP training.

… and thank you to


Y& ised We ra 1,000, $ nearly nks to a th s’ namin e M c M Page 6

Friends Family Night

Congratulations, everyone! Your donations and the work by the Masonic Model Student Assistance golf tournament volunteers helped finance a very successful February seminar for Oregon educators. Forty-eight teachers, principals and staff attended on Feb. 6, 7 and 8. The next training is planned for the same time next year. We will let you know the exact date as soon as possible. We had educators from Gervais Middle School, North Salem High School, Chief Joseph Elementary in Portland, Englewood Elementary in Salem, the Albany Public School District, and Brooks-Eldriedge School in Brooks. We also had one teacher from Prineville, who left work Friday afternoon and reached Forest Grove late that evening. We were very happy to have a Central Oregon school join us. Next year: more teachers from Crook County! We invited substitute teachers to this MMSAP session and they were excited to participate. Most of them are in the schools weekly, and some even daily. Again, thank you for your support. We couldn’t do this without everyone in the Fraternity working to achieve these goals.

“The Masons’ hospitality was first rate. I appreciate their support for teachers.” — Trina S. “Very organized, great food, felt so welcomed. Very generous with funding so we could attend.” — Lynne N.



hat Has Masonry Done for the World? — the new Masonic Service Association brochure — is approaching 100,000 copies in circulation. A popular pamphlet, it is excellent for building pride and respect for Freemasonry in the heart of any Mason, and is perfect for reading by friends, family and nonMasons. The brochure describes key historical trends, either initiated or advanced by Masonry, and is published by the Masonic Service Association in Silver Spring, Md. The brochure is available through our Oregon Masonic Grand Lodge, free of charge. Call 503-3573158 to order. UPDATE: NY, NJ disaster relief At year-end more than $250,000 had been donated by Masonic members, Lodges and Grand Lodges to support MSA’s Disaster Relief Appeal for the Grand Lodges of New York and New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy. This is a bold demonstration of the generosity of Freemasonry across the nation and shows brotherly love and relief in their purest, simplest forms. Lodge Room Plays available: MSA has more than a dozen plays designed especially for use in the Lodge Room. A “Catalog of Lodge Room Plays” can be found on www. by going to the “search” location and keying in Catalog of Plays. Or send a note or email and a catalog will be sent to you free.


Newest Grand Lodge team member


ohn F. Porter II was raised in Walla Walla Lodge No. 7, in Walla Walla, Wash. He served two years as Worshipful Master before moving to the Willamette Valley and acquiring dual membership with Union Lodge No. 3 in McMinnville, where he is presently the Senior Warden. His family is just as excited as he is about his new position as administrative assistant at the Grand Lodge office, and he looks forward to serving the Craft for many years to come.

Educational Award Report Forms are due this month


orms to qualify your Lodge or a member to win the Grand Lodge Public Education Achievement Award are due 10 days after your Lodge’s first Stated Meeting this month. Goals for individuals have been reduced to $50 per person; Lodge goals remain the same. Report your totals and your Lodge or member may receive a PEA Award at Grand Lodge this June. Estimate and include Lodge and/ or member April/May support of public K-12 schools on the March report form. Some Lodges already reported, so please do not include any support already submitted on this final form. Mail your report forms or direct your questions to the Public School Committee, care of John P. Smith, 981 NE 12th Pl., Canby, OR 97013,, or call 503/266-2163.

Dinner, auction will benefit

ids Scottish Rite charities K r o f g n i r Sp


regon Scottish Rite Education and Oregon Scottish Rite Clinics KidTalk® are teaming up to invite you to “Spring for Kids,” the annual dinner and auction at 5:30 p.m., Saturday, April 6, at the Portland Scottish Rite, 709 SW 15th Ave. Eighty-five percent of event proceeds will go to KidTalk’s speechlanguage communication therapy programs for Oregon’s young children, and the balance supports the college scholarship program of the Oregon Scottish Rite Education Foundation. Dave Salesky, KATU meteorologist, has agreed to emcee the event. The Portland Scottish Rite Center will be transformed into a Prohibition-era “Speakeasy” for an evening of great fun including dinner, silent and oral auction and entertainment. A 1920’s dress style is encouraged, although not required.


A number of wonderful auction items are available this year, including a two night stay at a wonderful condo on the — The Portland golf course in Scottish Rite Center — Welches, a trip on the Willamette for six guests on Brother Eric Gazow’s yacht during the Christmas season, several winery tours, and much more! You can follow event activities at www. Tickets are $55 each or two for $100, and there are also table sponsor packages. Auction items will be accepted until March 31. If you are unable to attend, we encourage donations of cash and auction items to: Oregon Scottish Rite Education Foundation, 709 SW 15th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205. To purchase tickets or tables, donate auction items or volunteer for the event, contact Erin Haag, Associate Director, KidTalk – Oregon Scottish Rite Clinics, 503-226-1048; email -


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asked the Masons to tell the students something about themselves. The men said that, first of all, they are a fraternity; in fact, the world’s first fraternity. One of the students asked, “What is a fraternity?” The men said that the students could now look it up; however, you could say that a fraternity is a support group for like-minded men. Then the boy brought up his new dictionary and showed the Masons

that a fraternity was “a club of boys or men,” and that to be fraternal was to be “made up of members banded together like brothers.” C

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The Grand Lodge of AF & AM of OR 2150 Masonic Way Forest Grove, OR 97116



Change service requested

Oregon Masonic News, March 2013

Volunteer Opportunities OutReach Services is asking for willing volunteers with special skills who can donate their time helping some Masonic and Eastern Star members in need. Your skills can range from visiting Lodge members, to construction or handyman experience, to legal advice. OutReach Services gets requests from several members across the state each month who can use help with these types of things. Your assistance would be much appreciated! If you are interested in being added to our OutReach Volunteer list, please contact Danielle Christopherson at the Masonic Grand Lodge, 503-357-3158, for details on how you can help our Brothers and Sisters in need.

Spring is coming! Join us at Jennings McCall! Take advantage of our Spring Special. Move in by June 1, 2013, and receive $500 off your first month’s rent!* Contact Bev Buckner at Jennings McCall, 503-357-4133, or

Adult Living You Design — Retirement Living, Assisted Living, Progressive Care & coming in late spring, licensed Memory Care. 2300 Masonic Way • Forest Grove, OR 97116 • 503.357.4133

*Some restrictions might apply.

A copy of this ad must be submitted before credit will be applied to your rent.

March 2013 Oregon Masonic News  
March 2013 Oregon Masonic News  

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