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Fall 2012 Issue, Volume 4

Fresh, custom ideas for your marketing and branding style.

Welcome Fall, Welcome Changes!

It is officially Fall, which means cooler days, colorful leaves, crisp apples, and the upcoming holidays! With all the changes in the air, it is also time to announce a few changes regarding Femme Creative. As you know, Femme was started by two women with a passion for marketing, Cara & Kara, The C/ Kara’s. Over the past months, Cara Loper has decided to pursue other

interests, so I (Kara Schumacher) will be handling everything for Femme Creative. Please let me assure you that nothing will change, I am still here to create fresh, custom ideas for your brand! I am excited to begin a new chapter in my design career. I have made some great new contacts and look forward to maintaining the clients Femme already has established. Make sure to check out

my new upcoming projects at As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this change.

Cheers! Kara Schumacher

The Benefits of Using QR Codes in Your Marketing: Quick Response (QR) codes consist of black modules arranged in square patterns on a white background and can be decoded at high speeds. Why use a QR code? Simply, you can generate and print your own QR codes for free in a matter of minutes. They have become increasingly popular on in-store displays, business cards, print ads, contests, direct marketing campaigns, coupons, restaurant menus, packaging, etc. So, what are the benefits of using QR codes?

Bridge the Gap Between Offline and Online Media – They can be easily added to offline media like business cards, flyers, brochures, and posters. Once a prospective customer is exposed to your

message, they can instantly scan the QR code and get connected to your offer, call to action, or website.

Enable Sharing & Building Community - Create discounts

that are specific to the QR code, and run them in advertisements or post them in a store, and turn them into re-tweets so that people share them with their followers.

Used for Calls to Action

– You can link the codes to how-to videos, stories about a product, launching a web site, launching a pre-filled tweet, or watching a trailer. You can have “Call us” or “Email us” messages, where people scan the code and automatically call or email you. You can also link the QR code to a landing page where people exchange their contact information for a discount.

Contribute to your SEO and SMO - Enhance both your

search engine and social media optimization. You can increase traffic to those searchable objects to further optimize them by encouraging more sharing.

Measure Effectiveness - Until now, with offline media like print or billboards, you were not able to measure the effectiveness of your advertising. With QR codes, you can measure results based on clicks and leads. Femme Tip: The holidays are a

great time to begin using QR codes; create special marketing pieces with a QR code that directs customers to coupons/discounts on your website or facebook page. Need help getting started? Contact Femme Creative and I will help you out!

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Fall 2012 Issue, Volume 4

Small Business Marketing Tips Looking to generate business but don’t have a large marketing budget? No problem! Check out the following low-cost tips.

1. Don’t Advertise like a Big Business - Instead of trying to

create name recognition and future sales like a big business, design your advertising to produce sales NOW. For instance, including a special offer in your marketing materials is an easy way for prospective customers to respond.

2. Customize Products & Services for Every Budget -

Some customers are more interested in paying a low price than getting the best quality, while others are looking to pay a higher price for a premium product or service. For

those budget conscious customers, offer a smaller or more basic version of your product/service at a lower price. For customers looking for a premium product/ service, offer a more comprehensive product/service or combine several products/services into a special premium package for a higher price.

3. Try Unusual Marketing Methods - Look for some

unconventional marketing methods your competitors are overlooking. You may discover highly profitable ways to generate sales and avoid competition. For example, print your best small ad on a postcard and mail it to prospects in your targeted market. A small ad can drive a high volume of traffic to your website or generate a flood of sales leads for a very small cost.

4. Trim Your Ads - Reduce

the size of your ads so you can run more ads for the same cost. You may be surprised to find that some of your short ads generate a better response than longer versions.

5. Set-up Joint Promotions with Other Small Businesses-

Contact non-competing/ complimentary small businesses serving customers in your market. Offer to publicize their products/ services to your customers in exchange for their publicizing your services to their customers. Crosspromotion usually produces a large number of sales for a very low cost.

6. Take Advantage of Your Customers - Your customers

already know and trust you, so it’s easier to get more business from them than to find new customers who are unfamiliar with you. Take advantage of this by creating special deals just for them or announce new products/services to them before anyone else. Also, convert your current customers into publicity agents for your business. Develop an incentive for them to tell others about the value of your products/ services. An endorsement from them is more effective than any amount of advertising - and it is much cheaper.

Client Referrals:

Have a friend or family member looking for creative services? Mention Femme Creative and YOU will receive a special discount off your next invoice.

Femme Loves Referrals!

Surprise your loved ones with a creative logo, crispy stack of business cards, or a custom website. With only a few more months until the holidays, I can help you create the perfect holiday gift.

Client Testimonials:

Want to receive $5 off your next invoice? Simply fill out a client testimonial form. I want all of my clients to have a positive experience working with me and I value your candid feedback. Client testimonial forms are available at As always, I greatly appreciate your support!

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