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May 2015

RUAF Update


In this update: Ongoing activities • CITYFOOD network • Milan Urban Food Policy Pact • CityFoodTools workshop on city region food system assessment • Role of urban agriculture in working with refugees in Jordan • WABEF: using slaughterhouse waste for bio-energy production • Successful course on Food Security in an Urbanising Society • Young Expert Programme

Meet the RUAF team Publications • Agriculture in urban planning: between participation and the market • UA Magazine 26 in Portuguese • UA Magazine 29 City Region Food Systems • UA Magazine 30 Rural-urban linkages, joint issue with ILEIA

Events • Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture • Vertical Farming Summit Beijing - Taking food production to new heights • Special Urban Food Forum at ICLEI Resilient Cities Congress • CityLinks Webinar on urban food security, water, sanitation and climate change • International seminar: Local urban food policies in the global food sovereignty debate

News Shanghai’s green ring generates half of city’s food

Shanghai is China’s largest city and one of the world’s megacities. Despite rapid urbanisation, Shanghai now still produces more than 55 % of its vegetables and 90 % of its green-leaf vegetables, according to the municipal government, and in most areas, food production is increasing. Since 2005, RUAF has been working in Minhang, the second largest urban district economically and located close to the centre of Shanghai. With a multi-stakeholder approach, engaging government authorities, farmers, collectives, enterprises, universities, research institutes and market organisations, RUAF organised improvements in five areas: joint strategic master planning, establishment of farming cooperatives, provision of technical assistance, innovative financing and introduction of a tracing system to improve food safety. Read more on this approach and its effect on urban farming. Additional information on: Image by foreign policy via designboom

RUAF Update - May 2015