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Food for your Soul, Strategies for your Business


Edition Septemb er 2013

How to Use the Power of Intention In Your Life & Business

Feminine Soul of the Month:

Lisa Mininni

In this Issue Feminine Soul of the Month: Lisa Mininni

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4 Letter from the Editor 6 Meet the Team 8 How to Use the Power of Intention in Your Life and Business 10 The Power of Setting Business Intentions Lisa Manyon

14 Living an Intentional Work Life Robin Crawford

18 The Spiritual Component of Women’s Leadership Tabby Biddle

23 Powerful Tools to Love Yourself & Lead an Authentic Life Celia Ward-Wallace

27 The Ultimate Price of Success: Our Femininity Vanessa Halloum


September 2013

The Reason the Power of Intention Isn’t Working for You

p . 33

30 The Entrepreneur Revolution Katie Day

33 The Reason the Power of Intention Isn’t Working for You Jessica Patterson

37 How to Skyrocket the Effectiveness of Your Intentions Stephanie Owens

41 Communicating With Your Inner Voice to Set Your Deepest Intentions Reena Desai

50 What They Tried to Stop You Knowing About Meditation Edel O’Mahony

53 A Foodies Guide to Business Tina Dietz

56 Poetry to Inspire Jean Kay

57 Seven Ways to Prevent Relationship Slips Heather Paris

62 What’s happening on the Feminine Sould Radio Show 64 Ask Rev. Anne

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44 Feminine Soul of the Month Interview with Lisa Mininni


Letter from the Editor “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have



meetings, and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. “ alloum

H Vanessa

In this issue of the Feminine Soul Magazine we dive deep into the Power of Intention by

Creating Your Reality, One Intention at a Time

looking at ways some of us are using it (page 8-9), why it may not be working for you the

Most of us have heard about the Power of

way you expected (page 33) as well as how to

Intention, but how many of us can actually

live an intentional work life (page 14).

say we use it on a daily basis? The exercise of setting intentions is not a “fluffy” concept to

Make sure you let us know how you enjoy the

be dismissed. On the contrary, it’s incredible

articles on our facebook page (www.facebook.

how the world seems to create subtle shifts

com/femininesoul) or tweet with us by using

when we begin using it.

the #FeminineSoul. We may even feature your comments on our next issue!

If you’re not sure how to use the power of intention think of it in terms of what you are committed to manifesting in your life. As W.H. Murray said: 4

With Love & Gratitude,


www.vanessahalloum.com September 2013


Meet the team Vanessa Halloum is the founder of the Feminine Soul Magazine, Radio Show and Academy for conscious women entrepreneurs, messengers and thought leaders. She helps mission-driven entrepreneurs clarify their messaging and their branding so that they can position themselves powerfully to potential clients. Learn more at www.vanessahalloum.com

E d it o r- in

- c h ie f

Nina S. Pakdi is a successful blogger and writer who’s on a mission to inspire women to run heart-centered businesses through love and passion. She helps family oriented-women create a work-life balance so that they can feel a deep sense of fulfillment. For informational articles and lifestyle inspiration visit her website at www.ninaspakdi.com

D ir e c t o r t n e t n o C

Ligia Morales is a passionate Graphic Designer. She got her college degree at USAC in Guatemala and started working as a designer at different ad agencies, where she was able to really define her style. She currently works as a freelancer. She enjoys advertising and editorial design and is always looking for new and exciting projects. You can contact her at ligia.morales7@gmail.com

s ig n e r e D ic h p Gra

Want to join the Feminine Soul Leadership Team? Please send an email to info@femininesoul.com 6

September 2013

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How Do You Use the

Power Of Intention In Your Life & Business? Tabby Biddle I meditate and chant every morning as a way to tune in to my soul’s voice. From there, I let my soul’s voice guide me in how I should best use my energy for the day. Rather than setting a specific intention from my “mind,” I let my inner guidance show me the way.

Edel O’Mahony Through understanding that everything exists in this very moment, the instantaneous expression of pure love.

Heather Paris

I am creating my world by not holding on to control, rather allowing what Universe has in store to naturally flow throughout my life.

Jessica Patterson I have a morning mantra that goes like this: I am open to receive. The clients who are meant to work with me are already on my way.


September 2013

Lisa Manyon Setting intentions is a way to clearly identify what’s important to me and to get what I really want out of life and business.

Robin Crawford I’ve come to appreciate the power of setting intentions in all areas of my life on a daily basis, not only when making big decisions but even when making small ones.

Stephanie Owens I make it a daily practice and watch for evidence that miracles are happening in my life.

Tina Dietz Combining vision with intention guides everything from my long term strategic planning to my daily actions like a string of beautiful pearls.


The Power of Setting

Business Intentions by Lisa Manyon


hen it comes to marketing online it is

expecting your website to do things you

important to be realistic about your

don’t really have a plan or strategy for or

efforts. It’s also important to NOT buy into

haven’t set clear intentions around. Often

the “get rich quick” schemes. All too often I

you need additional marketing efforts to

see people struggling because they haven’t

support your goals).

created a clear overall website strategy let alone an individual page strategy (Hint: both are crucial). Setting clear business marketing intentions based on integrity, values and building relationships is vital to your business success. If your website isn’t performing as you’d hoped, it could be because you’ve tried


to cut corners and do it yourself (not a

You need to have an online marketing

great idea unless you’re a stellar designer,

strategy in place first and foremost (this is

programmer and copywriter all rolled into

true for your website, individual programs,

one person). Even if you have strong skills

products and any offering you provide). It’s

in one or more of these areas, it’s always

important to remember that everything

a good idea to get outside perspective.

you create needs a marketing plan and

You might not be getting the results you’d

strategy to support that ONE offering (your

hoped for because you have unrealistic

offerings are offspring of your overall brand

website expectations (This means you are

and need their own identity and strategy). September 2013

You’ll also need solid design to support your strategy and intentions. If you’re missing pieces to the marketing puzzle you likely haven’t set clear intentions especially when it comes to online strategy. It’s also likely that you’ve followed cookie cutter approaches and that means…

You may be expecting your

free offer sequence, your follow up

website to do things it’s just not

strategy, web content and overall

capable of doing (the set it and

website goals?).

forget it approach and relying solely on automation is likely not working

• You may also be missing the KEY

for you).

ingredient to get your web visitors to

• You may not be getting the results

take action (when your web visitors aren’t opting in or aren’t taking

you’d hoped for because your

action once they sign up for your free

strategy isn’t clear (when was the

offer, your strategy is clearly broken

last time you reviewed your entire

and needs to be revisited ASAP)

Regardless of what’s happening with your website right now, chances are it’s time to review your content and strategy and set clear intentions.


In order to be successful online you must...

Have a clear plan, with clear

have a consistent and systematic

intentions, about what you really

— not cookie cutter– plan to entice

want your website to do (this means

visitors to come to your website).

you’ve looked at your overall site strategy and individual page strategy

• Have juicy, gooey content that

in-depth AND had an expert review

entices your web visitors to take

it with you).

action (this means you engage your

• Consistently work your plan to get visitors to your site (this means you

prospects when they get to your site so they want to become paying customers and clients).

Plus, you should review your content and

crucial to have a strong strategy, a solid

strategy at the very MINIMUM quarterly.

design that supports your brand and copy

Oh, you should also know that this doesn’t

that tells your story in a way that motivates

mean you have to completely redesign

action. If you’re still stuck, it might be time

your website. Often it only takes some

to invest in a business marketing expert to

subtle shifts to get results. However, it is

help you set clear intentions.


September 2013

Want to read the

Lisa Manyon is “The Business Marketing






Magazine on your ipad or in print?


entrepreneurs. She’s the creator of the new marketing model for success as featured in Inc. Magazine. She teaches a relationship based approach to marketing with integrity with her “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula. Owner of Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, LLC. Lisa is #1 bestselling author featured in the world’s largest digital library of role models & mentors for women and girls housed at George Washington University. She offers a free marketing resources on her award winning blog and is available for speaking engagements. http://www.writeoncreative.com/blog

Click here! or go to http://bit.ly/FSinPrint


Living an

Intentional Work Life by Robin Crawford


onsider an intention a personal power

sure you could add another hand full of

commitment wrapped in anticipation

phrases to this list. Notice that there isn’t a

Now let’s

single ounce of personal power reflected in

consider this in the context of your work

any of these responses. They all yell, “I’ve


surrendered,” which is the exact opposite

and sprinkled with courage.

of personal power. We spend about 60% or more of our awake hours preparing for, commuting to and from, and engaging in activities that involve expending mental or physical effort to attain some purpose or result work. For many, work has become part of the rote of daily living. You can witness this in the absence of joy, excitement, and satisfaction when observing the body

Living an intentional work life is stepping

language of someone discussing their work

fully into your power to imagine, choose,

or in the words they choose when talking

steer, and shape your work life - every

about their work. How many times, in

aspect of it - to reflect the best of who you

response to the question, “How’s work?”

are and what you value most.

have you said or heard, “I’m hanging in


there,” “Same ole, same ole,” “I could

Wrapped in anticipation means that

complain, but what good would it do?”

when you set an intention, you trust and

“I’m tired, but what choice do I have?” I’m

anticipate that what you intended or better

is on its way. Allow me to share a personal example. During my tenure as an undergraduate student, I decided that I was going to serve as an educator. My undergrad experience at my university of choice was so rich that I set an intention that not only was I going to teach, I was going to teach at THAT school. After setting that intention, I did my part – I stepped into inspired action and answered the

What, Why, Who, When, and Where. Then, I detached from the outcome, left

Finally, courage is the quality of mind or

the “how” to the Universe and anticipated

spirit that compels you to be bold, even if

the manifestation of my intention in a form

hesitantly so. You feel fear on both sides of a

that aligned with what I had imagined

situation – afraid to take that step forward,

or better. A couple of months prior to

but also afraid to stay where you are. So,

completing my graduate degree, I called

you engage your imagination, decide what

the Chair of my undergrad program and he

it is you really want and set the intention.

informed me that a teaching position was waiting for me. I knew it was going to be

What would a blueprint of a work life you

waiting, I didn’t fully understand how, but

love look like? Use your imagination and

I knew because my desire was to live an

move through the what, why, when, where

intentional work life.

and who questions as they relate to your job, career or business. You see, once you commit to living an intentional work life, drifting in a good enough or mediocre job, career or business is no longer acceptable.


Now, close your eyes and imagine living an intentional work life. Can you see it? Activate all of your senses. What does it sound like? Feel like? Smell like? Taste like? Fully engage in the process of setting intentions in all areas of your work life. Choose to live an intentional work life; you’ll never regret it!


Robin Crawford addresses the gaps

extensive research, career advised

in our typical approach to entering

hundreds of students of all ages, and

the world of work and helps people

completed hundreds of interviews

be intentional in their work lives.

on the topic of work life satisfaction

She’s spent more than two decades

and job structure. She has degrees

observing work life structures in a

in sociology; is a certified life coach;

variety of settings around the globe

and holds certifications and licenses in

in over 50 job titles across profit and

spiritual and human development.

nonprofit sectors. She’s conducted


Lean in:

The Spiritual Component of W o m e n ’s L e a d e r s h ip byTabby Biddle


September 2013

How can more women come into leadership?


acebook COO Sheryl Sandberg argues

Work and the Will to Lead, offering that

that women need to own their power

we as women need to not only lean in,

and lean in more in conversations,

but we need to “push back” to create new

negotiations, and job promotions. Maria

laws and policies that support women

Shriver wrote a response to Sheryl’s

and a work/family balance. I’d like to add

recently published book, Lean In: Women,

another component to this conversation:

The spiritual component. We live in a world culture that is dominated by a masculine version of divinity. God the Father. Brahma. Allah. Buddha. Every major world religion has a “man” as the lead. Do we not think that this has an effect on how we see leadership and who we see as leaders?

Let’s look at it this way: If we see “God” only as male, being male and masculinity becomes more authoritative, powerful, and valued than being female and femininity. Being male and masculinity also becomes the standard by which we measure things. As a result, we (both women and men) devalue and ignore the feminine parts of ourselves.


Since we have been living a paradigm where

non-violent, earth-centered culture where

men and the masculine are the dominant

the goddess was considered the universal

power, and women and the feminine are

source, aka the Great Mother who gave

the under-class, it’s no wonder that so

birth to all things from her womb. “The

many women second-guess themselves

Goddess in all of her manifestations was

and their voice in the world.

a symbol of the unity of all life in Nature. Her power was in water and stone, in tomb and cave, in animals and birds, snakes and fish, hills, trees and flowers,” said the late scholar and archeologist Maria Gimbutas. This all changed in the fourth millennium B.C. when waves of Indo-European warriors descended upon the communities that followed the ways of the Goddess. They brought with them a belief in male gods and patriarchal leadership. Eventually, the

In my opinion, feminine spirituality is

Jewish religion was formed with a single

a critical ingredient to the next step in

male God as the spiritual authority. And

women’s leadership. In order for us to rise,

then of course from there, Christianity was

we need to reconnect with our natural

later born, with a male God in charge. The

spiritual authority. But what does this look

Goddess cultures were persecuted, their


temples and shrines destroyed, and the subjugation of women and suppression of

First I’d like to point out that archeologists

the feminine became the norm.

and scholars have found that Goddess


culture existed for 30,000 years before

It is this subjugation of the feminine

the patriarchy. Through the unearthing of

that I believe is the source of much of

goddess figurines, paintings, symbols and

the violence against women today. This

images, they discovered a long history of a

violence comes in so many forms including

September 2013

rape, bride burning, stoning, domestic

feminine aspect of the Divine, honoring our

violence, genital mutilation, sex trafficking,

body, and honoring our intuitive knowing –

sex-selective abortion, forgoing medical

is a key step to more women coming into

treatment for girls, denying girls education,

leadership and bringing our world to a

the serious wage gap, … the list goes on.

place of balanced power.

I believe that until we as a world culture

Lest anyone think that I’m trying to get rid

acknowledge the divinity of the feminine

of the male God or the male aspect of the

and welcome back the Goddess into our

Divine, I’m not. If you worship a male God,

spiritual domain, we will be fighting an

I’m inviting you to simply consider the

uphill battle into leadership for a very long

feminine aspect of the Divine. Since our

time. Until we heal and repair this spiritual

default position for our concept of Divine

wound, we can do all the leaning in that we

Intelligence is male, imagine how things

want, but we are still going to be carrying

might look and feel a bit different if our

around self-doubt, insecurity, and asking

default position for Divine Intelligence was

ourselves: Do I really deserve to lead?

female. How about a balance?

What if Adam had been told

For me, living with a male God as the

that he was made from a

“lead” does not work anymore. I do not see

woman’s rib, was made to

myself in him, therefore I can never “be”

serve her, and was the cause

him. When the Goddess entered my life, I

for all suffering in the

became inspired. I could feel her. I could

world because he picked

see her. And I could see myself in her. Most

an apple off of a tree?

importantly, I could feel my potential as a leader like never before.

I’m not saying that every woman and man needs to turn to the Goddess in

I’m all for women leaning in, as Sheryl

their spiritual practice. What I am saying

suggests. I’m also for changing laws and

is that our acknowledgment of feminine

policies that honor women and a work/

spirituality – which includes honoring the

family balance, as Maria suggests. In


addition, I’m advocating for a global acknowledgment of the feminine aspect of the Divine. I believe there is a need for us as women to gather together and honor each other from a feminine perspective – through a feminine lens, with the Goddess as our inspiration. If we don’t give ourselves the chance to do this we will constantly be judging ourselves through a masculine lens, and so will the rest of society. Lean in. Push Back. And Remember the Goddess. When we reclaim our own divinity, we reclaim our wisdom, our power, our authority and our right to lead. Coming into leadership will no longer feel like a battle. It will feel like an expansion into who we already are.

This article w as first publishe d on The Huffingto n Post.

Tabby Biddle, M.S. Ed, women’s leadership expert, writer, speaker and coach, is a well-known voice speaking out for the human rights and empowerment of women and girls. A recipient of a United Nations Foundation press fellowship, Tabby’s writing has been featured by The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, UN Dispatch, NPR, Current TV, among other national and international media. Tabby is the author of The Goddess Diaries blog and the director of the Los Angeles Goddess Collective, a community of women leaders and emerging leaders at the intersection of feminine spirituality, creative expression and socio-political change. Tabby’s work focuses on bringing more women into leadership positions via a feminine pathway. She earned her Master’s in Education from Bank Street College of Education and her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Colby College. She resides in Santa Monica, CA with her husband, baby boy and kitten. Learn more at www.tabbybiddle.com


September 2013

P o w er ful Tools to Lo ve Y o u r s e lf &

Lead an Authentic Life by Celia Ward-Wallace


eing a woman in modern society is

others and being selfless when, in reality,

challenging with all the social pressure

we are short-changing all of those around

and expectations on us to knock it out of

us. We are certainly able to accomplish a

the park in all aspects of our life. Society

lot, run our homes and work like machines,

socializes us with programs to believe we

but we are often resentful and angry, and

are supposed to be highly educated, highly

we take it out on those around us and

paid as a professional, be a “Stepford” wife,

ourselves. Then we beat ourselves down

a devoted and always available mother, a

some more, ashamed of our behavior,

housekeeper, cook, financial manager, sex

feeling like failures, unable to be perfect in

expert, healthy and in great shape—and all

all situations. We often spiral into negative

with a gentle, obedient and happy attitude.

self-talk being our biggest critic, lowering

Clearly this is an impossible standard to

our self-esteem even further. The reality

achieve. It is one of the reasons that we

is that this occurs because our actions are

often suffer with low self-esteem and feel

not coming from a place of our authentic

like we don’t really know who our authentic


self is. When you make the shift toward being It is one thing to be motivated toward any

authentic, you practice self-love and

of these goals from within; it is another

communicate with those around you about

to contort ourselves into a pretzel trying

your abilities and limitations. This relieves

to be what we think everyone around us

the self-imposed pressure to be perfect

wants us to be. We think we are helping

and frees you up to take on what you can


the uniting of the egg and sperm was your first and biggest accomplishment! The one sperm raced to the finish line and beat millions of other sperm to unite with the egg to come into existence. In that moment, you already had everything you needed to become a human being and thrive in this world. handle. Then you can practice patience

When we are born, unless we enter the

toward those you love and allow some

universe through trauma, most of us come

things to fall by the wayside.

into the world whole and happy. It is all the experiences and influences we receive along the way that start to break us down, until we no longer remember what it is like to feel complete within ourselves, and we start the journey of trying to capture those early childhood feelings of complete selfworth and our authentic self. One of the steps in learning to love yourself is understanding just how special and


It is helpful to remember that you don’t have

unique you are. There is only ONE you. In

to strive so hard towards accomplishment,

the eternal universe, there has never been

you are perfect exactly where you are now,

and will never be another being that has

as you are now. When you were conceived,

your individual soul. You were created September 2013

with greatness instilled in you for a plan

It is helpful to remember that you don’t have

of greatness in life. The only thing limiting

to strive so hard towards accomplishment,

reaching those depths of self-love and

you are perfect exactly where you are now,

outward love toward the world is you!

as you are now. When you were conceived,

Being your authentic self is the greatest

the uniting of the egg and sperm was your

gift of love you can give to yourself and the

first and biggest accomplishment! The


one sperm raced to the finish line and beat millions of other sperm to unite with

When you start to cut yourself down or

the egg to come into existence. In that

wallow in feelings of low self-esteem,

moment, you already had everything you

remind yourself that you are worthy just

needed to become a human being and

because you were born, and that the

thrive in this world.

special light of your being is perfect just the way it was created. There is now and

When we are born, unless we enter the

will ever be only one you in the eternal

universe through trauma, most of us come

universe, this is your authentic self! You

into the world whole and happy. It is all

are magnificent. You are worthy.

the experiences and influences we receive along the way that start to break us down, until we no longer remember what it is like to feel complete within ourselves, and we start the journey of trying to capture those early childhood feelings of complete selfworth and our authentic self. One of the steps in learning to love yourself is understanding just how special 25

and unique you are. There is only ONE you. In the eternal universe, there has never

Celia Ward-Wallace is a certified

been and will never be another being

life coach, keynote speaker and the

that has your individual soul. You were

author of “A Woman’s Guide to Having

created with greatness instilled in you for

it All, Life Lessons to Live By.” Celia

a plan of greatness in life. The only thing

thought she had the perfect life – until

limiting reaching those depths of self-love

she lost it all. Through her journey

and outward love toward the world is you!

back from rock bottom, she realized

Being your authentic self is the greatest

that a great life is not measured by

gift of love you can give to yourself and the

what you have but by who you are.


Celia Ward-Wallace is on a

mission to mobilize over 1,000,000

When you start to cut yourself down or

women with the tools to stand in their

wallow in feelings of low self-esteem,

power, live a life of contribution and

remind yourself that you are worthy just

manifest their greatness, through her

because you were born, and that the special

movement of “Empowering Women

light of your being is perfect just the way it

Every Day” as well as through her

was created. There is now and will ever be

book, coaching programs, seminars

only one you in the eternal universe, this

and speeches. Celia is also the Vice

is your authentic self! You are magnificent.

President of the Certified Coaches

You are worthy.

Federation, America’s Leading Life & Executive Coach Certification Training Program. www.celiawardwallace.com


September 2013

The Ultimate Price of Success:

Femininity by Vanessa Halloum


lthough the world of business has long

science classes that Harvard and Princeton

been seen as the world of men, more

did and the students graduated with a

and more women are entering it than ever

rigorous reputation attached to their

before. Historically, the highest position

degrees, finding employment in science

the average intelligent woman could hope

and engineering fields was a different feat.

to achieve was a job working as a secretary

Even when we could acquire the education

or assistant for a male boss with no hopes

to enter business and male-dominated

of promotions or being able to ascend the

fields, we would still often not be able to

professional ladder. Although there were

find a male boss who would hire us for

universities in the United States dedicated

anything other than a secretary.

purely to all-women education, many of them simply made girls more marriageable

Today, women make up more than half

to wealthy men instead of giving them

of the American workforce and more

better employment opportunities.

and more women are starting their own businesses that go on to become

In the United States, schools like Wellesley

successful. Many of us are joining already

College and Bryn Mawr College served to

thriving businesses and finding ourselves

give women the same education as their

reaching high positions due to our own

Ivy League brother schools did for men at

qualifications and merits. This is an exciting

the time. However, in spite of the equality

time for us!

in education, things were still challenging women.

However, this shift is not without its own

Although these all-women universities

set of challenges and limitations. Over

offered us the same rigorous math and

and over again, we see women who move





out of their feminine energy into a more

It also hurts their personal lives because

masculine energy to be successful. And,

women who operate in business from

as I’ve mentioned in other articles as well

a masculine place will often stay in that

as the Feminine Soul radio show, these

masculine energy when they go home,

women tend to take on the traits associated

go out with their friends, visit family, or

with the shadow side of masculinity

go out on dates instead of being able to

instead of taking on the admirable light

move back into their feminine energy

masculine traits. This damaging belief that

once they leave the office. Through my

success and femininity can’t go hand-in-

book, The 5 Feminine Power Virtues,

hand seeps into other aspects of women’s

and my coaching programs, I’ve made it

lives, limiting their ability to do business

my life’s mission to teach women how to

authentically and passionately.

be successful in business while staying loyal to their authentic feminine essence. Staying true to our femininity is one of the biggest challenges for women in business today and it’s one that we can overcome together through compassion, reflection, and collaboration.


Vanessa Halloum is is the author of the

entrepreneurs who have a mission and who

multi-award winning book “The 5 Feminine

find themselves challenged in getting their

Power Virtues” and the founder of the

message out into to the world because they

Feminine Soul Academy for Conscious

don’t know how to position themselves or

Entrepreneurs, Messenger and Thought

get in front of the right people. She helps

Leaders. She’s also the host of the Featured

them create a platform so they can reach

BlogTalkRadio show Feminine Soul, with

more people with their message; make the

more than 500,000 global listeners.

money they need so that they can have the

impact they want to have.






Expand Your Reach Monetize Your Message Double Your Impact Schedule Your Complimentary Session with Spiritual Marketing Coach Vanessa Halloum Today!

Got to:

www.VanessaHalloum.com/strategysession 29


Entrepreneur Revolution by Katie Day


his is, without doubt, one of the most

The person who walked past you yesterday

exciting times to be living and working.

on the street, the person in front of you

The 21st century millionaire looks very

in the queue to get your morning coffee

different to the millionaires of the past.

this morning could likely be one of today’s

No longer do you have to be male, from

entrepreneur millionaires – or on the way

the ‘right’ family, and running a multi

to becoming one.

national organization to be a millionaire.

And, guess what? They are not all men! Welcome to the entrepreneur revolution.

Because we were born to multi task

A ‘job for life’ has not existed for many

in our sleep, our default communication

years now, but most people are having a

style is one of collaboration and sharing,

hard time catching up with that fact. The

our natural characters are empowering and

portfolio career has come into its own.

inspiring, we automatically see the best

This revolution is perfectly positioned

in everyone, we know how to operate on

to tap into everything that women do

minimum sleep and maximum distraction

exceptionally well, quite naturally and

and still get the job done, and we have

unconsciously and without any stress.

creativity and vision coming out of our pores.


September 2013

The Body Shop was devised over a cup of tea around the kitchen table, and look what happened with that idea! our bras on – it would be a disaster for all concerned if I took mine off! We no longer have to mimic male testosterone driven character traits to be successful. We can now embrace our fabulous female character traits with pride and know with every cell of our bodies that we will succeed, flourish and blossom as a result. By its very nature, the entrepreneur revolution is the perfect fit for the 21st century woman.

The woman who has

given up the ridiculous vision of previous generations of being super woman, rather the woman who knows what she wants, appreciates her value and power, is prepared to ask for what she needs, is able to stand in the centre of her own

We have the passion, the vision and the

magnificence without blame or guilt and

determination to make the most of this

has the ability to change the world whilst

entrepreneur climate, we are in control

changing nappies at the same time!

of how business will run in the future and we are responsible for creating the healthy

Welcome to our time! And it’s about time

future for the women coming up behind us

frankly! Enough with waiting in the wings

to step into.

for our curtain call, we can do our own calling thanks very much! However, we

No longer do we have to wait to be ‘seen’ as

can live our lives our way whilst keeping

being good at our jobs to get the promotion


and salary we deserve, as entrepreneurs we set our own salaries and always know we will be paid what we are worth. All businesses will benefit from female entrepreneurs as we create a catalyst for change wherever we go, we introduce the benefits of collaboration and inclusion that

Katie Day started her training and motivational




1989 with Carolyn Miller, a top Style Consultant in the United Kingdom, providing Personal Branding and

even the most established multi national

Image Management. She earned her

organizations cannot ignore.

training accreditation in 1995 with the Springboard Program, a self-

One of the tracks of my life is Sisters are

development course for women. Katie

doing it for themselves by Annie Lennox

took this program to the financial

and Aretha Franklin.

That song was

district of London, where she worked

released a couple of decades ago, but

with many women in that arena to

now we are really living the message, with passion, conviction and power. This is the time to step into the spotlight

present themselves with authority and gain respect, yet retain their uniqueness and femininity.

Katie has become a sought

of your magnificence and shine. The world

after speaker and trainer on women’s

needs you!

development and leadership skills. She has appeared many times on National Radio both in the UK and the US, she has appeared on TV, and had articles featured in many business publications across the World. Her new book, The High-heeled Leader, Embrace Your Feminine Power in Life and Work, was published in September 2012 and is available via Balboa Press and on Amazon. Learn more at http://www.katieday.com


September 2013

The Reason the Power of Intention

Isn’t Working for You by Jessica Patterson


on’t get me wrong, I believe in the

what intention you set, the universe is

power of intention and use it in my

going to be hard-pressed to deliver on your

business daily, starting my morning with


this mantra: “I am open to receive. The clients I am meant to work with are already on their way.” I call them in. But I used to experience cash-flow roller coasters in my businesses and self-sabotage cycles.

Although I was successful in

business, I couldn’t hold onto the financial abundance that I seemed to easily.

You see, intentions are POWERFUL and each intention has spiritual backing. But,

Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “You don’t attract

if you’re not ready to receive success (i.e.

what you want. You attract what you

deep down you feel unworthy, undeserving


of true joy, or thinking who am I to make that much?) you probably won’t be able to

I was attracting from the emotional and

hold onto it.

spiritual space that I was stuck in. When we aren’t willing to allow ourselves to receive

I know because this painful experience

the money success, media attention, or

happened to me. When starting my first

even an abundance of joy, then no matter

business, I set a goal to generate $25,000 33

in a 30 days and continue growing from

It wasn’t until I started studying my

there. I was the only sales person for my

relationship with money that I began to

company and it was a great challenge for

unravel this mystery. My money mindset

me. And after a couple of years, I finally

and belief about what I was capable and

got the marketing recipe down and did it! I

worthy of achieving didn’t support me

even surpassed my goal and I was on top of

being a woman who could generate those

the world—for oh, about 2 nanoseconds.

kinds of revenues consistently over time. I couldn’t receive that success. It didn’t

Suddenly I was a puddle of tears. I couldn’t

match what I thought about myself.

figure out why this was such an emotional moment. I couldn’t even feel joyful. From there, I completely “took myself out.” A plethora of excuses ensued. It took me an ENTIRE YEAR just to get even close to those kinds of revenues again!


September 2013

Here are a few steps to start you on this journey:


Take time to see, hear and feel


what actualizing this intention

painful statements were either said

would be like. Ask, “What is

in hopes of protecting us or because

the down side if I call this forth?”

of the person’s own deep pain inside.

If we haven’t created what we say


we want, there is an underlying fear that keeps us right where we are— comfortably uncomfortable.

So often these

Realize it isn’t about you and that its’ NOT your legacy. Forgive yourself for believing

the misinformation about who you


Name the part of you that is unwilling to receive the intention you’ve set forth. Is

that part saying, “You’re not smart enough,” or “Girls shouldn’t want that,” or “You’ll never make that kind of money.”


Notice the positive intention for the person who taught you this (parents, siblings,

truly are.

5 6


What is the new

legacy you wish to create for yourself?

Identify one action you’ll take in the next 24 hours. Affirmation is not enough.

Action is the glue that holds this new legacy in place.

Now you’re ready to receive AND put the full power of intention to work for you! 35




Coach, she combines her practical business

coaching and training company, The Soulful

& marketing wisdom with personal coaching

Solopreneur, Jessica is on a mission to

skills to help her clients achieve rapid money

save soul-inspired business women from

breakthroughs so they can Be on Purpose,

the Solopreneur Traps of being stressed

Leverage their Talents and Make more

out, financially strapped, time-starved and


spiritually drained.

in her Money Breakthrough Course or her



As a 15-year work at home mom,

franchise owner and Money Breakthrough

You can learn more about participating

Private Mentoring Program by visiting . www.complimentarysessionwithjessica.com


September 2013

How to Skyrocket the

Effectiveness of Your Intentions by Stephanie Owens


indfully setting intentions is key to

Here’s the kicker…the intention itself isn’t

deliberately creating the life you

the biggest factor in what gets manifested

want and truly love. Did you know you’re

into your life. It’s how you’re FEELING that

already setting intentions even if you’re

determines the impact and effectiveness

not being deliberate? Well it’s true! We

of the intentions you set consciously. A

live in a “YES” universe. The Universe is

solid, powerful intention is only half of the

always saying “yes” to whatever intentions,

equation. Your intentions must match your

energy and vibrations you’re putting out

beliefs and feelings.

there whether you’re being choosey about it or not. This makes it even more crucial to consistently choose to be intentional about what you allow yourself to think, imagine, ponder and worry about.

If you state an intention that you want to make $1,000,000 or find your soul mate or lose 50 pounds, but you don’t believe it’s possible or that you’re unworthy of it, it won’t happen despite all your best 37

intentions. It’s what you BELIEVE and FEEL that determines what gets created in your life. So, now you might be thinking:

“That’s not cool! I’m feeling pretty bad right now…that’s why I want to set an intention for something better! What am I supposed to do with that?”

Gladly, there are three simple solutions to

The second “prequel” is to eliminate worry.

help elevate how you’re feeling so you can

Worry is one of the biggest enemies of

see the power of your intentions take hold.

great intentions and creating the feelings of

I call these “The Prequels” to setting your

peace, optimism and positive anticipation


that set the stage for your intentions to

Once you’ve learned these

tools, you’ll be able to put your powerful


intentions to work and see what you truly want most begin to show up in your life

Worry is wasted energy and emotion.

effortlessly and joyfully.

When confronted by a situation or decision that causes you to worry, don’t stew in it.

The first “prequel” tool is appreciation.

Worry is a verb, but it’s not action. It’s

Prior to setting an intention, list 3-5 things

easy to fall for the illusion that worrying

for which you are TRULY grateful. Write

is doing something. Worrying cons you

them down, along with your intentions

into thinking you’re taking action when

to help get you into a state of being that

really you’re just spinning your wheels and

feels in alignment with the intention you’re

blocking your intentions from becoming

about to set. Then you’ll be able to more

reality. When confronted with worry, use

easily step into imagining how great it

a tool I call “The Worry Wart Removal

would feel to achieve what your intentions


are set on.


This Solution has 4 Steps... Step 1 Consider worry a fork in the road. Step 2 Determine which path you’ll choose

(Action does not include worrying about it more by the way.)

by asking yourself one simple

Step 4 If no, surrender. Trust that whatever

question: “Is the outcome within

you need to manage the situation is

my control?”

already on its way to you. Have faith

Step 3 If yes, take action. Do EVERYTHING

that you will be given the tools to cope no matter what.

you can to create a positive outcome.

The third “prequel” is to be specific. Specific

end of stating your intention, add: “Or

is terrific when it comes to setting powerful

something better.” This little phrase will

intentions. I used to shy away from being

amplify the power of your intentions.

specific in my intentions because I feared I would be limiting the potential outcome

Once you’ve mastered the Three Prequels

the Universe had in store for me. A wise

you’ll see amazing abundance pour into

friend shared an elegant solution to ensure

your life through the power of unobstructed

specificity without limitations.


At the




Stephanie Owens is fiercely committed

people how to achieve not only success but

to guiding self-employed Superwomen with

deep personal satisfaction.

the support and tools they need to achieve

their ridiculously high expectations without

Procrastination Cure 30 Day Challenge and

working so hard.

author of a book entitled No Is The New YES!:

How to Say No, Set Better Boundaries and

A small business owner for over a

Stephanie is the creator of The

decade, Stephanie blends her experience

Reclaim Your Joy.

in the business world with a Masters in

Counseling. Whether coaching privately with

with her incredible husband and their two

clients or speaking to audiences, Stephanie

amazing teenagers near Seattle, WA

provides purpose-driven, high-performance


Stephanie lives a peaceful, happy life

Com mun icati ng With Y o u r In n e r V o ic e to Set Your D ee pe st In te nt io ns by Reena Desai


ommunication is such a big part of our life. We communicate in every

moment, though we might not be aware of it. Most of us are accustomed to think of communication as verbal. I know this is what I was taught through my education and upbringing. Even more so, this verbal communication was taught to be very

As women, our realm of communication

linear, rational and logical.

extends far beyond the logical, rational world that we are educated in. Our realm

My education and professional background

of communication lives in our bodies, in

is in the field of economics and politics; two

our emotions and feelings, in our womb

fields, which for the most part, are based

and heart. As women we are very sensitive

on communication devoid of emotions,

to our surroundings, often picking up the

love and authenticity.

emotions and feelings of others. This is a natural part of who we are, in built, if you

Communicating in ways that honored and

will, to the qualities of being a mother, a

expressed my inner world of emotions,

nurturer, a caretaker, a lover.

feelings, intuition and other sensitivities was not encouraged, and of course I am

It is a gift to be able to communicate

not alone.

beyond the verbal realm, for it is in this


space that we are able to access much deeper knowing, wisdom and insight. This gift lies in our ability to access our inner life and go deeply into communication with ourselves to set intentions and manifest at different levels in our life; personally, emotionally and materially.

inner voice.

In my own journey and with many of the women I work with, we get stuck, confused, shy and silenced in our ability to communicate because we are not in tune with or honoring our inner world.

that prioritizes logic and rationality, we have internalized our own suppression of our feelings, emotions and natural This suppression leads to

confusion and doubt as to what we are actually feeling, which makes it difficult to make decisions and authentically e x p r e s s ourselves

So, a question, are you listening to or communicating with your inner voice? And when I say your inner voice, I am not talking about all those little voices that you pick up that are the thoughts of

Because we live in a masculine society


as women, have lost connection to our



world. Many of us

others. It’s also not the voice that arises from your personality, with certain preset judgments, opinions, learned ways of being. I am talking about the inner voice that comes when you go silent, when you tune in to your body, to your breath. The voice that arises when you get out of the mind and out of thought. It is completely contrary to all we have been taught, however it is exactly this communication that comes from the inner silence of our being, that is the most powerful and sacred communication we can have in life.


September 2013

It is from this deep place of listening and receptivity that our greatest intentions can be set. Not the intentions that we “should” be setting but the ones that are truly in alignment with our feminine soul

Reena Desai is a spiritual mentor,

and calling.

coach and visionary change agent. She works at the intersection of personal

When we begin to really listen to ourselves

and social transformation by growing

from our deepest truths and act on this in

the feminine voice as a force for love

every moment, this is when we open up to

and peace in the world.

the magic of being a woman, being alive

and a co-creator of life.

spirituality and embodiment practices








I leave you with a beautiful Rumi poem to

strategy to guide women in a deep

take in as you set your intentions.

process of connection to their soul’s mission and movement. She has led

“Stars burn bright all night.

Do that

campaigns at the local, national and

yourself and a spring will rise from the

international level, advocating for

dark your deepest thirst is for.”

economic justice and is currently helping feminine leaders to build their global movements.

She is a dancer and poet and

holds an MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics. www.reena-desai.com


Feminine Soul of the Month:

Lisa Mininni How have you used the Power of Intention in your life and business?


n a daily basis I use the Power of

Canfield’s, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and

Intention as part of my daily mindset

John Gray’s “Men Are From Mars, Women

system or routine. One specific example of

Are From Venus”.

the importance of the power of intention


was when I decided to become a Best

On a personal note, I use the power of

Selling Author. I set the intention and each

intention every day. However, the power

morning focused on it. Every day I took

of intention became center stage at a

action and it was amazing what happened.

particularly poignant time in my life 20

The exact people I needed came into my life.

years ago. I remember it well because I was

I launched my book and it became a best

diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma.

seller sitting right next to two prominent

At the time, I was only in my late 20’s

New York Times Best Selling Authors, Jack

and at the beginning of my career. It was September 2013

devastating news but it would also be a

intention. There is a delicate balance of

gift. I used the power of intention to focus

setting the intention, taking action, being

on health for a lifetime. And this past July,

in the moment, and letting go all wrapped

I celebrated 20 years of health.

into one.

Yet, when you discover the

flow of intention, that’s where the magic Interesting thing about the power of


Why did you start your business? Funny story… One cold December day, I

I placed my hands on the steering wheel

was driving down the freeway wondering

to see a shattered windshield, a softball-

if starting a business (and writing a book)

sized hole in the windshield, and a 4 ft 5

was the “right” decision.

Just several

lb semi-truck’s tire iron in the front seat of

months earlier, I had completed 18 years

my car. I navigated to the side of the road

in the Corporate world dismantling a

and eventually landed in a parking lot off

division where I worked as an Executive. I

the main freeway. I called the police and

was thinking back about what a successful

while waiting for them to arrive, I got out

corporate career I had as an executive

of the car to inspect the damage. There

navigating significant organizational change

was a 6 inch gash in the steel hood of my

through mergers, acquisitions, divestitures

car that, thankfully, changed the trajectory

and closures. Frequent promotions and

of the tire iron.

exceeding goals and expectations were frequent for me but starting a business

When each one of the three police officers

was an entirely different challenge.

came on scene that day, they said, lady, you’re on this earth for a reason. Just

At that moment I saw something pop up

moments before, I had been asking if

from the freeway and I instinctively crossed

starting a business (and writing a book)

my hands over my face and waited for what

was the right decision. I got the answer

I thought would be a painful moment. All

from three officers who said I must be on

of a sudden I heard a big whooshing sound

this earth for a reason.

and dinging going around in my front seat. 45

At that moment, I made a commitment:

For years, I showed people their natural

to make sure I utilized my best talents

wiring, and now it is part of an important

and learned all I could about marketing,

formula for The Entrepreneurial Edge

networking, and developing who I was

SystemTM that helps entrepreneurs get

as a person. But I didn’t want others to

their preferred clients faster and more

struggle like I had struggled with this new

efficiently than ever. We all have those

change. So I put my education and quality

tire iron experiences that wake us up, get

improvement background to work. I wrote

us stuck, or prevent us from seeing all of

down the steps I was going through,

the possibilities and reaching them. It took

solutions I found, and wrote Me, Myself,

many years, but I did what I do best: help

and Why? The Secrets to Navigating

people help themselves, connect seemingly

Change (which became a best seller).

disparate ideas, and create systems.

What are your best tips for a successful life and business? Entrepreneurs must learn to be in the

when you’re in the moment. Often times,

moment. Living in the moment is not a

the very thing you’ve been wishing for

goal or a destination. You’re already there.

arrives - all because you were present to

Something quite remarkable happens

hear it.

How do you keep your sanity while running a successful business? How do you create life/work balance?


Keep it super simple. I create leverage

team. I also have a Business Blueprint that

through systems, automation, and a reliable

serves as my GPS to keep me on track.

September 2013

Do you have a daily ritual that you can share with us? What do you do on a daily basis that helps you nurture yourself and/or build your business? There are 3 essentials to my morning. I nurture my mind, body, and spirit. When I get up I work out, eat, and review my mindset system. It is a series of prayerful meditation and it is often integrated into my workout.

So many people have great business ideas but don’t know how to get started. What advice would you give them? I would ask a couple of questions:

• What contribution do you want to make in your lifetime to the world?

• What do you want from life? What does

Many people go through life without asking these questions, yet, these very questions become the doorway to creating new possibilities.

that look like?


Lisa Mininni is known in over 11 countries,

like Marci Shimoff, and Subject Matter Experts

Lisa has become sought out as the

like Bob Burg.

strategic systems expert and is President of



year background in the world of organizational

has been featured on radio stations across

development as well as systems and quality

the United States and Canada. Her articles

improvement to show entrepreneurs and

on lead generation have been published


worldwide and on such notable and respected

monetize their mission and their message.

sites, such as The Huffington Post, Career

Lisa believes that when you are doing

Builder, and leading sales and marketing sites

work aligned with who you are, using your

like RainToday.com, achieving the Reader’s

unique talents…it’s not “work”! There is a

Choice Award.

flow to every business - when you discover






She is the Best-Selling Author of Me,

your flow, you’re energized and you attract

Myself, and Why? The Secrets to Navigating

opportunities from expected and unexpected

Change and the host of The Navigating

sources…effortlessly. Having systems in place

Change Radio show with tens of thousands

simply makes it easy to bring in a consistent

of regular small business listeners around the

supply of pre-qualified prospects and turn

globe who tap into her guest experts including

them into clients up to 98% of the time.

New York Times Best Selling Authors, Randy

Connect with Lisa at:

Gage and Dr. Ivan Misner; thought Leaders,


As a strategist, she uses her strong 20-


September 2013

Looking to reach savvy, heartcentered and mission-driven feminine entrepreneurs? Advertise on the Feminine Soul Magazine and Radio Show. For more information on advertising with us, please send an email to info@femininesoul.com


What They Tried to Stop You Knowing About

Meditation by Edel O’Mahony


hose who follow my work, know I am all

and uncertainty instilled, you have the perfect

about truth, knowledge and awareness.

conditions for control.

I cannot give time or attention to those delivering false perceptions of what we are

It hasn’t stopped there. The scaremongering

and why we are here, especially when they

and divergence continues to any practice of

are incongruent with their message and have

natural healing and medicine. Verified cures

not or do not live the ‘truth’ they speak of.

using the frequency of the body - Dr Royal Raymond Rife is a very powerful example of this, when in the 1920s he had verified trials of 100% cure rates of cancer, which were confiscated, trash and subsequently destroyed along with Rife himself. In fact any practice that would bring the public’s attention to the restorative power within them, has been constantly and deliberately undermined,

For millennia we have witnessed this

maligned and vilified as false.

misconception through religion, governments


and media in an attempt to keep populations

WHY? Why has so much time, effort and

dumbed down and distracted. Why would

energy been given to convincing the world

agents who are purportedly there acting for

populations that natural energy and healing

our well being do this? Plain and simply...

is a lie? The old adage ‘Tell a lie to conceal a

control. When knowledge is prevented, fear

lie’ springs to mind. In social conditioning the

public never gets to know real knowledge and

We have irrefutable evidence from such

truth, as knowledge is power!

eminent cellular biologists as Dr Bruce Lipton and brain doctors such as Dr Jill Bolte Taylor

Meditation has been termed over centuries

that our cells take their signal from our beliefs.

as a spiritual practice ( see again the ‘label’ to divert attention). Deemed as a means of quiet

The electrical impulses caused in this process

contemplation and a way to connect with your

are our first remnants of a vision come into

inner being, your divinity if you will.

being. This happens in the frontal lobes of the brain, involved in movement, decision-

What they tried to stop you knowing is that

making, problem solving, and planning.

meditation is the creation process. Again through electrical impulses, the belief process is sent to your thalamus, a mass of grey matter cells that relay sensory signals to and from the spinal cord and the cerebrum, a reality processor. It is the thalamus that dictates to the brain what it thinks is going on in the external world, so creates the by product of thought. Now we have the scientific verification of what processes happen when you meditate

From the thalamus there are different areas

and how this is creating your reality.

of the brain that can get fed the information. Firstly it could send the electrical impulse

The science of meditation

thought to the occipital lobes, positioned at

Let me now run through the science of

the main centres for visual processing. So this

meditation with you, bearing in mind I am not

is where you can visualise what it is you desire

defined as a scientist, however I personally,

to bring into the external world.

the back region of the cerebral cortex and are

consciously apply this information in my own meditation creation with staggering results.

These impulses are then sent to your parietal lobes (either directly from your thalamus 51

or via the occipital lobes), here is the most crucial element of the whole process. It is in the parietal lobe that an artificial construction of who you are is created. Your belief and thought come together here and create – the projected perception of your reality, in your external world.

Edel O’Mahony

is a Spiritual

Scientist, her consultation and advisory

When you allow meditation to become your

services bring truth, knowledge and

way of life, where you spend 30 – 40 minutes

awareness, creating the practical

a day in connection and meditation, create

processes of harnessing the scientific

commands for new beliefs, this creates new

field of Epigenetics.

neural networks forming in the brain;you

begin to consciously create the new projection

to wake up and move out of reacting

of your perception of reality. This projection

within the fear based conditioning, to

becomes very real through the transmutation

becoming the observer, through all

of energy in experiences and opportunities in

their life experiences and contrasts.

your external environment.

Bringing ‘Where Science and Magic

Edel’s work is to guide others,


You have always held the power to create

your reality. This has however been kept from

articles and interviews have reached

your knowledge and perception to keep you

an audience of over 25 million people

dumbed down and controlled.

and her meditation programme has





been termed as ‘life changing’.

Now you know the secret...what are you going to do with it?

Published Author, Radio host, founder of ‘Path of the Peaceful. www.edelomahony.com



A Foodies Guide to B u si n es s byTina Dietz


love food. Some of you may have heard

and texture that make for great cuisine.

me in the past refer to myself as a “Italian

Cooking, aside from producing delicious

Grandmother In Training,” and I ain’t

results, comes with a few metaphors that

kidding. This maven loves slow food, great

make great business advice. Here, have a

conversation, and the complexity of taste


1. Call in Your Sous Chef: There are always going to be things

Make sure you call upon others early

that will get done better if they’re

enough in the game to allow the task

done by someone else. It may be

to be completed. This can be a learning

because you don’t have the expertise

curve for you in terms of being able

that’s called for, or it may be that a great

to let go and effective communication

assistant handling the minor tasks will

and management, but the results are

free you up to do what you do best.

worth the simmering time.


2. Prep Ever ything Before Cooking: Food and business both go fast, so it is always a good plan to have

time and you can experiment with the spices, or try substituting

a recipe (5 Year Strategic

one ingredient for another on

Vision Plan), and to prep

the fly. All that’s left for you

ingredients and tools before

to handle is the unexpected

you start. Rarely do things

turns, which will need your

go exactly like you planned, but if you have a plan, you know what you’re doing the majority of the

full attention anyhow. When you have a well crafted recipe, you can experiment more effectively.

3. Slice Things Small: When you cut your ingredients to a

the project time more effectively.

small size, everything cooks quickly.

Slicing and dicing takes skill, so

In the same way, taking the time to

practice and you’ll be julienning your

divide up the tasks you are trying to

next marketing campaign or product

accomplish into small, actionable steps

launch with the flair of Julia Child.

gives you an opportunity to manage

4. Cook Ingredients in the Right Order:


If you just throw everything into the

do brilliantly, and do yourself the

pan at the same time, you’re asking

same favor. Some projects require a

for food that is not going to taste very

long roasting time, others are a quick

good. Give your outside resources or

sauté. Taste your “dishes” frequently

team enough time to do what they

and adjust as you go.

September 2013

5. Don’t Over-Cook: Perfectionism leads to paralysis. The problem is that if you wait too long, you’ll ruin everything. There’s a fine line between “golden



delicious” and “burned to a crisp.” Sometimes striving for perfection just ends up with something too tough for your

customers to chew and swallow. Knowing this you can temper your




with the need to get the plates on the table and your guests, that is, your customers, served. You might discover that, like a juicy steak, a little underdone might just be better.

Tina Dietz MS, NCC is an international

solo entrepreneurs to the corporate level,

business development maven and the

and she speaks to groups from 20-2,000

inventor of the Success Funnel System™.

on how to break through the barriers that

With a mission to ignite 10,000 Thriving

keep you from achieving success, optimal

Businesses, Tina has coached and consulted

performance, and leadership in business and

with clients in more than 20 industries from

life. Connect with Tina at http://www.thisistinadietz.com


Have Faith Everything’s working according to plan but the plan is not always ours. We can worry about the outcome but worry wastes precious hours. A good idea has all that it needs to prosper and to grow. If we put our intentions to work for us momentum continues to flow. Doors may close along our way but what we need to know is that they close behind us, and they’re meant to - so we can grow. We may want results much quicker than the way they tend to appear. Results unfold when the time is right, when our pathway has become clear.


Jean Kay is a prolific poet who has written a poem every morning for over fifteen years. Her book Morning Light, a collection of inspirational poems for use in daily life, is available on Amazon.

Jean is a regular contributor

to newsletters and is published in several anthologies. She also creates

What’s important to remember is we need to stay on track, not be tempted to detour, and never try to go back.

commissioned poems for birthdays,

We are not who we were yesterday, nor yet who we’ll be tomorrow. Now is the only time we have, let’s live it with joy not sorrow.

of the Canadian Authors Association

Life is a constant process of change, that’s what life is all about. When we pursue intentions with confidence, faith eliminates all our doubt.

Connect with Jean at

weddings, anniversaries, memorials, etc.

Jean is a professional member

– Vancouver Branch, and holds active memberships in The Ontario Poetry Society and World Poetry Association. http://www.poetrytoinspire.com

September 2013



Ways to Prevent Relationship Slips by Heather Paris


elationships don’t just fall apart, they slowly slip away. People get

“comfortable” and start to take

These little things add up and turn into big things that can damage or kill a relationship. They don’t happen

one another for granted. You

instantly, they happen slowly

start to run out the door

over time. You can reverse

without kissing good-bye,

the damage and get your

or you go to bed at different

relationship back in time!

times, or you stop saying “I love you,” or you start to give more of

Here are some “little” things that make a BIG difference.

your time and attention to someone or something else outside of the relationship. 57

1 2

Always say I love you, at least

better! They might already know you love

once per day, but more is

them... but they NEED to hear it!

Take a moment to text/email/ facebook

need to know that you are important to


them. There are enough ways to get a hold

instant message/post it note/

of someone today, use them to make them

or call and let them know you

feel special!

were thinking about them. They


Share intimate moments either

good chemicals that your body releases

kissing, hugging, snuggling,

during intimate moments to create a bond.

touching, holding hands or

Don’t let a day go by without physical touch

making love. You need the feel

of some sort!


Make time to talk about your

didn’t show up for work, or the tractor that

day... every day. You start to

wouldn’t start and you tell him about the

disconnect when you don’t

weird lady at the nail salon or the funny tie

know what is going on in

your co-worker wore. Whatever your day

each others worlds while you

holds, share it with one another so they

are apart. Smile and listen to him

feel connected to you each day. Let them

talk all about the mechanic that

into your world.


September 2013

Eat together. Sharing meals together

enjoy, sit and savor a meal

is a great way to re-connect after a

without television, and just

long day. Make something you both


Give compliments and thanks. Don’t let

things go.... even the small

a day go by without saying something

things! How great would you

complimentary. “You look great today,” or

feel if you knew someone

“Thank you for picking up bread on your

greatly appreciated all that

way home, I really appreciate that because

you do?

5 6

I didn’t have time to stop.” Don’t let these

Always be honest. Trust is much easier to

come first... always. Friends

keep than it is to get back... so don’t risk

are wonderful but if you need

losing it. Be completely honest with your

real help in your relationship,

partner about everything. Speak kindly but

hire a professional and keep

honestly about the little things that bother

the friends out of it. Friends

you rather than letting them build up into

sometimes tend to hang on to

resentments. Talk to your partner about

what you have told them and hold

your relationship instead of to your friends.

a grudge whereas a professional is

It is OK to vent and get advice but make

detached and can give non-biased

sure your friends (and their advice) don’t



hurt your relationship. Your partner must


Even if it’s “not your fault” or you “don’t think he will even notice,” let go of your ego and try these steps today! Don’t get discouraged if it takes more than one day.... you slowly deconstructed your relationship, it will take TIME to put it back

Heather Paris is a certified Neuro-

together. If you implement these steps, he/

Linguistic Programmer (NLP,) Strategic

she will notice and will start to respond as

Interventionist and Marriage Educator.


Her entire life has been dedicated to improving the lives of others with

Don’t let the person you love slip away

compassion based approaches that

when it is easy to remind them how much

are centered in reality and real world

they mean to you. Enjoy a healthy, happy,

solutions. Heather maintains a popular

passionate relationship, and Live Inspired

blog (www.liveinspirednow.com) and


is in the final stages of her new book; Live Inspired Now... A Field Guide For Happiness which is due to release by the end of 2013. Heather and her husband Thad live in Upstate New York on a micro farm with the younger four of their six children, 3 goats, 3 dogs, 1 cat and many chickens. http://www.liveinspirednow.com/


September 2013

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ask Rev. Anne Why am I getting stopped? Dear Anne:

Whether it’s family or financial, I just don’t

Everytime I think I’m ready to really step

seem to be able to move ahead in my

up in my business and I take action to do

business in a big way.

something bigger, something always seems to happen to stop me.

Dear Divine One:

Why is this happening?

I so love this question. Because not only do I

It’s your fear, your old programming, your old

see my clients go through this situation all the

beliefs. It’s your subconscious talking.

time, I have experienced it myself … multiple times. And you’re going to love the answer.

And it must be released or broken through in order for you to have what you want. It must

Whenever you make a decision about

be broken through in order for you to create

something big, it can seem as though the

your Divinely-given vision. It must be broken

Universe is conspiring against you.

through in order for you to bless the world with your gifts in the way you know you are

“Are you sure you want to do that?” it seems

called to do.

to say, “You could do this instead.” Or worse yet, “You can’t do that! You have to take care

You see, your decision to take the action to

of [fix your car, take care of your child/parent/

move forward was the guidance of the Divine.

spouse, pay for a new roof, pay for sports/

It was the Divine Whisper in your soul. And

dance lessons]. It would be irresponsible of

you listened and began to take action.

you to [buy that program, sponsor that event, work with that mentor]!”

But then fear hit. Circumstances appeared that told you otherwise.

Guess what? That’s not the Universe talking. 64

And you began to

doubt yourself. Instead of listening to faith,

you listened to fear.

You listened to the


that activates the way for you to manifest that sacred vision. As long as you are in fear, you cannot see the way. You must let go of your

Here’s the Divine Truth: It is in the listening

fear in order to find your way. You must stand

to – and taking action upon – your faith that

in faith, or the way will not be shown.

will cause your world to transform. It cannot be otherwise.

The bottom line is this: Trust what you are given.

Then take action upon it. Because

You have been given a vision by the Divine. In

the stronger your faith, the quicker you will

addition, the way to create that vision is also


within and around you. But it is your faith





Now go get your Divine ON!

children… ahem, kitties.

“Irreverent Rev”), creator and CEO of Divinely



Broke Dilemma”- the belief that making

entrepreneurs “get their Divine ON!” by

money and being spiritual can’t go hand-

tuning into their own 6th sense while building

in-hand, then you’ll want to get your free

6-figure businesses on their own terms.

ebook, “10 Reasons Why Your Spirituality

Anne is an Interfaith Minister, a Divine

is Keeping You Broke in Your Business (and

Intuitive™, and a master energy therapist.

what you can do about it).” Go to www.

She lives with her husband, Dr. Francisco

DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness.com for your gift.




If you are experiencing the “Divinely-

Presuel, in South Florida, with their four

Got a question you’d like to ask Rev. Anne?

Go to www.facebook.com/femininesoul or tweet with us using #FeminineSoul 65

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Feminine Soul Entrepreneur Magazine - September 2013  

Discover practical tools to nourish your body, mind and soul while growing your business.

Feminine Soul Entrepreneur Magazine - September 2013  

Discover practical tools to nourish your body, mind and soul while growing your business.