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Tips to Finding Your Political Voice

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10 Tips to Finding Your Political Voice by Tabby Biddle


Discover Your Unique Calling & Purpose

by Nina S. Pakdi


by Celia Ward-Wallace


SUCCESS: Why am I so afraid? by Katie Day





The New Marketing Model for Success Do Women Lead Differently?


Poetry To Inspire Interview with Feminine Soul Marilyn Suttle

Innocence – the curious way to learn! by Francesca Cassini

by Jean Kay


8 Keys To Free Yourself from Bullies and Attract People Who Respect You by Pragito Dove

by Vanessa Halloum


Your Grown Up School Supply List by Stephanie Owens

by Lisa Manyon


3 Tools to Awaken your Feminine Energy by Reena Desai

Market Your Healing Gifts to Attract More Clients by Rev. Anne Presuel

Writing Letters to Yourself: The Art of Reflection, Forgiveness, and New Beginnings


Book Review: The 5 Feminine Power Virtues by Vanessa Halloum by Nina S. Pakdi

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Back To School – Back To Basics We are all here to lean and grow, and it doesn’t just stop after our school years either. One of my biggest teachers, Tony Robbins, says that you are either “growing or dying”. It’s a strong statement, for sure, but there’s so much truth to it. We humans think that we rule the world around us, however, that doesn’t mean that we are immune to its laws and principles. If you look at nature, everything is always growing or decaying. Flowers, plants, trees, crops, etc. It’s one of the basic principles of life. Don’t let this intimidate or scare you, though. Instead, use it to your advantage. Begin living with a curious mind and in every situation start experimenting with the attitude of a student by asking yourself: What can I learn from this? Every situation, every challenge, every opportunity, it’s not happening to you. It’s happening for you! The so called “problems” are here to help you grow and become more of who you are meant to be. As we experience another Back to School season, let’s begin to look at ways that we can return to our essence and become more innocent like. Let’s bring the qualities we had when we were young, free and eager to learn and grow. May the articles in this issue stimulate in you an inquisitive mind and may they serve you and your business so you can grow not only professionally but also spiritually. In Love & Service, Business growth mentor and marketing coach



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10 Tips to Finding Your Political Voice


by Tabby Biddle

omen on a path of personal growth have not been that interested in getting themselves out in front as political leaders. I count myself among them. While we may be activists for one cause or another, we still hide out on the sidelines when it comes to politics. If you’ve been watching the presidential debates, you might agree with me that we no longer can afford to sit on the sidelines. It’s time to find our political voice. Last year Marianne Williamson came to speak at one of my women’s groups in Los Angeles. She shared with us about a movement and event she created, called Sister Giant, to change the course of American politics.The intention is to awaken and empower American women, on a personal growth path, to have a voice in politics. “I think that people on a spiritual path – personal growth, recovery, whatever – are the last people who should be sitting out the great social and political contests of our day. Why? Because they’re adepts at change; they know that the mechanics of the heart and mind are the drivers of true transformation,” says Marianne. But the reality is that many of us who have been on a personal growth path have an aversion to politics. We see the political world as divisive, manipulative, and downright toxic. For many, hearing the word “politics” makes us want to run in the other direction. Sound familiar to you? While I have been on a personal growth path for more than 15 years, I happen to have started my career in politics. As a college student, I interned in the political division of CNN in Washington, DC. Then, during my senior year, I became the president of our Democrat Club – bringing influential politicians to our college campus (all the way in Maine), like Hillary Clinton and ’92 presidential hopeful Jerry Brown -- to inspire the students to get involved with politics. On the campaign trail, I worked to get Maine Democrat Tom Andrews elected into Congress.



Post-college, I moved to D.C. and worked for the Women’s Campaign Fund, where I learned what it takes to run a national campaign. Then once Bill Clinton was elected to his first term in office as the president, I worked on his inaugural committee. When it was time for me to make a choice about my next step in my career path, I looked at the people ahead of me in politics and thought to myself: Do I want to be like them? The answer came swiftly: NO. As I reflect on this scenario, which took place 20 years ago, I think about how things really haven’t changed all that much in the political world. While the numbers of women have increased in Congress (today a whopping 16.8 percent compared to 10.3 percent in 1992), it feels like the same ol’ same ‘ol is happening. This is not to discredit all of the amazing work that women are doing in Congress, but it is to say that we need a much bigger overhaul of American politics. Like Marianne Williamson, I believe that as women on a personal growth path, we need to start using our voices in the political arena. In other words, we need to start leading the conversations, instead of just following them (or running away from them). I’d like to share some of the tools that have helped me discover my political voice. Perhaps these 10 secrets will get you started on your own path of discovery.

answering this question. Let this be a streamof-consciousness writing. No one is grading or judging you.Your answer to this question is the seed of your political voice. 2) Be honest about your calling. What change do you feel you are being called to make in the world? Again, write for 2 minutes, answering this question. Be honest here even if what comes forth feels a little over the edge or strange compared to what you are doing in your career at the moment. 3) Know your people. Who will your calling benefit? Write this down. 4) Recognize the transformation. How will this change their lives? Write for 1 minute about how “your people” feel now (angry, helpless, discouraged, …), and then write for 1 minute about how they will feel once you come forward with your message and work in the world (empowered, encouraged, hopeful …). 5) Value your experience. What are some of your life and/or work experiences that inspire you to create this transformation? Write for 2 minutes about anything that comes to you. It doesn’t have to be logical. Let your words come from your instinct and the wisdom of your body. Now that you have done these exercises, I’d like to get you thinking about your entry into the political sphere.

10 Secrets to Finding Your Political Voice

6) Let go of formality. There is a misperception that politics is formal, and that if you don’t know the rules, you can’t play. Politics should be anything but formal. It should be intimate. I mean, it’s about “the people,” isn’t it?

1) Dream big. What is the change you want to see in the world? Write for 2 minutes (without lifting your pen from the paper),

7) Don’t make it complicated. We tell ourselves so many stories about how we are not qualified enough, how we don’t know



enough of the “facts,” or how we aren’t cut out for politics. I empathize. I’ve been there. While facts are important, having a political voice goes much deeper than that. It’s about using your voice in a way that is aligned with your soul at the deepest level. I invite you to stick with this and keep it simple. 8) Be witnessed. Start to use your voice in writing. When I started my blog,The Goddess Diaries, I felt nervous about putting my voice down on paper for others to read. I was concerned about being judged for my ideas and opinions. I thought that people might think I was “too spiritual.” But it turns out that the process of being witnessed as a writer ultimately helped me find my political voice. 9) Write regularly. I encourage you to start a blog (if you haven’t already). Blogs are an essential tool in shifting the public conversation. When you get out there with a blog, you are taking a stand for what you believe in. By writing on a regular basis, you will find yourself feeling more and more confident with your political voice. 10) Step into the spotlight. While running for office may not be your thing, stepping into

the spotlight with your voice can be just as powerful in terms of making political change. So, get out there as a speaker. Say “yes” to those radio and TV interviews, podcasts, print interviews, and speaking gigs. Maybe you won’t run for office tomorrow, but these steps will get you more comfortable with being in a leadership role. While I worked in politics as a young woman, it wasn’t until I embarked on a path of personal growth and feminine spirituality that I found my political voice. As Marianne Williamson has said: “The entire political system is contrary to everything a feminine heart stands for. It lacks tenderness. It lacks poetry. It doesn’t nurture. It doesn’t love. And without those things, a woman’s soul is bereft.” The political system that Marianne describes is calling out for your genuine femininity so we can bring humanity back into all of our lives. If you are a woman on a personal growth path who has been hanging out on the sidelines of politics, or running as fast as you can in the other direction, I invite you to change direction and STEP IN. This article was first published on

About Tabby Tabby Biddle, M.S. Ed, women’s leadership expert, writer, speaker and coach, is a well-known voice speaking out for the human rights and empowerment of women and girls. A recipient of a United Nations Foundation press fellowship,Tabby’s writing has been featured by The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, UN Dispatch, NPR, Current TV, among other national and international media. Tabby is the author of The Goddess Diaries blog and the director of the Los Angeles Goddess Collective, a community of women leaders and emerging leaders at the intersection of feminine spirituality, creative expression and socio-political change.Tabby’s work focuses on bringing more women into leadership positions via a feminine pathway. She earned her Master’s in Education from Bank Street College of Education and her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Colby College. She resides in Santa Monica, CA with her husband, baby boy and kitten. Learn more at



Discover Your Unique Calling & Purpose by Celia Ward-Wallace


ach of us enters the universe with specific gifts to share. The various influences we receive throughout life often derail us into work that is “safe” and “smart,” but often it is not work that is our purpose or fulfilling. We learn from our parents, teachers, religious leaders, politicians and media at a very early age many messages, such as: Education is the key to success; it is important to have a good job that is secure; it is better to play it safe than to take risks. All of these messages become ingrained in our subconscious mind at such a deep level that we accept them to be our own beliefs. We also experience parents, teachers, friends and religious leaders who either unintentionally or intentionally degrade us and undermine our self-esteem by not recognizing our gifts, not fostering our gifts or outright breaking down our confidence to such a level that we believe we have no gifts. The outcome of these experiences generally leads people down a painful and unhappy path toward an invisible life full of unconscious decisions with unpleasant outcomes. We each are created with a calling and purpose to deliver to the world. We are meant to have a life full of purpose and passion. Dig deep to examine what excites you and what tools, skills and interests you have to share with others. Reject the negative voices you hear, which will attempt to limit your life, and instead embrace the world of possibility and creativity to dream of the life you want. Trust your inner voice and experiment with exploring these buried interests, this will lead you to your purpose!



Your gifts can lead to a hobby or an avocation, to community service or to a part-time or fulltime career. It is not about how much time you spend doing these things; instead the importance comes from recognizing what your talents are and what you love doing. Once you accomplish that, you can explore in which capacity these skills and experiences can be introduced into your life, and you can begin the journey of embracing your worthiness and perfection. What a relief to finally find your place, to find your calling! Some of us are born with the clarity, and others of us, like myself, search for a long time, knowing we are destined for a greater purpose but not knowing what that purpose is. I always suggest that we embrace the self-discovery journey and think about all of the things in our life that spark interest in us and hold our attention. How will you know when you discover your calling? You will know when you feel you are doing what comes naturally to you and that you can’t wait to wake up each day and begin your work. Each of us wants to be able to do

work that uses our gifts, and for the universe to mirror back to us the confidence that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. This journey is about unfolding that gift in order to share with the world the best version of ourself. We must rise to the occasion to be our best self and to give back to the world the best of us. We must not push along our journey with urgency to get to the next step, but instead embrace it and be present at this step, and be our most conscious and enlightened self.

Here are 3 great questions to ask yourself to begin to unveil your authentic purpose and calling: 1. If money wasn’t a concern, what would I spend all day doing? 2. What talents and gifts do I have that I haven’t yet explored? 3. What actions/steps will I take to move forward in exploring these gifts?

About Celia Celia Ward-Wallace is a Certified Life Coach, Keynote Speaker & the Author of “A Woman’s Guide to Having it All, Life Lessons to Live By.” Celia thought she had the perfect life – until she lost it all.Through her journey back from rock bottom, she realized that a great life is not measured by what you have but by who you are. Celia Ward-Wallace is on a mission to mobilize over 1,000,000 women with the tools to stand in their power, live a life of contribution and manifest their greatness, through her movement of “Empowering Women Every Day” as well as through her book, coaching programs, seminars and speeches. Celia is also the Vice President of the Certified Coaches Federation, America’s Leading Life & Executive Coach Certification Training Program. Learn more at




Why am I so afraid? F

by Katie Day

ear of success or fear of failure? Most people, if asked, would automatically say they have a fear of failure. But in my experience, it is fear of success that paralyses most people. On the face of it, this appears counter intuitive. Surely if we run our own businesses or work within an organisation, we have the drive, ambition and vision to be as successful as we can be? Noone consciously sets out to fail, that’s just bonkers. It is our personal ‘head tapes’ that will stop us. Most people do not live in the present moment where anything is possible. Instead they live in the turmoil of past events and future fears, trapped in the merry-go-round of angst and uncertainty. Our ego is the very conditional and judgemental part of our minds that will try and protect us from harm and stressful situations. We need it, but unfortunately the ego can become too big for its own good! What would life be like if you could eliminate the painful memories and the fear, entering the unconditional and supportive space of the present moment? The present that is not contaminated by past experience and will not doubt for a single second the potential for your immense success, it will also not judge you for wanting it, striving for it and becoming it. Your unconditional present self sees you as perfect and able to achieve anything. However, most people will live their lives dependant on the views of other people. People bond over bad news, it is a lot easier to join the club of disenchantment and struggle than it is to step out of the circle and be different. To quote the first few lines of the wonderful poem by Marianne Williamson: ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure’



If we all embraced our personal power, what would people think? Everyone would surely think we were too big for our boots wouldn’t they? That we were just showing off? Our friends would desert us, we would leave them behind wallowing in the murky waters of their resentment and bitterness, we would be lonely and isolated ….

to the world and have the courage to express them, we become part of the collective tipping point. The tipping point of joyful and stress free living, of positivity, has the power to change the world. You encourage people to follow you and as your energy is so compelling everyone will want to be where you are.

And remember, your true friends will always be happy for you. If you do end up leaving people Any of the above ring bells? Well guess what? By not embracing your personal power you are behind, that was their choice, you only have disempowering everyone around you as well as responsibility for your life, not everyone else’s. yourself. You are allowing people to remain in Live it to the full – you were born with amazing talents, not to share them with the rest of the their destructive mind set and you are denying the world of your talents and gifts. It is only once world is selfish, and I know you’re not that we allow ourselves to shine, that we empower person. I know you are the person who has the courage and conviction to be joyful, positive other people to step out of negativity into the and inclusive and take the rest of the world light of positivity. If we enter the unconditional with you to the dizzy heights of success! centre of the present, live and breathe our gifts

About Katie Katie started her training and motivational speaking career in 1989 with Carolyn Miller, a top Style Consultant in the United Kingdom, providing Personal Branding and Image Management. She earned her training accreditation in 1995 with the Springboard Program, a self-development course for women. Katie took this program to the financial district of London, where she worked with many women in that arena to present themselves with authority and gain respect, yet retain their uniqueness and femininity. Katie has become a sought after speaker and trainer on women’s development and leadership skills. She has appeared many times on National Radio both in the UK and the US, she has appeared on TV, and had articles featured in many business publications across the World. Her new book,The Highheeled Leader, Embrace Your Feminine Power in Life and Work, was published in September 2012 and is available via Balboa Press and on Amazon. Learn more at





Market Your Healing Gifts to Attract More Clients by Rev. Anne Presuel


any spiritual entrepreneurs (therapists, alternative or holistic practitioners, healers, coaches) find themselves challenged with getting enough clients and making enough money in their businesses. One of the biggest reasons is that when they market, they speak about the process not results.

What the heck does that mean? That means that when the entrepreneur meets someone who is a prospective client and are asked about their work, the entrepreneur tells their prospect all about the methods they use. Or, on their website or in a promotional brochure, they talk about their process, or worse yet, they talk about themselves and all the training they’ve had. For example, an acupuncturist may start to talk about the major and minor meridians, and how you put the needles in these particular places, which releases the chi energy and allows it to flow more efficiently. Or a therapist may talk about the experience of healing the past and how that affects relationships now. Or a Reiki practitioner may talk about how the energy heats up in the client’s body and their hands as it begins to move and release. What happens is the prospective client squints their eyes and furrows their brow trying to understand. They get a “huh?” look on their face as they cock their head to the side. (Sound familiar?) Here’s the thing: if you want to draw more clients in with your marketing, you must show them that you can provide solutions to the challenges, fears or pains they are facing. Solid solutions. Your marketing must focus on the results your prospects want, not the process you take them through to get those results.

Why? Because you have to show them what’s in it for THEM. People are self-focused, especially when they have a challenge or a pain, and they



want results to that challenge or pain. They want solutions. And they will pay for them. People don’t pay for the process. Truthfully, they don’t really care how you help them get results, they just want the result. So your job, as the provider of your service, is to tell them what they are going to get by working with you.

So how do you do this? Especially when results vary from client to client? Well, first of all, you must position yourself as the solution to their problems. You have to address their problems in their language – as they are thinking about it – and offer a solution. To begin with, do the following: What are the results your clients get from working with you? Write these down. Why are you great at what you do? Why should someone work with you? Write it down.

What are the problems your people have shared with you … in their language? What do they say to themselves in the middle of the night, when they are worrying about an issue? Write them down. If you can speak to the conversation they are having in their heads, then they will feel like you really understand them. You “get” them. And this one piece alone will have them feel very comfortable with you. Because you will have created a sense of trust between the two of you. And trust is the number one thing that will help your potential clients say yes to working with you. Results-speak, not process-speak, will get you more clients, help you make more money, and will enable you to touch more lives with your sacred gifts, the way you know you are meant to do. Now go get your Divine ON!

About Rev. Anne Presuel Rev. Anne Presuel (self-proclaimed “Irreverent Rev”), creator and CEO of Divinely Intuitive Business, LLC, helps spiritual entrepreneurs “get their Divine ON!” by tuning into their own 6th sense while building 6-figure businesses on their own terms. Anne is an Interfaith Minister, a Divine Intuitive™, and a master energy therapist. She lives with her husband, Dr. Francisco Presuel, in South Florida, with their four children… ahem, kitties. If you are experiencing the “Divinely-Broke Dilemma”- the belief that making money and being spiritual can’t go hand-in-hand, then you’ll want to get your free ebook,“10 Reasons Why Your Spirituality is Keeping You Broke in Your Business (and what you can do about it).”  Go to for your gift.



The New Marketing Model for Success by Lisa Manyon


here is a BIG shift occurring. Several years ago I was asked to contribute to a book and write about my thoughts on marketing on the Internet. Even then I felt the collaborate shift in marketing and business. I highlighted this in a chapter titled “How the Ever Changing Landscape of Internet Marketing Affects Your Message and Why You Must Adapt.”

I noted that many of the standard marketing techniques, especially in the copywriting arena, were antiquated and not as effective as they once were. The list included hyped-up claims, overly “sales-y” spiels, hard-sell tactics, broad-based messages, scare tactics, stretching the truth, false claims of scarcity, over-dramatizing pain and problems and more. All tactics that don’t resonate with me and that I felt deeply were not resonating with conscious, heart-based entrepreneurs in general. Several years later, my predictions continue to hold true. There’s a shift from competition to collaboration and the Internet allows us to reach more people, connect with other creative, conscious business owners and do the work we love from the comfort of wherever we might be. This shift also requires a different approach to marketing. It requires creating marketing messages with integrity.

“A funny thing happens when you don’t market your business… nothing” 15


For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to writing, marketing and advertising. I grew up in a home in very rural Northern California. I was blessed to have both my mom and dad in the home. When I was a small kid, we only received signals from two television stations and watched the tube on an old black and white model with modified rabbit ear antennas (keep in mind, we were one of the houses ‘in town’ that actually had electricity). The old rotary dial telephone is still the trusty standby in power outages and life is pleasantly simple there. My exposure to advertising and marketing was limited to the two television channels and few radio stations. I can still remember watching commercials at a very young age and thinking “I can do better than that”. Even then advertisers and marketers were missing the mark (and even as a child, I could see that).

In fourth grade a gal pal and I created the first school newspaper for our elementary school. We produced it on a mimeograph machine (yes, I know I’m dating myself). Even then I knew I had a voice and that I needed to share it to make a difference. I also know I am very blessed to have parents who supported me in that pursuit. For women especially, it’s hard to share our voice. I was shocked to find that the saying “Children should be seen and not heard” “is a Victorianbased idea that obedient, quiet children are superior to other children. Interestingly enough, it originally applied specifically to young women. With history like this, it’s not surprising that the societal and generational impact of specific sayings like “It’s not polite to brag,” and rhetorical questions like, “Who do you think you are?” continue to hold back women (and men, as well) even today. It’s hard to imagine a time when keeping to yourself was seen as a superior quality. I imagine this programming makes it difficult for many women to create marketing messages to support their businesses. Fast-forward to present day, and we see that many women still find themselves bound by the invisible chains of antiquated thinking and even familial programming. They shrink, hold back and don’t speak up. They are subconsciously afraid, maybe because they were taught as children that bragging isn’t polite or they simply don’t want to outshine their peers because they crave acceptance. The possibilities are endless, but the fact remains the same: Each of us is born with a unique gift. Our particular gift or talent might be similar to others’ but it cannot be fully duplicated because it is uniquely ours. To take it a step further, we must accept that we are meant to share our gift with the world. When we don’t, without realizing it, we actually do a disservice to the world. One of the ways to get our message out is by marketing. In fact, if you don’t market your business, a funny thing happens… nothing. We must market to thrive. We’ve got tons of information coming our way about the right way to build our businesses and



how we need to go about it. We receive faxes, e-mails, telephone calls, cell phone calls, instant messages, text messages, QR codes, blog posts, social media updates and more. There’s permission marketing techniques, outrageous business growth philosophies that tout being aligned with your customers, qualifying prospects, the need for a website and comprehensive marketing plan and the list goes on. Many of the techniques being taught are dated and no longer apply (they just aren’t working like they once did). On the flipside, getting back to basics has more merit than many are recognizing. As the landscape of marketing and advertising continues to change there are some tried and true principles that remain solid. My dad taught me some of them without me realizing it at the time. When I started selling ads for my high school and college papers I asked my dad to advertise his woodworking business and he wasn’t interested, I was baffled. He simply didn’t want to reach out to the masses. In fact, he refused to have his business telephone number listed in the phone book (you get one complimentary listing when you have a business line). Instead my dad was really clear on his values and his mission. He limited his accessibility, accepted work only by referral and he turned down work he didn’t want to do. This in turn increased the demand for his work. I didn’t know it at the time but my dad was teaching me to create my niche, be uniquely different, work with only people I want to work with, limit my accessibility to be in higher demand and be true to myself while maintaining integrity. As I continue to step into what I’m truly meant to be doing I’m discovering new ways to market my business (and the businesses of my clients). I’m finding that the formulas being taught for copywriting (the foundation of all of our marketing messages) aren’t working as well as they once were. These formulas are not resonating with women who help make the majority of all purchasing decisions.

I challenge the age old industry adage that “Copy is King.” I’ve found that copy is actually QUEEN and content strategy is KING and together they are the key to creating strong and effective results. Even the best copy in the world won’t work if you don’t have a strategy in place.Think of strategy as masculine energy and copy as feminine energy –both are vital but if they are not working together it’s a struggle. I’ve also found that the traditional copywriting formula of “Problem. Agitate. Solve.” isn’t resonating with women. Women are looking for solutions to their challenges. What’s really working is the new copywriting formula of “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.” In the traditional formula we highlight the issue, we agitate that issue to focus on the pain points and then we solve the problem. I believe people are in enough pain. We don’t need to be agitated to make a decision. In fact, especially for women, when someone acknowledges our challenges (and really understands where we’re coming from), provides a helpful solution and extends a friendly invitation, we’re more likely to take action. Nothing truly flows when it comes from a place of pain and fear… When we know in our hearts we are meant to make a difference, we owe it to ourselves and our fellow humans to step forward and be

heard. More women are choosing to express these gifts by starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur. We create new opportunities as a conduit to share our gifts by providing services and benefits for the greater good. We have the power to share our gifts in many ways, and one of the most important ways is by letting people know how our unique gift can benefit them and creating marketing messages with integrity. The new marketing model for success comes from a place of values and service first. Anything else is transparent and not in a good way. How do you choose to market your business? Are you creating marketing messages with integrity?

5 Ways to Create Marketing Messages with Integrity 1. Be uniquely different 2. Work with people you want to work with 3. Acknowledge the challenges of your clients 4. Offer a real solution 5. Extend a friendly invitation to take the next step

About Lisa Manyon Lisa Manyon is “The Business Marketing Architect” a content and copywriting strategist for missiondriven entrepreneurs. Her New Marketing Model for Success has been featured Inc. Magazine. Her “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula is changing the way we market forever. She specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results via Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, website copy packages and content strategies to effectively market your business. She offers a free Copywriting Action Plan and marketing resources on her award winning blog



Do Women Lead Differently?


by Vanessa Halloum

aliper, a private company, conducted a study in 2005 to identify characteristics in quality of leadership that distinguish female leaders from their masculine counterparts. The study found many interesting facts about the way women lead. As a gender, women are more persuasive in their actions, rather than forcing others to follow their way, they are more inclined to bring others around to their point of view, since they genuinely care about the opinion of others. By caring about others’ opinion, their coworkers and colleagues felt understood, supported, and valued.

This is a great example where feminine nurturing can bring a positive twist to a situation that not only gets the job done but also leaves everyone feeling good about it. By being conscious of those around, women leaders allow everyone to feel included. Often the feminine trait of listening to others can be more productive in learning what needs to be done than simply telling everyone how to do it. One of the great nurturing aspects of a feminine leader is that in caring about those around her she inspires them to do and be more.That inspiration is what can help everyone reach their potential and in turn grow their business. It is no doubt that women bring unique traits to leadership positions. Academics have argued for years that a leader is a leader is a leader regardless of gender. Yet time and time again we are finding that women lead differently, and often more successfully. Author Esther Wachs wrote a book entitled Why the Best Man for the Job is a Woman: The Unique Female Qualities of Leadership where she followed highly successful women and determined what characteristics made them successful. Some of the traits she found agreed with the Caliper study but also showed that women were often willing to change the rules and to turn challenges into opportunities. By doing so, feminine leaders often focus on what is best for humanity as a whole and not just the company’s bottom line. By taking that wider view on the world, a feminine leader also takes into account that when everyone reaches their goal she is also 18


included in that. By collaborating and including others, a feminine leader brings a wider success than one who concentrates purely on their own selfish goals and successes. A feminine leader in this way realizes that it is not just about her. We can consider looking at this as a form of ego management, something that often gets in the way with male counterparts. For an ambitiously successful man, very often the attitude is about “I”, whereas women mostly talk in “we” language and, a lot of the times, she will not allow ego to get in the way of getting the job done. There are, like anything else, exceptions to the rule, there are many men who think in terms of “we” and women who are more focused on “I”. We are referring here to our natural states of being. The Caliper study also found that women are more assertive leaders than men because of their need to get things done but by not allowing ego to get in the way the project tends to be more organized and often more successful as a whole. Women may be branded as dreamers, but the feminine can also have a unique view by including everyone and seeing the whole picture. By using that whole picture the path can often be clearer than to those who are blinkered and goal orientated, focusing purely on the task at hand, something which has traditionally been associated as masculine qualities.

Femininity is essentially about being true to yourself, and a feminine leader is no different. Though she may take the wider view into account and include others, she still remains true to her values and by doing so stays authentic to herself. The feminine leader understands the balance between her own personal growth and that of others. No one is perfect and by accepting her own flaws the feminine leader also leads the way for others not to be afraid to show their humanity. A woman who is in touch with her feminine side knows that these flaws are a work in progress and she is constantly trying to reconnect with her femininity so as not to lose those qualities in her leadership. Without being in touch with her feminine side she might end up becoming a copy of a man and lose her power in the process. Inner power is only accessible when we are honor and accept who we are. Feminine leaders may be publicly lauded for their masculine characteristics but it is often their femininity that has gotten them to the pinnacle of success and it is certainly what keeps them there. A feminine leader has the courage to take that first step and show others how it should be done without treading on other people’s dreams. By respecting others and the wider world around her, a feminine leader leads through love and other positive energies, which is why women make such great leaders.

About Vanessa Vanessa Halloum is the author of the 3X award-winning book “The 5 Feminine Power Virtues” and the founder of the Feminine Soul Academy for Conscious Entrepreneurs, Messenger and Thought Leaders. She’s also the host of the Featured BlogTalkRadio show Feminine Soul, with more than 500,000 global listeners. Vanessa works with spiritual entrepreneurs who have a mission and who find themselves challenged in getting their message out into to the world because they don’t know how to position themselves or get in front of the right people. She helps them create a platform so they can reach more people with their message; make the money they need so that they can have the impact they want to have. Connect with her at



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Got to: 20 AUGUST 2013

Poetry To Inspire

Soul Light Our inner light directs us to where we need to go, it may be a very challenging path but we know that we know. We tune out idle chatter and ego that says “no way”. We concentrate and focus on what feels right, our way. Not causing hurt for anyone, not judging or condemning, if our project fits those rules we’re on track where we’re heading. About Jean Jean Kay is a prolific poet, who has written a poem every morning for over fifteen years. Her book Morning Light is available on Amazon. It contains 121 inspirational poems. She has been a regular contributor to newsletters and is published in several anthologies. Jean also creates commissioned poems for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, memorials, etc. Connect with Jean at



Some people will not understand our strong desire to grow, they aren’t receptive to changes, just bless them and let them go. Life is a learning process which we learn at our own pace. We make mistakes and try again, experience we cannot erase. It’s all part of who we are and who we are yet to be an inner soul light shining out for all those who are ready to see. Jean Kay July 10, 2013

Interview with Feminine Soul

Marilyn Suttle 22


What is your best tip for a successful life and business? Early in my coaching practice I noticed that “success” could trigger painful beliefs in women that simply aren’t true, like “I have to man-up and suppress my femininity.” “Success means sacrifice.” “I can be successful or I can have fun, but not both.” Challenge those beliefs. To me, success means being richly rewarded for passionately giving value to my clients, while enjoying the people and pleasures life has to offer. I’m no Pollyanna. As a business owner, I’m in the trenches. There’s always the next deadline looming and expenses to manage. When demands are high, self-nurturing isn’t a luxury, it’s a practical necessity. Taking an hour to get a massage, bathe, or meditate does more for my productivity than an hour of pushing past my limits. Who would you rather hire? The burdened business owner who looks stressed and haggard? Or the one who’s grounded and vibrant, with eyes that light up when you walk in the room? Self-care is my secret weapon for success when growing a business and living a life you love. How do you keep your sanity while running a successful business? How do you create life/work balance? I start every quarter by sprinkling my “what-matters-to-you-list” into my calendar. It matters to me to keep growing in my areas of expertise so I block out time for conferences I want to attend, people I want to meet, or books I want to read.  It matters to me to spend quality time with my family, hang out with my amazing girlfriends, and go on a date with my husband.  Tying what matters to my calendar eliminates the waiting, wishing, and wondering when it might ever happen. When it’s on the calendar, it happens. 



Do you have a daily ritual that you can share with us? What do you do on a daily basis that helps you nurture yourself and/or build your business? It takes mental and physical energy to run a business. I started mine 20 years ago with tons of energy and a high metabolism. No one tells women about the changes that happen as we reach a certain age. To stay healthy, fit and vibrant, I have several rituals, the most impactful to my body has been exercising six times a week. For years I hoped to find an exercise program that conveniently fit in my schedule. Then I had a realization - exercise isn’t convenient. It never will be, and it doesn’t have to be. It was liberating! Now, depending on the day’s happenings, I exercise early in the morning or in the evening. And if, like last night, it’s 10:30 p.m. and I’m just getting home – I exercise at 10:30 p.m.

About Marilyn Success coach, and international speaker Marilyn Suttle has a proven track record for helping women succeed by fueling passion, purpose, and unbreakable bonds with customers.You may have read about her in magazines like Ladies Home Journal,Woman’s World, or Inc. Magazine. She is the president of Suttle Enterprises, a personal and professional growth training firm based in Metro-Detroit. In her bestselling book,Who’s Your Gladys? - she shares practical ways to get positive results with even the most challenging people in your life. Marilyn specializes in helping women stop the heavy lifting, and fall in love with the word “No” by creating “Suttle Shifts” in beliefs and behaviors so you can enjoy breakthrough results. Learn more at

24 AUGUST 2013

Women live longer these days. My grandmother lived to be 104. My mom is 91. The way you treat your body will determine the quality of those later years. I’d like to be feisty, fun, full of energy, and financially flourishing then, which means taking really good care of me and my business now. What teachers, coaches, or mentors have inspired you? When I became a mom, I fell in love with the work of bestselling parenting experts Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Their work changed the way I raised my kids. I reached out to these ladies, packaging and delivering their programs to thousands in the corporate arena. Exposure to the work of Dale Carnegie, took me from trainer to keynoter. Barry Neil Kaufman inspired me to master the belief-work I now do with clients. Martin Selegman, David Deida and Chicken Soup for the Soul founder Jack Canfield broke me wide open to being fully self-expressed and passionate about who I am and what I’m here to do. Jack Canfield has since become a dear friend and I’ve spoken on his stages many times. His work inspired me to write my bestselling book, “Who’s Your Gladys?”

Do you think women face different challenges and opportunities as business owners? Not everyone wants to be a business owner. To own a business means embracing greater risk, responsibility and rewards. To be successful; you need to have a passion for it, and a willingness to continuously grow. Personal growth leads to professional success.

25 AUGUST 2013

Writing Letters to Yourself:

The Art of Reflection, Forgiveness, and New Beginnings by Nina S. Pakdi


he first letter I ever wrote to myself was the summer after sixth grade because that was the first time I had ever felt confused and alone enough to want to curl up in a ball and disappear in the hopes that no one would notice me. What happened at that school that year hasn’t left me yet and never will. What makes it worse is that instead of people letting me be in all my awkward 12-year-old glory, they instead decided that it was the perfect time to point, laugh, and jeer… I guess 12 year olds don’t always understand the idea of giving someone in pain peace and privacy to deal with difficult times in their lives.

In June, I curled up on my pink floral comforters and cried my eyes out, but I soon wiped my tears dry, took out a piece of paper and wrote a letter to myself.The letter started with: “Dear Nina, I know that right now you don’t understand what happened at that school a few months ago, but one day you will.You’ll never get over it and you’ll never be comfortable with discussing it, but at the same time you’ll soon learn to find your gratitude and give thanks for the experiences and the lessons that come with it.” During the first week of tenth grade, I wrote the second letter I ever remember clearly writing myself in the midst of teenage puppy heartbreak.The letter contained reassurance to myself that he would return into my life and we’d be so happy.The week after that, after meeting the young man with the kind of foggy grey-blue eyes that draw you in, presence and energy that I’d never seen in men twice his age, and a beautiful soul that he covered up with armor made out of sharp sarcasm and ice that melted if you were sweet enough, I wrote another letter that simply said:

26 AUGUST 2013

“Dear Nina, Disregard that last letter. It’s no longer valid.” I’ve continued the practice of writing letters addressed to myself. I write at least one letter a month as a means of reflection but I also write letters whenever I feel the need to tell myself something in a way that’s carefully written and planned out. I oftentimes feel that we know the path we should take and the truth of a situation but just don’t know how to recognize it on the surface. Using a letter to tell yourself the truth of a situation or what to do uses what you subconsciously know in a way that separates you from the knowledge as you seek to receive it.

love, patience, and understanding.The practice of writing letters to myself allows me to continue loving, trusting, and seeing the best in others. I also find the writing of letters particularly useful at times when we find ourselves facing a new beginning and, at the same time, also facing the closing of an old adventure in order to move forward. Whenever I find myself there, whether it’s the start to a new stage in life or the start to a new year, I always take out a piece of paper and write myself a letter containing lessons learnt in the last stage or year and how best to apply them while moving forward into the new one.

Writing letters to yourself gives you a great amount of power in yourself and the confidence Separating yourself from the knowledge and the and strength needed to stand by your convictions advice given also allows you to remain positive and continue to pursue your goals and dreams, and optimistic about situations, always seeking regardless of obstacles. And that’s power that to love others and give them the benefit of the comes from nothing more than a piece of paper, doubt. Whenever there’s conflict with someone a pen, and the patience to quiet your mind and I love, I love to sit down and write a letter to myself, where I tell myself that they care about me ask yourself, “What is it I need to be told? What is it I need to hear? What is it I need to know? And very much and are well-intentioned but are also, what is it I need to dream?” at the end of the day, human beings who need

About Nina From a young age, Nina S. Pakdi has garnered an interest in writing, helpmeet philosophy, and promoting the art of self-love to women. She takes an interest in projects and organizations that encourage young girls to step into their personal power, celebrate their uniqueness, and chase their dreams. She runs where she redefines and freshens up the helpmeet role into one that, instead of limiting women, empowers them with joy, confidence, and the realization that they can change the world. She creates and plays in Philadelphia where she also writes period novels, takes a lot of barre classes, and reads a lot of history books. Visit her website at to find out what she’s dreaming up.




Tools to Awaken your Feminine Energy by Reena Desai


t is very easy in today’s society to lose connection with our feminine energy or feminine essence. This is because we live in a masculine culture that prioritizes masculine forms of interaction, communication and ways of being over the feminine. When we lose connection with our feminine energy, we lose connection with joy and pleasure in life. We lose connection with our bodies, suffer in intimate relationships and experience various health problems. This feminine energy that sits in our lower belly, is the source of our beauty, youthfulness, health, vitality, pleasure and so much more! Below are three tools that can be done everyday to guide you in beginning to awaken your feminine energy and be in deeper connection and flow with yourself.

3 Tools to Awaken Your Feminine Energy 1. Wake up with Ease and Grace How we wake up in the morning is so important in setting our tone for the day. Instead of bolting out of bed with the alarm clock, take some time for yourself in the morning. This can be as short as 3 extra minutes of lying in bed and consciously connecting to your body and thoughts. When we sleep our organs are also sleeping and resting so waking them up with ease helps our body to adjust to the day. As you wake up, connect with your body, rub your hands over your body and touch yourself, consciously putting loving thoughts and energy into your body. Direct your thoughts positively and in gratitude for yourself. This is waking up in a feminine way!



2. Shake those Hips and Dance!

difficult to stay centered and in the present moment. However, it is when we are in the One of the most essential keys in awakening present moment that we are able to enter into our feminine energy is reconnecting to our the feminine space of being instead of doing. body and particularly our lower belly and womb area, the source of our feminine energy. Take some time to breath into the stillness and If the energy in our lower belly does not move, vastness of your lower belly. Placing your hands on your lower belly, simply breath, feeling your we begin to disconnect from our bodies and lower belly and attuning into your body. If you feminine source. When you begin to move your hips the energy naturally begins to awaken find it difficult to still your mind, consciously direct your thoughts to gratitude for the breath and flow as you ground in your body. you take and the body that allows you to take it. Feel love pour from your hands into your Find a special time each day for at least ten lower belly. Â For 3-5 minutes simply be with minutes to ground into your body. You can your breath and in the body, directing gratitude begin by bringing your hands to your lower and love for just this moment. This will only belly and remembering the powerful energy take a few minutes but has the ability to change that sits there. Put on your favorite music, your state in a moment and continue a journey create a beautiful setting and let your energy of self-love. flow through circulating and moving your hips. Try to release from any thoughts that restrict These three simple tools have done wonders you. Wherever you are at, is ok. If you are for me in my life. I have established a deeper not comfortable with this immediately, it will connection to my body and to my being, become more natural as you practice more resulting in greater love for myself as a woman. and more. These tools have enabled me to stay connected to myself throughout the day, enabling me to 3. Just Breath... feel more positive, joyful and hormonious. I For many of us we live very fast-paced lives, wish for you to experience just the same, fully going from one thing to another with our emobodied in your gorgeous self! minds either in the past or the future. It is

About Reena Reena Desai is a spiritual mentor, coach and visionary change agent. She works at the intersection of personal and social transformation by growing the feminine voice as a force for love and peace in the world. Reena combines feminine spirituality and embodiment practices together with social movement strategy to guide women in a deep process of connection to their soul’s mission and movement. She has led campaigns at the local, national and international level, advocating for economic justice and is currently helping feminine leaders to build their global movements. She is a dancer and poet and holds an MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics. Learn more at

29 AUGUST 2013

Your Grown Up School Supply List by Stephanie Owens


t’s back to school time! A dear friend of mine, Michelle Weimer, and I shared a fantastic conversation about how so many basic school supplies can serve a deeper purpose for adults. (This concept just one portion of Michelle’s phenomenal Transformational Change Starter Kit available at Maybe you could use a Grown Up School Supply List. Check out this list and see if you’re short on inventory. 

Your Grown Up School Supply List Crayons - so you can learn to see that there is more to every situation than just black and white Ruler - to measure how far you need to go to reach your goals and realize how far you’ve already come

About Stephanie

Pencils with Erasers - to ensure that if you make a mistake, you can rewrite it

Stephanie Owens is a coach, speaker and author. She teaches her clients how to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be to create a life they fall in love with. She coaches purposedriven, high-performance people to achieve not only success but deep personal satisfaction.

Glue - to put things together when they seem to fall apart

A small business owner for over a decade, Stephanie blends her experience in the business world with a Masters in Counseling.

Water Bottle - to keep you refreshed and rejuvenated

Learn more about Stephanie at

Life is a class room. Load up on the supplies you need to live your best life. 

30 AUGUST 2013

Scissors - to cut the things out of your life that aren’t doing you any good Calculator - to add what is important to you into your life Box of Kleenex - for wiping tears as needed Notebooks - for journaling all your ideas, desires, gratitude and successes Backpack - to carry with you, the things that are important to you

Gym Shoes - to ensure you take care of yourself physically as well as mentally Glasses - to see clearly the opportunities that are before you

8 Keys To Free Yourself from Bullies and Attract People Who Respect You by Pragito Dove

Have you ever been bullied? Were you able to respond to the bully in a way that valued YOU? I grew up with a mother who was a bully. My response was to shut down into a kind of frozen numbness. When I was 12 I started smoking cigarettes and at 16 I started drinking – all to continue the numbing process so as not to feel the pain. Now, I’ve un-numbed myself, let go of cigarettes and alcohol, and found my true self. Life is filled with love, joy, and inner peace. Along the way, I had to learn how to stand up for myself, be vulnerable, and speak my truth. Here are my 8 Keys to addressing a bully and giving them an opportunity to apologize. They might apologize, or they might not – I’ve experienced both. Either way, the success is yours, because you have spoken your truth. Your self-confidence builds and eventually, if a bully starts up, you can dismiss them quickly, and easily, without getting upset. 1. Be Emotionally Honest With Yourself. Are you emotionally honest? Ask yourself: How do I feel when a person is abusive to me? Angry? Hurt? Paralyzed with fear? Numb? The important thing here is to be HONEST WITH YOURSELF about how you feel.This is the primary key to freeing yourself from the prison of victimization.



2. Accept – Don’t Judge Yourself Keep the focus on yourself, not on the bully. Accept your present moment, whatever it contains. Beware the ego coming in and dismissing your feelings, saying things like:”It’s no big deal”, “I’m fine” etc.The Ego doesn’t like us being put down so it might try and distract you by focusing on the bully or rationalize you out of your feelings. Stay with your presentmoment reality, no matter how uncomfortable (uncomfortable is good because it means you are moving away from an old habit that doesn’t serve you) –simply allowing things to be as they are, without judging yourself. And have compassion for yourself - you’re doing the best you can with the best conscious awareness you have in the moment.

5. Be Willing To Let Go of the Person/ Situation Before you address the bully, spend some time in self-reflection and realize that you might have to walk away from this person, or from this situation. Friends can be helpful here to help you see things clearly. You might not have to let go, but you might. A lot depends on the response of the bully. Do they apologize? Do they “get it”? If not, they are highly likely to bully you again. 6. Speak Your Truth Speaking your truth means RESPECTING YOURSELF enough to let people know that YOU DESERVE RESPECT. Bullies will transform, or leave. Either way, you win!

3. Listen To Your Body

Best case scenario is to speak to the bully in person, in a calm, respectful manner, simply If you don’t know how you feel, your body will tell stating how you feel about what happened. Bring you. Are you contracted in fear or rage? Is your a friend as a witness and for support. If that heart heavy with pain? Or do you just feel numb all is not possible, talk on the phone (Your friend over? Whatever is happening, allow it to be so.Your standing by). Third best option – send an email body is your friend. It acts like a shock absorber in or letter. Know this truth: bullies, underneath their stressful situations to help you deal with things. Pay aggressivity, are cowards. In many instances, they attention because the body gives us warning signals are embarrassed you’ve called them out and when we are not in harmony and at ease with a apologize, which allows the possibility of taking person/situation.The more in tune you are with the relationship to a whole new level. If they your body, the easier it is to address things early on, don’t apologize, see #5! before they escalate into something worse. 7. Be Courageous and Allow Yourself 4. Get Support To Be Vulnerable Find a friend or a family member you are close to, SOMEONE WHO LOVES YOU VERY MUCH. Tell them what happened.This will bring you some instant relief and the powerful loving support you need to speak up to the bully. Allow yourself to RECEIVE the love of your friend to fill yourself up and build your confidence.



Courage means going into the unknown in spite of all the fears. Courage does not mean fearlessness. Fearlessness happens over time when you go on being more and more courageous. In the beginning, the only difference between a coward and a courageous person is that the coward listens to their fears and follows

them; the courageous person puts them aside helps you come back to a calm, neutral place and goes ahead.The courageous person can say, of clarity. for example: “What you said hurt me”, in spite of inner trembling and a constricted throat. You can learn to express your emotions without being emotional. Be willing to be vulnerable, befriend your fears, and remember that this situation is happening Expressive Techniques for healing grief, sadness, and emotional pain, help with the emotional for you, not to you. It’s helping you step out of victim into mastery of yourself. It’s helping you wounding that can keep you in a victim state. expand even more into who you are. (all these techniques are in my book Laughter, Tears, Silence ).You will experience pain transforming into peace and love. 8. Expressive Meditation Can Help Expressive Meditation techniques can help you become more aware of your feelings and be honest with yourself. The Gibberish expressive meditation is great for releasing the charge of anger, rage, frustration and resentment, and

From personal experience these 8 keys work! By speaking your truth you attract people who treat you with courtesy and respect….because you are treating YOURSELF with courtesy and respect! I look forward to your comments.

About Pragito Dove Pragito Dove is the leading authority on Expressive Meditation in North America and a thought leader on visionary thinking. She is a master trainer, international speaker, and meditation expert who teaches people how to transform pain and fear into joy and inner peace in order to achieve real world success. A best-selling author in seven languages, she is dedicated to re-igniting passion and vision in people’s lives, and making abundance accessible to all. Website:




– the curious way to learn! by Francesca Cassini


n our ‘lionheart’ we’re in our most natural state, that of innocence. Looking at life through the lens of this innocence and experiencing life with the curiosity of this innocence is one of the most powerful ways we can live.Things which appear complex unravel to new perspectives of simplicity and the obvious reveals itself..... It is an ‘open to learn’ state of being. I have a friend going through a challenging, but not unusual, time. Her children have left home, she wants more disposable funds but even though she’s had several interviews for jobs she’s been turned down for them all. Giving many reasons to prove her ‘unemployability’ she angrily told me how unfair it is. She covered the financial climate, unemployment, and even discrimination. We decided to look at this from a fresh perspective – an intuitive one. Could there be anything else apart from the obvious conclusions she’d already reached? Is there a deeper truth? Working together we looked at what job would truly fire her up and we discovered something very different to her present focus. It’s clear she loves creating a beautiful home; she has a marvellous eye for creating spaces which are stylish yet cosy. She blends unique elements to express each one of her family’s individuality. Her passion is texture and colour. I imagined her on the Silk Road buying vibrant fabrics and immersing herself in Marrakesh souks haggling expertly for deeply coloured spices. As we explored further she told me about the friends who ask for her advice when redecorating, how she loves going shopping with them, picking items, fabric and furniture which so capture their personality but which they would never have chosen alone. She described how enlivened she feels when helping them. A shadow fell across her smile when she realised she always discounts their

34 AUGUST 2013

This energy of being ‘open to learn’ is innocence. The innocence of a child looking at the world with curiosity. When my friend She struggled with the excitement of creating chose to be in this open-hearted space she truly connected with how much she loves a business doing what she loves at which creating beauty in a home to reflect the she’s obviously gifted, and the fact she has no experience in business and may never get a client. people living there; filled with love she sees We could either go round in circles with ‘what if’s’, this as a place to recharge their batteries and to inspire their imagination. As she explored close our minds to a future she’d love or simply this, obvious action steps became apparent. be ‘open to learn’. When we are ‘closed to learn’ She’d take an evening class in setting up a we think we know it all already and we use that business, ask her friends for testimonials and knowledge to dictate our future. How could she possibly ‘know’ the outcome? The truth is she referrals, ask an Accountant friend to help with could only assume an outcome, which, when you a business plan.... think about it, is actually made up. So if we can make up reasons we can’t do something, we can It’s still early days but every time she gets anxious, loses her way or feels overwhelmed she make up reasons we can! To do this really well, relaxes in to this childlike innocent curiosity and we need to be like a child again, otherwise our ‘open to learn’ she’s off again. Happy! knowledge will try to win out. enthusiastic suggestions that she’d be an amazing interior designer!

About Francesca Cassini Francesca wanted to be a Princess who could fly, experience other realms, talk with nature. Brought up with mainstream parents meant she also tried to conform.This resulted in founding an employment agency; a magazine; being a founder member of a social network dedicated to conscious living.  For 30 years she’s explored spirituality & personal growth. On mastering ‘intuition on demand’ to develop her ‘natural success,’ she has taken transformational steps. She’s now lives nomadically and is an intuitive mentor to people going through major change. Her experiences will result in an inspirational documentary. Follow Francesca at

35 AUGUST 2013

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The 5 Feminine Power Virtues by Vanessa Halloum


Book Review by Nina S. Pakdi

f you’re one of today’s women, it’s possible that you’ve found yourself in an interesting predicament, one that’s no stranger to the rest of us. We finally have the ability to start “doing it all,” yet many of us feel more lost, confused, stressed, and underappreciated than ever. It seems that the higher the ceiling is raised for us, the unhappier we become (or so it seems) when it should be the other way around. Vanessa Halloum, author of The 5 Feminine Power Virtues, believes it’s because we’ve lost our way. In her loving and empowering way, she gives us through her book a roadmap that allows us to step back into our personal feminine power and rediscover our personal joy and spiritual fulfillment. Vanessa’s signature personal, nurturing, and powerful style leads us through the five different feminine power virtues split into five chapters that are easy to digest. Any woman who has ever felt lost, confused, powerless, or in need of a heart-centered yet applicable tool should read Vanessa’s book. Be prepared to laugh with her and learn the five virtues that will change your life as she lifts you up without letting you go. If you’re a woman with dreams to achieve your personal abundance, you need to meet Vanessa Halloum. She’s a determined, wise, and powerful spiritual and professional coach who moves through life using those gifts with grace, kindness, and gentleness. She will help you change your life.

Get your copy of The 5 Feminine Power Virtues by Vanessa Halloum at 37


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8/22/13 at 12 pm EST Rev.Anne Presuel The Divine Entrepreneur’s Secret Changing our Perceptions to Success: Tap into Your Divine about Special Education Business Laura Reiff Listen live or on demand after it airs by going to: http:// our-perceptions-on-special-education--laura-reiff 38


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Feminine Soul Entrepreneur Magazine - Premier Issue, August 2013  

Discover practical tools to nourish your body, mind and soul while growing your business.

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