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How cool is it when you can make a trendy bag out of an old t-shirt or some danglers with old magazines? Well, that’s what recycled fashion is all about!

Designers are coming up with creative ways to make fashionable products out of waste as

well. Recently, Niki Mahajan, noted Indian designer, presented a dazzling collection made totally out of waste products during the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. She said, “The fabrics that I used are procured from waste materials recycled from the factories.”

fashionable if you keep the environment on your priority list. I always get my inspiration from my surroundings.” He adds, “With the availability of organic fabrics and safe manufacturing methods that put the environment on top of the agenda, I am very much concerned with going green. I am making the initiative to inspire people to keep their wardrobe green. My upcoming collection is modern, very stylish and of course eco-friendly made by 100 percent recycled materials.”

Renowned designer Govind Kumar Singh, who won the Lets Design contest conducted by Zoom TV, says, “From industrial waste to reused denims and recycled fabrics, almost any and every recycled item can be made trendy and New York-based designer Gina Michele, who sells a collection of eco-friendly

‘Re-fashion’ means to have a style of your own rather than following fashion trends or just being a ‘clone’

clothing and accessories using organic and recycled sustainable textiles, says “There’s something about recycled products. It not only saves you some dough but also gives you the satisfaction of not wasting the products.” “The recent rise in refashioning is more like revolting against fast fashion,

with the desire to look more unique and innovative. It means to have a style of our own rather than yielding to fashion trends or just being a clone,” she adds. Socialist Megha Grover says, “We all like to have new clothes. Hence, refashioning is an easy way, where fashionable products can be made with cheap materials. It’s an innovative way to make our society more environmental friendly too. Additionally, recycling vintage or second hand clothes gives us the opportunity to make fresh products. You can simply update your wardrobe and you have a fresh set of clothes.” Michele further adds, “Refashioning clothes is not rocket science. It is as simple as cutting off a pair of jeans to make it into trendy shorts, or cutting off the sleeves of a t-shirt to make a cool bag or perhaps stitching on few buttons to an otherwise old top.”

To conclude refashioning is just the way to go. Its environmental friendly, saves you from the guilt of spending, unique products can be created and what’s more is that you can have a whole new wardrobe. Nobody will ever know that the fashionable bag was from made from your old worn out jeans – Now, how cool is that?

Bhawna Satsangi Feme Fashions Bureau Delhi

Designer Hritu Pawar believes, “Sustainable fashion, also called eco fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility.” “Eco-fashion is about making clothes that take into account the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people employed in the fashion industry,” adds Vidhi Shah, B: kind fashion. Talking about the latest trend in eco-friendly fashion she informs, “There are new materials that are being integrated by fashion by the ‘new green’ fashion set as well as established labels. Though the concept of eco-friendly fashion has been popularised by the West, Indian designers too have come up with some interesting collections on ramp.

Use of fibres from wood pulp, bamboo, seaweed soya and corn blends well with organic silks and cashmeres are becoming increasingly common.�

Not just fabrics, but designers are also coming up with eco-friendly accessories like bags, footwear, headgear etc.

The fashion is not only catching up in fabrics but one can also find eco-friendly totes, purses and clutches, cork boots, ballet flats and high-heels, doing their bit in reducing the carbon footprint. Doing her bit for the sustainable fashion

designer Pratima Pandey too took up the challenge to knit khadi and bring it on the ramp in a more stylish and chic way. The designer has used beiges, off whites, blacks and lot of knits in her collection. “I have used Khadi as it is hundred

percent sustainable as a fabric. The challenge was to knit Khadi and that’s the reason to take up it to the ramp. I felt that every time you have to grow to a next level

make sustainable fashion stay long she says, “Natural fabric is great to celebrate spring season. At one point everything should be eco-friendly and hopefully it should stay.”

and do something that nobody could do. Though the concept of eco-friendly Khadi was very difficult as a yarn to knit,” fashion has been popularized much in west Pratima adds. yet Indian designers have come up with To add fun to her collection she has also some interesting collections on the ramp. designed some dramatic headgears. The The collection involves lots of specialised collection has lot of layering and draping skills and technique to put together a strong with mix of khadi and flat knits to create eco friendly collection. an A-line and voluminous silhouettes. Contributing towards sustainable fashion, the collection is woven and knitted with 100 per cent cotton and silk yarns. She has used natural fabrics and traditional dyeing techniques, thus lending her hand in the growth of Indian craftsmanship. Talking about the best part of designing eco-friendly fashion designer Vidhi feels, “The best would have to be the fact that your being a part of mother nature and making something beautiful out of it.” Hoping to

Anju Gupta Feme Fashions Bureau Mumbai

The sparkling and shimmering sequins are back in vogue this year. The trend that was famous in the 80’s seems to be a hot favourite with both Bollywood and Hollywood beauties.

should be awarded for it. I am talking about the sequined dresses that these ladies have it in their wardrobes and make sure to wear one every now and then. The dazzling and shining sequins are back in vogue in a big way. More and more designers are doing sequins on garments, accessories and they are selling big time too. Designer Satyajit Verma says, “Sequins are flashy and a little loud, yet they look classy and rich. They make for a perfect occasional wear, but people over do it at times make it look cheap. Sequins attract attention because of all the shimmer and shine. Apart from looking glamorous and chic, sequins are a big hit this festive season too. More and more designers showcased their glittery line at the recent Lakme Fashion Week this year. Pria Kataria Puri, who had a line full of

shimmer, said: “This year, it’s more about glam and elegance and sequins fit in the best. You can never go wrong with them, but you also have to make sure that you

Not only garments but sequin accessories are in vogue too. A sequin bag, shoes, bracelet, kada, belt and even earrings are available in the market in some really

don’t overdo it.”

stunning shades. Though there are too many colour options available here, one should be very careful while picking vibrant shades because the fabric, the style and the design plays a vital role in making the item look classy or cheap.

For sequins, one must go for silver, champagne, gold, black and white colours. Browns and caramels look classy too, but other than these colours, one should not opt for any other shades because at the end, one is likely to overdo the look. With hot “For an all white look, one can go for a colours and all these shimmers and shine, hot red, candy pink or even pair with cute the entire look will get affected badly. green sequin accessories. One should keep Sequins are not only a big hit on dresses, in mind that matching clothes with matching tops, tunics and jackets, but they are doing sequin accessories makes a perfect disaster well on sarees too. So one can say the old look. Muted sequin accessories are the best trend is back but it’s more Indian this time. bet when you are looking to highlight your For the right look, designer Asmita Rajpal simple looks with glitters,” feels Satyajit Verma. says, “Either a top, or a trouser, but not both in sequins. Similarly a sequin dress should So here is a big reason to go all the way be toned down with muted accessories or and add glitters and shimmers to your vice-versa. For sarees, a sequin blouse with wardrobe this season. But wearing it right should be the main agenda on your mind. a plain saree will do really well.”

There are too many colour options available in sequins, and one should be very careful while picking vibrant shades because the fabric, style and designs play a vital role in making the item look classy or tacky

Anita Surendra Gupta Feme Fashions Bureau Mumbai

Are you one among those whose nails don’t grow fast and long? Are you looking for artificial nails that can enhance the beauty of your fingers? If yes, then this is for all of you girls!

sets require, the expert says, “Treat these nails like your natural nails and make sure you don’t do any hard work with them. Opening a tin or scratching your skin hard or anything for that matter should be avoided because they may harm them badly.” You are attending a party or a special event, but your nails look dull minus the long and shapely painted nails. In such situations, artificial nails work as an easy and perfect quick fix. Looking after the acrylic sets is easy, but if you won’t take proper care of it, the fake nails can harm your own natural nails. Rajul Parashar from Clips and Cuts says, “One can hardly make-out the difference between fake and natural nails because these days the acrylic sets come in trendy designs and are well-polished. They even come with nail art and you just have to

Acrylic and water are enemies and hence every time you wash your hands, make sure you dry your nails thoroughly so that your nails are free of bacteria and fungus. Also wet fingers will make the acrylic nails come off your original nails and in turn you will end up ruining the beauty of your natural nails. Bacteria can also lead to discolouration and deterioration of your fake nails. Fake nails are in, but with this I don’t say that you have to end up making your nails look similar like a Dracula. Normal size and healthy looking options are available in the market and these days the ones that

make sure than you handle them with care.” are popular and seeing good sales are the Talking more on the care these artificial ones that come with multi-coloured nail

art. Studded with diamonds and coloured stones, they are more colourful. “To get rid of dirt or bacteria, clean your nails with an antiseptic cleanser that’s available at most nail spas. Even Alcohol can be used here, but make sure you don’t leave the dirt behind that will lead to accumulation of bacteria and fungus. Also never clip your fake nails and if you have a snag, file it but don’t clip it ever,” adds Parashar. Though these acrylic nails are easily in the market, but it’s important to get them fixed or removed by a specialist. Don’t even try to do them yourself unless and until you have an idea about it.

Acrylic nails are easily available in the market, but it is important to get them fixed or removed by a specialist

Every girl loves make-up and must have spent her childhood wearing her mom’s lipstick and blush and eye shadow and checking herself in the mirror. I too love decking up and this forced me to write the piece.

Anita Surendra Gupta Feme Fashions Bureau Mumbai

maroons, burgundies and hot pinks. Make-up expert Rachel Pereira says, “One should consider the shape and colours of the eyes if you are going to highlight them for the day. This season is all about more and more of vibrant colours and chose one carefully that suits your skin.” She adds, “Have fun with your eyes and at the same time go low with the lashes. The Party Makeup: new thing that’s in is blending two colours For those who love being a head-turner like blue-gold, pink-purple, beige-pink and at a party, it’s time go colourful. Bright see how magical your eyes will look. Even shades of eye shadows and lipsticks are smoky eyes are in”. the best pick of the season. Go bold with Applying a thick line of kajal-kohl and your eyes or highlight your lips, but not eye liner will give a very flirty look to your both. Colours of purple, yellow, wine, eyes. According to your dress, go for the green, blue, red, coral and pink are in for colours that compliment your outfit. If you eye shadows. As far as lips goes, try reds, eyes are doing the talking than go mute Makeup for office should be minimal and the use of too many vibrant colours and heavy foundation should be avoided

with your lips. Highlighting both of them one would and hence for office, your make will make you look no less than a clone. should be delicate and neutral. The less it If you want to go for the lips than give them is, the perfect it is. a distinguished shape and fill in the colour So natural looking you is required in the with a rich creamy lip colour. office. The make-up should be minimal or Says Rachel, “Red is a colour than you let’s put it is this way, the make-up should can never go wrong with as it compliments not be visible to others. This one is for most skin tones, but do overdo it else you ladies who belong to different age group will look over the top. Lighter and darker but can still do with the same make-up. tones of Browns, chocolates, creamy Renuka Juneja the one who specializes caramels, pinks are in this party season.” in neutral make-up says, “As a base go with She adds, “Cherry reds and sienna red will a moisturiser and avoid foundation. Use also work well if you are looking for a concealor to hide scars and dark circles if you want.” seductive look.”

Office Makeup:

A think line of kajal and a natural looking Now who on this earth would like to look lipstick coming from the house of neutrals like a butterfly in her office. I am sure no is all that you require for your office. The expert adds, “A thin coat of mascara will A bowl of fresh fruits, balanced meals and regular exercise can give you the skin that makeup can never do!

add delicacy to your eyes and natural tone of lipstick will do the trick for you. No blush, no eyes-shadow unless it is really required.”

Make-up is artificial, but to get the real glow from within ensure you are eating, sleeping and working-out right.

A bowl of fresh fruits, a healthy life-style General skin care regime: and good eating habits are the best ways You won’t want to look like you are to get that skin that even make-up won’t going for a party on normal days, would give you. An hour of good exercise every you? So minimum is all that we want to alternate will keep you in good shape and help your skin glow. have on our skin during general days. Colin Fernandez from Beauty Centre Also, use a good cleanser, toner, scrub says, “Soon after shower, moisturise your and moisturiser for your skin. Get enough skin. It essential for healthy skin and make sleep and keep yourself hydrated. All this sure you don’t step out without sunscreen. is more than enough for a perfect you. So after moisturiser, it should be sunscreen.” He adds, “A kajal should be enough or else it should be mascara. A nude lip gloss can also be used and that’s it. It’s enough to make you look good.” Red is a colour that you can never go wrong with for a party, as it compliments most skin tones. Lighter and darker shades of browns, chocolates, creamy caramels, pinks are also in this party season

Makeover expert Megha Khanna and skin care expert Neha Khanna have learned the tricks of the trade from US, UK and Paris. The two talented ladies have created a niche in the beauty world. In an exclusive chat with them we find out the latest trends and more.

Bhawna Satsangi Feme Fashions Bureau Delhi

The eccentricity of International makeup standards of the sister-duo fused with the contemporary finesse of the Indian fashionistas made them stand apart from their competitors in the industry. Megha is a new generation Celebrity Makeover Artist been trained and experienced in High definition makeup and airbrush technique from Paris and US. Having worked with and assisting some of the renowned makeup artist and legends of the industry, Megha has mastered the art of makeover and giving new dimension to the designing of makeup therefore she’s known as ‘Makeup designer’.

Giving insights of the international make-up trends for this season she informs, “Soft smudgy look for the day with colours like soft brown, grey for the eyes and nude lips. You could also experiment with colours like blues and greens for a soft day look. The mantra is to keep the makeup soft and subtle. Choose a light wear foundation.” However, for the evening night outs she adds, “Fashionistas may go a little elaborate for the evening look by adding darker colours of eye shadows with hints of gold, copper or silver. Loads of mascara and liners is a good idea to enhance the look. Dark red and red are hot

this season with nude eyes. Shimmery look is in with soft sparkles on the eyes or the cheekbones. Don’t forget to illuminate your body with highlighters and bronzers wherever showing like: neck, shoulders or beauty bones, backs. If you are not sure what colours to use that goes with your outfit, then stick to black smoky or nude eyes with hints of metallic colours.” Having being inspired by the Paris Fashion Week the duo sisters created some chic looks on the models and elaborated the international trends in make-up. “Looks that we created were inspired by Paris Fashion Week,” says the duo sisters. The concepts were: 1. Ballet: The Model’s face

was painted in Silver with lots of 3D silver illuminator. Swarovski Crystals were pasted after airbrushing a beautiful flower pattern in white, on her face. 2. Victorian Look: A high up do was created for the model in this look, lots of contour with extended wing liner and dark lips were created. 3. Leopard: A darker looking model was selected for this look. Her face was painted all gold with Leopard prints on her forehead extended all the way to her cheek bones. Give a frizzed hair look and black lips to add a wild look. 4. Vegas Girl: Dark intricate & extended eye

shadow was applied for this look. Model was adorned with feathers all over her forehead and back to add that drama. Glossy maroon lips along with extended lashes completed her look. Neha, passionate about her work, aims at making people look beautiful. An Aesthetician by profession, trained on the most high- end brands from UK, Canada, Germany and France, brings the best of skin care needs. Elaborating on the trend for fall winter she explains, “Winters are great to experiment with colours on eyes or lips since dark colours work great in chilly weather. Remember to work on either lips or eyes while

adding dark colour. Coral eyes with nude lips for daytime or maroon lips with metallic eyes for the evening are a good combination. Colours like turquoise or hues of green also work well with soft pink lips. Mascara never goes out of fashion. So don’t hesitate to apply loads of mascara to elongate those lashes that completes your eye makeup. It enhances your eyes and makes them look fuller. You may use waterproof mascara, however in winters any mascara would do. Darker colours for eyes and lips, bold colours likedark maroon and nude eyes with smudged eye shadows. Shimmers would be the look for fall winter.”

To experiment with the looks during the festive season and fall winter the duo gave some tips to fashionistas. - Building a proper base is the most important part of makeup. Get a matching foundation to your skin and apply it both on your face and neck. Make sure to blend it well until your skin looks even and your blemishes and dark circles aren’t visible. - Lighter colour bronzer on your cheeks would add a glow. - A smoky eye and a dark lipstick work well along with highlighters under your brows. - Another important thing to keep in mind during

winter is to keep your lips moisturized all the time in order to prevent them from getting cracked. So, application of lip glosses after applying the lipsticks are must. You can also apply it throughout the day. - Now, apply mascara from root to tip to complete your makeup. It will provide a complete and a more polished look. - Adding metallic colours to the eye shadows or even adding bindis would add to the festive look. - Lots to kohl and mascara would do the trick. Shades like red maroon, orange, dark, work well during festive season. Highlighters are great addition to the makeup.

For Megha, makeup is not just profession, it is passion for her when she’s with her brushes and tools. She has been playing and working with her brushes for more than 10 years now. Neha believes in keeping things as simple as possible, and not overloading the skin. With her international experience Neha brings some of the most trusted and sort after treatments that celebs swear by like Organic skin peels, Permanent make up, and most Exotic facials which will give you the essence of luxury and are a class apart. Lighter colour bronzer on your cheeks can add an instant glow to you face!

Celebs don’t just rule our fashion fundas, but they also play a vital role in our fitness fundas. They keep reinventing themselves and in turn keep giving us the latest in fitness industry, which is then followed by masses. Anju Gupta Feme Fashions Bureau Mumbai

are proud of their curvy bodies. Size-Zero was one trend that Kareena brought in and now when she is sporting a curvy-frame, the hottest trend this year.

Kareena too has moved over her size-zero days and is seen sporting curves in her latest chhammak chhallo avatar. At a press conference held recently, she said, “The size-zero chapter is out of my life now. With my curves, I am a desi girl now.”

Model Supramita Ghosh, who has walked the ramp at major fashion event says, “Size-zero was a craze back in 2008, but now every girl wants a fit and curvy body. Women who strive for sizezero end up with anorexia and osteoporosis and other illness makes them weak from within. My funda has always been to be fitter and curvy.”

Other celebs, who own their own line of fitness CDs and DVDs like Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty and Lara Dutta

“While Kareena rocked being a size-zero, many including me would agree to it that she looked drop-

dead gorgeous during her Chameli and Omkara days, with all that curves and rosy looks.”

While Kareena rocked being “size-zero”, many do agree that she looked drop-dead gorgeous during her ‘Chameli’ and ‘Omkara’ days, with all the curves and glow

But now B-town has changed shapes and round-bodies are in. Amongst the many actresses, Katrina and Vidya Balan too gained a weight for a sexy, curvy body to play Silk Smitha in The Dirty Pictures. She is looking stunning with all her curves too. Zarine Khan who says that her weight has become a national issue of discussion too looks good with all her curves. Bollywood veteran Lipika Sabarwal says, “Actresses in the past were loved for their curves. See how gorgeous Hema Malini, Rekha and Sridevi look with their fuller bodies. Size-zero trend came in just recently and it has already gone for good.” “Latest actresses like Sonakshi Sinha, Zarine Khan, Vidya Balan - all look sensuous with their round bodies. Even Kareena is back with her curves and I love her the most now,” she adds.

Recent studies have also proved that men like women with curves and not with size-zero bodies. Hottie Imran Khan too said during a chat show that women have forgotten to flatter their bodies and he is not at all a fan of size-zero figure. He likes ladies with curves and now we know why his wife Avantika is round and curvy. Fitness expert Mehnaaz Kanchwala says, “More than anything else, a fit and healthy body should be on mind. I personally did not like the trend of sizezero because girls looked malnourished and that weakness was evident on their

Latest actresses like Sonakshi Sinha, Zarine Khan, Vidya Balan all look sensuous with their round bodies. Even Kareena is back with her curves!

faces too. Curves have always been hot and an hour-glass shaped body is always in trend.� With Bollywood skipping size-zero for hour-glass frames, it’s time Indian girls are back to typical Indian body frames too.

Yoga is not just about asanas or exercise but it is a science to join the body and mind, leading to higher spiritual awareness. The age old tradition still prevails in the country and is helping many people in their fitness regime. We talk to some experts to find out how yoga can help to keep fit... Bhawna Satsangi Feme Fashions Bureau Delhi

Yoga is the new mantra for fitness and health. It is an age old practice of meditation and helps in keeping the mind calm and peaceful. With the concern of staying fit and healthy yoga is fast spreading like wild fire among the people of all age groups.

vibrant health and a feeling of love towards all living as well as non-living creations,� says yoga guru Dr Mohan Kumar, founder of the Holistic Healthcare Foundation.

stress, depression, ill-health and anger. Yoga can well transform these emotional traits into peacefulness thus enabling an individual to enjoy good and

activities‌. breathing. Most often our breath tends to be shallow and not deep enough.

Due to our daily work, family, emotions or financial pressures we tend to ignore “All of us go under certain the most important thing that emotional waves like anxiety, helps us get through our daily

We tend to use only a fraction of our lungs resulting in the

lack of oxygen, which may or can lead to complications. Heart disease, sleep disorders, and fatigue are just some of the effects of oxygen deprivation to the human

and even gives a natural glow to the human body. There are many asanas which helps in improving the entire blood circulation and functioning of certain specific organs


within our body.

“Breathing is a normal part of our life but we do not give it the attention it deserves. Although it is an automatic function the way we breathe makes a great impact on our nervous system. Giving it the attention it deserves is vital for both body and mind,” informs Savira Vohra Gupta, a certified yoga teacher from 12 years.

Pranayam and deep breathing is one of the most important aspects of practicing yoga. This is the only way of strengthening delicate body parts, enhancing blood circulation and also purifying the entire body energy. It is also an effective tool to attain mental peace and thus harmonize both the body and the soul.

There are several aspects of yoga one should follow meticulously to stay fit and healthy. The number of yogic asanas that imparts flexibility the body reduces the excess fat, strengthens t h e muscles

“Pranayam includes deep inhalation, holding back the breath within and then exhalation. If the proper technique is not

followed, then it may not draw any effective result,” says Savira.

•Pranayam leads to Giving tips on Pranayam and yoga, Savira spiritual growth through a relaxed suggests: Pranayam teaches us the proper way to body and mind. breathe. With yoga breathing, we increase Just as breathing correctly the capacity of our lungs, bringing more is important to our vital organs to oxygen supply to the body to function well. function, meditation is beneficial to calm • Pranayam reduces the toxins and body the busy mind. We suffer from headaches and tension due to the load we have burden wastes from within our nervous system. ourselves with. A simple practice would be • Pranayam develops our concentration to find a quiet corner in your home. Choose and focus. It fights away stress and relaxes a time that is not so hectic and find yourself the body. Helps in creating serenity and in a comfortable sitting position. Do use peace within the mind. props to help you if you need to. • Pranayam offers a better self-control. Start off for a few minutes and then gradually Through concentration, one can better increase the time and your practice. To handle temper and reactions. Mind can begin with your mind will wander… let it function clearly, avoiding arguments and and observe it. Remember that it takes not wrong decisions. Moreover, self-control only but patience. also involves control over one’s physical body. •

Aditi Dande Feme Fashions Bureau

It is clear by now that what started off as an incredible means to build up relationships and renew long lost ties can slowly turn into an addiction and even a relationship breaker! We take a look at the evils of the wonder called social networking.


m always on Facebook…day and night; where else would I be?’ - says the latest advertisement for the most popular social networking site; and unsurprisingly enough, almost all of us relate to it. It started off with MySpace, then hi5, later orkut, and then progressed to Facebook and twitter. The various “applications” makes social networking even more interactive and intriguing. Games that allow you build a virtual city or farm of your dreams pull you to your computer every morning and every night invariably! It has already gotten way beyond pure networking, now hasn’t it? The arrival of iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and the likes has got social networking in your hands quite literally. So much is the power of social networking that it almost takes you away from reality and makes the e-world seem completely real. But who is to be blamed? Technology

The arrival of iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and the likes has got social networking “in your hands quite literally or personal choices? Experts say it is more about personality; the more vulnerable ones get hooked and affected by social networking much more than the rest. In these cases, every little comment, every picture uploaded and people’s views on their lives can affect the way they think and behave. The recent case of the suicide of a management student on reading her boyfriend’s comments on her social networking page has shocked the nation. Her boyfriend allegedly abused her and this betrayal of sorts triggered her to take the fatal step. This eye-opening incident has raised several questions about the

Remember the bizarre case of the American woman who killed her baby for interrupting her Farmville session?

increasing emotional dependence on such sites. The damage caused by social networking goes way beyond that caused tricking girls to blind dates, creating fake ids to lure teenagers and online financial exploitation. The emotional scars can leave a dramatic impact on not just the way one thinks and functions, but also on one’s personal relationships. Having online friends and interacting frequently on social websites is considered infidelity by many who believe in serious committed relationships. Shares sales executive Rajveer Singh, “I believe my wife is very naïve when it comes to trusting

people. However, she is extremely lively and friendly online, and there was a time when she used to chat with online friends night and day!” He continues, “When she saw I didn’t quite like this, she started sneaking out in the nights to the study to chat on Facebook. I was furious when I found out and we were on the verge of separation. I feel this is cheating!” Singh adds that later friends and family intervened and things worked out fine, although it was a tough patch. “It is a crazy addiction,” he says. Remember the bizarre case of the American woman who killed her baby for interrupting her Farmville session? It shook the world! Various people have various reasons for

Having online friends and interacting frequently on social websites is considered infidelity by many who believe in serious committed relationships.

being on networking sites. Most often than not, it is the constant flow of bits of news about friends and ‘friends of friends’ and what they have been up to. “It is like the canteen or quintessential college adda that used to be so popular until late the 1990s,” says Rushna Asher, a computer science student. She further adds that with times getting busier even for students, networking websites are the best way to “hang out” and have some relaxed time.

Probably limiting the time spent online and fiddling with smartphones, spending more and more time with close ones - taking vacations and short trips with friends/ family, investing quality time with your spouse/partner can be the quickest remedy to the current scenario, something that certainly has a grim picture.

Like someone said – ‘Rather than Although many find their soul-mates, Facebook, we need to spend more time better business avenues and options and face to face and reading more books’. many even make friends for life, social networking is definitely taking a toll on the interpersonal and personal relationships and like most other things, isn’t for the meek hearted.

The scope of shopping has extended beyond mere self visits to shopping destinations. Shopping today is not limited to visiting stores, shopping malls and other shopping outlets. Of late, the online shopping phenomenon has gained immense popularity.

Monu Sharma Feme Fashions Bureau Kolkata

There are a numerous new online sites who sell trendy accessories, noted fashion labels and designer clothes, but what varies

is their strategy to sell the products. Few of the sites deal with discounted schemes, where one can easily grab an extra benefit through them. Also we get to see a few names that come up with an attractive offer for the online shoppers whereas others deal with shopping by invitation only. Some online shopping sites deal with auctionbased shopping which lasts for few hours and the higher bidder takes the stuff.

perfumes, it deals with many more such brands. Whereas Trendyol sells only fashion clothing items. The brand rarely sells anything other than fashion. Moreover, it also sells discount coupons that give access to what are normally expensive experiences including facial treatments, slimming sessions, manicure, pedicure, spas, saloons and other beauty treatments. Banana Republic is known for its hip Markafoni sells quite top–of–the ladder designs though the price is comparatively brands. From Cavalli clothing to Chanel high but a best place to shop youthful and trendy clothes and accessories. Brands like Gap, Old Navy and other fashion labels are a big hit. Fashion and you is one of the most luxurious and hi–fi fashion shopping site. It is an exclusive online destination that features best popular designer brands and accessories. Each sale starts at 11 am and lasts for three days approximately. Members are prepped and notified about the upcoming exclusive sale events in advance.

It seems that the online shopping concept is taking a new height in India with so many options for fashionistas!

we want. On shopping sites, you get to see what is easily available. This being the The first come first serve theory gives a reason, online shopping is a better option find the best suited stuff for many. best deal to the enthusiastic shoppers. It seems that the online shopping concept is taking a new height in India with so many options for fashionistas. Lately, it seems to be highly preferred due to the fact that amidst busy schedules, people find it difficult to go shopping for an appropriate stuff in stores or shopping centres. Such online shopping sites are the best way to hunt for the best of suitable pieces. Also we see that during most shopping visits, we may not get the required size or the colour

Earlier, sportswear ended just with tracksuits and keds. However, in the recent years, it’s taking the fashion world by storm. It’s not just about comfort but also about style and poise. Yogitha Ramamoorthy Feme Fashions Bureau Bangalore

Aki Narula and Manish Arora who have all joined hands with the leading sportswear brands like Reebok, Adidas, Puma etc. Footballers like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo also took to the catwalk which is enough proof that sportswear is getting fashionable day by day. Having said that, here are the views of Closer few upcoming designers on the latest trends home, we have top notch designers like in sportswear...

Designer Akanksha Shrivastava says, “Sportswear these days is more about being trendy and chic. Opt for outfits like yoga pants. It’s comfortable and comes

Stylist and Designer, Babita Jayshankar says, “Bright colours are in. It makes you feel peppy and fresh. Colours like orange, shocking pink, royal blue are all the rage.

in various styles and shapes. The extra volume in yoga pants has made sportswear glam and cool. As for fabrics, cotton is the best bet.”

Men are also spotted in these colours. It’s not just on clothes you can revamp them in various other ways. For instance, if you want to brighten an old keds, just attach a

“A popular trend is the yoga pants pattern with an attached skirt. If you want to look unique, this is something you can’t miss out. You don’t have to really change after a workout session when you rush home, as the look is more of a casual wear. There is yet another variation to it, where it is tight till the knee and flares out below the knee for a chic look,” she explains.

bright coloured lace in pink or fluorescent and it will make your footwear look ultra glam. Moreover, these days, sportswear is just not limited to wearing it to a fitness centre or the gym. It’s even worn casually outside for a stroll in the park or for an evening grocery shopping session. They have raised their bar and have become a popular choice for casual wear too.”

Sportswear is not limited only to a fitness centre or gym. It is even worn casually outside in the park or for a grocery shopping session!

Stylist and Designer Amita Sharma says, “Velvet tracksuits are pretty cool. Low raise pants are great, but when

forward sporty outfits, proving sportswear can be trendy and glamorous. However, as in everything else you need to

it comes to hitting the gym it can get uncomfortable. As for the length, though the present trend is getting shorter and shorter, I feel most women look best with calf length pieces. Avoid too much of unnecessary Lycra.”

carry the look well. Sporting a bright coloured yoga pants and looking uncomfortable is just not appealing. So wear what you are comfortable in.

incredibly linked, thanks to the media coverage, endorsements and celebrity couples. With a lot of media attention, looking good even when not contending has become more important than ever. Tennis legends, William sisters, have created a major trend with their fashion

They believe in perspiring with style.”

Renowned designer duo Hashim and Khasim say, “Generally, women prefer style Stylist Gaurav Kapoor states, to comfort. They concentrate “Today, the two worlds of on style, fit and the overall sport and fashion have become look than comfort in itself.

Hence, sportswear is no more limited to the gym. It’s become a part of fast fashion. So what are you waiting for? Get that glam pants and trendy keds and become a sporty chick!

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