Making A Felt Trapper Hat Video

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Russian style trapper hat

Felting Designs Any updates needed for this pattern will be on the website under felting patterns

Placing locks on earflaps and front of Face only now lay 4 layers of mixed fibres

Last layer on topped with locks and silks etc Fringing on 1 side tuck locks in and flick fringing over before laying 4 layers on this side

Side 2 ready with 4 layers laid ready and fringing ready to flick over

Silks fibres and wensleydale locks

. Place your hat on a shaper to dry. Mine is then balanced on top of a bottle to raise it all off the work surface

Wet down ready to rollroll until shrinkage correct

Resist now curling as felt shrinks

Showing shrinkage amount after 130 rolls either direc-

Making buttons by the milleflorie technique cut and sew to face flaps

Šfelted Chrissie Day

Measure to show shrinkage and check size

Ready to dry before pressing and cutting the face flap

It pays to have a hat block that is the correct size for the head that the hat is for . keep rolling and to keep felt warm give it 30secs in the microwave before rolling. I rolled this hat 400 times heating in between

Buttons for face flap