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International Baccalaureate The IB Diploma for Years 12 and 13

A challenging and globally recognised academic programme Felsted is one of a growing number of schools in the UK to embrace the International Baccalaureate Diploma as an alternative to A-Levels and our experience in the teaching of this demanding and stimulating programme means that today’s Felsted students are well placed to make the most of all the IB has to offer. Recognised all over the world, the IB is a direct route into British and international universities, and offers excellent preparation for tertiary education. The intellectual rigour of the IB Programme, coupled with the breadth of co-curricular opportunities and Felsted’s vibrant international ethos prepares students to take a full part in the world beyond School, wherever their IB qualification may take them. The International Baccalaureate Organization aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. The IB encourages students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners, through challenge and rigorous assessment.

affords a tremendously exciting opportunity for young people to challenge themselves. It is a privilege to offer a course which educates the whole person, and prepares students to be the global citizens of the future.

Martin Homer, Director of the IB

IB Diploma average score 35 Average Score

“ Elite but not exclusive, the IB Diploma

34 33 32 31 30 29







Felsted World


Fantastic facilities

Many musical opportunities

Dedicated Sixth Form Centre Learning outside the

Why study the IB? The IB at Felsted prepares students for:

University – The intellectual breadth and moral challenge of the Diploma gives IB students a vital edge when it comes to university applications and future career success. It is a well-respected qualification that is recognised world-wide.

Life – The holistic approach to the IB encourages students to be tolerant and open-minded,

Lifelong friendships

compassionate and principled. It promotes risk-taking and reflection, so students are confident and creative and have the integrity and skills to succeed in a global economy.

Living – Studying both literature and at least one foreign language, Felsted IB students are excellent communicators – articulate on paper as well as in person. The emphasis on Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) encourages students to appreciate the need for a healthy balance of physical and mental activity that will stand them in good stead for adult life.

Learning – Intellectually curious, IB students are almost twice as likely as their A-Level and equivalent peers to pursue further full-time study*. The 4,000-word Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge element promote independent and critical thinking.

Leadership – IB students are more likely to be employed in graduate-level jobs, and command higher salaries than their non-IB peers*. Literate and numerate, linguistically and scientifically able, IB students are tremendously versatile and can demonstrate talents that are highly sought-after in today’s world.

IB Examinations Choice of activities

“  I was hugely impressed

with Felsted‘s young cohort of IB English students. Their ability to quickly analyse a text and assess its merits, while also grasping the nuances of language use, was first rate. ”

Oliver Balch OF, Journalist and Author of “India Rising” and “Viva South America”

Examinations are held in May of the Upper Sixth year. Unlike the A-Level system, there are no external examinations in the first year, giving students more time to study free from exam pressure. Furthermore, the publication of results early in July gives IB students a head start when pursuing their university places or future careers.

le FACT FILE: IB Learner Profi

gramme is to The aim of the IB Diploma Pro learners who strive to be: develop internationally minded ⅤⅤ Caring ⅤⅤ Inquirers ⅤⅤ Open-minded ⅤⅤ Knowledgeable ⅤⅤ Risk-takers ⅤⅤ Thinkers ⅤⅤ Balanced ⅤⅤ Communicators ⅤⅤ Reflective ⅤⅤ Principled

*Research published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency in 2011


“ 19% of IB entrants

achieved a first-class honours degree, compared with 14.5% with A-Level or equivalent in 2011. IB students are almost twice as likely to study medicine and dentistry (5.1% compared with 2.9% of A-Level).*

Dedicated facilities classroom

The Felsted IB Curriculum IB students study six subjects in total, of which at least two must be languages, one maths and one science. Beyond that, students may choose from any of the other subjects we offer. This gives a broad knowledge base and the ability to choose an almost infinite number of career paths. Felsted aims to tailor timetables as much as possible around the needs of the individual. Normally, three subjects will be studied at Higher Level, the rest at Standard Level. In each of these subjects, the aim is to score up to a maximum of seven diploma points. Near the centre of the diagram (above) are the three elements which make the IB Diploma so special: CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), ToK (Theory of Knowledge) and the Extended Essay. The last two of these combine to earn up to three ‘extra’ points, so that the overall total is out of a maximum of 45 points.

Theory of Knowledge (ToK) – this is at the heart of the Diploma Programme. It invites students to draw comparisons between their different subjects, reflecting critically on diverse ways of acquiring knowledge, while also considering the nature of knowledge in their own culture, in others’ cultures and in the wider world.

FACT FILE: Diploma Curriculum Subjects Group 1 Language and Literature: English, German, Italian, Self Study Language*

Group 2 Language Acquisition: French, German, English, Spanish, Mandarin**, Latin, Spanish and Italian ‘ab initio’ Group 3 Individuals and Societies: Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Psychology Group 4 Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sports Exercise and Health Science* Group 5 Mathematics: Maths, Maths Studies* Group 6 The Arts: Visual Arts, Music Some minority subjects may also be offered on-line * Standard level only

**Minimum numbers required

The Extended Essay – is an independent, self-directed piece of research, culminating in a 4,000-word paper. Emphasis is placed on the research process, on personal engagement in the exploration of the topic, and on communication of ideas and development of argument. Students, teachers and universities place great importance on this task because it provides practical preparation for the kinds of research required at undergraduate level.

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) – this element ensures the education of the whole person comes alive in a practical, demonstrable way when students are involved in the community, whether at local, national or international level. The aim of CAS is to encourage students to engage in something other than academic study and to make a contribution to the community. CAS may involve activities students are already doing, such as playing a musical instrument, taking part in sport, acting in a play or being on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. Felsted offers outstanding opportunities for students to complete the CAS element of the programme, including exchanges overseas.

FACT FILE: Tailored Specialisms The Diploma offers specialism as well as breadth – the range of combinations is staggering.

EXAMPLES Potential Lawyer Potential Doctor All Rounder Subject 1 English HL English SL English SL Subject 2

German HL

Subject 3

Spanish SL

History HL

French HL

Subject 4

Economics SL

Chemistry SL

Geography HL

Subject 5

Biology HL

Maths Studies SL

Subject 6

Maths HL

Sports Science SL

Music SL

Maths SL

Chemistry HL

Art HL

Developing individual interests

Adventurous pursuits

Awareness of global issues

What the students say...

What the experts say... “  University admissions

tutors are now increasingly familiar with IB applicants. While typical A-Level offers have been rising in recent years, IB offers have generally stayed the same, reflecting the consistency in the standards of the IB. We are delighted that our IB students have won places at top universities.”

Nicholas Spring, Head of Careers, Felsted and Co-chair UCAS Advisory Committee

Opportunities to perform

Filip Bigos, Slovakian IB Student

lsted gave Studying the IB at Fe come part of a me the chance to be ity mmun and I made truly international co the world. I had plenty friends from all over rn new skills and of opportunities to lea such as organising take part in activities al ces. The Internation international conferen ad bro a th wi me ed Baccalaureate provid er of subjects, but at knowledge of a numb led me to the same time it enab enjoyed! focus on what I really

“  There is a stark contrast

between students prepared for university through the IB and A-Levels, with the former having a significant advantage.”

Luise Wurlitzer, German IB Student

What the IB Diploma off ers

is unique. 1. The broad subject cho ices allow you to do almost any course at university. I had no idea what to study at hig her level so the IB allowed me to keep my options open. 2. The different activities Felsted offers you to complete the CA S element was so helpful when applying to university or work experience. 3. Coming from Germany it was a relief to experience how interna tional the IB is. It does not matter if your English is not perfect, you will always get the help you need. Overall, the IB has been a challenging journey and I am so gla d I had the chance to experience it.

Dr G Duranton, Admission Tutor, London School of Economics

“  Skills in project work,

language and essay writing are a real bonus. I would lean over backwards to admit IB students.”

Dr F Loebinger, Admission Tutor, University of Manchester

“  As an employer, I am

always looking for those applicants who can manage their time and who have coped successfully with a wide range of studies and extra-curricular activities.”

Danielle Standish, English IB Student

get to The IB allowed me to ut tho wi e oic ch the university of my r the fur of ns tio op compromising my re of which study, as I was unsu end of the at in go to direction Year 11.

Richard Higgins, Deputy Chairman, Agnew Higgins Pickering & Co Ltd, Lloyd’s Brokers, OF and former parent

Freddie Bouttell, English IB Student

The IB definitely helped me get into Oxford. Oxbridge is all about constantly expanding your knowledge, and drawing links between seemingly opposing areas of knowledge and understanding those relationships. The IB meets that perfectly in having many subjects to choose from, and allowing you to follow your own interests with the Extended Essay and Internal Assessments.

Felsted, Essex, CM6 3LL 01371 822605 Top 25 IB School

Felsted IB Diploma Prospectus 2013  

Felsted IB Diploma Prospectus 2013

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