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Make certain Foolproof NOx Reduction with EcoCube The hazardous impact of NOx emissions has been recognized around the world. These emissions cause severe damage to people currently and concurrently destroy the environment in the future generations. When Nitrogen Oxide is confronted with ammonia and also other compounds, celebrate nitric acid vapor. This vapor is very damaging on the lung tissues also it causes respiratory diseases. Similarly, Nitrogen Oxide harms the ozone layer within the stratosphere producing greater exposure in the inhabitants of the earth on the ultra violet rays. Hence, NOx reduction is not an matter of choice but indispensable to save our planet from further harm. Role of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology SCR plays a crucial role in reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions. Through a catalyst, it converts nitrogen oxide into a diatomic kind of nitrogen and water. The process involves introducing Urea in the exhaust gas leading to the absorption onto the catalyst in use. Safety Power Incorporation has got the understanding creating systems determined by SCR and helps the environment by achieving NOx reduction. These products facilitate in offering total environmental answers to propane and diesel engines. EcoCube TM: Dynamic system for maximum emission reduction EcoCube TM is based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). This offshoot of fluid mechanics utilizes algorithms and also other mathematical ways to resolve the issues that arise when liquids and gases interact with one another. Being fully designed with CFD, the ecoCube is often a highly useful product to the industries. This product works for engine sizes varying from 500 HP to 5000 HP. Decline in Nitrogen Oxide emission may be accomplished approximately 98 percent from the engines. Normally, when engine load shifts, the average systems don't keep providing NOx reduction on the same rate. However, with ecoCube's outstanding configuration, the decline in emission level is continuously availed inspite of conditions. The feedback controls that system uses are closed-loop and sensor based. Salient features of ecoCube system Not merely NOx, ecoCube can also be very useful to the lowering of NMHC and CO.

Since it offers internal silencing facility, you do not require a muffler to drown the noise. You only need one ecoCube to get multiple benefits. Its comprehensive design saves enough. They can fit aptly in a engine no matter the manufacturing company. Therefore, you will not need to bother about finding a new engine when you decide to set up ecoCube. It offers various alternatives for mounting, ranging from indoor, outdoor, ceiling and floor. What's more, it gives a remote emission monitoring feature, where details are stored in a safe and secure server. You have access to the data with the internet browser. It complies with Seismic Zone 2 specifications. There is also a worker safety system included in the device. It's getting used extensively by numerous industries due to the excellent performance. EcoCube: Easy to configure Safety Power makes it very convenient to configure the delicate ecoCube. The companies, which desire to abide by NOx reduction regulations, would only have to look at the official website of Safety Power. The online configurator requires a few basic details only regarding the engine, outlet configuration, mounting method, grades of silencing, inlet configuration and then it furnishes a report, which incorporates a quote.

Make certain Foolproof NOx Reduction with EcoCube  

The hazardous impact of NOx emissions has become r...