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| PBParenting.com | June 2023 3 Contents Letter From the Publisher P. 4 PB Picks - Summer Fun P. 6 10 Ways to Spend Father's Day P.8 Summer Sun and Fun - Easy as ABC! P. 12 12th Annual Summer Camp Directory P. 16-24 Decluttering Day - 5 Organization Gifts for the Man in Your Life P. 26 PB Travels: Planning a California Road Trip P. 28 Palm Beach County: Events and Things to Do P. 30 ON THE COVER Ben and his son, Samuel enjoy a playful father son bonding moment while at the beach. Cover photo by Lynn of Lynn Studios, www.lynnstudios1.com.

Letter From

The Publisher

As we bid farewell to another school year and welcome the warm embrace of summer, it's an opportune time to reflect on the joys of being a parent and celebrate the upcoming Father's Day.

For parents, summer is a season filled with endless possibilities. It's a time when we can step away from the daily routines and immerse ourselves in memorable experiences with our children. Whether it's exploring new destinations, embarking on family road trips, or simply enjoying lazy afternoons at the park. Check out page 12 for some fun ideas on what to do this summer.

Summer camps offer a fantastic option for parents who want their children to experience the fun and enriching activities of camp while returning home each evening. Day camps provide a diverse range of programs, from sports and arts to STEM and outdoor adventures, catering to a wide array of interests. These camps offer a perfect blend of learning, play, and socialization in a safe and supervised setting. There are still spots for camp! Check out our annual summer camp directory on page 16.

Father's Day, just around the corner, presents a perfect occasion to celebrate the incredible dads who play an indispensable role in our lives. Check out page 8 for 10 ways to create a fun day for Dad.

On behalf of PB Parenting, we wish all fathers a happy and fulfilling Father's Day. May this day serve as a reminder of the immense impact fathers have on their children's lives.

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Happy Summer!

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4 June 2023| PB Parenting |
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So, you’re having a baby. Of all the important decisions you’ll be making over the next few months, where you have your baby is the most important of all! Jupiter Medical Center is dedicated to making sure you have everything you need to feel confident bringing your bundle of joy into the world. For a virtual tour, visit jupitermed.com/maternity, or for more information call: 561.263.2181
The best beginnings begin with us.

PB Picks Summer Fun!

Madagascar The Musical June 28, 2023 - Jun 29, 2023 |Alexander W. Dreyfoos Concert Hall at the Kravis Center| 1 hour 45 mins. | Tickets start at $18 | 3+ years and up

Based on the smash hit DreamWorks’ animated motion picture, Madagascar The Musical follows all your favorite cracka-lackin’ friends (Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the hip hip Hippo and a colony of hilarious, clever penguins) as they escape from their home in New York’s Central Park Zoo and find themselves on

an unexpected journey to the madcap world of King Julien’s Madagascar. Filled with outlandish characters, adventures galore and an upbeat score, you’ll have no choice but to “Move It, Move It!” Madagascar The Musical is the perfect family outing, with vibrancy and pace for audiences of all ages!

Learn more and buy tickets at www.kravis.org/ events/madagascar/ .

A fun rainy afternoon activity check out The Corso’s Kids Book and Color-a-Treat ™ Bundle. Snuggle up with your little ones and embark on a magical journey to rescue a fairy-tale princess in our inspirational and playful rhyming storybook, The Corso’s Kids and the Secret of the Magic Spoon. Along the way, you'll meet the captivating characters of Storytown, each teaching empowering life lessons that inspire children to embrace their true selves, be adventurous, and follow their dreams.

After your adventure, unleash your creativity with a cookie coloring kit inspired by the beloved characters from the book. Together you’ll color your favorite cookie characters and bring them to life, reminding children they have the magic within them to create anything they desire.

The Corso’s Kids Book and Color-a-Treat ™ Bundle is an educational and fun activity that brings families together to create magical memories that will last a lifetime. It makes a fantastic gift for birthdays, special occasions, or any educational experience. Check out http://www.corsoscookies.com/.

6 June 2023| PB Parenting |
Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture, the Florida Council on Arts and C ulture, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

10 Fun ways to spend Father’s Day

Father's Day is a special occasion to celebrate and appreciate the fathers in our lives. It's a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with dad and create lasting memories together. If you're looking for fun activities to do with dad on Father's Day, we've got you covered. Here are 10 enjoyable and meaningful ideas to make this day extra special.

Plan a Backyard Barbecue: Fire up the grill and enjoy a delicious meal with your dad. Plan a backyard barbecue, gather the family, and prepare his favorite dishes. Spend time together, sharing stories, playing games, and creating an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment.

Take a Hike in Nature:

Explore the great outdoors with your dad by going on a hike. Find a scenic trail or a nearby nature reserve and immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature. It's a fantastic opportunity to bond, have meaningful conversations, and create memories while enjoying the fresh air.

Go Fishing:

If your dad enjoys fishing, spend the day together on a fishing trip. Pack some fishing gear, find a serene fishing spot, and cast your lines. Whether you catch anything or not, the shared experience and peaceful environment will make for a memorable day.

8 June 2023| PB Parenting |


June 28 at 6:30pm

• June 29 at 11am • Dreyfoos Hall

Your favorite zoo animals are taking the stage!

Based on the smash hit DreamWorks’ animated motion picture, MADAGASCAR THE MUSICAL follows all your favorite cracka-lackin’ friends (Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the hip hip Hippo and a colony of hilarious, clever penguins) as they escape from their home in New York’s Central Park Zoo and find themselves on an unexpected journey to the madcap world of King Julien’s Madagascar.

Tickets start at $18

For tickets, visit kravis.org

• Call: 561.832.7469

• Group sales: 561.651.4438

Series sponsored by The Stiller Family Foundation

Sponsored by Ann-Britt and Christian Angle

Have a Movie Marathon:

Set up a cozy movie night at home with dad. Let him choose his favorite movies or pick a theme and enjoy a movie marathon together. Don't forget the popcorn, snacks, and comfy blankets for an evening filled with laughter, nostalgia, and relaxation.

Play a Round of Miniature Golf: Challenge your dad to a friendly competition at the miniature golf course. Putt your way through the whimsical obstacles, share some laughs, and see who can achieve the best score. It's a lighthearted activity that will bring out your playful side. The Conservation Course at the Cox Science Center and Aquarium has an 18-hole miniature course designed by Jim Fazio and Gary Nicklaus, located in the Science Center’s beautiful backyard. Selected as one of Travel Channel's “13 of the Best Mini Golf Courses Across the Country!”

Visit a Local Museum or Exhibition: Discover something new together by visiting

129 E. Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach Schoolhouse Children’s Museum, please visit: Join us for Kids and Culture programs and activities!

a local museum or exhibition. Whether it's art, history, science, or any other shared interest, exploring the exhibits will spark interesting conversations and provide opportunities to learn and appreciate different aspects of culture.

Take a Road Trip:

Hit the road with dad and embark on an adventure together. Choose a destination that holds significance or simply explore new places along the way. Sing along to your favorite tunes, stop for delicious snacks, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Try a New Sport or Activity:

Step out of your comfort zones and try a new sport or activity together. Whether it's kayaking, rock climbing, golfing, or even a dance class, the experience of learning something new alongside dad will create a bond and memories that you'll both cherish.

Have a Game Night: Gather around the table and have a friendly game night. Choose his favorite board games,

card games, or video games and enjoy some friendly competition. It's a perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, and create laughter. Create a DIY Project: Engage in a creative DIY project together. Whether it's building a birdhouse, assembling a model car, or working on a home improvement task, the process of working side by side will not only be enjoyable but also provide a sense of accomplishment when you complete the project together.

Father's Day is a time to show appreciation and spend quality time together. These 10 fun activities offer a range of options to suit different interests and preferences. Choose one that resonates with the dad in your life and make this Father's Day an unforgettable one by creating joyful memories and strengthening bonds. Remember, it's the time spent together that matters the most. Happy Father's Day!


June 2023 11
WEAREOPEN! WEAREOPEN! Go online or call to reserve your party today! Go online or call to reserve your party today!
SAVE 20%

Summer Sun & Fun

Summer is as easy as A-B-C from Camp Mommy/Daddy or Grandma to Weekend Fun to Summer Vacation. Here are some suggestions to keep the fun times of Summer going!

A is for Art! When the mid-day temperatures hit over 90 degrees seek some shade or a/c and work on an art project with the kids. Not creative? Let the experts at ArtNest, Armory Art Center, Kids Need More Art, Lighthouse ArtCenter or Picasso’s help you with a class or take home kit for the kids!

B is for the Beach! People from all over the world travel to enjoy our beautiful beaches that we have year round! It is easy to take for granted what is right here in our backyard! Head out early to beat the hot mid-day sun and don't forget the beach umbrella and sunscreen!

C is for Camp! Summer Camp is a great way for the kids to have fun and mom and dad to have a break! Check out our Summer Camp Guide on Page 18 and online for suggestions to send your little ones for fun!

D is for Discovery! Check out the Sandoway Discovery Center. There are sharks, rays and more! Learn about Florida’s coastal eco system. Tickets are sold online at www.sandoway.org.

E is for Energy! Seriously where do these kids get it from! Stay cool and let them bounce it all out at Adrenaline Entertainment Center in Lake Worth. Their Summer Rush deal is awesome 3 hours of jumping, a slice of pizza and a water for $30. Monday - Friday from 10 AM - 4 PM.

F is for Family Game Night! Turn off the screens and spend some family time together. Some of our favorite games are Sorry, Monopoly, Clue, Uno, Apples to Apple and the Game of Life.

G is for Golf! Check out the 18-hole mini golf course at the Cox Science Center and Aquarium. H is for Hungry! These kids are always hungry! Get them involved with cooking and meal planning. Let them pick dinner and help you make it. Teaching children to cook is a valuable life skill. Show them a cooking video online, go shop for the ingredients and replicate it at home.

I is for Ice Cream! My kids love to go out and get ice cream. Their favorite lately is the frozen yogurt places with the add your own toppings. I try not to judge but gummy worms on mint chocolate chip!

J is for Join! Membership has its perks that is why PB Parenting recommends joining and becoming a member! Cox Science Center and Aquarium, Schoolhouse Children's Museum and Learning Center, Sandoway Discovery Center, Palm Beach Zoo, and Norton Art Museum all offer family memberships. They usually pay for themselves in 2-4 visits and many have reciprocal memberships to other museums to receive free or discount admissions which can be very handy when traveling!

12 June 2023| PB Parenting |

What’s another teeny, tiny stain? You’ve got more important things to think about—like making sure your kids are buckled correctly in the right seat for their age and size.

Check at NHTSA.gov/TheRightSeat

K is for Kayaks and Paddleboards! Spend a few hours on the water kayaking. There are places all along the intracoastal to rent kayaks. Check out Jupiter Outdoors for rentals.

L is for Library! The Palm Beach County Library is a great place to grab some books for your summer reading list.

M is for Madagascar! Based on the smash hit DreamWorks’ animated motion picture, MADAGASCAR THE MUSICAL follows all your favorite cracka-lackin’ friends (Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the hip hip Hippo and a colony of hilarious, clever penguins) as they escape from their home in New York’s Central Park Zoo and find themselves on an unexpected journey to the madcap world of King Julien’s Madagascar. Tickets start at $18 For tickets, visit kravis.org • Call: 561.832.7469

• Group sales: 561.651.4438 er members and children under 3 are free.

N is for Naps! LOL we wish... but every day you should schedule some quiet time. Children don’t have to nap but some screen free time reading, drawing or journal writing would be appropriate.

O is for Outings- We love day trip outings! It is a great way to get out for a change of scenery. Hop on the brightline train and head south to Miami or Fort Lauderdale to the museum or spend a day checking out the Wynwood Graffiti Walls. P is for Parks and Playground! Make a plan to head outside early before it gets too hot and enjoy the many parks Palm Beach County has to offer. Find out what your local park has to offer at www.discover.pbcgov.org/parks.

Q is for Quest! Scavengers Hunts are a lot of fun! Print a sheet online and take it with you on the nature trail or in the car. It will keep the kids busy looking the items on their list. You can also use the camera on a phone or tablet to document their discoveries.

R is for Road Trip - We know the price of gas

is high but a road trip can still be cheaper than flying. Either a short trip in and around Florida (We love St. Augustine or St. Pete!) or go further - Savannah, Georgia, Asheville, North Carolina, Chattanooga, Tennessee. These towns all have fun family activities to enjoy. A few summers ago my family and I went to Chattanooga and really loved the mountains, Ruby Falls and the Incline Railroad. It was such a fun trip and we found some cool quirky stops along the way!

S is for Schoolhouse - The Schoolhouse

Children's Museum and Learning Center is a great place for kids to enjoy Summer. Check out their calendar on their facebook page, it is filled with fun storytimes, art, and movement classes.

T is for Treasure Coast- PB Parenting has compiled fun family things to do on the Treasure Coast whether you are a Treasure Coast resident or just passing through. Check out fun, affordable, family things to do in that area on our website www.pbparenting.com/treasurecoast/.

U is for U.V. - With all the summer fun you are having don’t forget to protect you and your kids skin with sunscreen!

V is for Visit- Summer is a perfect time to visit Grandparents! I remember as a child staying over at my grandmother's during the summer and baking cookies and spending time with her. The kids won't miss school and maybe Grandma will keep them a few days for a welcome break for mom and dad!

W is for Water Safety! Kids love water! We have so much of it around us from the beach to pools. If your child doesn’t know how to swim or isn’t a strong swimmer, Summer is a great time to get some lessons in.

X is for eXtra Careful! Summer can be fun but also can be accident prone! If you do find yourself in a jam, After Hours Pediatrics and Baptist Health Urgent Care Express are good places to get quickly checked out.

14 June 2023| PB Parenting |

Y is for Yard! Sometimes you just need to keep it simple and go play in the Yard! Sidewalk chalk, sprinklers, hoola hoops, scooters are some fun ways to enjoy your own space!

Z is for Zoo! Check out the Palm Beach Zoo! Spend time walking around outside and checking out the animals. Kids are free in June and July with a paid adult admisson.

Summer will be over before you know it. School returns August 10th so pack in all the fun you can! Please share your adventures with us online in our PB Parenting Facebook groups!

Have a Fun and Safe Summer from PB Parenting! Michael J. Roseff, DMD, LLC Specializing in Dentistry for Infants, Children, Adolescents and those with Special Health Care Pediatric Dentist Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry 8784 Boynton Beach Blvd, #103, Boynton Beach, FL 33472 ph# 561-732-8333 fax# 561-732-8375 roseffpediatricdentistry@comcast.net Pediatric Dentistry Specializing in Dentistry for Infants, Children, Adolescents and those with Special Health Care needs Michael J. Roseff, DMD, LLC Canyon Town Center Boynton Beach, FL 33472 561-732-8333 www.roseffpediatricdentistry.com Delicious Facebook Newsvine Microsoft App Store Behance Flick r MySpace SlideShare Yahoo Buzz MSN Amazon Design Float Twitter StumbleUpon Google Netvibes Apple Last.fm Deviant Ar t Retweet Digg echnorat LinkedIn Google AOL MobileMe Mister W osterous Design At GSOTA, learning is more than the attainment of knowledge; it is a journey of discovery, application, and conversion of information into effective, meaningful life skills and practices. We provide: • Rich and comprehensive academics in an innovative setting with balanced preparation for standardized tests. • Development of personal accountability, social aptitude, empathy, positivity, resilience and self-efficacy. • Attention to social-emotional wellness and mindfulness as part of whole-child development. • Inclusiveness and participation with each student as a unique and important component of the community. • Open door for parent involvement with consistent two-way communication and partnership. (561) 290-7661 www.mysota.net @sotacharters Submit an application for the upcoming school year at www.mysota.net/applicants The hallmark of GSOTA’s charter program is our K-8 Technology Course Schedule with instruction at all grade levels in: • Coding/Programming (includes robotics, game design, raspberry pi, etc.) • Digital Art (includes digital drawing, animation, 3D design, web design, etc.) • Maker Innovation (includes 3D printing, engineering, resourceful design, etc.) Delving into these domains equips our students with resources for future success in the Digital Age workplace. Visit our Campus! Call 561-290-7661 for our tour schedule. We look forward to meeting you!


ABBY'S Performing Arts

Academy in Jupiter offers a MUSICAL THEATRE camp daily from 9am – 3pm (Acting, Music, Costume Design/Crafts, Stage Time) for boys & girls ages 5 -10 & Leadership Program ages 11+.  Weekly themes include: ~  Abby’s Got Talent (June 5-9), Fairytale Princesses (June 12-16), Broadway through the Ages (June 19-23), Disney through the Ages (June 26-June 30), Christmas in July (July 10-14), Disney’s Descendants 1-3 & Zombie’s 1-3 (July 17-21), Fashion! (July 24-28), Harry Potter (July 31 – Aug 4). For more information and to register visit www. abbysperformingarts.com or call or text Abby at 561-307-5100.

Actor’s Rep Summer Theatre camps for young actors of all experience levels, ages 8-14! Includes showcase. Instructors are theatre professionals, no teen counselors. Theatre Camp: June 5-June 30, MonFri. 8:30am-2:30pm. (4 wks.) $650. Acting, Improv, singing, acting for the camera & more!   Musical Theatre Camp: July 10-28. Mon-Fri. 8:30am5:30pm. (3 wks.) $675. Musical theatre dance, singing, choreography, theatre games & more! Actor's Rep Theatre 1000 N. Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach. 561-833-7529. Visit Actorsrep.org for registration, FAQs, and additional information.

Register for the Armory Art’s Center Summer

Art Experience from June 5 – July 28! Classes available for ages 6-17.  Hours are 9:00am –3:00pm with extended care hours available.  Each week there will be different themes. Come create, learn, and mix for an exciting week filled with high-quality art education, art excursions that complement weekly themes and techniques, hands-on exploration of various creative, diverse techniques, and opportunities to sharpen skills and tap new interests. The Armory is location at 811 Park Place, WPB.  For more information call 561-832-1776 or visit https:// armoryart.org/youthartcamps/.

artNEST has camps for kids ages 3-8 and 9-13! Join us for weeks of fun exploring different mediums, artists and styles as your child taps into their naturally creative minds and let’s loose in our studio. Ages 3+ and no experience necessary. We have a location in Boca and Delray running 9am-3pm for 3-8 year olds and 9:30-3:30pm for our tweens each week day throughout the Summer.  Sign up on our website! artneststudios.com.

16 June 2023| PB Parenting |
On Display Now - September 24th, 2023 SEE TOMORROW, TODAY 4801 Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 561.832.1988 | CoxScienceCenter.org Calling all sports-minded, adventure-seeking, nature-loving kids for a summer of fun: Daily Golf, Tennis & Swimming | Arts & Crafts | Science Projects Wildlife Demonstrations | Theme Weeks | Kids’ Club & More To register, please call (561) 283-1062 or visit breakerswestclub.com/activities 1550 Flagler Parkway, West Palm Beach, FL 33411
4-15 May 30 – August 11 Monday – Friday 8:45 AM – 3 PM Before- and after-care available.

Atlantis Academy Summer Camp

Are you looking for a summer program that offers a combination of structure and fun for students with unique abilities?  Atlantis provides core academic lessons, art classes, field trips, Friday water days and fun & games for ages 5-13.  Learning customized to meet the individualized needs of each student. Our camp day is from 8AM – 4PM Monday - Friday.  Lunch (brought from home) is from 11:00-11:30 every day. An afternoon snack will be provided. One camp t-shirt provided with registration.  Located in West Palm Beach.  For more information call 561- 6423100 or email mjoyner@chancelight.com or visit atlantisacademy.com.

Boca Raton Museum of Art School

Weekly art camp for ages 6 -18. Professional art teachers lead fun creative art projects in painting, drawing, cartooning, mixed media, jewelry, and more! Morning and afternoon sessions available, or send them for the whole day! For more information please visit www.bocamuseum.org/ summer or call 561-392-2503.  Located at 801 W. Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton.

Breakers West Summer Camp

Calling all campers for a summer of fun!  Children ages 4 to 15 are invited to join us at Breakers West Country Club for an unforgettable summer

(561) 899-6176 • challenge-island.com/palmbeachcounty/program/camps/ Located at: Rosarian Academy - 807 N Flagler Dr., West Palm Beach, FL 33401 materials in their treasure chest and their boundless imaginations! Slimetopia Camp • Steamwarts Camp • Mine Island STEAM Tank Entrepreneurs Camp • Pets Palooza Camp S.T.E.A.M. SUMMER CAMPS S.T.E.A.M. SUMMER CAMPS

demonstrations, science experiments, magic shows, arts and crafts, theme weeks and more! Summer Camp runs from May 30 through August 11, Monday – Friday from 8:45 AM to 3 PM. Before- and after-care is also available. Lunch and snacks included. To register for Breakers West Summer Camp, call (561) 2831062 or visit www.breakerswestclub.com/ activities.

Challenge Island

The World’s #1 STEM/ STEAM program is a highenergy, hands-on fusion of STEAM, 21st Century Skills, Problem-Solving Adventure and Project-Based Learning. Campers embark on fantastical themed STEAM journeys where they work in collaborative teams to tackle various exciting challenges using only the materials in their treasure chest and their boundless imaginations.  We invite students ages 6-10 to join us to squeeze through “Slime-topia”, wag on over to "Pets Palooza", set sail for "Mine Island", start their own business with “STEAM Tank Entrepreneurs”, and more! Location: Rosarian Academy in downtown West Palm Beach. For more information visit www.challenge-island. com/palmbeachcounty/program/camps/ or call 561-899-6176.

City of Palm Beach Gardens: Camp Gardens

Spend a week or the entire summer in a variety of fun specialty camps for ages 3-17. Choose from STEM, art, music, sports, aquatics, and teen camps. Camp Gardens will operate from May 30 – August 4. For more information or to register, visit www.pbgrec.com/camp, call 561-630-1100, or email recinfo@pbgfl.com.

Coastal Therapy & Wellness

Camp Be You is an Emotional Wellness

Summer Camp for ages 6-9. ONLY 8 SPOTS


AVAILABLE! The camp focuses on building and boosting self-esteem, self-confidence and emotional regulation skills. Full time weekly rate $450 for M-F 9am – 3pm; Part time weekly rate $300 M-F from 9-12pm or 12-3pm; Full day rate $100 any day 9am-3pm. Dates available are June 5-9; June 12-16; July 3-7; July 10-14; July 31-Aug. 4; Aug 7-9 (Back to School theme). Located in Palm Beach Gardens. For more information call 561-461-0113 or email contact@ coastaltherapywellness.com.

Cox Science Center and Aquarium

Summer is made for adventure at the Cox Science Center and Aquarium!

Perfect for young scientists ages 5-12, each exciting week of camp offers hands-on exploration on a variety of topics in science, engineering and technology. The days are packed with interactive lessons, exhibit exploration, crafts, and outside activities led by our expert Science Educators. Themes include Marine Biology, Dinosaurs, Robotics, and more! Mon.-Fri. from 9am-4pm with before & aftercare available . Register for your favorite week(s) at www. coxsciencecenter.org/camps  or call (561) 8322026.

Earth Immersion SCUBA Summer Camp

Earth Immersion is a scuba, adventure and outdoor education camp for teens (13-17 yrs) looking for an unmatched experience exploring North Florida’s crystal-clear springs. Activities include earning SCUBA certifications, snorkeling, canoeing, hiking, fishing, tubing, community service hours and freshwater and marine biology. Our main objective is producing safe and exceptional scuba divers. No prior scuba experience is necessary. If already certified, we have programs for campers to earn additional certifications (Advanced, Nitrox, Rescue, specialties). We offer 7- or 13-day overnight sessions. 180th St., Live Oak, FL 32060.

For more information call (352) 641-0350 or visit www.earthimmersion.com/scuba-divingsummer-camp.html.

Brand new to the Palm Beach area, ESF Camps at Oxbridge Academy is the perfect place for your children to spend the summer! They will experience STEM, sports, art, and so much more through our award-winning summer camp programs. Children in rising grades K-6th will ignite their interests, with over 60+ activities to choose from each week! Plus, all new families that enroll will receive $100 off their camp tuition! Learn more and enroll today at esfcamps.com/palmbeach.

Genie’s Gymnastics Camp is very flexible, you can do it daily, weekly or any combination.  9 am-4 pm.  Early drop off and late pick up available.  5-15 years.  Camp includes gymnastics as well as activities such as arts and crafts, painting, Spanish classes, board games etc.  For more information and to register call 561-868-0288 or visit www. geniesgymnastics.com.

Impact City FC Summer helps soccer players discover their purpose, grow as leaders, and change the world. Under the careful instruction of our professional coaches each camper will grow in their technical and tactical understanding of the game. Through daily Team Talks, campers are challenged to develop faith based character and express the leadership values learned from their coaches. Each camper receives a FREE t-shirt and a chance to win prizes. June 5-9 /June 26-30 /July 10-14 / July 24-28. 9:00am – 11:00am ages 4-7; 9:00am-12:00pm ages 8-18. For more information visit www.Impactcityfc.com/fl/camps.

20 June 2023| PB Parenting |



Jupiter Outdoor Center

Celebrating its twenty-fifth season, Jupiter Outdoor Center’s Summer Adventure Youth Camp features fun and immersive adventures that introduces campers to the primordial magnificence of Mother Nature. On Mondays and Wednesdays, kids will take part in an array of diverting land and sea activities at Riverbend Park such as canoeing, kayaking, hiking, biking, fishing, and archery. On Thursdays and Fridays, campers head to Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area where snorkeling, paddleboarding, and additional endeavors like touring the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse await. Tuesdays serve as flex days between sites.  Campers also receive goodie bags with


t-shirts, towels, sunglasses, and other cool swag.  For more information, call 561-268-0725 or visit jupiteroutdoorcenter.com/youth/summercamp.

Kids Choice Sports, Dance and Fitness!  Enjoy Gymnastics and Sports camps in our 20,000 sq. ft facility equipped with air sanitation units throughout.  We offer campers fun and games, art and crafts, free play, bounce house, movies, themed activity weeks, and LOTS of gymnastics & sports!  Ages 5 and older may come ½, ¾, or full day.  Early drop off is available. For more information call 561998-4225 or visit www.gokidschoice.com.  Be sure to sign up well in advance as space can fill up quickly! See you there!

summer art experience |



AGES 13-18

Tuition: $295 per week | Member Price: $236

*No camp July 4

Early and After care available 8:00am – 5:30pm

Register now at armoryart.org/youthartcamps




Kids Need More Art

Discover the many possibilities of “A Blank Canvas” with Kids Need More Art’s 2023 Summer Art Series for elementary aged artists ages 5-9!  Extended hours available. Offered weekly from May 30th to August 4th at the Juno Beach studio in Plaza La Mer, with a new theme every week!  In addition, join KNMA to “Go Out and Play” during select weeks in West Palm Beach at the beautiful 135-acre preserve of the Pine Jog Environmental Education Center, and at the Palm Beach Gardens Recreation Center as part of an exciting new collaboration! Full and extended day options available at all locations.  For more information and to register call 561-746-4576 or visit www. kidsneedmoreart.com.

Kravis Center’s ArtsCamp

Take a group of talented imaginative kids who share a common interest in the performing arts and put them in an environment where they can nurture their creativity and the result is ArtsCamp! Under the guidance of professional teaching artists, campers will explore acting, dance, technical theater and vocal music, which will culminate in an original showcase performance. June 5-23, classes are from 9am-4pm, Mon-Fri (Extended care is available). Cost is $725. Ages 9-11. Sign up today at kravis.org/artscamp.

Loggers Camp at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Spend your summer at the newly re-imagined kids’ club at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Loggers (formerly Aquanuts), with state of the art technology including a virtual playground, sketch aquarium, LiteZilla® and an interactive lite-brite wall. Experience all of this and more!  Each week features a new theme to explore.  Fun in the sun at the pool, group games on the resort lawn and kid-friendly fitness classes featuring the resort’s top instructors. Here you’ll learn to cook, perform science experiments, create amazing art, and play tennis.  Ages 5-12.  Camp includes lunch, snacks and more.  8am – 4pm.  For more information call 561-540-4833 or email Mfrazier@eauspa.com.

Manatee Lagoon

Wild About Wildlife

Virtual Summer Camp is a FREE camp that features educators from Manatee Lagoon, Loggerhead

Marinelife Center and Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Week-long virtual camp experiences will feature half-day morning schedules filled with animal observations, experiments, games, crafts and educational lessons hosted by educators from each organization. The camp will focus on wildlife and the environment. Topics and activities are geared toward ages 6 to 9, however other ages are welcome to register and participate. For more information email info@visitmanateelagoon.com or visit www.visitmanateelagoon.com.

PB Parenting Don’t

To sign-up, please contact Loggers (formerly Aquanuts) at 561-540-4833 or email mfrazier@eauspa com Camp includes lunch, snacks, activities and MORE!

Camp is located at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, 100 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan, FL 33462

A fun-filled, family-friendly venue offering events year round! VisitManateeLagoon.com 561-MAN-ATEE (626-2833)
forget to tell them you saw their listing in Summer Camp Directory
experiments cooking classes outdoor fun in the sun at the pool group games arts & crafts child friendly fitness classes new themes daily in our newly renovated club : June 5th to August 11th* 8 am to 4 pm
5 to 12 And the adventures have gotten Summer Camp is BACK! EVEN BETTER!
will be no camp the week of 7/3/23 to 7/7/23 late pick-up available daily for an additional fee For more information, scan the QR code. (formerly Aquanuts)


Palm Beach Skate Zone Ice Skating Camp

Skate Zone provides the best ice skating camp experience for all children ages 5-14 in a safe and supportive environment. Skate Zone offers a station-based camp where we incorporate different activities to keep it fun and exciting for campers of all levels and ages. We bring the field trips to us! Ice Hockey Camps are available too. Camp will be held from May 30 – August 4 from 8:30am – 3:30pm.  After care is available until 5:30.  Located at Lake Worth Rd & the Turnpike. Register online pbskatezone. com or call 561-963-5900.

The Science Academy Inc. Our FUN infused Science Summer Camp is for grades K-6,  Monday  through  Friday, 8am – 4pm with extended care available. For the same cost of “Day Care” or “Regular Camp”, your child can be enrolled in a highly appraised Camp Program which is a FUN, productive, learning environment mixed with an outdoor recreation program. Our camps offer CHEMISTRY


– CODING AND PROGRAMMING – LEGOMATION CLUB – MINECRAFT  CLUB  – HIGH-TECH CLUBVIRTUAL REALITY PROGRAMS - OUTDOOR GAMES, SPORTS, RECREATION AND SO MUCH MORE!  Location: Boca Raton / Delray Beach.  For more information call 561-285-7552 or visit www. thescienceacademy.org.

Want the latest events? Sign up at www.pbparenting.com/subscribe to receive our weekly e-newsletter with updates on events and happenings in Palm Beach County!

24 June 2023| PB Parenting |
Mommy & Me • Preschoolers Boys Gymnastics • Camps Tumbling • Cheerleading Recreational and Competitive Teams www.geniesgymnastics.com Mention PB Parenting & receive a FREE trial class! For more info call 561.868.0288 6500 South Rogers Circle #1000 Boca Raton • 561.998.4225 www.gokidschoice.com Gymnastics • Cheer • Dance Martial Arts • Ninja Zone • Personal Training Classes • Summer Camp Birthday Parties • Parents Night Out
Ste B • Lake Worth Between Jog Road & Hagen Ranch Road
Prepare for power outages today WITH A HOME STANDBY GENERATOR $0 MONEY DOWN + LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTIONS Contact a Generac dealer for full terms and conditions *To qualify, consumers must request a quote, purchase, install and activate the generator with a participating dealer. Call for a full list of terms and conditions. REQUEST A FREE QUOTE CALL NOW BEFORE THE NEXT POWER OUTAGE (833) 218-6786 FREE 7-Year Extended Warranty* – A $695 Value!

We are only a few weeks away from Father' Day. Looking for the perfect gift? How about a gift that will help dad or grandpa tidy up and be organized? Here are my 5 Favorite Organizational Gifts for the man in your life.

The Tile Key Finder is a gift that helps everyone! f you are tired of hearing, "Where are my keys?", this small device can help dad find misplaced things nearby and far away by using Tile trackers and the free Tile app. But it's not just for car key; you can get a Tile for the things you use every day---attach to luggage, clothes, electronics, bikes, cars, and more. https:// www.tile.com/

Are you looking to find a gift for the active dad?

If so, a bike organizer bag might be the perfect solution. This model allows you to keep your phone safe but makes it easy to use the GPS through the weatherproof clear sleeve. In addition, it has a pack underneath to minimize all the stuff in dad's pockets---and it's less than $20! https://a.co/d/ fGxLTD6

Is dad a golfer? Does his golf clubs and accessories need a better place to live? Consider giving dad a simple golf club stand organizer to keep those clubs upright on display. It has storage along the side for all the balls, tees and shoes. This gift will also help keep the garage tidy, so it's a win/win! https://a. co/d/2XexYsC

How is dad's nightstand looking? A docking station organizer is the perfect way to keep your phone and other essentials organized. He will never lose his personal belongings again with this wooden docking station compatible with all smartphones https://a.co/d/4SmzzGS

Is dad a grill master? The BBQ Accessory Organizer will have him cooking like a pro with all his accessories grill-side and close at hand. This organizing unit features four double-sided hooks for holding his most important barbecue tools. It includes a mounted paper towel holder, a musthave when grilling up his favorite messy sauce or marinated recipes. There's even an attached shelf to hold spices, food, and all your cooking gadgets; the shelf also functions as a cover for the paper towels against the weather. https://a.co/d/6NfwvPj

Maybe some of these ideas will be the perfect gift for your dad this Father's Day. And, don't forget, you can also give the gift of organizing with a gift certificate from Amyzing Spaces. It is a great way to get dad started on his clutter free journey!

Amyzing Spaces provides professional organization for your home & office! Amy Bergman, has always had a passion for organizing & simplifying things in life. She would love to help you make your space Amyzing!!! Check out her website at www. amyzingspaces.com, and you will see how she works with her clients to organize spaces in their homes & offices, creating systems that work for them so they can achieve more calm in their space and be even more productive & efficient with their time. You can also follow her on Facebook & Instagram.

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this Father’s
this Father’s
Adopt-A-Manatee ®
Photo ©David Schrichte

TRAVELS & Places to go Planning a California Road Trip Adventure

With near-endless sunshine, world-class theme parks and abundant outdoor experiences, California is an ideal destination to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

To make it easy for travelers to plan their trips, the 2023 California Road Trips guide includes 13 actionpacked itineraries that begin and end at one of the state’s 27 commercial airports, highlighting how easy it is to fly into any region of the Golden State and hit the road.

“California’s natural beauty, diverse topography and culturally rich communities are the perfect backdrop for an epic road trip experience,” said Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California, a nonprofit organization that partners with the state’s travel industry to develop and maintain marketing programs that keep California top-of-mind as a premier travel destination. “This year’s guide showcases how the state’s vast network of international and regional airports provide travelers with convenient access to every

corner of the California Road Trip Republic.”

The guide’s cover star, Dwyane Wade, a three-time NBA champion, dad and owner of Napa Valley winery Wade Cellars, moved to Los Angeles after his retirement in 2019. Wade said California granted him a soulful landscape and much-needed quiet time.

“I like to find moments where no one can expect anything of me and California allows me to have those moments,” Wade said. “I’ll drive to the beach and walk next to the water. I’ll drive all over to find those moments to connect with

28 June 2023| PB Parenting |

myself… I get my energy from that.”

While California’s world-renowned coastline provides a dramatic backdrop, adventures can be found in every region of the Golden State. Featured drives take travelers to both cities and classic small towns, family attractions and far-reaching, otherworldly landscapes. A few sample road trip itineraries include:

• “Animals, Desert and Offbeat Art” combines kidfriendly experiences like LEGOLAND California and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with the rich arts culture and stargazing opportunities in Borrego Springs.

• “Cactus and Cocktails” explore both the cosmopolitan pleasures of Palm Springs and the rugged sceneries of Joshua Tree National Park

and the Mojave National Preserve.

• “National Park Adventures” is a 412-mile adventure that begins at Fresno Yosemite Airport and explores the wonders of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

• Road to Gold” is a four-day trek that begins in Sacramento, explores Lake Tahoe and meanders back through Gold Country with photo opportunities at every turn.

• “Innovation and Agricultural Bounty” features a San Jose-based itinerary that showcases cutting-edge arts, charming seaside villages and bountiful farmlands on a 238-mile journey.

To order a guide, go to www.visitcalifornia.com/ travel-guides/

Source: Family Features. Photo courtesy of Visit California/Places We Swim

EVENTS & Things to Do

KIDS RUSH $15 (M-F 10AM -1PM) Ages 6 & Under ONLY! All passes good until 1 PM. 2 & Under free with regular admission purchase . For more info www.jumpadrenaline.com/lake-worth

The Art of Story at the Schoolhouse Museum and Learning Center. Weekly on Fridays from 3-3:45 PM. After reading the selection of the week, we will review the book-focusing on the illustrations-and discuss what we see as well as the art process used to create the illustrations. Children will then have the chance to create their own art in that illustrator’s style! FREE WITH PAID ADMISSION. For ages 3-7 PM. Learn more and RSVP at www.schoolhousemuseum.org.


Center's Summer Camp

Open House On Friday, June 16 from 1-3:30pm

Schedule a Tour at Gardens School of Technology Arts. Call 561-290-7661 to schedule a tour of our campus. Gardens SOTA is a charter program for K-8. Learn more at www.mysota.net. We look forward to meeting you.


Come and explore the Armory Art Center. Take a tour of the campus, meet teachers, and see what camp will be like. We offer weekly themed camps for ages 6-12, and 13-17. Bring your family and invite your friends to experience the Armory Art Center. Registration not required. We look forward to seeing you! Don’t miss this free Open House! To learn more about camp themes, dates, and more, visit armoryart.org/sac.

Hometown Hero Appreciation Day at Cox Sciencee Center & Aquarium: Show some local love by participating in Hometown Hero Appreciation Day. The public can join Saturday, June 17th between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Veterans, active-duty military, first responders, Gold Star Families and up to four guests can receive free admission at the Center between 9 and 10 a.m. before doors open to general visitors. Heroes, their families and the public can enjoy special activities such as military vehicle demonstrations, meet and greet with local armed forces as well as live science demonstrations and military ceremonies. To redeem your tickets, register online at coxsciencecenter.org/heroes and kindly bring your military or employee ID.

18th Annual Waterlily Celebration

Saturday, June 17

8:30 AM – 2:00 PM

A beautiful and regal display of one of the state’s

30 June 2023| PB Parenting |

largest collections of waterlilies will be featured in the ponds and waterways during the 18th Annual Waterlily Celebration. Known for capturing the imagination of painters, photographers, and horticulture enthusiasts, these stunning flowers are not only beautiful, but also play an important role in our aquatic ecosystem. Come learn more about their importance, various species, variety of colors, growing periods, and blooming frequencies from our plant experts. Enjoy plein artists creating original works of art throughout the Garden, plant repotting demonstrations and plant sales. Learn more https://mckeegarden.org/class/18th-annualwaterlily-celebration/

June 28 at 6:30pm • June 29 at 11am • Dreyfoos Hall - Based on the smash hit DreamWorks’ animated motion picture, MADAGASCAR THE MUSICAL follows all your favorite cracka-lackin’ friends (Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe,

Gloria the hip hip Hippo and a colony of hilarious, clever penguins) as they escape from their home in New York’s Central Park Zoo and find themselves on an unexpected journey to the madcap world of King Julien’s Madagascar. Tickets start at $18. For tickets, visit kravis.org • Call: 561.832.7469 • Group sales: 561.651.4438

4th of July at the Center:

Celebrate the Fourth of July with a bang at the Cox Science Center and Aquarium! All ages can show their patriotism with 3D paper firework crafts, fire and ice science demonstrations, alligator petting, liquid nitrogen demonstrations and more! Mini golf is included with admission and guests can check out the latest summer exhibit – Science Fiction, Science Future. For more information, please visit coxsciencecenter.org/ event/4th-july-celebration.

Get the most out of your lawn this spring. SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY! 1-855-615-2753 Your First Application 50% OFF* Save now with *Requires purchase of annual plan. Special price is for first Lawn application only. Requires purchase of annual plan, for new residential EasyPay or PrePay customers only. Valid at participating TruGreen locations. Availability of services may vary by geography. Not to be combined with or used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Additional restrictions may apply. Consumer responsible for all sales tax. †Purchase of annual lawn plan required forTruGreen Lawn Assessment, which is performed at the first visit. ◆Guarantee applies to annual plan customers only. BBB accredited since 07/01/2012. ©2023 TruGreen Limited Partnership. All rights reserved. In Connecticut, B-0153, B-1380, B-0127, B-0200, B-0151.