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Nurturing Young Baptists Forming Healthy Churches Sustaining Global Missions

What does it compel you to do? Who does it compel you to be? into the future. Investment in the 25th In 1991, Christ’s love compelled a group Anniversary Endowment Campaign will of courageous women and men who supported Baptist principles to found the support: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Twentyfive years later, we celebrate this founding $6 mIllIoN and our bright future together. Sustaining long-term presence in global missions Christ’s love continues to compel the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to live $4 mIllIoN into our vision to be a beloved community Forming healthy churches bearing witness to the gospel in partnership with Christians and churches $2 mIllIoN across the nation and around the world. Nurturing young Baptists To symbolize this partnership, we chose the ampersand (&) to represent the The scale of this campaign is ambitious, 25th Anniversary because cooperative but no more so than the urgency of our Christianity is an ampersand endeavor. calling. The ampersand witness that we pursue is about our impact — together — Driven by our passion to see spiritual compelled by Christ’s love. We invite you and social transformation through Jesus to learn more about this campaign and Christ, we have launched a $12-million support the life-changing ministries of our fundraising campaign to honor our beautiful Fellowship. foundations by sustaining ministry

1992: Appointment of first CBF missionaries and first offering for Global Missions

1990: Meeting of moderate Baptists in Atlanta


1991 1991: First General Assembly

1992 1992: CBF begins awarding scholarships to students for theological education


Sustaining Long-Term in Global Missions Christ’s love compels CBF’s field personnel to cultivate beloved community, to bear witness to Jesus Christ, and to seek transformational development within the contexts of:

Global Poverty

Global Migration

Global Church

With the generosity of donors like you, the 25th Anniversary Campaign will raise $6 million to sustain the long-term presence of field personnel ministering in 30 countries, to help reinstate a two-year mission apprenticeship program and to impact the poorest counties in the United States through CBF’s rural poverty initiative, Together for Hope. Kirk and Suzie are a case-in-point for the impact of long-term presence among a community. Commissioned in 1995, these field personnel have lived and worked among a hill tribe community called Bisu, a minority in Southeast Asia that was resistant to outsiders and Christianity. Kirk and Suzie helped create not only an alphabet but also literacy materials for the community. After 18 years, they have recently finished translating the New Testament into this language. They have worked with villagers to translate legends, oral history and stories of daily life, and

1995: CBF adopts a formal mission statement


And reading the Bible in your own language for the first time is powerful. Just ask Wialailak Detsri, a member of the Bisu community. “At the beginning, it was hard to read the Bible in Bisu, but there were some words or phrases that really entered my heart,” she said. “Those words cannot be translated into Thai or English. It is truly our language! It is ours!”

1997: CBF sends first volunteer mission team to China

1995 1995: Kirk and Suzie commissioned as field personnel in Southeast Asia

they have trained villagers to teach the language so that the work will continue even after they leave.



Forming Healthy

Thriving churches are the cornerstone of the Fellowship, and Christ’s love compels us to support ministries that help form healthy churches. To aid in the long-term sustainability of this work, CBF’s 25th Anniversary Campaign seeks to raise $4 million to support ministry including: •

an intentional congregational renewal process

advocacy work that helps others find their voice

a church starting initiative

financial literacy programs for congregations and pastoral leaders

In the Highland neighborhood of Shreveport, La., a CBF church start spent considerable time deciding on a name. “We didn’t want to just be ‘of ’ the Highlands,” pastor John Henson said, “but ‘for’ it; for the people, the organizations, schools, businesses and well-being of our neighborhood.”

With this CBF grant, Church for the Highlands began to combat the systems that entrap the working poor. Christ’s love compels us to help form healthy churches by serving congregations like Church for the Highlands as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission.

One of the first efforts at being “for” the neighborhood grew out of a CBF program that teaches churches how to become intentionally missional and provides grant funding for the development of a sustainable missional ministry project.

2000: CBF holds first Young Leaders’ retreat

1998: CBF endorses first chaplains and counselors



2001: First CBF conference for Christian educators is held, now known as ChurchWorks

2000 2001: Together for Hope launched, 20-year commitment to offer hope to people in 20 of the poorest counties in the U.S.


Young Baptists Christ’s love compels us to equip and network the next generation for their Christian journey by supporting: •

theological education

scholarships for masters- and doctoral-level students

retreat experiences

global missions internships

• church internships The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is creating an environment in which young Baptists can thrive, be energized and have opportunities to give life to the world around them as they use their gifts in service of God and others. Growing up in a single-parent home, Jeffrey Howard’s family struggled to make ends meet. Working as a server pulling long night shifts to help pay the bills, Jeffrey was angry and discouraged when the love of God softened his heart. “I was a former gang member, and Christ loved me enough to save me. Now I have the unique opportunity to serve a loving God who wants to use me to show people the love of God.”

Jeffrey felt God calling him to seminary, where he became a master of divinity student funded by a CBF Leadership Scholarship. As a participant in CBF’s church internship program in 2015, Jeffrey received practical ministry experience as he discerned God’s will for his life. He now works on behalf of CBF as an advocate against the economic injustices he faced growing up. Christ’s love compels us to nurture young Baptists like Jeffrey as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission.

2002: CBF launches its student missions initiative, Student.Go


2003: CBF becomes a member of the Baptist World Alliance


2004 2004: First Cooperative Student Fellowship formed at Clemson University



WhaT Is CBF’s 25Th aNNIVErsarY CampaIgN? susTaININg gloBal mIssIoNs

$6 mIllIoN

Impact the poorest counties in the United States through CBF’s rural poverty initiative, Together for Hope. The campaign includes block grants to CBF state and regional organizations for their use in supporting such ministry in their areas. FormINg hEalThY ChurChEs

$4 mIllIoN

Born out of our love of Christ and each other, the 25th Anniversary Campaign is a fundraising effort that engages all of CBF, including individuals, churches and partners. It provides opportunities for prospective donors to put their faith to action through our work together in mission and ministries while we grow and build a stronger a Fellowship.

Increase the Global Missions Endowment by $5 million to support the long-term presence of CBF field personnel around the world and seek to reinstate a two-year mission apprenticeship program.

WhEN dId ThE CampaIgN BEgIN?

The Campaign has been operating in its “silent phase” since the spring of 2015, when we began developing priorities for support among CBF’s various missions and ministry initiatives and generating support among volunteers and donors who will help lead the Campaign as it strives toward the fundraising goal. The public phase of the campaign runs from CBF’s General Assembly in Greensboro, N.C., in June 2016 through a celebration at the General Assembly in Atlanta in June 2017.

Raise $3 million to endow CBF initiatives and programs that help form healthy churches, such as congregational renewal programs, advocacy and church starts. Support for forming healthy churches will be included in block grants to CBF state and regional organizations.

hoW muCh WIll ThE CampaIgN raIsE? WhaT WIll IT supporT?

The campaign aims to raise $12 million by June 2017. The campaign focuses on the long-lasting benefits of increasing CBF’s endowments to support three goals that have been priorities throughout our 25-year history: sustaining the long-term presence of field personnel (6 million), forming healthy churches (4 million) and nurturing young Baptists (2 million). The campaign will also provide generous grants to CBF states and regions to support their ministries in these three areas.

Raise $500,000 to address economic challenges facing pastoral leaders through financial literacy education. NurTurINg YouNg BapTIsTs

$2 mIllIoN

Increase by $1.5 million CBF’s endowment supporting ministry to Young Baptists through theological education and other ministry experiences.

hoW CaN I gET INVolVEd?

All Cooperative Baptists play an important role in the success of the campaign by supporting its goals and by encouraging congregations to support the next 25 years of our work together as a Fellowship. To learn more about 25th Anniversary events, visit

Support for Young Baptists will be included in block grants to CBF’s state and regional organizations.

2006: CBF Coordinating Council approves partners in theological education




2008 2008: 15,000 Baptists, including Cooperative Baptists, gather at a “Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant”

Giving Society Through generous gifts to CBF’s 25th Anniversary Campaign, you will support ministries to sustain the long-term presence of field personnel in global missions, to form healthy churches and to nurture young Baptists. You may give a one-time gift or pledge your gift over three years.

$ 250,000 & aBoVE Campaign naming opportunities

$100,000 To $249,000 Name featured on a wall display at the CBF Office Campaign naming opportunities

$25,000 To $99,999 Invitation to a reception with Suzii Paynter

$10,000 To $24,999

Memorials or honorary gift recognizing a pastor, mentor, relative

BENEFaCTors: $1,000 To $4,999 Name listed in an issue of Fellowship Magazine

BENEFaCTors: up To $999 Name listed in the online list of campaign contributors Ampersand lapel pin


1-800-352-8741 (Toll free)


sToCk TraNsFEr

Text “CBF” to 41444.

Have a certificate issued/mailed to the address above or provide this information to your broker and send an e-mail to to notify us of a transaction:

BY maIl

Inscribed copy of CBF’s 25th Anniversary Book

BENEFaCTors: $5,000 To $9,999


Fill out and send in the offering envelope provided with your credit card information or a check payable to: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship P.O. Box 102972 Atlanta, GA 30368-2972 Please write “25th Anniversary” in the memo line.

Suntrust Bank DTC# 226 Account name: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Account number: G1R-557193 To discuss options for making a planned gift to the campaign, please contact Jeff Huett by phone at 770.220.1683 or by email at

*Donors also receive amenities in all categories below the category for which their gift qualifies.

2010: CBF launches congregational internship program, now called Student.Church


2010 2010: 14-member task force named to conduct 2-year study of CBF’s mission and organizational future

2012: CBF’s initiative for congregational renewal, Dawnings, launches



The Ampersand — it’s a powerful symbol for our time. It’s a mark of togetherness, partnership, synergy, cooperation and collaboration. There is tremendous power in “and.” As a network of Baptist Christians, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has been ministering, missioning and living a witness to the power of “and.” Christ’s love compels us to join together, to gather together, to form together — to be ampersand Christians. We have built our identity on “and” because our God is an ampersand God — Father, Son & Holy Spirit — and because Cooperative Christianity is an ampersand endeavor.

suzII paYNTEr

CBF Executive Coordinator

2015: Global Missions reimagines structures for a 21st Century world

2013: CBF launches formal advocacy efforts


2014 2013: Implementation of Task Force recommendations begins, starting with new governance structure


2016: 1,000th chaplain and pastoral counselor endorsed by CBF


2015: First all seminarian retreat with students and faculty from all 14 CBF partner seminaries and theological schools



160 Clairemont Ave. Suite 500 • Decatur, GA 30030 O: 770.220.1600 • F: 770.220.1685 •



SuSTaINEr SocIETY: Congregations giving/pledging 1% of budget for 3 years Church honored at the 25th Anniversary Banquet at General Assembly 2017

aNNIVErSarY SocIETY: Congregations giving/pledging $25,000 or more Or giving/pledging 1% of budget for 1 year Framed certificate honoring the church

FELLoWSHIP SocIETY: Congregations giving/pledging $2,500 or more Church name listed in fellowship! Magazine


Congregations giving/pledging up to $2,499 Church name listed in online list of campaign donors


Congregations giving/pledging by end of October 2016 Church highlighted in CBF’s weekly e-newsletter *Churches receive recognition in all categories for which their gift qualifies.



Local congregations are the cornerstone of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. As we celebrate the impact of our Fellowship, we are compelled toward the next 25 years of ministry to spread the love of Christ locally and globally. One way for your congregation to partner in the next 25 years of ministry is to participate in CBF’s 25th Anniversary Campaign, which seeks to raise $12 million, mostly for endowment. To participate, CBF is inviting churches to give in ways that make sense for each congregation. Consider a gift to the campaign that is: ▪ 1 percent of your church budget for three years or for one year (these congregations will receive special recognition)

▪ Forming Healthy Churches ▫ Christ’s love compels us to raise $3 million of endowment to support ministries that help form healthy churches. ▫ Support CBF’s process for intentional congregational renewal.

▪ A gift from designated funds

▫ Encourage advocacy work.

▪ A special designated offering

▫ Grow CBF’s church-starting initiative.

*Gifts can be pledged and given over three years.

The following notes could be helpful in discussing the lasting impact of the campaign with a relevant church committee or with the congregation during a special offering. ▪ 2 Corinthians 5:14 says, “For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all.” For CBF, Christ’s love has fueled our past and will captivate our future. Christ’s love compels us to sustain the long-term presence of field personnel, to support the formation of healthy churches and to equip the next generation to share the love of Christ with the world.

▪ Sustaining Long-Term Presence in Global Missions ▫ Christ’s love compels CBF’s field personnel to cultivate beloved community, to bear witness to Jesus Christ, and to seek transformational development within the contexts of global poverty, global migration and the global church. ▫ The campaign will increase the mission endowment by $5 million to endow the long-term presence of field personnel ministering in 30 countries. ▫ The campaign will impact the poorest counties in the United States through CBF’s rural poverty initiative, Together for Hope.

▫ Develop and deliver financial literacy programs for congregations and pastoral leaders.

▪ Nurturing Young Baptists ▫ Christ’s love compels us to resource and network the next generation for their Christian journey through retreat experiences, ministries, programs, connections and local church support. ▫ The campaign supports expansion of access to theological education through scholarships. ▫ The campaign cultivates practical ministry experiences through internships. ▪ Please pray for CBF’s 25th Anniversary Campaign. Pray that Christ’s love will be demonstrated through these efforts and that investment in this campaign from individuals, churches and partners will help sustain CBF’s mission and ministry for decades to come.

CBF 25th Anniversary Campaign Guide