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FAB ACADEMY 2012 FĂŠlix Libio

Input Devices measure something: add a sensor to a microcontroller board and read it

Electronics Board For this part use the files Traces and Interior, work is done in the modela and proceed to solder, the only observation is in photoresistor because it has an orientation.

welded card

Programming in ubuntu For programming the boards I downloaded all the necessary files in one folder and followed the procedure with the commands for the light board. The procedure is the same for the other boards. sudo make -f hello.light.45.make, for compile C file (I used this command in the terminal) sudo make -f hello.light.45.make program-usbtiny, for flashing using make avrdude -p t45 -c usbtiny -U flash:w:hello.light.45.c.hex, for flashing the board using avrdude (I also used this one)

The steps to install python-tk in windows xp, w7, for Python 2.7.2


Install (ActiveTcl) ActiveTcl8.

2. Install (ActivePython) ActivePython- 3. Install (Active Serial) pyserial-2.5.win32

The first two are for Python-tk and the last is for Python-serial, also needs to function. install the 32 bit version, if your computer is 64 bit

• This has been done to Jesus Fabian and Henry Medina.

1. open terminal – cmd-

2. Windows terminal

3. check port

4. invoke python Python COM22

Input Devices  

ACADEMY 2012 Input Devices