Felix Doolittle Spring Holidays 2022

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OCCASION CARDS VALENTINE 's DAY • E ASTE R • MOT H ER' s DAY • FAT H ER' s DAY • g rad uation The spring holidays are about love, hope, and rebirth. What wonderful concepts to start the year! We’re excited to share our newest cards in these categories. Thinking about flowers? We always are. To see our entire collection of year-round flower cards, which are a perfect accompaniment to many of these holidays, take a stroll through our Flower Garden online or our Spring 2021 catalog. Happy Spring!

* 4.25 X 5.5 inches folded card Premium lightly textured, acid-free paper with matching envelope Crystal clear sleeve Single Card (OFS) - Pack 6 Boxed Cards (OFM) - Set of 8, Pack 4

Va lentine's day

Corsage OFS35063

dear valentine OFS73990


pink roses OFS33841

Valentine roses OFS34430

all my love OFS44521

lucky in love OFS34420


bananas for you OFS74730

let's neck OFS73242

the thirst is real OFS72840

love peck OFS73700



Fel i x Dool i t t l e




cottage rose OFS35140 / OFM35140

two halves OFs31580

red bouquet OFS33850 / OFM33850

blush bouquet OFS33840

when type was manual OFS41800

happiness is pink OFS30760 / ofm30760

watermelon slice OFS60550

grape together OFS30403

gnome by the tree OFS50220

very dear OFS70640

bacon OFS62280

great match OFS42951


fdm a r k et pl ace.com



slow pour OFS60930

tea with flowers OFS35371 / OFM35371

luckiest lovebug OFS43590

hoot do you love? OFS70771

the one for me OFS10951

otter half OFS73630

electric blue OFS40770

whale rider OFS10581

glorious pines OFS32540

when wind was simple OFS41750

otter friends OFS81630

the runaways OFS74020

Inside: but you're the only one for me (illustration of pink fish)


Fel i x Dool i t t l e

e a ster

my easter bunny OFS72710 / OFM72710

plaid easter egg OFS43880 / OFM43880

chocolate rabbit OFS60420 / OFM60420

painted egg OFS43920 / OFM43920

sunshine yellow OFS34160

lilium OFS30890 / OFM30890

rays of light OFS34770 / OFM34770

anemone blossoms OFS33660





fdm a r k et pl ace.com


mother's day


baker's flower OFS35360

lilac sunday OFS34503

plenty of poppies OFS31164

buzzy bee OFS31203

tea room OFS35370

breakfast love OFS62140

swinging bench 2 OFS42052

heirloom roses OFS34600

a good mix OFS31961

pretty peonies OFS31091

dutch arrangement OFS34450

begonia OFS35380

Fel i x Dool i t t l e

mother's day

flowers in measuring cup OFS31771

the best mom OFS00550

tiger mama OFS74680

magical mom OFS72120

ducklings OFS70710

very dear OFS70640

bouquet garni OFS31890

hoot do you love? OFS70771

yellow cap OFS32450

when wind was simple OFS41750

hydrangea blue OFS30810 / OFM30810

back: (illustration continues)




grape together OFS30403

fdm a r k et pl ace.com


father's day


gone fishing OFS34481

class act OFS44831

club bag OFS40530

smooth sailing OFS10722

measure of a man OFS43401

woodlands OFS33302

carpenter plane OFS45420

canoe day OFS35390

reading chair OFS41690

top notch OFS45410

shepherd OFS71670

bouquet garni OFS31890

Fel i x Dool i t t l e

father's day

hoot do you love? OFS70771

yellow cap OFS32450

rolls model OFS45391

stick OFS72781 / OFM72781

otter friends OFS81630

monkey business OFS72650 / OFM72650

when wind was simple OFS41750

piano bear OFS73460 / OFM73460

redwoods OFS33060 / OFM33060

stag OFS74420 / OFM74420

cowboy hats OFS44320 / OFM44320

bear OFS72820 / OFM72820

fdm a r k et pl ace.com


gr a duation

congraduations OFS45430

taking off OFS44050

happy day OFS45440

adventure awaits OFS44360

right path OFS33810

toast OFS60720

oven fresh OFS62200

birthday brews OFS61080

hive five OFS71060

big dill OFS60910

sweet carrots OFS31480

blue lobster OFS11081

Inside: You're all the buzz!


Fel i x Dool i t t l e

back: (illustration continues with text about why blue lobsters are lucky)

gr a duation

bravo OFS73670

bull OFS74760

panda pal OFS74790

otter friends OFS81630

strongman OFS50281

pig pals OFS73690

professor badger OFS73380

toad to that OFS74432

lucky horseshoe OFS20670

hooray OFS70461

tassels OFS44460

stardust OFS73800

fdm a r k et pl ace.com


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This is Boston’s Public Garden, the jewel of the city, as drawn and painted by Felix. Created in 1837, the Public Garden was the nation’s first public botanical garden. The shallow lagoon at the center is surrounded by specimen trees. Greenhousegrown flowers and plants line the pathways while fountains, bronze sculptures, and monuments add a cultural and historic ambiance. Felix has a unique place in its history too—he has been the creator of the invitation suite for the park’s largest annual fundraiser, The Green and White Ball, held by the non-profit steward group The Friends of the Public Garden. Should you find yourself in Boston, we recommend wandering the garden’s meandering paths, riding on the Swan Boats, and enjoying the oasis in the city.

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