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Ranga Poem Not sure what to do I am not sure how to feel I don’t want to feel Sometimes it feels to hard to live Sometimes it feels like life will end I don’t want to die But how will you know you’re alive? Live you life very happy I look forward to living my future Living my life like there is no tomorrow Sometimes I just feel mad I feel like no one understands me Sometimes I feel all alone But I realized being alone isn’t bad Being alone can help clear your head When life gets very bad I read a book that I like Which always makes me smile Reading books makes me treasure my life I can see other fight their battles Battles can make you stronger Battles can make you think very diligently But you must be strong You must always have faith in yourself No matter what never ever give up Sometimes you’ll want to cry Sometimes you will just want to die Just don’t think that way Prepare for whatever life throws at you Duck and dodge from those life burdens

Some people will need help Some people will want to help you Some people will be lost They are lost because of their surroundings They’re lost because the people around them I was once very lost Lost in what people thought of me And how they saw me I would always try to fit in When I didn’t fit in I cried Until one day I changed I opened my eyes and felt alive Being myself felt so good I never wanted that moment to change It changed so I could move on How else would you learn? Where there is good there is evil Even thought it sounds unfair You can learn how strong you are And you can find out your weaknesses I act like I’m okay I really have a lot going on My against my own family Families are suppose to be together forever Not hurting each other all the time My family is always fighting Over some of the most childish things And it makes me think I think we aren’t a real family Sometimes I fell no love at all Like we are all strangers That we only share our last names And nothing else at all

Its like no one else sees it Or are they all just avoiding it? It isn’t fair to us That they just cant act there age It turns into my job My job to tell them the truth The truth about how I really feel Why can’t you be positive? Why do I hear you all day? Everyday talking about me Wonder why I don’t talk to you? Because you are so mean to me Do you even love me? Do you even know what love is? Do you ever see yourself? If not look in the mirror sometimes You will see the monster you are It is not very pretty It scares everyone that you are around But you never see it One day you will truly see yourself I don’t know how you will feel But I will feel relieved Because you will see you aren’t perfect Because you are only human But will you change once you see Will I like you when you change?

Issuu Ranga Poem  

Sometimes you’ll want to cry Sometimes you will just want to die Just don’t think that way Ranga Poem Reading books makes me treasure my lif...

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