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Love vs. Loyalty Written by: Mz. Mimi

Prologue I should have known this day was coming soon, but as I stand here over this casket being lowered into the ground I am out of tears for her and not in shock by the outcome. Oh, by the way my name is Chyna Peterson, but you can just call me Chyna. I’m from Chicago and I am a fourteen year old stunna and I vow from this day on I will do whatever it takes to not live this poor person’s life forever. The woman whose grave I am standing over is my mother Princess. Yeah I know what you’re thinking and yes Princess is her government name. My paw paw said when she was born he looked at her and knew she would be his princess so that’s what he named her. I’m sure he didn’t count on her ending up like this at the age of thirty. Over the last week I have been back and forth lost in thought as to how I got here. How did I become an orphan and have no idea where my oldest and only brother J.R. is? I am quickly awakened from my thoughts as the state caseworker Ms. Ann taps my shoulder and tells me it’s time to go. The state has decided to put me in an all-girls group home in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. This sounds like a sad ending to a rough childhood and beginning to a life of crime but not for me, it’s a new start in a sense. I’m too pretty to be leading the life I had when we lived with our mother. I stick out from any crowd of girls, I’m far from an average chick. I’m 5’3, a size seven, with an already well developing body. I’m mixed with black, Puerto Rican, and Mexican, long silky jet black hair that stop right below my shoulders, the type grown women would die for, hazel green chinky eyes, perfect full lips, and flawless butterscotch skin. To add to my perfection I have a perky C cup chest, spreading hips and an ass that could cause a six car pile-up sitting perfectly under my tiny waist. I didn’t get a lot from my mom but my looks were one thing.

I was a younger version of her.

My mom was 5’6, with a butterscotch skin

complexion like me but she was only mixed with Puerto Rican and Mexican, and shoulder length black hair. She also had our infamous hazel green eyes. In her time she was envied because she was a badd bitch she just didn’t use it in the right way. My dad was black, I never met him though as a matter fact I don’t think she knew exactly who he was I know it sounds bad but it is what it is. She also had a body most women hated her for. My brother J. R. is about the same as us he was about 5’10 long black shoulder length hair he kept braided or in a ponytail, same green eyes as us, and a somewhat muscular build. The only difference was he had an unmistakably birthmark on the back of his neck. It was almost the shape of a heart so that ended up leading to his middle name Love. We all in all were a sexy family or we had been before the events of the last four years before her death started taking place. You gotta excuse me I’m a bit of a talker but back to today. From this day forward I vow to change my luck. I wanted the life I had always dreamed of as a child. I wanted the money, jewels and clothes I had seen the girls with half my looks in the videos with. Hell, I deserved it! I was headed that way and I was going to get there by using the only useful advice my mom had engrained into my brain. “If you combine brains and beauty you can get anything and go anywhere.” She wasn’t my best example but I was going to be different. I was going to show Chicago I wasn’t just some crack whore’s daughter, I was going to become the official Queen of the Chi. Yeah, that sounds like the perfect title for me. I’m going to be sure I become wifey to a nigga that can help me gain my title. I was born to be caked up and I’m gonna make sure it happens. I wasn’t blessed with this body and beauty for no reason and I’m gonna use it to get to the top by any means necessary. Now I know after reading this you’re interested to know how I got here and where I’m headed. Well my name is Chyna and this is my story.

Chapter 1 – My push to power “Princess that’s it!” From the room I could hear my grandpa and mom arguing again. This was a regular for them. Since we were born my mom, I and my brother have been staying with my Nana and Paw Paw. They both moved here to Chicago from Columbia in the seventies to provide a better life for my mom who was an only child. My paw paw opened up a chain of laundromats after moving here and my nana was a housewife. My paw paw and my mom stayed into it because my mom would go out all night partying and leaving us with my grandparents. “Princess you have two bastard kids, no job, no plans of college, and at the age of twenty-six your favorite pastime is still drinking and partying.” “Dad it was just one night it won’t happen again. It ain’t like they babies no more they don’t get up at night” By this time I was ten and my brother J.R. was twelve, we shared my mom’s childhood bedroom with her. Cramped wasn’t the word for how we lived. My mom had a full size bed, while my brother and I had two twin size air mattresses on the floor. Now don’t get it twisted my grandparents loved us but they never skipped a chance to mention our fathers weren’t around. J.R. and I had different dads both black. J.R. was named after his dad, we called him J.R. short for O’narion J.R. from what my nana used to say he was a drug dealer that was locked up for a triple murder. He killed his other baby mama and the twins she was pregnant with because he

didn’t want any more kids. I didn’t hear much about my dad except he was no good. I didn’t even know his name. Frankly, I didn’t care. My paw paw was mad because it was now six fifteen on a Sunday evening, my mom had original left for her night out Saturday at one in the afternoon. She was supposed to be running to the store real quick. “Princess, me and your mother can’t do this anymore. You can’t expect us to raise your kids, it’s past time for you to become a REAL parent to them.” “Dad I am their parent, I still have a life too.” See my mom was one of those types that had kids too young and still wanted to live her own life. She often acted like we was a burden to her but hey we ain’t ask to be here struggling with her ass either. “Princess you have to pack up you and the kids up and move out and you need to do it by tonight before we go to bed.” “But what am I supposed to do about a place to stay for me and the kids!?” “Don’t you have a boyfriend with a place? I don’t know what you are going to do but you have to be gone end of discussion!” My grandpa went into the den and slammed the door. My mom rolled her eyes at the door and rushed into our room telling us to get our coats and shoes on as she called her boyfriend Tywaun. She packed all our clothes and within twenty minutes we were leaving my paw paw’s house in the quiet suburb Norridge on the north side of Chicago to Tywaun’s house in the south suburb Maywood. My mom had a habit of snagging the hottest dope boy at the present time and staying

around until he went to jail or his pockets were dry Tywaun was no different. He was the newest, Tywaun and my mom were together for about six months at the time. She was his main chick, mama knew she wasn’t the only one but as long as she was getting the most out of him she didn’t care. She knew her place. He was from Detroit and moved his hustling down here because he had a sick grandmother here he wanted to be close to. “Wassup ma?” When Tywaun opened the door he saw mama dragging us two kids behind her. His smile quickly turned to a frowned when he noticed we all had luggage. “What’s going on Princess?” “My dad trippin hard this time, he put me and the kids out.” “So what I’m supposed to do with two kids Princess?” “Bae you won’t even know they here, I promise.” An hour later mama had us settled into the guest room with one queen bed. “Yal be good and don’t be roaming around this house it’s nice enough for him to let us stay but it’s just for a little while.” After four months of living with Tywaun I was real curious as to when we’d be getting our own place. “Mama how much longer we staying here?”

“We are going get our own place real soon Chyna he got a job for me and I’m starting tonight.” Mama stood behind me in the mirror while I brushed my hair into a ponytail. “He got us a two bedroom in Englewood and Tywaun gon pay the rent until I can afford it on my own.” J.R. came back into the room from brushing his teeth. “Mama where you goin all dressed up?” I hadn’t noticed until he said it but she was dressed as if she was going to a club. Mama had on some knee high red leather boots with a six inch heel, fishnet stockings, a black leather mini skirt, with a red sequence shirt. Her hair was flowing in long curls framing her overly rosey cheeks, bright red lips and green eyes toned down by the red eye makeup. “I start my new job tonight and we’ll be moving next week.” If I had to pinpoint exactly when our life started to go downhill it would have to have been the moment she walked out the door to her new “job”. About four a.m. mama came back to the room from her night out to check on us. I played sleep but I notice she still had on the outfit she had when she left. There was a difference, her hazel green eyes were glossed over with an empty look inside. After she closed the door and I listened to her walk down the hall I turned over to see if my brother was up. “J.R. you sleep?” “Nah Chyna Wassup?” “Did you see mama she looks like something was wrong?”

“Go to bed C it’s nothing” So I did. Every day after that mama had that same looked in her eyes. Two weeks later we moved into our apartment. At first mama was going to work every night and then she started to bring her work home. She would keep us in the room while different men came in and out of the apartment. We went to sleep listening to loud music and her customers having sex with her and then leave. Over the next four years mama’s habits and looks got worse. One morning about three a.m. me and J.R. woke up to the sound of a man yelling, “Aye, I think the bitch dead joe.” After they closed the front door me and J.R. ran to check on her. She was laying on a deflated airbed with only a bra on and a needle sticking out of her arm. J.R. pulled the needle out as I shook her trying to wake her. He ran into the kitchen and got a cup of water and splashed it on her face. “What the hell you do that for boy what you tryna do fuck up my high?” “But mama I thought you were...” “I’m good now get back in yal room and go to bed!” Me and J.R. walked back to our room but before I got through the bedroom door mama called me back to the front “Yea?”

“Chyna I ain’t forgot tomorrow is your fourteenth birthday, now I ain’t got any money for no gift but what I have to give you is better than anything I could have brought out some expensive ass store.” I listened up to make sure I didn’t miss it. Mama sat up and looked me dead in the eyes. “Take what I’m about to tell you and always remember it and use it. If you combine your beauty and brains you can go anywhere and get anything.” I went to bed with that stuck in my head trying to figure out what she meant. I wasn’t sure what it meant then, but that would be a lesson I would live by. “Wake up J.R.!” “Why, what time is it Chyna?” “Ten thirty and it’s my birthday nigga” “So it ain’t like mama gon do something for it and you ain’t getting shit.” By this time my brother was sixteen and had lost all respect for our mom. We both knew she was a prostitute and an addict and he hated her for our treatment over the years. “So J get up!” “Shh Chyna you hear that?” As I stopped to listen I could hear a man yelling at mama. “ Naw, bitch ain’t no more credits you owe me and you fucked up and smoked up the shit I left over here for you to hold on to, Bitch run my nine hundred stacks or that’s ya life.”

“I ain’t got it right now but I got a watch my dad gave me it’s at least worth two hundred until I get the rest.” “Bitch, what I look like a pawnshop? You better come up with something else and quick. It’s a damn shame Princess back in the day every nigga wanted you and every bitch wanted to be you now you a washed up junkie any nigga can have for the right price. What else you got to offer me?” “I got a daughter named Chyna, she got my looks and a body, you can have her for the night.” “Princess what the fuck imma do with a 14 year old bitch imma pusher not a rapist.” “Well I got a son, he could work for you he’s sixteen now.” He rubbed his chin thinking about where he could use the young boy. “Now you talking Princess I could use a new foot soldier for 63rd and King Drive.” “J.R.! Come out here!” “Where she sending you J? What imma do when you leave?” “Chyna it’s going to be alright ma I’m not gonna leave I love you lil sis we all we got.” “We all we got” was a phrase J.R. always used to calm me down and let me know he would protect me no matter what. After J. R. went into the living room they were talking quietly at first and then I heard the guy say “Let’s go J”. I ran to the living room and he was pushing J out the door. J was yelling at mama

“Ma you can’t separate me and Chyna who gon look after her?” “She’ll be fine, I’m her mother.” “Bitch you just tried to sell her!” He looked back one last time and mama closed the door. “Mama how you let J.R. go?! When he coming back?!” “He ain’t coming back Chyna he grown now I gave up my good years for yal and its past time yal pay me back. I can’t afford to feed both of yal anyhow.” It was then realize how cold she could be and that I may never see my brother again but as soon as I could I would look for him. That was the last time I planned on acknowledging my birthday.

It’s been two weeks since my brother has been gone and my mom hasn’t come down from her high long enough to care. “Mama can we go get J.R. now he can’t stay out there!” “Girl hush and go into your room I got company coming.” About two hours after her company arrived I heard the front door close and no voices. I fell asleep thinking of my brother hoping he was okay. I forgot to mention to you before just how close me and J.R. was before he left. First off most people thought we was twins where ever you seen me you seen him and we looked just alike. He was who I went to for advice, I looked up to him. Most importantly he was my protector and always calmed me down when I was scared. He

always made sure I ate when we didn’t’ have much food, which was always, even if it meant he couldn’t eat. A bad feeling woke me up that morning around five a.m. That was a day I’ll never forget, June 14th. I woke up to complete silence. I figured I should go into the living room and check on mama. When I went she was laying half way off the air mattress with a bloody torn up t-shirt and two black eyes, her neck was covered in purple bruises. I shook her to try and wake her up but got no response. I ran to the phone and called 911 and they came an hour later. At 6:01 Princess was pronounced dead. She was strangled by whoever the last person over there was. CPS came and took me to something they called respite it was like a short placement until her funeral. June 19th at one p.m. the state caseworker took me to view her body. I guess she found it strange cause I didn’t cry but I was out of tears all I had left was Chyna and Chyna was gon make it do what it do. It was a very small funeral because most of our family had disowned her. After the funeral the caseworker, Ms. Ann, dropped me off at Whitewater’s Girls Home for teenagers. My past experience with females is the evil looks I get from them hating on me. Hell I can’t help it if imma bad bitch and as soon as I walked in the door I could tell this place wouldn’t be any different.

Chapter 2 – Teenage lock-up “Hello Chyna my name is Mrs. Winfield but most of the girls just call me my first name Trayleen. Follow me and I’ll show you to your room to put your things down and then show you around.” Ms. Trayleen seemed like she was cool when on her good side, maybe like the mothering type. She was about 5’6 at least two hundred and sixty pounds with a short haircut and big hoop earrings. She had regular brown eyes and extremely bushy eyebrows. Chyna silently wonder if she had ever heard of a wax. As they walked through the halls the first thing they came upon was the staff’s office it was basically a window you could walk up to and they slide it open like a drive thru when you wanted something. Behind it was a long desk right up against the wall with a computer and binders with each girl in the house names on it. She saw hers was the thinnest and it was opened. In the back of the office she could see a medicine cabinet. “I sure hope they ain’t thinking they was gon put me on some medicines and have me doped up. Nah not Chyna.” She mumbled under her breath with a raised eyebrow. On the right side of the wall was a dry erase board with all the apartment numbers and each girl’s name under the apartments they were in. Chyna Peterson was freshly written under apartment one. She frowned, when she noticed two other girls’ names under the same apartment. A girl name Rondae’ and one named Chanel. After Ms. Trayleen explained how Chyna was to come to the office to ask for anything she

needed they headed towards her new apartment. On the way they passed another apartment labeled number three and then went thru what they called the Recreation Room. Ms. Trayleen explained it was where the girls could watch TV and socialize with each other during their free time and when their chores where all done. They headed upstairs to Chyna’s new residence. When they walked in Chyna looked around the huge apartment there was a big bedroom behind the door it held three twin size beds and three dressers. Next to that was another bedroom that held two twin size beds and two dressers one side of the room had posters on the wall of Lil Wayne so she could tell one of the girls she saw listed on the board downstairs was living there. On the opposite side of the door there was a small living room area. It held a couch and love seat plus a wood coffee table and one of the old body TV’s with a DVD player on top. It was nice to Chyna considering her mom never brought them any living room furniture. Directly behind that was the kitchen the girls would be sharing. It had a full size stove, refrigerator, and lots of cabinets. Ms. Trayleen said they could have two cabinets a piece for food. There was also a closet that had a mop, broom, and the trash can. Across from the kitchen was a bathroom they all would have to share. They walked further down the hall where there was a full size washer and dryer for the girls use. Then right in the very back was a single room next to a balcony. That was going to be Chyna’s room. She grinned happy to see it only had one bed in it. Mrs. Trayleen told her to drop her things and get ready to go pick up some personal items from Walmart. She put her few bags in the room and left. The group home had two vans to transport the girls from place to place. They went to a nearby Wal-Mart and Mrs. Trayleen used the company credit card to purchase Chyna’s bed set, some food, and personal items such as toilet paper and etc. On the way back she mentioned they had group outings to places like the mall or out to eat. She also told Chyna that she was one of the few girls without a baby and tonight she would be

meeting the other girls. After they got back Chyna took her things up to the room. She straightened up her new bed, hung her clothes up and headed into the kitchen to fix something to eat. By then the other two girls where headed in. The first girl was light-skinned, with medium length brown hair, dark brown eyes, thick eyebrows, about 5’2, skinny with freckles, she was decent but as Chyna looked her over she was not somebody that Chyna could see herself starting a new road to riches with. She had a black Coogi dress with tan and black wedges. Her hair was braided in the front to a ponytail directly at the top of her head which fell into spiral curls. The second girl was about 5’4 brown-skinned, light brown eyes, same size as Chyna except her chest was bigger but her ass was smaller she had three piercings in each ear and her belly button was pierced. She rocked a pair of blue Apple Bottom jeans and a white Apple Bottom tee with a gold chain and gold hoop earrings to match. Her hair was in a side bun right above her neck. “Wassup ma I’m Rondae’, this Chanel and who you?” “Chyna” “Where you from Chyna?” “Born and raise here in the Chi and yal?” “Well I’m from Baton Rouge, and Chanel here is from Flint, Michigan but we both been here about a year. But Chanel leaving in the morning since her caseworker found her somewhere else to go. What you here for ma? What happen to you? Runaway?” “Naw my mom died and I ain’t have any family to take me in.”

“Oh, okay well I was living with my mom when she decided her boyfriend was more important than me so she left me with my grandma, my grandma passed away from cancer and here I am.” “What about you Chanel? You don’t talk much?” “Oh yea I talk just getting a feel for you ya know tryna see if you somebody I want to talk to.” Chyna gave her the stank look amazed this girl had the nerve to act as if she couldn’t be on her level the way Chyna saw it she needed to be around somebody like her with those looks. “Like Rondae’ said I’m from Flint I’m here because my whole family was killed in a fire. My brother owed some people some money and he didn’t pay up so they sat our shit on fire. I was the only survivor and none of the rest of my family wanted to take me in so here I am. But, this my last night here.” “What you fixing ma?” Rondae’ asked walking over to look in the pots Chyna had out. “Well, I was about to make me some fried chicken, mash potatoes, and corn.” “Well shit Chanel was gon cook but if you want to make enough we can eat with you then tomorrow I’ll cook. That’s what we normally do round here, pick days to cook. Whoever didn’t cook that day does the dishes, so we’ll do that.” For the next two hours they cooked and ate while the girls sat in the living room telling Chyna all about the place and the other girls. Around eight that evening Ms. Trayleen called up to the apartment and told them to come down for a group. By now Chyna had a feel for the two girls in her apartment. Chanel basically trusted no one but she didn’t matter because she was leaving

soon. Rondae’ was different though she had similar experiences to her and Chyna could tell they thought alike. The girls went down to the Rec room and everyone was sitting in a circle. Ms. Trayleen was there along with two other staff Ms. Kim and Ms. Jonnelle. They told the girls Chyna was new and started around the room by everybody telling a little bit about themselves. Ms. Kim started first, she was in her early thirties, had a short haircut, about two hundred and forty-five pounds about 5’7 and she mentioned she had three kids, two boys and one girl. She had been working at the home for seven years and from the smiles around the room Chyna could tell most girls liked her. She seemed like the type that was real cool but didn’t play if you crossed her and would let you know when you were wrong. Ms. Jonnelle was thirty-one, she had two little kids and a husband, she had been working there for about four years and enjoyed it she was real laid back her and Ms. Kim were best friends. She was another staff well-liked by the girls. She said her, Ms. Trayleen and Ms. Kim would be there in the evenings. They were the ones who would take the girls to the mall, grocery stores, or anywhere else they needed to go after school. The girls started introducing themselves. The first girl Demetra a light skin girl who was sixteen with a two month old baby boy named Jeremiah, he was a cute baby but looked depressed. Chyna could tell she was one of those big mouth broads and they may have a problem down the line. Demetra, like a few other girls was there from Gary, IN. The next girl Shandraya was sixteen and had a one year old little girl and was eight months pregnant with her next one. Chyna caught Shandraya rolling her eyes while Demetra talked. She could sense they were beefing but she seemed like somebody she could get along with. Next to Shandraya was Jamesha, she also was seven months pregnant and seemed like a clinger. Jamesha was kind of pretty with medium length hair and golden skin she was mixed with Indian or something and seemed to hang on to

Shandraya’s every word. Then there was Alex and Je’nya both too damn old to be there in Chyna’s opinion. Alex was nineteen with a two year old son who still wore diapers and drank out a bottle and Je’nya was eighteen with old weave and a four year old son that loved to whine. He was clearly mixed and the way she talked seemed like she really wanted to be a white girl. Chyna was surprised they were able to stay that long cause she knew she didn’t have plans to. As she studied them she made a mental note to ask Rondae’ about them later because they seemed a little off. Diamond was another fifteen year old mixed girl with something she had deep wavy hair and her daughter was her twin. The little girl was two years old and the cutest little chocolate girl Chyna had ever seen. She could tell Diamond was going to have problems with her when she got older. Lil mama was gon have the boys all over her, just like Chyna. Catlin the only white girl there was also seven months pregnant with her first and she seemed like the type that really wanted to be black. What got Chyna was that at seven months pregnant she still hadn’t decided if she was going to keep her son. After group Chyna went to the staff office to answer some questions about her family and medical background so the staff could set up any appointments Chyna needed. After answering the questions she went to her apartment to ask Rondae’ about the girls, who was cool and who wasn’t. Rondae’ told her that Demetra and Shandraya beefed because Demetra had recently called CPS on Shandraya and she had an open case which meant they might take her kids from her. Rondae’ also told her that Demetra was dating Shandraya’s babydaddy’s little brother Derrick. Derrick and his whole family were from Alabama. She then mention just about everybody liked Derrick and he was getting ready to break up with Demetra because she was crazy and was always accusing him of cheating and claiming she was pregnant by him. Rondae’ then explained the visits. Visits there were basically when the girls could have people on their approved visiting list come over and chill for a few hours in

the Rec room and the other girls could sit in if they wanted. She also mentioned that Shandraya had a visit the next week with her babydaddy and he was bringing his little brother Derrick and they cousin they called Premium. Rondae’ said Premium had money and was sexy as hell. As soon as she said money the wheels turned in Chyna’s head and she knew she would be sitting in on that visit the next week. Chanel had to get up early so she went to bed, Chyna and Rondae’ stayed up half the night gossiping about the girls and the other staff she had yet to meet. That was when Chyna felt she met her best friend they were going to be inseparable from then on. The day of the visit Rondae’ went to Chyna’s room about 2 in the afternoon. “Get up bitch Shandraya visit start in an hour and you know P coming!” Chyna got up, got in the shower and picked out the outfit that was going to pull her first baller. She settled on a pair of black Rocawear capri pants that showed off her silky smooth legs and traffic stopping ass. Any man that didn’t look had to be gay. To go along with it she picked a royal blue Rock a Wear shirt that hung off one shoulder with the some royal blue hoops and ankle bracelet to match. Chyna finished the outfit off with some royal blue and black Jordans. Now I know what you thinking. If her mama was a crack head and could barely feed them where did they get money for nice clothes? Well they didn’t have money but Princess knew a booster that stayed down the hall from them. He could get just about anything. He kept Chyna, her mom, and J.R. laced in the newest Jordans, Air Force One’s and all the hottest fashions. They’re closets were full of Rock a Wear, Coogi, Baby Phat, Luxirie, Black Label, True Religion, and any other brand you could think of. After Chyna got dressed she flat ironed her hair so it was falling perfectly down her shoulders and put on just enough lip gloss to make her

lips look like new diamonds. She finished her lips with a little liner and walked out the bathroom to head downstairs with Rondae’. “Damn bitch you hitting the club? You fly huh Chyna” “Girl this my everyday shit.” She wasn’t dressed bad herself. Rondae’ had on a pink Apple Bottom one piece short set with some pink and white Air Max’s. Yeah she definitely was somebody who could hang with Chyna in her eyes. Everybody was already in the Rec room except Shandraya, who was at the front signing in her visitors. Chyna took a seat on one of the couches and looked at the video the rest of the girls were looking at. It didn’t take long for her to feel eyes on her because just about every girl was looking. But, she wasn’t worried about them it was Premium that she was interested in. Shandraya walked in with her babydaddy and he wasn’t much to look at so Chyna was hoping everybody else was better. Then Derrick and P walked in. Derrick was kind of cute, he was tall brown skinned with big diamond earring in his ear and he had on a green and yellow Celtics outfit if he wasn’t so bright she probably could pay more attention. Then P, short for Premium Johnson, walked in he was about 5’9, brown skinned, braids down his neck, big diamonds in his ear with a necklace to match and the sexiest smile Chyna had ever seen. He also had the sexiest set of light brown bedroom eyes. He had on pair of black True Religious jeans with a crisp white T. He was definitely as sexy as Rondae’ described and he definitely noticed Chyna as soon as he sat down. Premium had a cocky aura about him that was definitely turning her on. She knew Derrick was going to be the first to say something. “Damn Shandraya who is that?”

“Oh that’s the new girl her name is Chyna. Chyna this is my babydaddy Marcus, his brother Derrick, and they cousin P” Derrick said hi and so did P. She could tell by the look in his eyes I had him she just smiled and went back watching TV until about an hour later they left. Chyna talk to the staff for a minute then headed up stairs on her way up Shandraya stopped Chyna. “Aye Chyna Derrick and P told me to give you the number and for you to call them. I told both of them that the other had gave you the number and they said they would see who you called.” Chyna came back downstairs and sat in the Rec room talking to Shandraya for a while. Chyna knew she was somebody she was definitely keeping on the team. She already knew when Shandraya gave her the number she would definitely be calling P. He was Chyna’s objective the whole time, Derrick would be alright. Over the next couple days Chyna talked to and hung mostly around Rondae’ and Shandraya they instantly became best friends. Almost a week after Shandraya had given Chyna P’s number she decided to call him that night. “Was hapnin who this?” “Uh hello, is Premium there?” “This me who this?” “This would be Chyna you told Shandraya to give me ya number” “Yeah I did damn ma I didn’t think you was gon call a nigga it’s been a minute.” “What you thought I was gon call then, nah I ain’t one of them average chicks.”

“I can definitely tell that ma you badd so wassup wit a nigga getting at you beautiful? Can I get to know you?” For the next three hours Chyna and Premium talked, he told her about his family and how he and Shandraya were best friends. He didn’t know where his dad was and his mom lived in Alabama. He graduated high school this past May but had no plans of college. His favorite hobby was getting money and smoking weed. He was single with no kids but he wanted someone day. Chyna told him a little about her past but not much she mainly talk to him about her brother. She also told him her mom had died but didn’t tell him how. After that they would flirt on Shandraya’s visits and talk most of the night every night on the phone. After a few weeks Chyna took a few of her passes to chill with him and Shandraya at Marcus mom house. Not long after her and Premium made it official and got close. A couple weeks later Shandraya had her baby another girl and named her Mariah. Chyna suggested the name Chyna but Marcus had to have an “M” name like his. Now five months later and it’s approaching Christmas and after all the gifts Chyna had gotten from Premium over the few months she was waiting to see what her gift was. Even though she didn’t celebrate holidays she still loved gifts. Since they had been together Premium had taken her on a couple shopping sprees, and brought her two tennis bracelets with necklaces to match. She also acquired several pairs of the newest Jordans’, and about five pairs of six inch stilettos. On top of the gifts he kept her pockets fat leaving her with no less than five hundred cash every time he saw Chyna. The other girls were shocked by the way he tossed Chyna the bread but she wasn’t by far an average chick and he knew it.

Chapter 3- The beginning of a power couple “Chyna you got a call its Premium.” Rondae’ sang as she waved the phone outside the bathroom door where Chyna was flat ironing her hair. “Hello” “Wassup Chyna Doll?” Premium called her Chyna Doll because he said when she wore bangs she looked like one of those porcelain dolls. “Nothing, baby was good?” “You as usual, but what you on today can you get free?” “Yeah, I’m sure I can pull something what you tryna do?” “I just want to spend some time with you.”

“Okay imma go talk to Ms. Karen and get a pass.” “Ight cool C just hit me back when you get it.” After getting off the phone Chyna finished her hair so she could go talk to Ms. Karen. In the group home all the teens have an assigned case manager. Half of the girls had Ms. White who was mean as hell and luckily for Chyna she had Ms. Karen.

Ms. Karen was cool and

everybody’s favorite even though she was in charge of the girls in a sense she still understood what it was like to be a teenager. When Chyna first came she told her story. Ms. Karen used to live with her mom and three younger brothers. Her brothers were six months, three, and seven years of age. She cared for them the majority of the time. Her mom, like Chyna’s, was addicted to crack cocaine. One day when Ms. Karen was around twelve her mom was getting high with some of her friends. The babies had a doctor’s appointment later that day so she made her friends leave and went to give the boys a bath. By the time Ms. Karen got home from school her mom was in the living room corner getting high again. She asked her mom where the boys were after not seeing them in their room and she told Ms. Karen she put them in the tub for a bath at one thirty. Seeing as how it was now four in the evening Ms. Karen rushed to the bathroom only to find the boys dead under the water with bruises around their necks. She called the police and they took her mother to jail and put her in a similar group home. When her mom went to court she told the judge that the little boys wouldn’t stop crying about the water being too hot so she held their heads under the water so they would get used to it. Ms. Karen’s mom heard her phone ring and left the boys in the tub. She was sentenced to life in prison for three counts of murder and three counts of child endangerment. She was in prison for about two months before an inmate who had killed her husband for beating her kids killed her. Ms. Karen stayed in the group

home until she was eighteen she went off to college got her degree, and she has been working with kids ever since. Since she was in her office with the door closed Chyna knocked. Ms. Karen waved her to come in, Chyna sat down as she finished her call. “What can I do for you today Ms. Chyna?” “Ms. Karen I was wondering if I could get a three hour pass today to go to the Boys and Girls Club to see Mrs. Laya?” Ms. Laya was a therapist that worked at the club down the street that kids could talk to free of charge. Chyna sometimes went to talk to her about Princess and sometimes she just used her as a way to get a pass with Premium. “What’s going on Chyna something wrong?” “No Ms. Karen I just wanted to talk to her about a dream I had.” “Well normally Chyna you know you have to ask a day before for a pass but I’ll grant you this one.” She wrote out the pass and told the staff Chyna was free to go from three to six p.m. Chyna thanked her and walked out the office to finish getting dressed while calling Premium. It was only two then so he agreed he would pick her up from the club’s parking lot in an hour. Luckily they never called Ms. Laya to see if she ever went or Chyna would be in some shit. She got dolled up as usual, slipped on her Chanel frames and was downstairs to sign out for her pass by two forty-five. Premium and Chyna normally smoked weed on her passes so she always took her shades so they couldn’t see her eyes when she got back. Chyna strolled to the club and Premium

was already sitting there looking sexy as usual. She hopped in the car and they were off. “Where we going baby?” “Our uncle has a house not too far from here on Halstead he lets us use nobody is there so we can have some privacy.” As they drove listening to R. Kelly’s TP3 cd Chyna stared out the window until they arrived fifteen minutes later. He opened her door and they went in the apartment. It wasn’t too bad inside, the living room it had a twenty-seven inch big body TV and a DVD player, and a PlayStation three hooked up to it. To sit on there were two black leather couches and a small coffee table. Premium went to the frig and grabbed a Natural Ice and handed Chyna a Mt. Dew, he pulled out two blunts and a dime bag of kush. After rolling up the sticky they smoked while watching infomercials. By the second blunt Chyna was high as a kite and horny. Stealing a look at Premium she could tell the way his eyes were glossy and low he was too. His hand slid on to her thigh and leaned in to kiss her. Chyna felt knots in her stomach since she was still a virgin but was sure she wanted Premium to be her first. “If you’re scared Chyna Doll I can wait.

There’s no rush baby I just want you to be

comfortable.” “I’m ready Premium.” He stood up and put his hand out for her to grab, then led her to the bedroom. In the room she sat down on the bed and he sat next to her kissing her slowly while rubbing her pussy thru her La Perla panties. Chyna tossed her head back and gyrated her hips to his the movements of his fingers. He slowly guided her to lie down on her back and slid down to the edge of the bed on his knees. Chyna knew she loved Premium and was ready for whatever. While he unzipped her

capris she raised her hip so he could slide them down. Tossing her capris he bit the lining of her panties and slid them down until they were off tossing them next to her capris. “You sure your ready Chyna, if you want to wait I won’t be mad I love you baby and I’m not going anywhere.” “I know baby and I love you too but I’m positive I’m ready.” With that confirmation Premium started rubbing her clit with his thumb. It felt so good a moan escaped before she knew it and she started playing with her hardening nipples. After a few more seconds of rubbing he slowly but deliberately started licking her pussy trying to catch the juices that were flowing. “Oh Ooh Premium baby it feels so good baby” “That’s all I wanna do Chyna Doll is make you feel good.” He continued to lick her pussy so good she felt her eyes roll back in her head. Chyna could feel her first orgasm building up. “Oh God bae I think I’m cumming!” He started focusing directly on her clit, flicking his tongue across it so fiercely she let out another loud moan. In seconds Chyna had cum so hard her legs were shaking Premium was licking every drop of her nectar up like it was the last drink he would ever have. “Damn Chyna you taste so good baby. Are you ready for more?” “Yes daddy I’m ready for anything you want to give me.”

“Oh yea Daddy huh damn you say that so sexy girl. I got you mami.” Standing up he pulled his pants and boxers off his already rock hard dick. Chyna watched lustfully as he tore the gold wrapper off the condom and slid it on. Her eyes widened as she stared at his whole nine and a half inches. Premium noticed the fear on her face. “Don’t worry Chyna I promise I won’t ever hurt you. It’s going to hurt a little bit because it’s your first time but I promise I will go slowly and you can stop whenever you need to. After a while you will get used to it though baby, I promise.” She shook her head as he leaned over and started kissing her neck. First rubbing the head across her swollen pussy lips a few times she was getting wet like an ocean. After a few minutes of it she couldn’t take anymore. “Please P put it in daddy.” “Damn, there’s that daddy word again huh I got you bae.” He slowly slid his long, thick chocolate dick inside of her and her body tensed up. “Relax Chyna it won’t hurt for long I promise.” She relaxed her muscles while he pumped the head inside of her slow and steady for a little while. Moaning he slid a little more in. “Damn Chyna I can already tell you got some good pussy bae you can’t share this it gotta stay mines and only mines.” “It’s yours baby!”

Premium slid the last seven inches in as she bit down on the pillow. He continued to move in and out slow and steady. After a few minutes it no longer hurt and felt good as hell. Chyna felt total ecstasy. She moaned louder and so did he. “What you want me to do baby can you take it now?” “Yes daddy give it to me I can take it give it to me faster baby.” “I got you.” Speeding up his long strokes Chyna moved her hips in a circular motion to match his strokes. “Ooh Shit! Damn Chyna you tryna be a pro already.” “Nigga imma a pro at everything I do.” Her confidence sent him over the edge, speeding up his strokes even faster she matched him blow for blow. “Oh shit Chyna I’m cumming baby, cum with me.” As soon as he said it she could feel another orgasm rushing through her body. It felt like a surge of lightning setting her body on fire. They both climaxed and she felt her love juices running down her leg. Premium slid out of her and collapse on the pillow next to her. “Damn baby you got some good pussy.” Chyna climbed to the middle of the bed and got on all fours with her ass up and head down. “Come get some more daddy.” Chyna purred biting her bottom lip.

“Damn you serious Chyna?” His dick almost instantly rose to the occasion he was behind her back in her pussy in minutes. Before her pass was over they made love again and he finished off his new favorite meal between her legs. Taking a shower together she teased her new best friend with the back of her throat and he slid in her from the back one last time. After showering and getting dressed they finally got in the car headed back to the Boys and Girls Club. After ten minutes of silently riding Premium finally spoke. “Aye, real shit Chyna you a fuckin beast baby.” She smiled while fixing her lip gloss in the mirror. “I swear I ain’t ever seen a virgin who could fuck four times on the day they lost it and yo ass was even tryna throw it back.” She chuckled while sitting back in the plush seats looking out the window. Pulling back up to the parking lot she still had about fifteen minutes to walk back. “Chyna doll you know its official now, it’s me and you until the world blows.” “I know baby and trust that’s how I want it to stay.” I love you Chyna Doll.” “I love you too Premium.” They kissed one last time Chyna got out the car and headed back to the house. Her pussy was still sore as hell from Premium beating it in but she loved every minute of it. When Chyna got home Rondae’ was in the living room with two bowls of vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip

cookies. She knew they were Chyna’s favorite so Chyna knew this Rondae’ wanted to know what happened on her pass. “Oh shit Chyna you walking funny bitch you and P fucked didn’t yal?!” “Damn Rondae’ tell everybody! Loud ass!” “My bad Chyna but spill it bitch is it big, did it hurt? Is he any good?” “One question at a time Rondae’ damn. I’m not telling you if it was big, yea it hurt a little, I’m damn sure not telling you how good it was and it’s official he said it’s me and him till the world blows.” They both were jumping up and down screaming when Ms. Kim came in “Uh what the hell is wrong with yal two fools?” “Nothing Ms. Kim we just saw Lil Wayne new video and got excited.” “Well calm yal asses down we hear you all the way in the rec room jumping around.” “Sorry Ms. Kim.” They both said in unison. The rest of the night Rondae’ and Chyna set up watching videos, talking about everything from her and Premium, to all the girls there, to celebrity gossip and everything in between. About one in the morning they called it a night and Rondae’ went to bed. Chyna took another long shower and went to sleep thinking about Premium. “Chyna yo named being tossed around in the front.”

Rondae’ announced as she came in the room and plopped on Chyna’s bed, her morning routine. “By who?” “Charmaine, oh I forgot to tell you about Charmaine, girl that’s P’s ex. She used to live here too but was released to her aunt in Gary. P used to be in love with her and her daughter but she did him dirty and he dropped her ass.” “Let me go down here and see what this about.” “So tell me about this Chyna, Premium supposed to be with now?” Charmaine asked as she stared at the TV trying not to show her agitation she was at the thought of Premium moving on. Catlin called her a couple weeks ago telling her about all the gifts Chyna was getting from him. “Yea Char, P has been breaking big bread on her. She has been coming in with all kinds of new clothes, shoes and even jewelry.” See Catlin was the messy type always right in the middle of some drama or mess and usually the start of it. She loved to run her mouth but was clueless when you brought it to her attention. “So what this Chyna girl look like?” Charmaine tried not to show her anxiousness but this girl couldn’t look better than her. Charmaine at seventeen was 5’2 with shoulder length black curly hair, a size seven, had light brown eyes and a flawless body. She sported a perfect B cup chest and flat stomach even after having her now two year old daughter Oh’janay. She was Premium’s first love but that ended abruptly once he found out she was cheating with Reggie a guy she met at school while in the girls home. They hadn’t talked in a while but she was hoping to win him back. He was the first

man to treat her daughter as if she was his own. Charmaine was abruptly brought out of her thoughts when the infamous Chyna came down the stairs. “You don’t have to ask about me you could have just told them to come get me. I’m Chyna and you must be Charmaine, P’s ex?” Charmaine wouldn’t say it out loud but she had to admit Chyna was badd. She had no kids and was flawless. “Yea I’m Charmaine but I doubt ex for long, P knows what it is and where his heart lies.” “Is that right? That’s funny Premium never mentioned you to me, he’s actually on his way up here I’m rebraiding his hair you can hear him tell you no once he gets here if you like.” “The nerves of this broad thinking P gon turn me down, his first love.” Charmaine thought to herself. “Yea we can Chyna, why they call you Chyna anyways you Chinese or something?” “Nah, it’s because I’m expensive and one of the best just like that Chyna White.” For those who don’t know Chyna White is the best cut of heroin in the streets. Highly addictive and hard to get a hold of just like Chyna. An hour later Chyna was looking out the Rec room window when she saw Premium’s silver and black Yukon pull up. He stepped out looking sexy as usual. He was wearing a pair of black basketball shorts with a silver strip down the side, and a crisp white wife beater. His muscles glistening in the sun. Chyna sweared that boy had the body of a god and she had already experienced it all. His hair was in a bushy freshly washed ponytail ready to be braided. As usual

he rocked his diamond Girband watch and chain to match. He walked up to the staff window to sign in. Chyna kissed him on the lips making sure Charmaine was looking. “Hey baby” “Wassup Chyna doll.” He put the sign in binder back down and followed her towards the Rec room. Soon as he walked in and saw Charmaine sitting down on the couch his smile turned to a frown. “Aye Charmaine what the fuck you doing here? I thought you lived with your aunt now?” “I do P, but I had to come back to visit once I heard I was being replaced by some new chick here. So what’s up with you and Chyna, Premium?” She asked meanwhile Catlin slithered out of the room. “Charmaine what I’m doing is no longer your concern ma, your concern should be Oh’janay and Reggie.” “Damn P is we really still on that? I left Reggie alone and Oh’janay misses you P. I do too.” It was getting harder by the minute for Chyna to contain her laughter as Charmaine was semi begging him to roll with her. She could see the tears starting to fill up in the corner of Charmaine’s eyes. This chick wasn’t that ugly and the pleading role wasn’t suiting her at all. “Sounds like a personal problem Charmaine. Chyna baby you ready to start on my hair?”

“Yea bae come sit over here where I got the comb and grease.” Charmaine had finally taken the hint and stormed out. Chyna could tell her feelings were hurt but it’s her own dumb fault from what she was told by Rondae’ the nigga Reggie ain’t even have shit he was just some regular nigga. Chyna wasn’t an expert or nothing but she did know if you are going to cheat you should cheat with somebody that is an upgrade from what you have, not a downgrade. “You okay baby?” Chyna asked Premium as she started his part. “Yeah bae I’m good.” Over the next year Chyna and Premium got closer and Charmaine finally accepted he was over her. Of course only after Chyna had to curse her out a few times about it. A month before her sixteenth birthday Premium came as usual for his visit for her to braid his hair. For the next hour she braided his hair while her and Rondae’ talked about any gossip they knew about the stars in the music videos they were watching. As Chyna finished Premium’s hair she stopped by the office and told Ms. Kim they were going to sit outside on the side porch and talk. “So what’s up bae? Something wrong?” “ Naw Chyna everything good but I’m tired of spending time with you and everybody all in our face. We don’t get any alone time.” “ So what you saying P? What you want me to do about it?”

“I want you to move in with me Chyna, these people don’t know where I stay so they can’t come looking for you.” “And how am I supposed to get out of here with all my stuff P?” “I got it all thought out I’ll start taking your stuff home with me slowly until we got it all out then once you down to the minimum stuff you can leave it here and I’ll replace it.” “I’m down for whatever bae so when you want to start?” “Today ma, I’ll take a few bags and just tell anyone who ask that I’m returning some things that didn’t fit then I’ll come by tonight to the back apartments when you go to take out your trash just fill up a trash bag with your things and I’ll be back there to get it.” “Ight P that’s cool and I’ll let work on a story with Rondae’ cause when I disappear you know they gon go straight to her then Shandraya.” “Yeah I already talk to Shandraya she knows what’s up.” She gave Premium a hug and kiss, he told her he’d be back at ten to get the first bag of her things. Chyna went upstairs and told Rondae’ all about it. “So you gon move in with P, Chyna?” “Yeah girl he’s right we can’t get any alone time here and we’ve been together for a while now I’m tired of sneaking out with him.” “Well fuck it bitch you know I got you so let’s work on what imma tell the staff once you gone.” That evening Chyna headed down to the front office with her trash bag of clothes.

“Ms. Kim can you let me out to take this trash out?” “Well damn Chyna where you come up with all that trash anyway?” “Just getting rid of something’s I can’t use anymore.” “Oh okay.” Five minutes later Premium was putting the bag into the trunk of his car. “Aight C how many more bags like this you think you gon need?” “Only about three more P then we good” “Ok bae imma hit you when I get home.” They kissed then Premium drove off. Over the next two weeks Chyna would leave her trash bag full of stuff in the back and Premium came and got it. “Chyna I thought you had that interview today for the McDonald’s job?” “I do Ms. Kim, I’m taking the bus out there.” “What’s going on with you and Premium Chyna? I haven’t seen him on the visiting list in a while?” “I’m good off him Ms. Kim he supposed to be messing with some other girl on the west side.” For the last couple weeks they made it a point to argue on their visits and then he stopped visiting all together. They wanted it to seem like they were through so they wouldn’t try to go straight to him looking for her. Of course all the other girls were so happy thinking Chyna was losing her man but they just didn’t know. Nobody did but Rondae’ and Shandraya. All the staff

loved her so they never question her whereabouts. Chyna had no plans of working at a fast food place but it was the only way she could get two hour pass during the week. All of her stuff was gone except for a few outfits and some old pairs of shoes. Today she was turning sixteen and it was moving day and she was so ready. Chyna and Premium got to the house about two in the afternoon and she was amazed. She knew he had money but they never really had a chance to come to his house before. Premium had a four bedroom house that sat on a quiet corner in the Dolton suburb. They pulled up in the driveway where he pushed a button on the dash that opened the three car garage. She noticed the two other cars he owned. One was a black on black two thousand five Nissan Altima and the other was smoke grey Nissan Armada. Chyna could already imagine her and Rondae’ rolling down King Dr. in that. “Damn, baby if this is what the cars looking like I can’t wait to see the house.” “Well come in mami it’s your house too now.” Premium said with a big grin. Chyna was floored when they walked in the house. The first room from the garage was the kitchen. There was black granite counter tops with stainless steel appliances. In the middle of the kitchen was an island with three barstools pulled up to it and a built in flat top grill. The house had beautiful mahogany brown wood floors throughout. “Well baby don’t just stand here drooling in the kitchen there is other rooms to see.” She followed Premium in to the next space which was a living room with a wall separating the dining room to make it its own space. The dining room had a huge mahogany table with seating and plate settings for six. In the living room there was a light brown Italian leather sectional that

wrapped around the space and stop just before the patio window. There was also a fifty-five inch TV that was on some kind of bar that made it seem as if it was just hanging from the ceiling. Under the TV was a fireplace that housed a picture of a woman that looked to be in her early thirties. Chyna knew from the first look she had to be Premium’s mom because he was the spitting image of her. She also shared his light brown bedroom eyes. “That’s my mom Cindy.” “You look just like your mom P.” “Yeah I’m her twin people say.” Premium said smiling proudly. Chyna walked up to the patio to look outside. There set a beautiful frosted glass patio set with an umbrella above it. There was also a grill and a standalone porch type swing. Premium went to check his voicemail while Chyna went to have a look up stairs. The room in the middle was obviously his bedroom because the TV was still on. Premium had a California King size bed with royal blue Egyptian cotton sheets and comforter. Mounted into the wall directly in front of the bed was a forty-six inch flat screen. Chyna walked up to the bay window in the bedroom that looked over the patio area. To the right of the window was the master bathroom. It was also designed in royal blue and had a sunken tub with a separate shower. “So how do you like it Chyna?” “Damn baby it’s beautiful but I can’t help but wonder who help you decorate and pick out all the stuff?”

“My mom’s and I picked it out and got everything in my favorite colors. Then once it all I arrived I left out of town for a few days on business and when I came back it was all set up like this.” “Now that I’m in my new home I thing the first thing I wanna do is take a nap.” “Okay baby I’m going to run out for a few and check up on some things, then go holler at Derrick for a minute.” “Trust I’ll definitely be here when you get back.” “The keys to the Altima are downstairs if you need to go anywhere and I left you something in the nightstand to shop with if you need to.” “Wassup Rondae’ the staff saying anything?” “Girl is they! They called the police two hours after you were supposed to be back. They are calling it a runaway. You should have seen how shitty they were when they noticed your room was about empty. They came straight to me but I stuck to the story and told them I had no idea you was leaving. After the police left from questioning me and all the girls Ms. Kim came up to me and told me I could tell her if it had something to do with P. I told her naw but you know Ms. Kim ain’t no dummy.” “Girl I already knew.” Chyna said picturing the look on all the staff’s faces once they seen the half empty room. “Chyna girl I almost forgot why I called bitch guess what!” She was going to guess but she knew Rondae’ would tell her before she got the chance to.

“Girl they releasing me next week into my own place since I’ll be eighteen, bitch I’m too geeked!” “That’s wassup Rondae’ now we can chill together on the regular without having to worry about a pass.” “So where you at now Chyna?” “Well P had something’s to do so he let me keep his other car and his black card and told me go shopping. I’m going to stop by the store and buy something’s so I can cook tonight for our first night living together.” “You and P gon break the place in huh?” Rondae’ started giggling. “Girl you know it!” “That’s wassup Chyna but they calling me downstairs got to go sis.” “Aight Rondae’ hit me later scratch that make it tomorrow.” “ Alright bitch don’t end up knocked up already.” “Nah Rondae’ we good around here boo.”

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Book Club Discussion Questions 1.) Who do you think is behind De'jon's murder?

2.) When do you think Rondae' started plotting against Chyna?

3.) What do you think Rondae' and Swift are up to since, they seemed to have disappeared?

4.) Will Premium and Chyna make it back to the alter?

5.) Will J.R. and Premium be able to put their differences to the side for the sake of Chyna


Love vs. Loyalty By Mz MiMi  
Love vs. Loyalty By Mz MiMi